Never ending pursuit to find the right one for chasing airplanes, and i just got this one. This is an x, hover, blaster and the difference between my old ones, and this one is that it runs at a higher voltage. So it’s got more power should be able to keep up better and it does fly uh gopro, hero 9, whereas i used to fly like the hero 6.. So we’re going to give this a shot i’m going to have my brother go up and fly kind of around these, like cliffs, that are behind me that i don’t know if you can see them, but we’re going to give this a run. Let’S see how it goes really quick. Before i get into doing this, i do need to give a fair disclaimer, because i know inevitably someone’s going to jump in the comments and say how is this legal? What are you doing, that’s, totally reckless and to anyone that is thinking of flying fpv drones around airplanes as like a blanket statement just don’t? But if you’re someone like me, who is you know, i’m, a manned pilot i’m, also a commercial drone pilot professionally. So i have all the ratings that you can have the way that we’re doing this when we have a plan before we take off as well as radio communication i’m using a visual observer, it kind of falls under formation flight. So the really the only regs that are in play, at least when it comes to the remote pilot, is that you need to give way to manned aircraft.

So i cannot get in the way of whoever i am filming and create a hazard to them. And one thing i want to really emphasize too is that i don’t think one of these would do too much damage or become that dangerous. But if you were to put one through the prop on one of these planes, it could lead to that kind of runaway effect that that’s the first link in the chain that leads to an accident, even though sure it shouldn’t break the prop. But what if it does and sure the pilot should be able to handle it, but what, if he can’t so it’s, just there’s some risk to this and that’s my very long winded talk about the safety of this in short don’t. Do it you’re, not palmer don’t. Try to be that’s a nice way of saying and i’m, not saying they can’t it’s just make sure that you have practiced a lot tracked, a million other things if you can’t, follow your friend on his dirt bike, your wife and her car. Every single other thing in the world before you go chasing an aircraft you’re not ready, that’s, fine, yeah, so let’s do this. So just do a climbing turn within reason to your right. If you’re comfortable with that and then just do a circle this way and then maybe and i’m all right, climbing at 55 yeah that’s what i normally climb out, yeah all right dude, this looks so insane right now.

I wish i had a way of showing you guys i’m, like perfectly in the sun – ball, just tracking like a dang video game, Applause, Music, Applause, Music. So so the funny thing is when i start seeing the battery thing like blinking at me: i’m, like totally cool wrecking the battery, get letting it get too low, but i’m, not cool, going for a three mile hike to go, get the thing dude. What just happened. I was like it was giving me the battery warning, but i didn’t i mean that’s like a mile away, maybe not a mile but yeah it uh. It just came in. I went to flare up this hill and it didn’t have anything left wait. Are we walking a mile right now, no it’s, somewhere over here, still recording i’m surprised how close you’re getting like. I could totally like look out my window and see if you’re just hanging, i i was watching you and i was like coming around the side and i see you go Laughter so because you have to check the footage now because you you’re not actually looking through The gopro, when you’re filming no so the the video transmission, is coming from the little dji camera. This is using the dji fpv system, so it’s from there um and then this guy’s at a different angle. So i just want to make sure it was like at the right angle. I mean, if he’s close to center frame and it’s that smooth like it’s going to be good.

I mean we’re in the dark now yeah yeah, getting bugs all over my face. Man there’s a lot of cow droppings out here. Oh, i missed that that was cool Music all right i’m. Getting this drone out let’s, try again Applause dude! I feel like you’re, really good at crashing. These things. It just lost signal like, like the controller, just lost link, so oh wow yeah it just i don’t know if you heard it say: telemetry, loss and i’m like that’s, weird, and then it just fell out of the air. Oh ouch, he lands on it. I can’t wait for all the comments. Professional drone pilot i’m gon na use the excuse that i didn’t build this one there we go. Excuse me yeah that works, she’s, fine, that’s, weird, so, oh there’s, no reason yeah pilotaire yeah, probably my bad. I guess going back to your comment before this is not uh as easy as squarespace yeah seems like squarespace is about as easy as it can get. You guys know. Squarespace is a big supporter of not only this video but my channel as a whole and they love when we go out and do this kind of content. I love having companies like squarespace that are so willing to help. You know, keep the wheels turning. So if you guys haven’t yet check out squarespace, they are the ultimate platform to build a website run your business like trevor, said they have award winning templates 24 7 customer support.

They have features for every industry for photographers and video guys. Like me, they have a bunch of professional galleries for photos. You can do video backgrounds, they have members spaces now. So if you have an audience, you can set up a member space where people can get like exclusive content. I haven’t done that yet maybe i should, but anyway, if you haven’t yet go over for a free trial and when you’re ready to purchase go to trent palmer get you 10 off so here’s the problem. If you don’t change anything and expect different results, you’re an idiot and i don’t have anything to change like the connector is connected from the receiver to the antenna. I could just fly better. Maybe it was just me yeah i mean hell. We got to do a test flight, we might as well have kevin jump in the air right, i’ll chase him, and maybe i just keep it close. Would you mind trying to keep it in the sky this time, Music, so Music, Music Applause? So that was the first actual landing of the day yeah. That was not the first takeoff, but we had the first landing first landing, but i still didn’t make it back to me, because i ran out of dang battery i’m not used to the voltage sag at the end of these things. It like gets down to like the warning and then it’s just done so i need to know like when i start seeing that thing come back now: good, fine, bro, nice flying! I had you dust us Music, nice Applause, Music about time.

Hey! Look at that! Isn’T! That rad yeah it is, and then i stay with you on your climb out, pretty dang good. You can hear it screaming, but so i think there’s still some tweaks. I still wish. I could go a little faster and i don’t know if that’s just a tilt thing or a different prop thing. I don’t wonder if you could get uh different props on that yeah just to get different props and then, if i can get the tilt like because where i was at, i mean i was like there or right about there with the camera so that’s level. To me, but if i got it to where you know like the race, quads are like that, but it’s not keeping up i’d, probably get like two minutes, but still be pretty cool we’ve got two minutes before we lose light. So i’m gon na go ahead and wrap this one up here. Hope you guys enjoyed it, and you know the drill like this video.