V were going to fix today were going to fix me lets, go guys. Chad, we dont have time to wait for bees. Vision to heal so were going to fix it ourselves. The pz restart clock is ticking away. We got ta, get back, vs vision as fast as we can, and i have just the thing to get vs vision back v were gon na use the power of sadness to get your eyesight back because, right now you cant cry right, so we can activate those Tear ducts – maybe we can activate all of the eyeball itself. Oh makes sense how the heck are we gon na get vida cry, though, make her sad by recreating the saddest scene in cinema history toy story: three, no, no, no luca ill! Give you a hint just just let it go right, let it go dont hold yourself back anymore. Is it shrek one or shrek, two yeah daniel whats, this okay, guys, we are going to recreate frozen. The saddest scene in the whole movie makes me cry every time. If this doesnt make me cry, she aint got no soul. This is just stuff around the safe house, yeah yeah, a low budget film creation were about to do ill, be the person who freezes themselves whats. Her name comment down below. If you know what scene were recreating thats annas wig daniel im, hans all hands on deck, how do i look? Do i actually look like the elsa? I mean anna.

You look like wendy from the fast food chain. Yes, daniel make him look a little bit like more. Like a princess, you got ta look princessy. This is his dress. Look at that its a perfect dress. Make me a princess. You are beautiful. Chad, the unicorns are upside down. Hey dont hate me because thats beautiful yeah, thanks now im a pretty princess, looking good anna whats, this its a corsage beautiful. What are you guys doing? Hey v feel my dress, its a beautiful anna dress. I look just like anna from the movie frozen really get ready to cry. Okay, daniel vs got ta be elsa. Are you ready to become the i uh? Well beautiful, wow, okay um! If you use your imagination enough yeah, you look computer animated, which is good, really yeah. You dont, look real. She wears a blue dress. Oh beautiful thats, my curtain hands up oh fabulous, wow elsa! Is that you who elsa, who would it be im gon na, be kristoff the love interest of uh? Hey me, you cant be my love interest. Unless you got blind hair and a reindeer and a big red nose, yeah wheres your reindeer big summer blowhouse. I only go for guys with a nice ride like a reindeer blonde hair, coming right up more like an alien, beautiful, daniel, perfect, the type of guy that my anya would date. No did i everybody chad, yes, stand right here! Okay, you are anna.

You will be running after me: the lovely love interest of the film stuff. No kristoff is me. I have my reindeer sven and my friend olaf, so love me come over here, like you want to give me a big nice sloppy kiss, but the bad guy hans will be right behind you, so watch out ready places and action kristoff in comes hans, dale. You dont understand frozen. I thought youre lying. No, this scene is where anna must choose between the two loves in her life. Will it be kristoff the new man who cares about her, or will it be the fate of her sister, the one elsa who is rumored to be the next future queen? Do you even watch the movie and action? Oh dear? What do i choose? Do i choose to go after kristoff, or do i choose to go save my sister, who has a man with a sword? Go film them ill, make a surprise appearance and then the sword shatters and then a crazy shockwave emits from the body of honor. Now, im frozen okay. This is the sad part when elsa realizes your sister is frozen forever. Anna, no anna, no, its working, shes crying im, not the tears, are dry theyre not coming out my ear. Dogs are dry man, daniel my tear tear, i didnt do my part, maybe thats. Why? Let me do my part right. Okay, well get daniels apart anna elsa, whatever end scene.

Did that make you cry? No, it didnt you guys it didnt. I got ta say that was kind of horrible fine. You got a better idea on how to fix these eyes. I do i do blindfold dancing whats this gon na do. If we get these heart rate up, we can get her blood flowing and then maybe itll stimulate circulation to the eyes and then itll restore her eyesight but melvin. This was my idea. You didnt have to steal the thunder. I did im just explaining your science, because you dont know how to elaborate it. Your idea, but whos brains, all right, hes out of frame, lets dance melvin such a hater all the time all right, everyone yeah lets, do it. I believe, in your idea, regina. If we dance, we can stimulate circulation to her eyeballs and leave. We all cant see were just like you, so we can all dance horribly. Hey. Do you hear the music im dancing already guys get the heart rate going wow, so good all right, v lets see those moves. Do you feel anything? Is it working? I mean im feeling a little dizzy, because i cant really see what im doing my heartbeats bumping im, not sure. If my blood flows flowing all right, that means we got a pump of the music daniel. What are you doing all right, ive seen you move faster than that melvin? Are you getting tired? You cant get tired right now, im so tired im, so tired ive got so much circulation flowing through my veins right now.

Did it work me get out v? What is this im? Not me me: can you see me shes over there guys? Oh, i dont need this anymore. I like it santa santa, come on. We got the blood flow circulating to your eyes. We need to see if you can see. Okay, im gon na reveal one eyeball open it. It might be bright. This is the moment of truth. Did it work me yeah? You ever seen that, like when youre going to sleep or something or like when you close your eyes, just like you know floaties, i still cant see anything very clearly. Do you see like light at all or is it still dark, its a light gray? But if the floaties are bright, we still cant see anything, but this is progress. Yeah. This is progress. Its working we need to do more, were going to bring her vision back today we cant lose the momentum, spy ninja huddle. Oh oh sorry, v. That was such a great idea, regina, getting her blood flow up really worked. She got a little bit of vision back if we can continue to increase the blood flow to her eyes boom. So you can see again. Yes, this will only work if she doesnt know what were doing, which is why i brought you into here. Everybody were going to prank her. How see this pocket right here yeah these pants, can carry all kinds of items perfect for pranks like an airplane, were gon na surprise the jujubes out of her oh yeah, shell get so.

Oh, the blood flow will go right to her eyes as long as we dont damage her ears. Imagine we make her blind and deaf. At the same time right we bring her vision back, but we make her death, but we dont want to do that. Yeah, its a crazy medical breakthrough, we should show our findings to dr schleben, dr schleben. He has no idea that the power of exercise and fun you guys have got to get her in a compromising situation: thats, nice and quiet and relaxing im gon na sneak up. Yes, its gon na be horrible, hey v, daniel yeah, its me frog boy, how you doing you feeling better you feeling like a little more optimistic. If this might work yeah yeah, i mean im seeing sparkles and stuff little floaties, so i think, were making really good progress. What are you gon na do once you get your eyesight back im gon na give everyone a big hug: hey this ones, a lot more subtle. You got to be careful with this one. What is that like a brush of some kind? Oh, it sounds plasticky of some kind. Is that the voice morpher decoder wheel? Oh what i like that i got a really good one, listen to this, its very quiet, so you have to listen carefully. Oh my gosh did that make the blood float your eyeballs go. Kaboom this was your idea: chad, yeah the blood flow to your eyeballs, worked so well.

Last time i figured that a little prank to jolt your heart rate even up higher. Do you see any visuals? You know i do see a little bit more wait. Your eye patches are still on. Oh, this is regina. Oh oh, shoot, woman down increased reginas heart rate a little too much yeah. Can you see anything? It just worked all of a sudden that time it wasnt working that good. Before just wow. Can you hear us yeah, i can hear you guys were not going backwards right, wait, wait! Wait! I think that actually helped a little bit, so you can see a little bit everythings a little blurry still, but oh, what the heck. What a hacker is that a hacker in our house whoa whoa daniel its your shirt, her vision, its its coming back its my shirt, really whoa. You can tell i see a faint white thing. Oh my gosh guys its working its working. Yes, yes, we need to keep going. We need to keep bringing her vision back, were making progress. Guys whatll really make her happy and get the blood flowing to her eyes. If you guys turn your phone up this way and click that subscribe button, because those knicks are really happy right, dude, yes, who else has got something thats, a great idea on my part im so proud of myself for coming up with that idea. Although melvin, you helped make us all deaf what you helped make us all deaf, what yeah thats what i thought i got one this ones definitely going to work: oh, not again, yeah, no, its better! Oh boy, okay, v lost her sense of sight right, but she has other senses yeah.

I kind of lost my hearing a little bit. Uh itll come back, so we have four other senses. What if we overload all those senses? Maybe the body will learn. I need to see again yeah that makes sense, yeah thats, exciting the first one i like to be ours. Chad wait. Did she just say that was the first poem weve been filming together for like three years that was the first pawn of mine rewind. The tape show it first yeah regina, i heard we all heard. You say that apologize here come closer to the camera, chad, yeah im. Sorry, your puns are great, really immediate yeah. Are you serious? Okay, thanks back to me? Yes, yes, okay v were going to overload all of your senses. At the same time, taste we got scent smell it, oh well, reginas, covering the sense of smell, like she normally does im, covering the sense of feel cause that got feelings that get hurt just kidding. What this is ice water and the last sense is hearing were gon na sing to you in an operatic manner. With this, the spine engine noise enhancer increases the volume, your favorite genre, oh gosh, here yo, oh my gosh that smells like thats mine, theres, so much earwax, oh no, i have daniels cooties. Now we got smell, we got feel we got hearing. What about the sense of taste? Oh melvin genius, you got ta, do all. At the same time, sensory overload its called your bodys, not gon na know what to do.

Hopefully, everything will just flow to my eyeballs, and then they can just activate all again. Weve got a spoon of uh chocolate for you white chocolate. Is everybody ready, get ready to sing all at the same time? Were gon na put your hand in the water youre going to smell the vapor, rub: okay and youre, going to taste this and were going to overload your ear holes? Oh my gosh, okay. I hope this works. My ninjas three two one go. She painted. Oh, my gosh melvin come over b v. Are you okay? Did your sensories get overloaded? Did your eyeballs say? Oh my gosh, all my other senses are activated. I need to activate my eyeballs. Come on b. Lets see what happens. Okay, this could be it. I think this could be it guys. Daniels idea may have saved your eyeballs, no, no, no! No! No! What if i cant, i cant see anything what the floaties the stars, theyre going! Theyre all gone. I cant see anything anymore, no daniel. What did you do? I think i regressed back you guys, oh no, no, no! No! No! No! No! I dont think this is gon na work, so i didnt just i reverted back im gon na stay like this forever im gon na be despised. I cant see hang up my pink spider shirt and just retire. It cuz im done shes, giving up completely. You cant give up dont quit the spy ninjas melvin.

Your idea, you need to toughen up v. You cant, give up at a moment like this v. Yeah. Do you trust me? No all right, then youll be blind forever, then. So you, you have to trust me trust us. Can i trust you, okay melvin. Do you promise not to do anything crazy and weird? Yes, so yes were all in this together right, yeah, yeah, yeah, all right lets. Do it yeah? Okay! This is it guys. I mean weve already seen what increasing her heart rate does. So we just need to take it to the max. Get the heart pumping like near death. Oh my experience. Velvet has the greatest idea. What is your greatest fear in life? Oh, no! What is it water? Yes, we already put that if we increase your heart rate, it increases blood flow to your eyeballs. Now were gon na increase by having you exposed to your greatest fear, you are going to walk the blank. Well, get your life jacket. Dont worry, i mean probably her swim. Quality is going to be the same regardless. If she could see or not, we should do a life jacket, just in case she falls thats what they do with a tightrope yeah. It widens your center balance to make it easier. Okay, daniel help her out, take uh one step. Okay. Here we go. No, oh, how to do the rest you want me to like hold. You is your heart rate.

Increasing okay, there you go. Oh just rock the blade got your foot wet. Now you slept in the water. Oh you thought you were falling into the pool didnt. You is your heart pumping. We just blew her mind there you go yeah youre, probably the fastest. Your heart has ever raced huh. Now all you need to do is open your eyes, oh because we just figured out a medical breakthrough, yeah im, so thankful for you guys for not giving up on me, even though i was at my lowest and i gave up on myself, you guys were there For me, yeah, you guys were all there for me. Well, we always have your back me. Oh my gosh guys, i cant believe my vision is back. I can see you guys beautiful faces and now that the team is back, we can finally take down that evil agent peters september. 4Th is not going to happen. Thats right. Are you guys ready? Are you guys ready to take agent peters down? Oh yeah? Yes, thank you so much yo, you, spanish at home, whos, been supporting me and believing in me, im showing all your comments right here. I guess i can actually see them now.