People have been requesting before these winter months take hold ahead of us to take out the jk maxx uh. This is from capo. This is one of the most detailed scale vehicles. I'Ve ever had the privilege to build you'll, see that i actually have them up on. My capo ace one uh tires and rims, which i recently had on my traxxas bronco. So no you're not seeing things people asked i'm going to let you know right now. They are rock king plus tires from capo. They are 2.2 in size and they have a gnarly great tread on the front which help this 13 and a half pound all metal truck, get up the uh get up and around now. The neat thing about this particular model is that i went ahead and installed the uh air ride suspension in the back. You heard me right. This whole thing has an air ride, suspension check this out. There is the airmatic in the back, which has a shocks that inflate on all four corners. You can check this out i'm inflating, all of them at once and you'll see my ride. Height, actually, changes considerably a lot more spring in the suspension, as well as a lot more clearance watch i'll, let it all out. So that is a considerable change. Just so choice now that'll be a big question, though, do you want to have a higher suspension when you're doing a hill climb right? Would you rather have a low vehicle, or would you rather have it all jacked up high one way or the other we're gon na find out, which is better now most folks will automatically default to you know when you're dropped belly down, it is better, and i Would say so as well, but when you start to get into these gnarly areas, where there's lots of roots right, you're going to need belly clearance just to get up and over these things, and then it gets real technical at the top there.

So the higher the vehicle, the more clearance it'll, have the lower the vehicle uh, the better center of gravity. Are you ready mini me, Music yeah, so all jacked up ready to go so i've got it in low gear right now, all jacked up, nice and high. It looks amazing, a very expensive kit, i'm going to list some less expensive vehicles in the video description box. Look at this i'm already hung on the back axle because i wasn't watching so even with the higher suspension but hey doesn't matter, there's, always something that can hold you back doesn't matter. How big and high up your truck can be there's, always something bigger and better to hold you up on insane climb guys. This is why i had it in low gear. I don't want to have that motor getting super hot, just slowly, getting her there. This is where i had to do some crab crawling with my optimus overkill truck. The 6×6 tried this hill already these tires are absolutely fantastic. You just have to understand the type of soil we have is like ball bearings here down. He goes down. He goes oh and it's a bad one. Oh it's, a tough truck though 13 and a half pounds just took a huge beating all the way down that's what you get with a higher center of gravity, i'm, going to add a little bit of wheel, speed here. Back it up, oh down, he goes again oh down, he goes.

I wonder if we're going to be able to get to the droop suspension we're going to need some wheel, speed here, climbing right away Music. There we go there. We go! Oh, oh i'm, going to stop it right there, because that's going to be a long fall right there. If you're, not careful on every bit, jacked up suspension can send you for a tip Music there. It is several moments where i needed to change my underwear i'm. Going to drop the suspension all the way down that way, it's a lower belly, and we should have less of a tipping hazard. These are dual shocks on all four corners like i was saying just one of them being inflatable, which is the rear shock like that, and then we can release them. You can make it so just the left or just the right, inflate or just the back and just the front i'm surprised we're able to take such huge roll overs with that much weight and still function same gear. Little wheel, speed right here, backing up, not rolling. So far back it up a little more slow crawl, slow crawl. There is an art form to it. Getting those tires to conform that's, why i don't have mine inflated with enormous pressure either from foams or air. So in this case i would say it is a clear winner when you have a lower vehicle now to be fair, i did have practice going up so i'm going to inflate it one more time and give it a proper chance again now that i've had some Practice: okay, let's inflate the suspension front and rear starter up Music sounding good sway bars.

Everything is ready same gear just watching better this time on the drive knowing which route to take here's that slow drive just gently trying to climb back so we don't endo slow, crawl, slow crawl right there, yes, we're in trouble, just letting it roll back having to Give it a little throttle here, oh all, right, there's, a scary place to be because my front end is already up in the air. Come on just trying to get a little bit of hook up there. It is there, it is dude you think. Hill climbs are all fast until you face endowing there, we go dude, who's sweating with me right now, that's crazy, that's, a testament to how strong that roll cage is here we go. Did we get it? We did man. That was crazy. I thought for sure i was gon na have an endo again okay, so there is no questioning. I had some hairy moments in that uh last run. I thought for sure we're going to take another endo. I think it's fair, that we gave the sprung suspension another chance on the hill. I think there's opportunity to use the the air ride suspension in the middle of your run.