Using this link and this coupon code thanks keh, this is the new canon r3 and its 6 000. It has 24 megapixels 30 frames per second and 6k 60 video today were going to be focusing on the various autofocus aspects of it like how well it tracks, but also all the cool new ways you can control the autofocus literally by just looking at a subject. It checks your eye and it focuses on that and im going to compare it to the sony alpha one at five hundred dollars on the canon r5, the real competitor at thirty nine hundred dollars. Okay, i put the 85 millimeter f12 lens on here. Im going to take some pictures of tony, oh people are going to imagine that using the vertical grip – oh youre, right tony, you look handsome and festive. I am faster okay, so the eye detection autofocus works well, but i want to see if i can use this new eye control autofocus to pick the eye that i would like to focus on so lets. Try that this wrench page four eye control and im gon na turn it on, and not only that im gon na calibrate it just to put this in canons favor. The calibration process is pretty straightforward. You look in the viewfinder at these little dots. Ive noticed that if i dont calibrate this eye control autofocus, it doesnt work very well in new lighting or new lighting situations, so so far ive been calibrating it before every photo shoot.

I cant show you on the back of the screen, because my eye has to be up to the viewfinder but im going to talk you through it. So im looking at tonys right eye and it is focusing on it and now im trying to look at his left eye. It jumps from eye to eye oh, but its working. Yes, if youre using the eye control autofocus, you can look at the eye that youd like and select it as your auto focus point which is cool for portraits of a still subject in good light. High detect autofocusing was not 100, but it was very good. It was among the best cameras, weve ever tested, probably hitting 80 percent all right, so lets try the same test with the r5. If you want to support unbiased camera reviews, please take a second to subscribe to our channel and, like this, video were one of the last big camera review channels that has never accepted money or free gear from canon or any other manufacturer. It feels so little that looks good. It is grabbing onto the eye equally as reliable um, but of course i dont have that eye control option to choose the eye, but you know what im doing i select the eye and if i want the other one, i just kind of move the eye box Over a little bit just kind of move, my camera a little bit and it grabs the other eyes it seems like.

I got all the photos in focus so so far they seem to be tied. R3 and r5 are tied for autofocus accuracy, but the r5 has 45 megapixels thats almost twice as many as the r3s 24 megapixels portrait photographers could use that detail to make bigger higher end more expensive prints. Of course, the r3 has that really cool new feature with the eye control autofocus, but i didnt feel like i needed it and if i had to choose at this point, i would choose the r5, because i appreciate that it has more resolution, and i also appreciate That its smaller lets say youre doing a group photo or theres multiple people in a room, but you just want to select the eye of one lets see if this eye control autofocus is good for that and im gon na demonstrate by taking a picture of my Three favorite guys all right wow, you guys look great. I have the aperture set to f12, very shallow because im not trying to get them all in focus. At this point, i just want to see if it works well enough to pick one of them out the one that im choosing with eye control and get them in focus, frank, looking good, danny, so photogenic yeah and it seems to be working. I can pretty much select the eye that i want and it seems accurate. We were able to reliably switch autofocus between the three subjects and i want to put up the aperture to get you all in focus too, because obviously this is the holiday card.

So, in a somewhat practical setting, this seems to be working really well, but i want to get kind of nerdy with it and take this into a controlled setting. So were going to go downstairs to our billiards room and take some pictures using the eye, control and the skedaps autofocus, and also just touch to focus to see which ones actually more accurate. So the first test that im going to do is eye control and ill. Be looking at each ball in the viewfinder and trying to lock on the focus – and i actually made a calibration profile just for this setting im looking through the viewfinder and the little circle thats supposed to cover. What im looking at is drifting quite a bit, and i have refined this calibration several times its, not being very accurate right now and i have had it work better, so im going to try recalibrating it again because im trying to give this a good chance at Working well and its working a little better, so ive noticed a few times that the light can change slightly and it needs to be recalibrated. I want to kind of see how this technology goes up against something really simple that we already know like touch to focus. So lets see how that works. Well, it seems pretty quick and easy now im going to try selecting my auto focus point with smart controller, direct af point selection, which im just calling skidaps, and that is basically selecting your autofocus point by just rubbing it over the sensor.

Here and now i mean we used to have like nine autofocus points, but now how many do we have 1051. and you can see its relatively fast. So here are the results with eye control autofocus, the one where it tracks my eye. I took 20 pictures and seven missed focus, and that was at f28 with the touch to focus where i just poked the back of the screen, but i cannot look through the viewfinder doing that it missed only four shots and with it missed about four shots too. So far, this eye control doesnt seem to be the most accurate way to autofocus. I do, however, think that its really promising technology its fun to use its really cool. I love that its new and i think that the next version of it is going to be amazing. Music. Now it says sports im, putting the 50 millimeter f12 on the r5, the r3 and the sony alpha 1.. I want to see how many frames i can actually get in focus when i have a super athlete like chelsea here, zig and zagging jookin, which of these cameras can keep up. I have to be sporty. You dont have your sporty shoes on, though no i have my boots, its very wet. Okay, whenever youre ready, chelsea youve never been ready for this, the shots that nailed focus are shown in color. Anything that missed focus even by a little bit is shown in black and white.

There arent too many of those with the a1. The canon r5 is limited to 20 frames per second meaning it got a third less photos than either of the other two cameras. Still the autofocus system tracked really well, including using eye detect on this incredibly fast moving athlete now for the r3 im going to have to turn off the eye tracking feature, because i didnt recalibrate it here and so its like wandering off to the side or something I dont know that im going to be recalibrating every time i go out for a different shoot thats. What sounds fast, yeah its incredibly fast at 30 frames per second, even in focus priority. It never dropped below 30 frames per second instead choosing to miss focus on a lot of the closer shots. This viewfinder is so big and bright, and it seems extremely fast, like i didnt, detect any lag at all tracking focus is exponentially harder. The closer the subject gets to the camera, so we divided each run into four separate seconds. The canon r3 got a perfect 30 frames per second sharp for the first two seconds of the test. However, as chelsea got closer to the camera, it couldnt keep up with her extreme athleticism in the third. Second, it dropped to 20 frames per second still amazing, but, as she got closer in the last second, it dropped to about eight frames per second, the canon r5 at twenty one hundred dollars cheaper did amazing getting almost 20 frames per second for the first three seconds And then dropping to 10 frames per second for the final second, actually better than the r3 at close range.

The sony a1 maintained a perfect 30 sharp frames per second for the entire first three seconds in the final second, the sony a1 kept up 24 frames per. Second, about three times the number of sharp shots that the r3 got if youre working in close range with fast action, the sony a1 is by far the best choice, so that was with a single subject, but realistically basketball, volleyball soccer, you have to choose from multiple Different subjects, and one of the things that happens is itll, suddenly focus on some defender that you dont care about. Instead of the player, you want to care about so im going to try the eye tracking and see if using my eye i can select which of multiple athletes. I want to focus on because, with the thumbstick you just cant react fast enough, but my eye its pretty fast im going to recalibrate for this one environment, Music. Okay, my goal was to keep chelsea in focus, ignoring frank, using only the eye tracking. Is that good? You guys did great. The camera did not do good heres. Those sequences with the in focus photos in color and the out of focus photos in black and white keep in mind. This is the most intense autofocus test. Weve ever done with two extreme athletes at close range at 50, f1. 2.. It was definitely a challenge for the r3 that worked really well. The auto focusing was amazing, but one thing i noticed is that for the eye control autofocus, it helps you initially lock onto your subject, but then its not active until you let up on the shutter button again and then look at your subject again.

So generally, the auto focusing is really great, but in this application the eye control, autofocus didnt seem to be doing much yeah. So my habit, when i shoot sports is, i just use the center auto focus, but with tracking and ill put the center autofocus point on the person i want to photograph, and then i can just recompose because it tracks them wherever they go in the frame. I would still use that the eye tracking it worked well, but the fact that it doesnt track while im shooting means its not that useful either let up look at it, lock it on it. It actually takes longer, but i want to try it out for like a bride and the father of the bride walking up the aisle. Maybe you want to pick one of those two subjects and photograph them frank. Will you be my father of the ride? Lets? Do it you have to do the slow step right here. My goal was to use eye tracking to switch between the two subjects as they walk towards me. Im. Looking at you menacingly, we put you through some stuff today, frank, so that actually worked awesome like i looked at chelsea and it focused on her and i shot her. I looked at frank focus shoot, but my thing about it is: this is going to become a way of life for the photographer you go into the church. You have to calibrate it to your eye, the lighting conditions, change you need to recalibrate it.

You go into the wedding reception youre going to have to recalibrate, but people know like if you want a camera thats, no fuss, the eye tracking is not going to be useful to you. But if recalibrating in every environment sounds cool to you, so that you can select the point point with your eye, then get it like its awesome theres one last test. I want to put 600 millimeter lenses on these and see if we can do flying. Birds 30 frames per second is incredibly useful for wildlife photographers because it allows them to pick the perfect wing position in a flying bird. So how will the r3 do we have like 40 000 in gear here and thats, probably more than you want to spend? If you want to find really good deals on ultimate wildlife, photography, equipment or any other type of photography equipment head to this link, keh, our sponsor has the best selection in the world of used gear at excellent prices. They also have a 180 day warranty. So if something goes wrong then you know that you can confidently return your gear and not have to worry about it and if you want some extra cash or you want to sell your gear to upgrade to a different system like maybe this sony system head to This link and use this coupon code to get a five percent bonus. Thank you, keh lets. Take some fiddler fitters lets. Take some photos Music, so i was shooting on the r3 with subject tracking and animal eye detect, and i noticed that when the subject was flying in front of the trees or even just the blank sky, it was not picking it up.

It was hunting in and out so tony and i switched cameras to see if it was user error and hes having the same experience. Meanwhile, the sony alpha one is not having a problem with that at all its picking up just about every single bird thats flying in front of the busy background or the blank sky or whatever. So this is working better so far the r3 has animal tracking and often it will see the animal and draw a box around it and focus on it, but often it sees nothing which is making it hard. So i have to get the center auto focus point right on it: thats, okay, but when i do start tracking it, it often loses the animal and jumps to something in the background. Thatll happen with any camera, but its happening more with the r3 than it does. With the a1 Music stay cool, stay cool, i tried eye control on wildlife and it just doesnt really make sense to me in this context. Its easy enough to just put your auto focus point over the animal you want, and it was also interfering with my focusing for flying birds, so i just turned it off: heres, a side by side, shot of moving subjects and hands. The sony image looks significantly better when you spend weeks or months out in the field waiting for the perfect moment. You definitely want to capture as much detail as possible. Heres a shot of the same bird at the same moment enhance even in iso 1600.

The a1 shows significantly more detail thanks to its 50 megapixels. These differences would be even more pronounced at lower isos at close range. The r3s auto focus wandered a lot even when it was locked onto the birds eye. You could see it just hunted in and out usually missing focus, but getting enough shots sharp that we did get results, though the r3 struggled to initially recognize the birds once it locked onto the subject it didnt let go. It got a real, sharp 30 frames per. Second and thats amazing, the r3 missed less than one out of 100 shots heres the challenge. The a1 also got a sharp 30 frames per second consistently, and the a1 was quicker to recognize the birds and lock onto them. Initially, ultimately, we got about one third more flying sequences with the a1, thanks to its better recognition of birds lets just buffering, which is how many pictures the camera can take before it needs to slow down, were both shooting raw only to the faster card ready. One. Two three about the same, but i will say in defense of the canon you have a cf express type b card. You can get them up to two terabytes and theyre faster im limited to cf express type. A and the biggest card i can get is 160 gigabytes. Let me tell you why thats a problem, because i just ran out of space and i cleared the card before we came here so i cant take any more pictures unless i brought yet another card.

But you could shoot all day with two terabytes yeah. Speaking of shooting all day hows your battery, i have all bars yeah and i have the vertical grip with two batteries so im at like 80 percent. If youre thinking about upgrading for the r5, the r5 battery is really a problem. Thats my primary camera right now and when im at half battery, then my frame rate goes down a lot, its a win for canon shooters. I guess Music and now the big summary were going to tell you, which camera to buy the canon r3. If you were coming from the 1dx like a lot of shooters are what do you think about? Finally going mirrorless, i think theyll be really happy with it. Theyre going to have a way higher frame rate, they can silent shoot. The auto focus is an improvement, so i think that if canon shooters are coming from the 1dx theyre going to be happy with this upgrade and the 1dx is 6 500, so this is less expensive, far more functional. I honestly think the dslr is dead. R3 is incredible and a good price, but the 6 000 price tag seems real high when you start to compare it against the canon competitors, like the r6, has 20 megapixels. Almost the same shoots. 20 frames per second, its pretty amazing about the same focusing system and its, i think, 2500. And then you have to consider the r52, which is a smaller body.

A higher resolution way more megapixels and i find the r5 actually more enjoyable to shoot with its a better all around camera, and i would go to this if i were like a professional sports photographer or something, but for you shooting, portraits wildlife landscapes, youve been shooting With the r5 yeah thats, my camera um, no, i this this camera is not for me, even though its a great camera. I wont be switching to this, but i am considering a canon competitor. Oh for me, i could get a better value with the sony alpha. One and i was enjoying shooting wildlife way more now, thats very specific im using a 600 millimeter f4 lens and precise autofocus is really important to me. Yeah our tests found that the sony alpha one sixty five hundred dollars just a tiny bit more expensive, pretty drastically outperform this at the things its good at, especially like up close when the moment was gon na be great. This got more shots sharp, but i should say that this is strictly a review of the autofocus. We havent had uh the r3 for very long, so were going to do a full review and were going to go more into depth into other features and just general usability. So maybe it will excel in other areas like this. Has a flip screen so its a much more versatile shooter for most pros, which are shooting both stills and video. You cant do that with the a1 subscribe to see that, as well as a full comparison against the nikon z9, another high end sports camera and, of course, check out our sponsor keh.

You can sell them all your old used gear. If you decide that you want to switch systems, they make it super easy, and then you can just take the money and buy used gear from them at a great value, with a warranty with a return period or spend your money. However, you want its your money.