This time we are graced with a premium ultra wide angle, zoom lens the rf 14 to 35 millimeter f4 l is usm. Its averagely bright maximum aperture of only f4 is counterbalanced by its image stabilization and made up for by its quite incredible zoom range. The idea is that it should be a smaller and less expensive choice than canons super premium. F, 2.8. Ultra wide angle, zoom lens, although this f4 lens is hardly small and at 1700 us dollars or 1750 pounds in the uk, its still not particularly affordable to your everyday working human being, but that zoom range, though that fabulous 14 to 35 millimeter zoom range, is spectacularly Wide yet broad on a full frame camera and it means the lens could be a dream, come true for landscape photographers, very exciting, but still at this price point, the lenses performance had better be spectacular. Id like to thank canon uk for loaning me this lens for testing for a couple of weeks, although, as usual, this is a totally independent review. Lets take a look at its build quality, and here we have a completely typical modern style. Canon l lens its made of plastic but still feels very tough and cannons, specify that its well weather sealed, including a gasket around the metal lens mount. It weighs just over half a kilogram and, as i mentioned already its, not exactly a small lens. But neither is it unnecessarily bulky and its also a very handsome lens.

It looks really good on your camera. As i mentioned, the lens is image stabilized that can be more useful than youd think on an ultra wide angle, lens heres, some footage with it turned off and now turned on. This footage was shot on a particularly windy day. It takes a moment just to really still itself, but when it does, you can see it makes a nice big difference that image stabilization was helpful for me in getting this two and a half second long exposure with the camera held in my hand, while propped against A fence just look at the sharpness here. You can clearly see the tail light and flashing under undercarriage light of this distant airliner rumbling through the night sky. The lenss rubberized zoom ring turns very nice and smoothly, although it does have a little stickiness to it. When you begin turning it, the focus ring is just above it. Its too is rubberized and very smooth to turn, and it works with the lenses focus motor very responsively. Whether the lens is zoomed in or zoomed out, it doesnt really suffer from focus breathing. So itll work very nicely for shooting video as well Music, the autofocus motor works silently and almost instantaneously canons. Auto focus technology really is the best in the world right now, theres also one of canons neat control rings at the top of the lens, which has gentle clicks to it. You can customize it on your camera to perform various different actions or even send your lens away to canon to have that control ring de clicked for a price.

The lens comes with a very narrow plastic hood and its front filter size is 77 millimeters. I tested it with a roomy fit and slim polarizing filter and even at 14 millimeter, i didnt encounter any problems with vignetting. Although my usual warning applies that if you use polarizing filters at extremely wide angles, you can get some uneven results anyway. Top marks for build quality here the lens is engineered to the extreme and is a joy to use now onto image. Quality ill, be testing the lens on a canon, eos r5 here with its full frame 45 megapixel sensor with in camera, corrections turned on at 14. Millimeter and f4 sharpness and contrast are excellent in the middle of your images over in the corners sharpness is noticeably reduced, but still quite decent, with good contrast. The corners stay about this sharp down to f 8, stop down to f 16 and the whole image begins to soften due to the effect of diffraction lets zoom in halfway to 24 millimeter. Now, the middle of the image continues to look very sharp straight from f4. This time, the corner image quality is just as good, pretty magnificent. Actually again, the lens tastes, this sharp until you stop down as far as about f11. Finally lets zoom all the way into 35 millimeter at f4. Image quality is very good, although not quite as sharp as before. The contrast looks just slightly hazy here. The corners look slightly softer, but still fairly good at f 5.

6, the corners see just a tiny improvement, but the middle of the image has picked up a little more looking excellent, now, f8 looks just as good in the middle and the corners see another tiny increase In sharpness from before, as usual, stop down to f11 or darker and softness begins to emerge due to diffraction. Overall, the lens is putting in a solid, if not quite perfect performance. Your images look incredible in the middle of the zoom range and in the middle of your images at the wide and telephoto ends the corner image quality does look a little softer, but its still very good, especially considering this lenses broad zoom range. All right lets. Take a look at distortion and vignetting canon do not allow you to turn distortion correction off here, which is never a good sign. So here are some more results for you. Okay, at 14 millimeter barrel distortion is pretty gnarly here, but not completely off the chart. I have seen worse, although the vignetting is as bad as it gets. Those extreme corners remained completely dark. Even if you stop down to f11 that distortion straightens out at 24, millimeter, perhaps thats why the image quality looked better there zoom in to 35 millimeter for just a touch of pin, cushion distortion to become visible, but vignetting is relatively mild even when shooting at f4 Still keep those corrections turned on lets. Look at close up image quality. Now the minimum focus distance is less than 20 centimeters for this lens, which is fantastic when it comes to smaller subjects, it can get you really close when shooting at 35 millimeter close up image.

Quality is very poor at f4 sharper at f, 5.6 and excellent. At f 8., if you decide to shoot up close at wider angles, then image quality will be much better here at 14, millimeter and f4. The picture quality looks great and stop down to f 5.6 for it to be even sharper. Lets see how the lens performs when shooting in the dark its work against bright lights is excellent. Very little flaring is introduced when bright lights get into the picture. Also, when shooting at wider angles, we see very little in the way of coma smearing bright points of light in the image corners dont really see any smudginess at all, even when shooting at f4. Something interesting, though, is that even at f4 bright points of light already begin to show some sun stars. They stay about this strong until you stop down to f11 and at f16 they look spectacular. Finally, lets take a look at this lenss bokeh zoom in a bit and get close to your subject and at f4 you can get some lovely autofocus backgrounds which always look dreamy and smooth. Although backgrounds, when shooting at 14 millimeter, do look a little rougher overall well at first, i wasnt sold on the canon rf14 to 35 millimeter f4, simply because of its rather enormous price. Anyone whos seen my reviews will know that value for money is very important to me and i, like the idea of an f4 lens, actually being more affordable, also its not quite as sharp as competing 14 to 24 millimeter lenses on other camera systems.

But in fairness, its overall image quality is very strong nonetheless, always leaving you with beautiful, looking images with great detail and resolution, and the more i used this lens, the more its spectacular zoom range really grew on me. This thing is just so versatile and fun to use it can capture just about any wide scene. You could imagine and its a solid choice for video work too. So, by the end of my time, testing it. I was eventually convinced to forgive it for its huge price, and so i can safely say that it does come highly recommended something that definitely does not come at a huge prices supporting this youtube channel. Of course, if you found yourself watching loads of these reviews and finding them helpful, then do check out my patreon page in the description below theres loads, of extra exclusive content that are put out for supporters, and it makes a big difference to keeping these videos trucking.