The reason for that is, i actually saw a video uh last night on youtube from someone that uh claimed that their ly z, rc, l 900, actually traveled a distance of 1800 meters. Actually, i think it was a little bit more than that, what they showed, but im a little bit skeptical uh, whether the transmitter here its got an lcd screen, whether theres a distance in the corner there. Whether this is actually accurate, okay, so just to um, see for myself. We know that the wi fi connectivity of this drone is rather poor, especially uh with the new rx drone app, apparently from what ive been getting comments in my previous videos. My last video, i was actually trying to bind the uh app with the wi fi module of my one, but this one only could accept the h, fun and h fun pro apps, as you would have seen in my previous video, not that long ago, so yeah After seeing this video of the 1800 meters distance, unfortunately, that video was rather poor quality um – maybe some of you guys that own this drone have searched it and youve actually come across a video yeah. The the camera quality is really poor. He was trying to the guy that was flying. This drone was trying to actually focus in. I guess uh in on the control, lcd screen and half most of the time was blurred out and a couple of times i actually saw the telemetry um come going backwards like when he hit around 300 odd meters.

It was coming backwards, but for some reason the counter on this ended up getting up to 1800 meters. So anyway uh we know the wi fi is not going to get that far theres, no, no way its going to get that far uh via the app. So ive actually put a all in one camera on it. Okay, guys and ive got a little battery on here, so im hoping that uh well get some decent range. Where i can see where were going. Okay and um im gon na use the uh eachine uh fpv watch here, guys: okay, which is gon na fit perfectly in this uh phone holder, just like so okay, so thatll be my uh fpv screen, okay, so only a couple of minutes ago guys, i just Finished doing an antenna mod on this, as you can see here, ive got the antenna poking through. It was very simple to do guys ill, actually throw up some photos as im talking here. Uh. All you have to do really is just take these four screws out. Okay, one two three four and then there are three uh wiring looms. You have to unplug them first, okay, and then you can actually take the two halves of the controller. Apart now, um youll be able to see horizontally here uh in the photos that the uh thats, where the antenna sat. Okay, so ive just basically unclipped it from the little clip that was in and melted a hole just for the antenna to poke through there.

Guys. Okay with my soldering iron, okay, so its nice and solid there, and hopefully we get some decent range or extended range by uh, actually having the antenna exposed. Okay, now i did notice the battery in this uh transmitter, i believe its a 300 or 350 milliamp hour. It does have a white uh, i think its a jst 2.0 plug there uh im, probably wrong saying that, but anyway, its got a very common 1s lipo plug that is uh very common with a classic quadcopter, the sema x5c. So if you know what i mean by that, it actually uses one cell lipos with those types of uh batteries, so yeah, as you can see from the picture that ive got on the screen now uh, you could easily upgrade this from a uh. I think its got a 300 milli amp hour battery, which you can see in the photo. You can upgrade it to like a 650 that ive shown here rather easily to get extended, uh battery life out of your transmitter here. So i did leave the um when putting this back together. I did leave the fake antennas out, theres no point in having them guys. Those antennas are fake, theyre, just bits of plastic. As you can see, the antenna was uh, horizontal uh in the transmitter here. So um yeah, guys im going to uh, were going to take it for a flight. Now ive got the batteries charged up and uh get some fpv footage to see where im actually going.

Hopefully i get some good distance with this, but uh yeah, like i said, im a bit skeptical about the 1800 uh meters, but uh well soon see i just want to test it out for myself after watching that video so lets head over to the field and Uh test this out, gday guys well ive got the l900 here im out at the coast. It is a little bit windy today, but its been raining on and off. So this is the only window of opportunity that ive got today, so apologies for any wind noise. I did actually bring this out the other day with the fpv camera uh, but i had nothing but 5.8 gigahertz fpv issues with it and actually made this drone act a little bit erratically. So i brought it down that was about four days ago on friday. So i decided to put an sq 12 camera on it and im going to record on an sd card instead, take it up for a flow got 15 satellites, 16. Now, im gon na, send it up and out put in rate two fly straight out. I put in freight three: were 50 meters high going straight into a headwind, so its going to take a while to get out there and were at 120 meters already im going to leave it around 52 meters high its going to get really windy up there. Otherwise, 17 satellites now were approaching 200 meters. 250 meters.

You still see it line of sight, so weve got three bars on the battery. 350 meters 420 still see a line of sight straight ahead: 500 meters, okay, its exceeded 500, now weve got 17 satellites. You still see it line of sight approaching 600 meters, 587 650 now jumped up 681 still see a line of sight and the clouds are there 749, 840, 871 and now its at one kilometer. Its reading on the telemetry here 960 stopped at 960. 958. 960.. I think its reached its limit guys. 966.. 18 satellites. 972. 989. 1000. lets have a look here. If you can see this 11 24. My phone just turned off now saying 300, all right, im, gon na press gps return and see what happens. Hopefully it does come back was way out. There, though, see now this telemetry saying its 50 meters away. Ah there she is shes, so the telemetry was working on the way back. I was actually a bit worried, so she was coming back rather quickly there. It is there now was way out there. I could see it in those clouds there and uh definitely was way out there, the truth to what it was out there, but it means to be determined uh because ill work out on google maps, but definitely didnt get 1800 thats for sure. So it does have its file safe. It does come back on its own, so it was coming back on its own before i actually hit the gps return button and whoa whats going on here, better bring it down manually myself, making a bit erratic come on little fella, so ill, just land.

It myself and well go pick it up make sure. Hopefully that is still recording flight yeah. It looks like we got the recording so thats great, all right guys. Well, that was a successful range test. She did go way out there. It was only a speck of uh like a grain of sand and then that disappeared once i took the hat cam off to show you these guys, the telemetry when i was focusing on the lcd screen here when it was saying 950 to a little over. A thousand meters away, i looked back up and then i couldnt see it but uh. Then it started uh counting down rather quickly and i guess thats when the transmission cut off and she came back pretty quick because those numbers were coming down pretty fast and uh. It would have got the tailwind on the way back because im actually facing a headwind, so on the way there it had the headwind on the way back. It came rather quickly with the tar wind all right. So there we have it guys um im, going to go home and check the google maps well see exactly where the footage from this little camera does show me and ill pinpoint it. Now. I can tell ive got this little gravel track? Okay, i usually do my flights about 500 meters that way or maybe 300 meters, that way underneath the tree im further back this time. So ive got this gravel track.

Okay, that i can determine im in in line with this gravel track from where the cars parked off the road, and then i can determine how far on google maps, we went out that way. Okay guys, so she was way out there, where i couldnt see it anymore. So yeah thanks very much for watching guys. That is the range test of the ly zrc l900. This seems to be a pretty popular drone. A lot of people have watched my previous videos on this one so far, especially the review and the uh initial range test that i did with the wi fi fpv. I think it got like 500 meters before i brought it back. So if youre new to the channel guys, this is the first time youve tuned into perth, where styles rc consider subscribing and hitting that notification bell that way, youll be informed. Every time i put out a new rc review, video or modification video as always ill leave a link in the description you can go check it out. I got this one from banggood quite a while ago. It was around last summer, so uh yeah have a look at it if youre interested in this particular drone, so uh yeah. Also, if you havent seen any of my other videos on this particular drone, you can check them out ill leave them popped up uh during this video and also stick around to the very end, outro and ill put uh.

My previous videos on this l, 900 ly z, rc drone.