It welcome to todays video everybody. I was gon na wait till i finished smoking, my joint but its taking forever and i felt inspired so here we go. What is up what the is up with the run? Cam thumb i dont know were gon na find out today at the whole point of video you daily now, if you dont know, this is the run cam thumb the run. Cam thumb is a 50 action camera that you can put on your drone this, how much it weight this weighs 9.8 grams without the mount it does. 1080P 60 fps has a built in gyro sensor, micro, usb port for firmware updating and file transfer, and it runs off 5 volt batteries. No internal battery, you hook up a five volt on your flight controller and plug the sumbitch in and it works run. Cam thumb uh, hang on you ever you ever smoke. Did you ever do this? I used to do this all the time you put the thing on the top and you go its like a power hit theres been a few good theres been a few run. Cam thumb reviews, but the majority of them are just kind of like on the bench or tooting around the backyard gal kremmer has a really good one. In fact, im gon na be recommending you watch vals, video val. In fact, im gon na go recommend that you watch gal kremmers video after this one for the gyroflow thing, because, as youll see uh ive kind of up the gyroflow thing anyway.

This is what the camera looks like its like smaller than a lighter and my thumb and some other i went down to baltimore. I got ta spit. I cant spit im in my room. I went down to baltimore to meet up with lord stig and we decided hey one of the best ways that we can think of to test this run. Cam thumb is to gorilla whoop. The so were gon na go to malls. Thats right were going indoors. What happens if you fly your drone inside? Do you get kicked out? What well thats? What were gon na find out today, a little granorinos lets go gorilla whoop, with the thumb cam run. What are my lights flickering? Have they been flickering the whole time? Oh no. I think i did my lighting wrong. I did my lighting wrong that whole god, damn it Music hi, so its supposed to be rainy like a rainy shitty day, so were gon na go, like i said, do indoor whoop, stuff and test this out, but here im in baltimore, with lord stig and its A goddamn beautiful day what the man its supposed to be so shitty today, dude so were still flying inside. Hey excuse me for the interruption. I just i im editing this video right now and i realize i havent shown you the drone at all. This is what im going to be flying with today. This is the flywoo firefly nano and that evil genius designed me this little 3d printed, uh top mount thing that goes on it, that the run cam thumb just jams right on into like a penis.

You know inside im, just like we could have photo freestyle, but its fine. Its a nice beautiful day were gon na fly. Some whoops inside of stores gorilla, hooping secret swooping, not gorilla. What do you call it secret swooping, secret swooping, with more snake, thanks for having me out today, bro yup, all right. No, we tell perky – and i was in baltimore didnt call him okay, so weve broken in broken is the wrong word. Okay, so we moved aside a barrier and now were upstairs in this mall. Look at this dude were upstairs theres security walking around he doesnt seem to give a theres a whole downstairs of them all. This is like a roped off top section, but were gon na fly our little whoopee dupes or whatever the around here its gon na be sick. I cant believe we, oh, i cant believe we just came up here and now were at the top of the mall. So, listen to you, kids dont! Let a piece of fabric get in the way of your fun or your dreams, break into everything and have a good time respectfully right sure, secret swooping were not gorilla. Whooping were secret secret, swooping, Music, train movie, swat style, everybody hostile hit up my romanian connect and build a stockpile, suppressor, mp7, p90 and glock. Now so even less Music. Music Applause me that we dont want to make it a flourishing. We hate this land, but we want to survive in this line.

Brother want to make it to be able to be beamed up and saved by our lord okay. The mall thing went really well, so well, in fact, were very confident that we can now go inside this convention center and continue testing out the run. Cam thumb im, not sure if im gon na hear future block grinder explain what im doing with gyroflow or whatever. Okay, so what i was gon na do was, i was gon na show you all these clips and were going to come home and grab a few of the clips and stabilize them with gyroflow, but apparently on the older firmwares of the runcam thumb, the accelerometer and The gyro data are messed up or switched or something i dont really understand. Basically, i didnt have this updated to 2.1, so i wont be able to use gyroflow on it. Whatever back to the video thanks future bot grinder now were going to the convention center. Oh, oh boy, faa cant do about indoors by the way so 100 legal um its like okay yeah. I didnt work out at all as soon as we walked in. They were like why? What are you doing whats in there? They were like dont, be in here. So, like all right, we wont be in here, were gon na find somewhere else ill, be right back more run, cam thumb, thorough testing from me buck grinder. I almost said your lord and save your buck grinder.

That sounds a little pretentious. That little percentage is a little pretentious a little. What the demigod walk right here: okay, its raining now! This is why the weather said it was gon na rain. I got here its like: oh man, thats, beautiful weather and now its raining and we are getting kicked out of everywhere. We try to go for gorilla move, so here comes some wind and something else holy. Look at this giant viking boat. This is tight whats this. What you doing over here, giant ass, biking, boat, okay, so heres, where were at weve, been getting kicked out of damn near every inside spot. We try to go to its still currently raining so were underneath this little. Like i dont, know, theres some construction. You cant see it because i dont know how to do my lighting, my white balance. What am i talking about? Theres somebody in there so anyway, underneath this thing? The plan is to fly underneath here, but somebody might come out and kick us out, as has been usual anyway heres. Maybe some footage of me just ripping around here outside is the outside test. Thats the point: hey heres, the outside test, with the thumb its a little bit windy, Music, Music, okay, well, outdoor tests went pretty well and it stopped raining so its time to fly whats up, i found dunkaroo, you got roose. I got a real break yo. They found some roos, oh dude today just keeps getting better and better.

I cant believe it lets roll yeah ruse all right, well guerrilla, hoping that last little mall area went so well. We decided lets, try an even bigger mall with more people and see if we can do that. So here we go final, run cam thumb test, hopefully inside a busy mall fa off. Oh thank you and i shall return the favor and now i owe you nothing. Invite me to a party boom irsvp, okay, this ones just a little bit busier than i would be hoping for so were waiting for all these people to hurry up and walk away, so we could freaking rip. I was i was talking to my camera. Excuse me: stick stuck in my camera, cause im a professional youtuber, Music, um, Music, Music, oh Music, Music, Music, just concluded Music, Music, okay, well yeah that worked. How about that huh ripping a little inside of a goddamn mall? Oh yeah! I cut him off hes talking! Would you say, did you enjoy yourself with that yeah? That was ton of fun? That was some fun times yeah uh yeah, i think im about to send it and go get some ice cream. Oh all, right! Some ice cream – oh youre, gon na go, get some ice cream. Okay, that was extremely successful. That was extremely successful. Now you may ask yourself what makes a gorilla whoop mission successful? Well, if you do as we are doing – and you leave on your own terms and you dont get escorted out yep, then you win, then its successful look at us wed.

That was the last picture on that roll too. So now i get to pop in a new fresh roll hell, yeah Music, okay, run cam thumb test super successful. We have to round some inside malls. We left on our own. We didnt get kicked out or escorted by anybody, thats a win in the gorilla whooping world now im on the way back to my car were gon na go home im gon na throw some of these clips into gyro flow into euroflow and im gon na show. You whats up with euroflow on the run. Cam thumb dont expect much Music. All right smoke bombs, acquired im gon na go home. Lord stig see you later. Man see you as always glad you came down to baltimore man. If the faa calls you, you dont know my name yup uh, what the whole team train movie swat style, everybody hostile hit up. My romanian connection, all right now were back home its the end of the video im going to give you my final thoughts and panhandle for patrons, so this little guy the run can thumb. Should you buy it? What are my thoughts? Is it gon na focus the run, cam thumb final thoughts? Should you buy it? Is this useful for your fpv arsenal im gon na go with yeah? I want to go with yes, 50., its its 50 dude. How much did you spend on grubhub and doordash in the past month right its 50 go, buy it picture.

Quality is not amazing. The white balance leaves a little bit to be desired and the gyro doesnt seem. I havent i up the gyro thing, but the results ive seen from other people dont, look that great, but its fifty dollars right, im sure itll be great, eventually fifty dollars for this thing, if youre gon na run something like, i dont think you should be putting This on your five inch or a three inch theres, definitely better. Options like a naked, gopro or insta 360 go to even thats a ton more expensive for something this size for a tiny loop for a tiny whoop sized drone to be able to have this. Instead of dvr footage, are you kidding me? Yes, i say absolutely if you, if you want to get this to put on your whoop or your little tiny, tiny drone and fly around and get something better than dvr footage. You can mess with. You know stabilize color grade to look nice and everything yeah. You cannot go wrong with this run. Cam thumb so definitely gets my approval. I, like this thing, im stoked to fly to my little micros, and you know what i mean im gon na give it five five run cam thumbs out of 72 turkeys ill, have a link below to buy it. I dont know if its an affiliate link or not im, just gon na, find one and put it on there, hopefully its an affiliate link, because then i get money and then ill buy more things.

Speaking of cool you should buy. You should really consider becoming a patron because if you become a top tier patron ill say your name just like im going to say these folks names: hey whats up billy hackett diesel, cheeks fred805 maddie bfpv, mikeyfpv, stunt, strat 76 tt, fpv, volley, tronics and wom Fpv, thank you very much for being the top tier patrons. Thank you very much to all my patrons. I dont monetize my youtube. This is literally the only way that i can do this. Thank you very much. So enough, panhandling and shitty lighting out of me im gon na get the out here. I got some other videos coming out next week or something who the knows uh. Is there a song or something? Well. Thank you very much everybody for watching this video. I really appreciate it shout out runcam for sending me this run. Cam thumb i do like it. I think its super cool to link or not. You know what i want to prove that i, like it so much im going to put a link below thats, not an affiliate link you, because this is good you never ever. You ever call me a chill. I will come to your house and punch your genital, the shits tight youre, tight appreciate you watching.