Okay, can you please take it down please so welcome back to the channel guys today were at work, gun, limited or what gun group, as the sign says – and this is in newark, ng, 24 postcode and its spread across two bits over here. Weve got all the tractors and farm machinery and over there looks like to be construction machinery, so plenty to see on this one and some very good drone footage to be had thats for sure so lets get into it. First up is the nearest weve got these tractors and the green color – oh theyve, just reseeded this. So how can i get on there without messing it up right were gon na have to do a big jump here, a big jump. Can we make it one foot there and can i uh leap all that way lets try? Did we make it? Oh we just touched us there. Look. We just need some rain now, really for all these seeds to uh start growing, so yeah these tractors weve got the john deere 5 free free weve got the 753 im sure at least one person will know some about these tractors. Six one nine five! There look more six one: nine fives, six, six, ten, a little baby, one a 6830 and lots lots more all the way down there. Look if you want to see more tractor shots, the drone footage will show you all you need to see at the end, but with it being publicly accessible.

You know, youve got public footpath leading from there coming all the way down lots to see. Weve got wow. Look at the size of that a new holland t8 and look what theyve got on the back tracks, but theyre not like theyre brand new. They are showing signs of uh use. I mean even so much as a flat tire. There look, you wont, get flat tires on the back, though, will ya? I can hear signs of activity inside and yeah youve got some guy there picking something up, so this may be um like a used sales area. I dont know, but a combined harvester of some sort, alexion 770. Look how high up that has to be to see over all the crops, a nice driving position, thats for sure so yeah the sign over there says its uh reception sales and deliveries, parts and service machinery, deliveries and parts deliveries. Weve got so much equipment in air. I dread to think of the value that theyre holding, but they are making a good impression with the grounds all this is recently laid tough and youll see over there. Theyve just landscaped – and i presume thats all seeded as well over there at the same time as the the outside area. So it looks really good and theyve got loads of spare space as well for expansion. Maybe weve got a lovely access road you come down. It takes you a good couple of minutes to come down it.

Weve all spare land on either side looks like theyve been pulling. Some bushes up here still got the roots on the bottom. Look tidying the plates up, it seems, and you have got some sort of contractor over there. Tjm group seems to be doing some works on the uh on the footpath on the block, paving maybe, but we have a parts reception over there, so i presume its that uh that window over there, maybe, but i want to see the machinery first thats. Some sort of aggregate sorting machine where you put large stone in one end and it sorts it, makes it smaller. I believe and spits it out into a a trailer of some sort, but im not sure what they are over there, and these just look to be. Like spare parts to heavy plant machinery, then youve got a load of rollers and construction machinery at the back there, which well obviously have to use uh david for to see, see them up close, but security wise, its quite good hi. Just making a video about anything. Interesting, i can see yeah yeah, it looks, looks very good machinery. I presume thats your agricultural side and thats your construction site. Is it yeah? Are you doing this for your own yeah yeah for my uh social media channel, right whats that i just go around anything that i find interesting? I make a little video about my day and put it on yeah, for my viewers.

Ive got a drone also in my bag im going to take some aerial shots. I always finish my video with an aerial shot, so certainly interesting stuff. Here any details you can send me whats that, for why do you want to invite me in no? I dont want to invite you all right. Yeah i mean if i come in then ill sign in obviously ill provide my details, but i dont want to come in im. Not asked to come in. This is private property. Well, this public footpath that ends there doesnt it the public footpath. If you go on to actual land registry, finishes over there all right its not made clear at all. Is it no thats? Why im just asking you what youre doing here yeah yeah yeah? Well, as i say, im just an innocent content creator, you know it could be somebody working out how to break in. I dont know yeah yeah. You can see what it looks like yeah. Oh, are you some sort of um a director? Are you right? So youve got a vested interest in assets. Yeah i can see i can see yeah. This information was very good for somebody who wanted to uh well ive just been commenting. Youve got very good. Security. Youve got some very good cameras that i can see up there. Yeah, have you got on site security im not prepared to comment? Well, you should have all this value. You really should have.

I just prefer if this wasnt shared it is, and i always go to sites that are interesting and the interesting sites are the ones with big assets as well yeah. I talk to anyone i do, but do you know what right do you know how youve got um visitor facilities like parts, reception and stuff like that so like if a visitor came on and they just wanted to document their their visit or even if there was On a facetime call to their friends its all videos that videos are getting very popular nowadays, so you cant really stop the member of the public coming on here. You can stop them going by the by the uh, the gate. You can stop them going by the gate, so youre, not the key one in video in you are you know what it is right. Do you know if you want to create privacy in a public place, you just do that. Do you get there? Its not straight. Is it no, let me get it straight, so you get a good photo there. You go a lot better, so yeah. If you ever want to create privacy in a public place. You just have to like wear a mask. Sorry did you i like you, so i must try and put this mask on straight next time, because when they take a photo, it doesnt look very good when its all wonky good, when its all wonky good, when its all wonky whats, he to say im loopy And youre a director talking to a member of the public like that come on man, you can do better than that.

Ive already told you its going online as well, letting yourself down. I wont get too close to your windows because i dont want to read the customer data. So yeah weve got a bit of a parts reception here, weve got works going on to the block, paving, i presume theyre, going to put some sort of drainage through there. Its got a nice uh trench, ready for it, so yeah nice and secure all uh electric access system on there and youve got the contact number for the cctv and look youve even got delivery notes for their customers on showed us there, and if the zoom was Any good youd easily be able to read that so yeah. As you heard, the director wasnt very keen on uh as coming on and videoing his assets, and when i asked him about, does he have on site security? It didnt really uh, let anything slip but im sure by now wed have people up in the windows. Youve got a gentleman up there, whos bending down who thinks we cant see him not at the top, but yeah a few of the others have started to wonder. Whats going on, but nothing too much, he walked away. He wasnt uh as bad as some of them are, but then he like gives some signals to the workers there about is loopy or something like that, so that wasnt, very professional so well. Take the drone up. Well see what else we can find so once again, as he mentioned, this is all private property.

Weve got a public footpath coming down here. It then crosses the road, and it continues all the way down here in exactly the same tarmac, so its not clear where public and private starts or finishes. So i dont know what to say on this: one: im just gon na go over there and fly the drone. Are you coming to me? Are you coming to me? I didnt feel, like i dont know, if youre coming to me or not. Oh sorry, mate im. Just about to take off thats all yeah, just taking a video of the place, can you take the drone out of my property? Please. You are uh paul holmes, im the managing director, okay, paul of this part of this uh land, which youre flying the drone. Above my property, okay, can you please take it down? Please im here today paul to take a video of your company, the you do not own the airspace. I dont care whos asked you to take a video of my company. I cannot disclose okay, confidential information. Call the police but youve, asked me a question. So would you like me to reply? Yes, please yeah, so paul you own the property behind your fence. Yes, you do not own the airspace. Okay, so the civil aviation authority control the airspace. So when google planes or any plane at all, even drones, because drones are aircraft, yes, when they fly over your property, you dont have any say in the matter and i understand youve got valuable assets on site, but youve also got very good security.

Okay, so theres. Nothing to worry about, but i believe that you are casing my joint yeah and now for im going to phone the police so paul you can ask them to come and and do so paul if you do have any suspicion of any crime being committed. Okay, then its within your right to call the police, but please be honest with them. Okay, please tell them that i have posed. No aggression, no ive posed no threat and ive explained looking over my property, make sure you tell them that so tell them. You are making a request to a member of the public whos, creating a video to say that, and i dont want you creating a video in my property, so youre, requesting that i dont fly over exactly ive declined your request. Okay, so could you just leave me alone for a little bit? No right well, im quite happy to stand here. If you harass me yeah now, i have to ask you three times: okay, so ive only asked you once now. If i ask you three times and you continue to harass me, then i will be pursuing you well what i will do all right. I will make a phone call to the police, all right paul if thats, okay, just to confirm with that what dont ring nine nine nine thats for emergencies. I could tell ya if you want ive just volunteered the information, so you aint gon na, do any work like its 101 paul.

Thank you, some nice machinery, my viewers, all love this, but its a shame that the the staff representation of the company isnt as good as the product really do. You know what i mean. You know. I thought you was gon na invite me on there. If you had right, this video would have give given your company such amazing reviews, which we all rely on nowadays. Online dont worry yes, i cant believe theres two managing directors outside wasting all this time. Can you imagine the amount of money thats been wasted? Are you both 50 50 shareholders, or is there more than two obviously ill? Look on companys house anyway to to research it, but actually, while youre here, when did the company start trading? What year somewhat talking about? This is quite a new building isnt. It was your base somewhere else, youve researched, no, no! No! No! You can find out. My initial visit is just to get a feel of the place. Then ill. Do the research when im back at base any useful information at all before i turn the camera off? No im not prepared to diverge phil, i dont see your surname. I only say first names, if you say your full name ill edit it out, because if you reveal someones full identity online, then thats uh thats against the policy of the platforms. I cant believe you said it yourself. We dont want people to start uh. Well, we dont want anything personal.

To be honest, we just want companies thats all theyre, quite unique wouldnt, you say: do you know how theyve got like the um yeah? Let me show you what ive got its quite good. These drones are, you know, you know the um, the ones with the tracks on the back. You dont see them very often dear yeah ill zoom in for you ive seen it. I know what they are. They would cover any terrain, wont they at all. They feel like when its really really buggy buggy mud, because even like real thick tractor wheels would get stuck in real, deep mud, so thats. What were interested in all different types of? Do? You know the one that youve got over there. That aggregate is that, like um, a crusher so so like, if you loaded really large aggregate in one side, would it come out really fine? In the other side come on man, i really am just trying to get useful information for the video, but all all im being met with is hostility. We just dont want you doing what youre doing everything that youre asking is available online handsome yeah, but to make my video its all about human interaction, because this social side of life is declining somewhere else, because we dont need any assistance in doing what were doing. Yeah, we never like ask for permission or need assistance, but do you know when you come out its your opportunity just to make your company shine in a good light yeah? But you dont know how many viewers i get.

We know anybody whos interested in this sort of equipment in the uk, so were fine as we are thanks, but do you know, even if, like one viewer of mine approaches you for your, you take that service yeah? Oh, i do like your um youre, not uh, hostile, actually youre, very relaxed about it, to be honest, youre, too relaxed in a way. Well, this is openly available on the internet. I know youre taking footage that anybody who wants to enter these premises unauthorized can access and ensure that they can work out whatever weak spots we have. But would you admit that you should not have any weak spots with this sort of value of assets? We dont want you to come and test it actually im filming us now. Should we show it away wave it hello. Do you like this one look its like um, a stabilization camera so when i turn its everythings smooth its 4k as well yeah, my kids have similar stuff, whatever youre doing is great for you, but youre welcome to get somewhere else yeah. We are welcome to do it anywhere else, in fact, were welcome to do it anywhere, thats publicly accessible, and i appreciate maybe in the future – you may want to make this access controlled a bit further out, so that the public cant get close, but the main road Down there, it attracts your eye, dont it to the high value items yeah its its come in youve got very large areas, um open around you for expansion of future businesses, maybe its all this green land, yours as well, or this green area.

You presume that ive like actually planned to come here today or even research. Your group ive just noticed it on the way by. I also noticed the couriers. You know the currys distribution center ive been to newark police station. I actually dont show you that yeah. No, no, no, obviously yeah ill show you im not interested come on man thats, not polite. Look! This is the the first video of the day. This is the first video of the day. Lot try and scroll over, so you can see so theyve got some work. Being done, but you see the police cars there a lot taking a drone over a police station, your local police station, the force that are actually going to be here in about 10 minutes. You get some gold stars for that. No, you do get a lot of views by going to these high asset areas and like sensitive, i take it over prisons. They cant do nothing about it. I take it over police stations, so your site is really at the bottom end of the scale, its not nothing to worry about honestly, the privacy i like it, but you see what i mean when you first approach me richard. That sort of attitude is not acceptable when a member of the public is just standing on a public footpath doing a lawful activity. I understand youve got your concerns and thats what the police are there for im surprised that even says were going to attend because thats ridiculous thats wasting all of our taxpayers money coming to something like this im, clearly showing you right now that 10 minutes ago i Was at the local police station doing the same thing and you still believe im some sort of threat come on man whats it all about.

So here we go. Weve got the start of the show on screen. There. Weve got both directors out in the rain and there they go theyve called it a day, theyre going back in no odd feelings, guys, okay, i just came here to make the video and thats it. So i wish you a good day and thats all im gon na say now its off the go. Weve tried to end it on a good note: weve wished them a good day and its time to get david back in so weve got the two directors going back into work down. There um got no idea whether the police are on their way or not. So well just give it 10 minutes see if we can see them arriving down this very, very long road down there. So ive just noticed this planning application on the lamp post from the newark and sherwood district council worked again group house godfrey drive overfield park, winforp nottinghamshire, so they want permission to install solar panels. Mr tom schofield is the applicant so thats good to see they want to put solar panels on the top of the place and uh make their efficiency even better. So we are seeing random vehicles popping up, but theres no police. So i have waited a good 10 minutes since they disappeared, so i think im going to call it a day on this one. I think this has had enough of my time and uh yeah well, leave it there.

So if you enjoyed the visit to work again group give it a thumbs up for me and ill see you in the next one guys bye for now, Music do Music. Can you take the drone out of my property? Please. You are uh paul holmes, im the managing director, okay, paul of this part of this uh land, which youre flying the drone above my property.