Well, this is the captain drone sticker giveaway. Yes, you can get your own captain drone stickers, so i am giving away three different types of stickers. We have the very shiny, reflective sticker. Then we have the not so reflective sticker, and then we have this really cool cutout sticker that i use quite a lot lately. I like this one and now your question is how many stickers do i have to give away well. In february of this year i gave away quite a few stickers and not everybody got them, because the amount of requests i received for stickers was more than the amount of stickers i had so this year i have 1 500 allocated to buying stickers and stamps and Envelopes and mailing these out to all of you, so how many stickers does that mean thats quite a lot, so i should have quite a bit to give away this year now for you to send me an email to get the stickers. You can only do that between november 15th, im looking over here and november 19th, any emails i receive after november 19th ill just delete ill delete them all. Now, if you have the question, are you sending to all countries? Yes, im sending to every country in the world, so it doesnt matter where you live, you will get stickers now. One thing i want to point out is this: sticker giveaway is not a first come first serve basis.

So if you send me an email on november 15th and someone else sends me an email on november 19th, you both have equal opportunity to get stickers. The reason being is that i am going to hand all the emails to my wife. I want nothing to do with this because it takes up too much time. She is going to look through all the email sent shes going to go through them all and shes going to make sure that equally each country gets an equal number of stickers and now to give you all the details about how you can get your stickers. Well, im not going to explain it not me now, not future steve im going to go to prehistoric, steve. You know from last february, when i gave stickers away and im going to let that steve explain it to you, because its the details are all the same. So uh take it away: prehistoric, steve. There you go so you need a laptop or you need a cell phone to send me an email or you need a pc. Then what do you do? Well, youre gon na use those electronic devices. You know your pc, your mac, your tablet, your phone, your laptop to send me an email with some specific information in it and the address youre going to use is this one below it says: contest798, gmail.com and the subject of that email. Just put the word stickers, you know s t i c k e r s, yes, im spelling it out because not everybody is 100 english put stickers.

That will allow me to filter and just look for stickers, and then i can send you stickers. So what about the content of the email? Well im going to need some specific information from you in order to send you the stickers and yes, its kind of like a contest because questions one and two are like contest questions but theyre, so easy, theyre. So easy. The reason i put these contest questions in is because theres a lot of people out there who will just send me an email to get stickers and they really dont care theyre, not too interested. But i only have a limited number of stickers and theres a lot of you out there who really want stickers, so the ones who really want it are going to answer the questions. The ones who are like i dont care. They wont answer the questions and they wont get stickers which is okay by me. Id rather give out the limited stickers i have to the people who really want them. So here we go. If you look below this video, the entire contest rules are listed. There. Everything im saying now and it even lists questions one and two, and it gives you a link. You click on to get the answer to questions one and two and theyre very, very easy questions. Trust me, i mean theyre super easy all right, so thats questions, one and two question number three is really simple: it is what is your country whats, the country that im sending these stickers to the reason i need to know that is because for every envelope i Mail to a different country – thats, not my own theres, different postage.

So if you live someplace halfway around the world, i have to know what the country is in plain english, so that i can find out what the postage is. So i put the correct postage, so you get the stickers question. Number four is real easy. I just need your name. I dont care. You can put your first name, you could put your last name, you could put your first name and initial anything you want whatever you want me to write on the envelope. Thats question number four. Finally, question number five is the most important of all, because this is where youre going to write out your mailing address. I have no idea where you live in the world and honestly, i dont even know how your address works for the parts of the world. You live in so write out. Your address in you know separate lines as if you were writing to somebody else or somebody was writing to you. Dont put it all in one line because i wont have a clue what that means. You know, like put your you know your street, your your area, your the town. You live in, you know the normal stuff, your whatever you zip code postal code, whatever whatever it is in your country, some identification im gon na hand all this to my wife, because i dont have time to look after this shes either gon na take what you Wrote and write it out by hand on an envelope or she is just going to print out what you did cut it out and stick it on the envelope exactly as you wrote it and then send you the stickers that way.

So if you make a mistake in your address, youre not getting the stickers, so pretty simple right, so all you have to do is send me an email between the dates of november 15th, all the way up to november 19th. Please only enter once my wife will be checking. If you enter like seven times. She will just take your seven requests and throw them in the garbage so only enter once and yes because shes sorting everything by country she can see if youve entered more than once. So thats pretty much it send me the email with all the information ive requested in this video, and you are good to go to get yourself some stickers. If you dont receive the stickers its because too many people in your country request that the stickers – and i can only give so much per country to be fair to everybody in the world, the stickers will be mailed out, probably a week or two after this video Airs after because my wife has to go through all of the requests and sort everything out, i might make a video in the future to show you which countries we sent everything to and that way if youre living in one of those countries, you can say.