Music, hey, Music, 30 frames per second well see how fast this is against a professional race car driver. You aint see the work i put in all week: huh wow. How does it stay on the ground when it all goes down? Imma run this time. My eyes on the ground i just took like 400 pictures, wait a minute. This is the only rs3 in canada that we are putting on an fpv drone. Oh you wouldnt. Even make scrimmage get your dumping pads got these new rappers looking vintage. All i really do is eat spinach, count, money up and hang with pretty women. I was driven yeah. I had the vision, then goon came along and made a vivid haters living cause. We really living the drone, crashed its it went down. I see it, yeah theres a camera and a lens. Well theres. One piece found the camera its still on dude. I think the camera is good. I literally think this is it can okay, a drone crash not recommended, but thats pretty good were on a track.