If you cant have a mature conversation, then darling. This video is not for you. You will be blocked immediately now remember to keep it cute, keep it mute or get the boot now preparing to nanny port to ninas raw view in a two, a one. If you dont know herstory, you are bound to repeat it here. We Music go one Music. I am the future Music from james and the giant peach come any closer and i will put you in my web: hey guys its me nina bonita banana for fana, osama bin laden, james and the giant peach brown up piggies. How are yall doing welcome back to my channel welcome back to my channel its like, like its like Music, but yall know. This is where we keep it cute, keep it mute or you get thy boots okay. This is, i created this place for people who dont always have to agree with the masses. The girls out there, who are like i dont, feel how you feel you can come here and be safe and say what you want to say as long as were being respectful towards each other. And if you cant handle that, then sweetie get the blocked and chopped. But yes, i decided to do this. Look i used to love james and the giant peach its so funny because, like fast forward drag race, i turned to a peach that wasnt even intended. You know, but yeah. I love.

I love the movie. I love that kind of, like i dont think tim burton made that one, but i love that kind of tim burton kind of feel to it. It was a good movie if you havent seen it watch it. This spider used to scare me a little bit when she when i was younger, but shes a diva Music. So i know so this is yall. This is ridiculous. Its too much the uk came out tonight and canada, so i feel like because its so late, i dont i kind of want to just. I think i want to watch the canada one uk im still going to be reviewing you, but because its the first episode of canada im going to go ahead and review that tonight and um just see what the girls are giving and then that might be something That ill just review when the season is over the whole thing like how i did holland, but, yes, i will be continuing the uk. I was beginning to raw views and reviews make sure you guys check out my chucky raw view. Those yall didnt want me to do another chucky raw view. I did the review of the first episode. Okay ill, make. You talk all right, im gon na meet you thank you. Talk to me. I said talk to me. Damn it all right! You dont want to talk. Ah slap me um, yeah, just watch that um. I thought it was okay, just watch through of you but yeah its late, because this look, i had to fight with it so much like originally like i had the body bigger and everything i had longer legs for her, but it was so heavy it kept.

Bending and flopping forward heres a picture of how it was Music, so yeah its late, because i had to like recut it do it over. Oh, but it was worth the wait worth the work. I like what i did im happy with it so yeah. So i am kind of tired, yall know, yall, be thinking im in the most nasty attitude, but im just kind of tired as it is so lets, go ahead and get into some weird weird weird weird were news with nina bonina brown. What the hell is, this Applause, i hate it. Weird now were going to get into some comments and, as you can see, i cant read thomas with my eyes closed, so i have to break the illusion and not only that im about to break the illusion further and take all this glove. So i can work with my computer Music. First im feeling kind of parched yall. Remember these. They dont taste the same, but nothing does anymore. I guess because theyre trying to get rid of sugar speaking of sugar, my tooth is killing me im like here. We go. Why would i have two eggs around october, the month of candy and sweets, Music, not bugs or blood, but good enough? So before the actual comments, i actually wanted to talk about this really quick um. I guess its this new thing going on now, where people are like using red flag, emojis like red flag for this, or that like, for instance, like if you want to give me head, but not give me any butt afterwards red flag.

So rupauls drag race and rupaul and them chimed in. I told yall, rupaul and them have been really acting a fool lately on social media. Anyway, they did. I dont really sew red flags. Okay, girl. You know im about to go in a little bit. First off since, when did sowing become a trait that drag queens are supposed to have thats, not a trait that drag queens are supposed to have kudos to the girls out there, who can sew and can come up with a garment good for you. But everybody has their stronger suits. Some people are better at makeup. Some people are better at wigs. Some people are better at costuming. Some can do all three, but not as great, but they can do all three. Some people just cant, do that. I dont know why people have this big thing about sewing because to be real, like i said, the sewing challenges to me are always boring, except for the runway part, but just watching them, so its boring as hell um were not auditioning for project runway. I can see if youre going on project runway, then yeah but – and i see that drag race tries to be like its a mixture of like project runway and top model. I guess but no shade, no t no shade theres, no read rupaul cant, so i she doesnt she cant do her makeup and im not reading for it im not reading. She cant do her makeup.

She has people getting her together, putting her together, which nothing is wrong with it, because once you got to the point where she is, and you got that money you can do that, i would do that, but just the mere fact of them like trying to comfort The girls who cant sew but literally red flags for the one who cant sew whos the actual host of the show red flags for yall. Being producers of this show, but allowing all the bullying and all this stuff to go on for so long red flags. For those kind of things, not people who cant sew and then the shade is yall, have these red flags, but yet yall keep putting girls on the show who cant sew make it make sense anyway, moving on to comment, so i thought this was really nice. Thank you so much okay. I was going to write a long message, but i decided to keep it this short because to go into what i feel would be a waste of my honest option. Opinion, i guess, would have been that would serve better being read case in point. People have a problem with nina because, yes, i agree can be infiltrated when speaking her mind, but is that a bad thing? Oh infield? I get saying like unfiltered, um, hell, no im sure every one of you trying to come for nina has said the same things, but carefully choose your words, because you are part of a demographic there are that are conformist, whereas nina speaks her mind to clear perspective.

Shes articulate funny and again is her honest opinion. My question is this: if people have a problem with ninas opinion, have she ever been once been wrong? Has anything she said truly been offensive or is it or or is it shes too precise that it makes you feel uncomfortable or is it nina? Has the strength to defend herself and you dont pick a struggle, people and finally, has anyone ever took the time to really listen to nina and probably get a sense of who she is because if you did, you would learn so much because her transparency is displayed For everyone to see i for one, even though ive never met nina only by social media interaction and literally once or twice, i can totally relate to her and i can see why shes so insanely talented. I can hear what shes i can hear when shes venting. I can hear when shes passionate and i understand her inflections and where it stands from, but this information is for me and not for me to share and thats why i can come to her defense when i see it being warranted. Let me be clear: im not a moderator for nina. Neither do we know each other personally, im, simply someone who is a huge admirer of her undeniable talent and by following and watching her creativity. I have been introduced to her amazing personality. Stop looking at the book claiming to know the content and open it and read the preface before you judge the chapter first.

In other words, if youre going in a channel and youre watching and not listening, then you havent learned anything about nina, and so for that you dont get to have an opinion. Ninas always going to be nina and if you cant accept that i suggest you save your money and buy a spot on mars and move well first off goddamn. That was long, but i mean thank you so much because speaking of that i had just came across that person who posted that video. It was like roscoe versus nina or something and of course the majority of everybody was like team nina. You know so thank you for that, but you know you had a few people there saying some dumb stuff, but she just one guy and literally this is what kills me these people that have an issue with me. At one point, there were some big fans and – and they still are secretly obsessed with me, because they literally come and watch all my raw views. Any live videos use my lingo the not this, and not that and sue me and girl the girls, the girl they use my lingo, but they didnt want to turn against me and read me for whatever reasons, and then people can literally give them facts about things And theyre still like, i just noticed that some people like to hold on to their ignorance. They like to be hateful. You know theyre wrong, but they just like being haters.

So i mean theres, nothing. You really do about that, but yeah, but that video gave me a chance to go down and block some so cause im. Quite sure. Some of those girls were probably gon na, be coming to this robby, but you cant now because youre blocked, yes, sweetie shes, watching you on other channels. Soon, youre not gon na, be coming here being quiet watching my raw views and then going somewhere else complaining and reading me for filth, youre, gon na get blocked and chopped next comment. Oh after spent rupaul pulled with a new song calling out queens who were on his show complaining about edit. I had to see how my favorite person on the internet is doing. I find it so sad that those same queens who he called out helped him create his show and skyrocket into the point of winning multiple emmys. These queens, who were on the show who arent fond of rude, actually try to distant themselves and they just keep. They just been getting extra hate because of that song. Yall already know people like to hate nina for no reason so it rained outside and you dont have an umbrella. Its probably ninas fault yall make nina like the damn the thinker bird. So as the intro said, keep it cute or hes allowed to have an opinion. Just like your favorite white queens do dont let some goofy goober song, change your batteries, charge your batteries and attack these queens its about that rupaul song, but it was a song.

There was something from like um back in the day, this white girl – i guess she was – i dont, know some well watch it hey what up yall this, your girl, lil jay, and this little girl right here is getting nobody. So if you got anything to say to me, you can say it to my face or send me a mother or hit me up on my my face. I did and this little right here will kill your ass nikka. So if you have anything to say, you can say it to me and if you want to bump lets, go cause. I aint scared of your ass. I later shifting into gears. Oh shes, so ugh it doesnt. Surprise me. She said the n word. She looks like one of those white people that is somewhere in the country ghetto and they think they can say the word, but rupaul did change her words around to fit the whole thing about the editing and all that blame the edit when its like in reality Lets be real, of course, girls go in there. We say things you say the things you say, but sometimes it is taken out of content, and sometimes they do add things that you may have done something for a different take, but theyll add it to a different to make. It seem messy. So dont act like the edit hasnt caused some drama on the show it has caused drama in real life with some of the girls like lets.

Not act like the edit does not play a part in some of the mess. Oh gosh, when raven was on the episode mike said: raven look black and harriet tubman Music, the ignorance, okay yeah. This person had commented before on another post, but i kind of like ignored. Like you know, let me just ignore her here. She go and shes like stop calling women females and skipping over women being discriminated like so now we you cant, call women. Females can yall shut the up im. Sorry and somebody said something about. I guess. Demi novato is like saying that you sh you cant, call e.t a alien because its offensive Music hes, an alien im assuming shes talking about like when people call immigrants aliens, which you shouldnt do that, but hes a freaking alien. If people dont calm down on to tips, thank you manny torres. Thank you eric gonzalez. Thank you paul. Thank you for that big old tip. I appreciate it. Thank you emily acosta. Thank you, steve mata. Thank you. Love melissa me alasia. Thank you for those 20 cents. Every tip of the table, thank you, tom christensen. Thank you, robert camacho. Now i know who you are. Thank you jared du bois. Thank you ss. Thank you, xavier montar, as always. Thank you elvis torrence. Thank you love. Thank you, richard matchman. Thank you, anne croweff. Thank you and im a chant that you love. Thank you james keene. Thank you, rahul darate.

Thank you so much. Thank you, carlos alva love. Thank you love. Thank you virginia mateos. Thank you. Thank you. Man. Oh curious. Thank you. Thank you. Tamira moscow. Thank you. Love. Thank you tracy s as always. Thank you carlos elva. Again, i think. No, its all the tips you guys im, not gon na lie to you. I really am tired. Im gon na tell you what im gon na tell yall what time it is so yall know where im coming from its 3 00 am, and i still have to watch the show which is the hour lets get to it. Okay, i will say that floor is sickening one of probably one of the best work rooms ive seen i didnt like the mexico or the sorry. The spain work room as well. It was really colorful, never a bad angle, because im stunning, she kind of looks like i think i said it looks like gg good um. As far as the look goes yeah its fine, its, i will rent it only thing is, i feel like a lot of girls now you know everybodys trying to go like for that kind of like natural makeup thing, which is fine, but then i can literally like, As her boy self i i dont see a big gap and change in the face from drag to boy hes. Cute though i swear, i know him, but i uh didnt. I just look at on that.

Its just, like you know its old school pageant girl. The makeup is very old, school old school makeup, all the powders, the stockings were, i i dont know. Oh you know what oh this rental look, but like im, not really like that blown away from it but ill rent. It here put the uh. Well, i will say i like his confession to look better than the entrance look, but i will rent the entrance. Look something something about the editing seems a little. I dont know maybe the music it doesnt really seem like drag race per se. Um yeah lets keep watching. The earth may be flat, but canada has curves Music e6000. I will actually ill buy her. Look. You know what it is. They didnt really filter these girls at all. Really, im, like you, like it like its like straight up like hd im like oh okay, thats, what it is, did somebody order. Combo number, five: okay, im, actually gon na buy sukis, look its kind of cool. I like it like a lava lamp in a way. Are you ready im going to buy arianas dress, but the makeup um? I only care for the makeup, but i will buy the dress. Is the sky train still running um thats a lot of black eyeshadow um, the wig its like its like teased out but yeah its kind of flat on her head, um yeah? I dont think i really care for this.

Look im not going to buy a rented just freeze over because the ice queen has arrived. Im isis couture and ive got the oldest okay im going to buy isis coutures look kind of cool, i like it. Oh the ocean is rising and she is so salty. Jesus get me through this: do it dont, do it do it? Oh okay. Ocean is one of the kind of people who you Music are like theyre, so nice, you just cant, say nothing bad about them, but i am um. No, i mean you know what i want to rent the look i just we just have to get her makeup together, thats all but personality and all that will get her through him. My turk is a combination of many many artists, beyonce britney spears im. So sorry, beyonce fried chicken cause im serving i dont, i didnt get the entrance line and i dont understand the outfit. She kind of looks like that girl from team rocket Music. I like the top part, but i dont get the yellow and red panty thing. I like her, though, but i am going to pass on the look though gender is a construct, the only one that matters is kendall. Oh lord, here we go. We just couldnt get the episode without hearing about gender as far as the look goes ill rent it. Oh, my god, get ready to synthesize synthesize looks cute and cute as a boy too im going to actually buy her.

Look, my gay angels welcome to season 2. When i tell you, brooklyn went and got pumped and dumped all up in here, because she gets pumped honey and im not mad about it. The winner of canadas drag race receives a sickening supply of beauty products who shoppers drug mart. I cant winning makeup from a drug mart thats like im, saying you win lifetime makeup from walgreens. Really that was a beautiful jump, geometric hells angle, thats a good shot! Well, go that boy face ill! Tell im telling you you got ta! You got ta contour and bring a different shape to your face. Oh my god, that is hot, oh well! Your name is oceana. Just pretend youre jumping into the ocean. The earth is on fire Music, its cracking and girl its. My knee, i dont know whats going on. Are you okay honey? What is up with everybody messing up their knees on drag race, damn im still the prettiest one in the room, even with my wig off come on for the booty pants, i dont know i thought it would have been gia, but no sookie was good and i Think what sold it her red dress with the flames? Sells it all the way, its the facts of life, the facts of life. I cant stand this picture anyway, its time for beauty and looks with nina bonina brown Music. Is that you, if they dont, take off that goddamn church wig and that has been beauty and looks with nina bonina brown Music? No, its not saying covergirl brooklyn looks sickening im gon na buy this.

The girls came out with a budget this easter. This week our queens were tasked with turning lost and found loot into haute czech couture. You can tell that brooklyns been like, i guess, practicing on being a better host and stuff which is doing good but like it almost comes off now, like so like kind of fake, in a way its like very well, if it isnt our judge. Oh and our other judge over there, its gon na be a beautiful night. Now start your engines and may the best woman win a little breath would have helped her out but were in they said padding who um. But as far as the look goes, i mean she made it, i will rent it for the effort of doing it. This look is quintessentially kendall. We are giving you adidas ill, go ahead and buy a candles. Look i kind of want to rent it but ill go ahead and buy it adriana. I am wearing orange raspberries, im eating and beating ill buy. This look for ariana, i kind of like it, and the makeup here looks better Music. I mean its this kind of giving me like. I know i cant do a good look so ill, just do a horrible look but play on it and hopefully they dont clock me. I hate it. I am serving curves and swerves for your nerves, best makeup and then a hair. I dont like the hair up neck now the dress isnt that bad, but the hair and makeup throws it off for me.

But overall i guess ill rent the dress, im stepping foot on this main stage. Look silky doll. This seems like a bunch of fabric just thrown around to be honest um, but i do like the green of it ill rent it. I am a 1940s film star. Okay, she looked like james mansfield there. Nothing mama, stuffed the whole turkey in her hip head, but im actually going to buy this look i like the way its wrapped around her body, and here i am at my glamorous premiere meeting. All of my fans girl. That is so james, mansfield, Music im going to buy stephanies look, the colors are really pretty. I love the shape of it. Im going to buy this. Imagine the red carpet: geometry is necks. The cameras i pointed at this is very 80s. I love the top part. The top, but i dont see how this connects at all so im not going to buy, or with this i am on the runway, and i am feeling strong okay. This is a lot of lot of patterns and different things going on. I dont know how i feel about it. To be honest, um were going to come back to that. I i dont know more. I am wearing an 80s inspired ball gown. You know kudos for making all of this out of napkins and stuff thats really cool, but i dont like it. Oh its just so big and bulky im not going to buy a renter cynthia kiss are the cameras ready.

I take a step out of my limos. Cynthia looks sickening im gon na buy this safe. Oh my god, exactly! Oh my god. How are you safe, okay, isis, couture contraculation ice has won this. I dont know i. If it came between the stephanie and isis, i like the pink and blue better, but to each his own, but congratulations. Thank you. Theyre up for elimination, um, Music lets see what happens Music Music. Oh, this is another uh. You know. I did not know that this is nelly furtado and i was actually wondering what was going on with her these days, but theyre doing me and eater: okay, Music. I guess gia is doing better, but i just wish that she just nipples showing i just see a guy on stage. I dont see the illusion for me, but hes doing shes doing better im out here playing the whole song. If yall dont hurt come on shantae, you stay Music geometry, one duh and the world that it does indeed get better. I cant do that and remember no ones. Tits will ever look as good as mine, okay, well beth congrats, making on season two of canadas drag race. Sorry, you had to go, but i have to go guys when i tell yall no shade no t. I know that im tired and maybe that plays a little part on it, but honestly i thought this was a really boring, boring episode, especially for a premiere.

This is really boring. It really was like i kind of wish i would have went ahead and just watched. The uk instead so im sorry but congrats to all you, girls that made it on this season um. I wish you nothing but the best for this season, and no and if you are coming here and youre, watching my videos and youre one of the other contestants just know that these are just my opinions. It doesnt mean its accurate. It doesnt mean its fantastic thats. All for the rest of you guys, thank you guys for coming around. If you like the tip and support the channel, please do um and you can do that. The information for all that is in the description box down below. Thank you in advance and, as always sweeties remember, to stay, beat stay beautiful but, most importantly, stay blessed, keema cho or kimochi whats. The problem come on ill. Take you home, Laughter, im, so white im confused.