What i have here is the canon eos rp. I have a roll mic, a roll mic for vlogging. I also have the senko wireless microphones for outside, and i also bought these ultramax filters and it comes with a set of three, and here you got. These are the magnifying filters for you know you want to get those close views so its coming. It come with four of those i always keep the plastic on everything. Keep from damaging anything getting in my fields are stretched like then see how they just rolled out of there. We dont want that to happen, but these filters are made by ultramax also check out these fields. These filters right here they have a shade color coded over the top like this right here is red and it actually comes with lets, say one two, three four five lets go from and i have one already on the camera. So come with six uh, slightly half color filters: this is a. This is a purple one with that whole the whole field of color. This one right here is like oranges, orange up top here at the bottom, and these filters work. Excellent thats, one thats blue blue. At the top, oh, i think i started off with this one now. This one here is purple these right here made by ultimax. I was saying ultra, but ultimate thats ulti max right, there thats the red. So i want to show you all what ill be doing.

My rp, because it makes it takes good pictures and it excellent video – and this is the kit lens i got on mine, so also just the other set of filters. I guess its something like kind of bonus and it also comes with thats a shade shade, dark. Those not two toned this one right here is a shade dark at the top and a little bit at the bottom. You know to block out that sun, when you got there in the daytime and still give you that cinematic look and this one right here is a another mid shade, and also what comes in okay, so and also what comes in this kit of filters is. Is the its the vince ventar vivitar series, one hey, i cant pronounce all that, but hey were gon na, make it work, but this is the filter kit that tells you. You know how to multi uh the multi cut, coated, filter, kits work and, as you can see, this is all without the uv filter. Look at that with the uv filter without the cpl filter with it. So i just give you a little description on what you got in your field to set, but for all those that want to know how to the senco g2 work, stay tuned, subscribe to the video, and i will be giving you all a sound test. You got a transmitter, another transmitter, which is a and b. Then you also have the receiver and im gon na display you all how to go also its excellent, because this is the piece that go into the this one going to the receiver and its also coated.

If you guys can see it im going to zoom in im going to crop that in so you all can see this one here is for the camera. This is the end for the camera, and this is the end for the microphone, so were going to go ahead and stick that in the microphone which is going out and uh. I got this uh third party, i cant even remember the name, but its a holder but ill put a link in the description. So, instead of putting on the camera, i can take and put it up there. I can disable my road mic, plug this into the mic side of the canon, esrp esrp, and these transmitters. They have mic, they have microphone on which they come with wind filters as well. This is an excellent kit, so i also ordered the road mic for my new camera buying for this multi setup im getting started. It also comes with another input for your microphone and the camera. Then you got a charging port that comes with it as well. See that so its a multi charging port that comes with it, which goes in the side, so you can actually charge all three, the two receivers. I mean one receiver and the two transmitters. You can charge them all with a regular usb port and it comes with wind. It comes with these uh, these mics these level little mics, but both of the transmitters, so you cant beat that with a baseball bat and the price on them.

I think i got them off ambulance like 1.99. Also, if you dont want to use the level of mics, they got these little wind filters they come with, so i think its a better deal right now than others. Let me show you how to use im gon na put one of these on in case you dont want to use the level, though mics, which i think the level of mics is excellent. I usually run it up under my shirt, but you dont want to use the level of mics and unplug the charger. You see the accessories we got take and put down like keep things neat im a neat guy, but it has these little clamps on it and it goes on the top. So you want to make sure its snapped once you push them in so lets. Lets show you how that works, see how the little clamps are gon na push those in heres snap its neat. So you can clamp that on your shirt. But me i like to put my transmitter in my in my pocket and uh use the level of mics and make sure i just keep everything in a little case, and it also comes with a case. So i dont know if road comes with a case. I had to take and check it back out, check it out and see, but this is an excellent kit comes with everything you need im gon na do a walking distance tomorrow.

When i get time to show you all how far i can get a signal from the camera – and this is what comes in the cinco g2 wireless kit lets see and its a nice little carrying case. Also with these filters, the filter kit, one two and three – it comes with a cap for the front of your lens, and this is the kit lens that came with the canon, eos rp, the lenses uh, the filter, the uv filter sizes are 67 millimeter millimeters and Let that be the reason also. I got a joby tripod on my canon rp, so i have got the perfect setup for vlogging outside and logging inside with the microphone stay tuned, got more videos coming ill, be sending my canon eos rp up on the s, the zion s weeble next, which i Got that guys, wheel, im, ready for power. Baby stay tuned were gon na get some real live videos in here the right way, im gon na be vlogging everywhere. I go over the road because you people need to see what i see and on top of that heres the prize, i will be doing a review on the dj fpv combo, so i am fully equipped and before i let the video go, let me just sit Some of this to the side, because it wouldnt be fair for me to show you that box and not open it up for you to see my other toy that ive been blessed with and im, not im, not a fpv flyer, but im from a damn show.

Learn baby, so let me just slide that over there, so you can see we got to move with grace voila. You know on that box up. Oh look at that, my god and, as you can see, i already test that guy to make sure everything works. These are the goggles which looks lovely. This is my baby here, which he aint gon na stay gray, mine, gon na turn, whatever color my little hands painted all right stay blessed subscribe to my channel im gon na uh separate these channels, so i have a channel just for my fpv. I had a channel just for the weeble and i got a couple more now what i won.