Now civil aviation safety, i dont know what they are well fight. I think they tell us what they are, but because its like the fia, its like cia, its like transport, canada, its the group of people in suits, who have probably never flown drones that are going to tell us what we should do to be safe. Thats. Who were talking about here its also the organization that wants to tax the hobby? They want everyone to pay a per model fee to enjoy the hobby as of sometime later, the next year next year, theyre bringing in the model tax its going to be so much permanent like to recover 20 million or something in costs by taxing hobbyists. No ive done videos on that before. I wont go through that now this isnt a rant. This is a look at their lovely, friendly, cheerful christmas newsletter. So lets have a look on the 14th of december. They published this and its the know. Your drone newsletter from the australian – oh here it is civil aviation safety authority, thats what it stands for. What do they say? Merry christmas, australia were here to make your life difficult, were not happy to youre, not happy. Oh no, im just reading that between the lines. Um here we go so um theyve got the know. Your drone website stay in touch theyre having holidays theyre. Having a break are having a break over christmas, fair enough working hard all year, thinking up ways to tax the hobby.

They need a break. So you think you know your drone think you know your drone. Most people probably do anyway lets read what theyve got to say in an exciting development. The next fate are you excited by this im, not particularly excited, but in an exciting development. The next phase of our national drone safety education campaign know your drone began on sunday, the 12th of december 2021. That was yesterday, my goodness, no wonder the earth shock for me, its so exciting that theyve started the new part of their drone safety campaign. Hopefully, itll slash the number of deaths by at least an order of magnitude im sure it will anyway know your drone challenges. Recreational drone flyers on their perceived knowledge of the drone safety rules, encouraging them to take a quiz to test their knowledge and to find out more hmm. That could be fun. Maybe we should do that during the third phase of the campaign. We will promote the drone rules with refreshed, explainer videos, new outdoor activity, what the hell is in that whats an outdoor activation, what the hell isnt it. I always activate my drones inside by the computer, because youve got to plug them in and outdoor activation longer. Usb leads, i suppose, thats all you need anyway, online activities and resources for schools. Think you know your drone test your knowledge and find out more using our interactive quizzes. Oh lets do that. That sounds like fun know your drone.

What are we gon na? Do? Thats? Very big isnt it that must be their new website. Here we go um, oh theres, a lovely video from on youtube and heres, where its safe to fly test. Your knowledge lets take the quiz come on folks. What do you reckon? I can get these all right? I bet i can get these all right. I bet you i can because its not really rocket surgery. Is it and im not going to necessarily pick the correct answers, but im going to pick the ones that they probably think are correct, because i think kaza is probably full of in some places? Maybe not, but well have a look and see whether theyre just stupid. Lets have a look okay, first one true or false. You can fly your drone in open areas above small crowds if there is no safety risk to people or property, true or false, well, im going to say that its theyre going to want you to push false right thats what the official line is cant fly over People lets check it. What did we get? We got it right, thats right, oh correct! What are you doing down here cause i dont want to talk to you go away. Why do you know its me? You want a butt in im. Sorry, im not having it. Okay, anyway, the answer is false. I got it right and it says why drones are not permitted to fly directly above people at any height.

If the drone were to fail, it could seriously injure someone or worse now. What i find is interesting, as i say, if theres no safety risk to people or property. So if theres no safety risk, then the rationale. Their reasoning is wrong, because if the drone were to fall, it could seriously injure someone or worse well. In that case, it isnt safe, but if it was safe, for example, i was flying this over people. Is this going to injure somebody if it falls on them from a great height? No its? Not so the actual real answer is, you should be able to fly a drone above people as long as its safe. As long as there is no safety risk to people or property, you should be allowed to do it, but theyre saying no, because theres always a risk but theres not always a risk, its not always a risk of hurting people. But anyway, as i said, im going to answer the questions as they would want me to answer them so lets move on to the next question, which is, there must be a 30 meter exclusion zone between your drone and other people, trees and shrubs other aircraft. Now we know you should always be at more than 30 meters with other aircraft, so one would assume that if that youre not supposed to be flying your drone within 30 meters of an aircraft, if you were flying within 30 meters of an aircraft, you would be Breaking the rules, so that really theres two answers to this isnt there, but they want you to say other people, because there is in the rules.

It says you may not fly within 30 meters of other uninvolved third parties lets check it. Ive got it right. Im pretty sure ive got this right. Yes, ive got it right. Okay and the rationale is having 30 meters laterally between your drone and other people means there is less risk of harm to those around. You should something go wrong, not totally risk free but less risk. Okay, next question: complete the sentence from the options below you must not fly your drone higher than how many meters 400 feet above the ground to leave a buffer between drones and manned aircraft, and the options are there. Well, we know that 400 feet is roughly 120 meters, so this is what they want. What i find interesting here is that this assumes that manned aviation is playing by the rules. This assumed that manned aviation is above 500 feet. We know thats, not actually what happens in cia or sorry casa are very clear to make it clear that we have a responsibility to stay below 400 feet or 120 metres, but i dont seem to be doing quite the same amount of work to remind mandeviators that They should be above that altitude, but lets check out my answer. Did i get it correct? Yes, no surprises there. The rationale is safety is important for people on the ground as well as in the air. Conventional aircraft may be operating in the same area yeah and they may be operating below 400 feet when they shouldnt be but cassie.

You dont seem to care so much about that because reasons just reasons next question to be compliant with safety rules. You must not operate your drone from a position where an obstacle may block your view of the drone from the options below which image correctly depicts safe flying behavior. Well, really, do they assume? Obviously, this is quite insulting, really isnt it youre, assuming that drone flyers are really stupid and i must admit some are, but the vast majority are not as stupid as kaiser people. I mean they know that, my goodness, if youre not allowed to have objects between you and the drone, which one of these pictures would be the safe one. Well, let me see – oh i dont god its like. This is a pointless thing because youve already, given us the answer up here anyway, well check it im sure i got it right yes correct again, and here we go, you must be able to see orient and navigate your drone at all times by looking directly at It this ensures you maintain situational awareness and dont fly your drone over people because, as weve already been told, that will kill them to death a lot all the time forever. Next question: please: yes or no does flying your drone through fog, pose a danger to other people and property, yes or no im going to say yes, but i think if we analyze the situation here, um if youre flying your drone at 100 feet above the ground.

How many people are you going to hit? How many people i ive im? Not, i must admit, fog, does obscure your visibility a bit, but i dont think ive ever seen anybody standing 100 feet above the ground in fog. This doesnt happen its not a thing its its but im sure that somewhere in the world someones doing that right now, so we must protect them and well say well answer yes check it whats the answer. Oh, i got it right. There we go and the reason is it is important to operate your drone in conditions where you can clearly see the area and any hazards around your drone fog may cause your drone not to be seen by other people or aircraft, because there are so many aircraft Flying through fog at 100, feet above the ground in the local park, and there are so many people jumping that high. Who could bang the hit on your drone? If you were flying in the fight, this is just seriously. I dont know i it when, when regulators trivialize things to this degree and they patronize and they treat you like an idiot, they they really truly. They dont expect the respect of the people theyre trying to influence with this sort of crap. Anyway, i guess they do. I guess they do next question true or false. You can fly more than one drone at a time if you are an experienced drone flyer um how many people try to this is a thing.

Do we have a lot of people trying to fly more than one drone at a time i dont ive, never done it, ive never tried it. Why would i why would i i dont get, but anyway, the answer will definitely be false. You cant because it would be too dangerous, obviously to be flying two drones at once. Twice the risk lets check it and see. Oh, i got it right and the rationale is flying more than one drone at a time means a significant increase in the workload for you as the drone pilot. This is considered a high risk operation and is not allowed under the drone safety rules. There you go next question please and were up to 7 out of 13 complete the sentence from the options below the civil aviation safety authority. Gaza regulates what safety in australia well again patronizing much. I think the clue is in the name aviation. So lets choose aviation. See if we got this right, hmm could be. Oh, oh look at that. Yes, i got it right. My goodness, youd have to be an utter to get that wrong. Wouldnt you develops, promotes and enforces rules and regulations for aviation safety, aviation across australia. Some of kazas responsibilities include issuing licenses for pilots, both conventional and remote, issuing certificates for commercial operators and supporting industry initiatives, as well as taxing the hobby out of existence, because remember next year, casa is going to start charging you on a per model per drone basis.

For the privilege of using the air that we breathe, yes, my grandfather always said one day little text, the air we breathe and i said dont – be stupid grandad. He was right. He was absolutely right. Theyre taxing the year we breathe anyway next question: okay, true or false. You can fly first person view fpv. If you are indoors or outdoors well, i think we all know the answer you can fly indoors and outdoors. I fly my tiny whoop, my modulus 6. I fly this indoors a lot i should be flying indoors today, because its rainy and its blowing a gale and its horrible outside. So i, if i want to fly ill fly this indoors. Okay, no problem no risk to anybody might knock a few uh plates off the shelves, maybe scare the cat but thats about all and, of course outdoors will just go and look on youtube. Everybody most people prefer to fly fpv outdoors because well theres just more room. It wouldnt make sense to fly a five inch quad indoors, but you can fly very safely outdoors with just a few little um advisory recommendations in terms of safety. Okay, simple, as that now what is kaza going to expect me to put in here. I know kazu seems to be very anti fpv. I dont know because these people, in their suits, have never done it. They think it must be evil evil. We dont understand this, so it must be evil its going to kill people and im suspecting that kaz is going to say.

The answer to this is false, theyre going to say they want me to put false in there. I beat you. They want me to put false because they dont think fbv should be allowed anywhere well, maybe indoors, but not outdoors lets see im gon na im im going to get all the right answers here. I want to get the right ones, because i want to be perfect. Lets have a look, is the correct answer false? Yes, i got it right. I second guessed them, and this is what do they say you can fly fpv indoors. However, you can only fly fpv outside if you hold a kaiser approval or fly at a model. Aircraft club that holds a kaiser approval seriously seriously. This is lunacy. This is ridiculous. This is kazs hate, its its fear of fpv um and besides, which this i clicked false. But the answer to this question by their own admission is true: you can fly indoors or outdoors. The question was: can you fly first person view fpv? If you are indoors or outdoors – and the answer is true – you can fly it if youre in or indoors or outdoors, you just have to have kazs approval to do it outdoors. So this is a bogus. This is a test, because the correct answer is the wrong answer. No, and this is the people were dealing with. These are the people who are sitting creating the regulations, the rules and forcing the regulations and rules, and even they dont have a bloody clue.

What theyre doing they really this proves? They dont have a clue what theyre doing i got the correct. I got this question correct by choosing the wrong answer that they admit in their response. You can it says you can fly indoors um indoors, but you and you can fly outdoors if you have a casa approval. What do you do with people like this? What do you do? They want to take us out of oblivion and they dont even know what theyre doing i havent more of this patronizing stupid crap. Here, please choose which of the images below correctly displays the right flying conditions. Will we all know that casa thinks that drones kill people at night um that if you try and fly drone at night, thousands will die um, so im picking, b b is the correct flying condition? Look its daytime! You cant fly near this big hole in the sky, but you cant fly between clouds. There you go lets check it got it right. I bet you yes, another one. Another correct answer and their rationale is. Drones are harder to see at night, even with their lights. On it can be hard to maintain the orientation and hitting of your drone if flying at night. Well, this is again. These people have obviously never flown a drone at night, most drones, most commercial drones, light up like a bloody christmas tree at night. In fact, sometimes theyre easier to see at night than during the day, because theyre lit up against a black sky.

The contrast between bright leds and black sky is much higher than the contrast between a white drone and a cloudy sky. So theyre actually easier to see at night in many many cases, so this is a lie. This is this is crap, but it is the rules and then this this orientation thing well, most people flying drones are flying a mavic or a mavic mini or a phantom. They dont need to be oriented if they want the plane to come the train to come back. They hit return to home, it comes and lands at their feet. So why does it matter? Why does it matter really seriously? This is just but hey, i think, weve already proven kaza hasnt got a bloody clue. What its doing in some cases lets go to the next question right flying your drone. The areas where emergency operations are underway can be a hazard, an interfere with emergency procedures and the safety of others true or false. Well, thats, true – and this is what annoys me – this is a really good, a really valid question. Something that should be asked its being asked in a non patronising way in a non trivializing way is simply asking a very straightforward question that everybody needs to know the whole quiz should be like this. Not all this other crap thats. What i notice – and i say yes, it is a hazard to fly your drone near emergency operations and im sure i got that right.

Yes, i got it right. There rationale is, you must not fly your drone during emergency operations flying your drone, near emergencies can cause major safety hazards to response to teams in the air and on the ground. Finally, kazzy got a question that makes sense and an answer that makes sense. I score you one out of 13. So far, okay – and here we go – you can fly your drone at night. If conditions are clear. Well, theyve already told us, you cant fly your drone at night because they disappear into the inky blackness. You cant see the lights and youll have trouble finding your way back, because the orientation will be difficult because theyve never done it themselves and theyre bullshitting. So i would say the answer to this is no. You may not fly your drone at night, even if the conditions are clear lets check when i wan na chicken dinner, i got it right again and their rationales drones can be harder to see and orient at night, even with their lights on, because we read it In a book somewhere, weve never done it ourselves and so were going to tell you. The people have been doing it for years, whats, right and whats wrong. Oh god, next question please were getting close to the end. Here we go, you can be fined up to eleven thousand one hundred dollars for breaking the drone safety rules. Well, the clue is there is that the clues there eleven thousand one hundred, not just ten thousand or eleven thousand or whatever its so precise.

That number is so processed. It has to be the number that you can be fined. So im going to say true, you can be fined that much lets check it out. Yes, oh look. Ive got 12 out of 30 incorrect, so far, hmm not doing too bad eh, and it says why breaking the law with your drone can endanger the safety of other people. So are drone regulations actually law or are they regulation because there is a difference? Theres, a difference between the two i mean law is something that is is on the statutes and it can be enforced by police regulations, often enforced by specific things like that, the kazo be a casual, have an enforcement. I dont know in australia whether the drone rules constitute law or not small point, but an important one and ive got to ask. I really do have to ask why eleven thousand one hundred? Why is that the maximum? Fine? Why isnt it eleven thousand? Why is there an extra one hundred on there? Did somebody eating too many biscuits and scones and drinking too much coffee sitting behind a desk in an ivory tower somewhere ago? Yeah we could make the maximum fine eleven thousand dollars, but, but i think itll be more effective if we make it eleven thousand. One hundred and they honestly believe that someones going to be out there with their drone planning to do something bad and theyre going to go geez.

I could get an 11 000 fine if i did this or who gives a im going to do it anyway and theyll do it, but because of this theyll go geez, i could get an 11 100 fine jesus that cant afford that last hundred nah well flag. It we wont do that well, well, comply with the rules. Oh, this is what they must be thinking in these ivory towers, where kaza has their head in the clouds. I dont know um, but you make your own mind up. I cannot believe this anyway. Lets have a look watching the following following video to find the answer. If your drone weighs more than 250 grams, can you fly your drone closer than 5.5 kilometers to a controlled airport, an airport with a control tower? I dont think you can in australia. I think youre not allowed to so im going to say no, you cant im going to watch the video again itll, be something lets have a quick look. Probably some cartoony. Is it patronizing and cartoony lets have a look lets it? Yes, it is, oh god, look at this, a picket fence and a drone with its a wall. Keras. No, i think ive got a wall. Camera looks just like that um. What was that lets? Get going? Look at that dont fly. Your drone over drowning people is that what that is, i dont know and dont fly in formation with other models. Oh fly close to hot chicks.

Look at that ooh isnt that lovely um i dont know rules. Oh big rules fly straight through the rules and heres the gentleman flying an inspire over his own head. Ive had enough of that. This is ridiculous. This is what i mean by patronizing, patronizing stuff, its. No, no, you could be treat us like adults were more likely to respond like adults anyway lets check and see. If i got the answer right, a perfect score, 13 out of 13., it says no, you must not fly your drone within 5 km, 5.5 kilometers of a controlled airport. If it weighs more than 250 grams, you can check a kaza safety drone app for more information. There you go and drones under 250 grams can fly within 5.5 kilometers, but not within the approach and departure paths or over the movement area. Well, there you go complete. Does it tell me what i got? Do i get a prize? Is that oh 100? Look at that. Congratulations, you have a very good understanding of the safety rules visit the drone rules page to learn. Even why would i need to ive got a perfect? Why do i need to learn more ive just been told im 100 good. Why do i need? No? Why would i try again? I got them all right, uh anyway, so enough of that trust lets go back to the newsletter. This is a long, video im. Sorry, maybe youve learned something. Maybe youve learned something its probably not what kaza wanted you to learn, but youve learned something anyway.

Lets have a look. What else we got here? Drones are a popular gift. Well, they have been in past years, not so much this year. Who would want to give a child a gift that, if theyre under 16, they cant use and if theyre over 16 theyre gon na, have to pay a tax on every single year that they use it? These? These are no longer good gifts. Yeah kazi youve killed the hobby youve effectively killed the hobby theyre, not going to be a gift, its a burden, its a millstone around peoples, necks! No sorry! I cant believe this. Oh, this is the newsletter that just keeps on giving here we go um tell us more about you. Do you use a casual verified drone safety app to check your flying location before you take off the only two options. Are yes, of course, or no, but i will in future what about no, i dont and i never intend to wheres that option. There is no option: yeah thats the thing kaza. We give you no options, thats them. That should be their motto. I think how to travel safely with a drone. These holidays, yes, do not insert it into certain orifices take off with our new website. We just visited your new website. Its landed, hyper got clearance, um, so yeah, okay, an award winning photographer drawing photographer blah blah blah blah get your limited edition know your drone flight pack, only 20 19.

95, including postage, get your limited edition. What do you get? Whats? The whats this thing that oh theyre in the merch business now kaza are trying not only to tax you, but they want to sell you crap as well lets visit the store. What do they got? The know? Your drone flight back 20 bucks? This is what you get for your 20 bucks. You get a screwdriver, oh, i hope theres, not too much vodka in there, a screwdriver. Why would you want to screw it? Who does not have a screwdriver already a landing mat? Yes, a place to crash in comfort and safety, a landing mat, okay, a lanyard seriously, three 60 millimeter stickers, true false brand. Why stick it? Why would you want a true or a false sticker? I dont understand a drone safety fly. Yes, now you can pay. You can pay to read the regulations, kaza, really a wallet rules card. You can pay to read the rules: sun, cream, sun cream. I think most people have sun cream and certain in a country like australia, sun cream is part of your standard kit. Why would you want to buy some grossly overpriced and probably crappy spf 2 sunscreen from kaza? I have no idea anyway, cable organizer. What the hell is a cable organizer i dont know, and how many hours a day does she work and you have to pay a separately or what i dont know: cable organizer, a bin, because none of us have pins.

No, we dont have pins in our back pockets or in our cars or anything a lens cloth because resins and an a4 fat sheet you want to pay 20 bucks for this crap crap youve, probably already almost certainly already got all this. Why would you give kazza 20 of your hard earned cash to nag you with stickers and cards and brochures and seriously thats so out of touch with reality if they made it something worth having, i could understand, but but this this crap seriously. Oh, i dont know kazza kaza, you never fail to disappoint. I really feel sorry for australian drone flies and model flies. You have the worst, the worst regulator in the world. Now absolutely the worst regulator in the world. They have their heads in the cloud. They havent got a clue, theyre telling her telling you how to do things that they obviously have never done themselves. It is the worst kind of regulation regulation from ignorance and arrogance. This is what kaz is doing im. Sorry, i really need do need to get in a live stream with someone from kaz. If someone from kaz is watching this drop me a line well hook up. Well, do a live stream. You can refute my claims. You can put the position of kaza to the hobby to the world because everyone wants to know what youre smoking, because they want to stay well clear of it, its not good stuff really anyway, so thats it thats.

My video for today. I hope i havent bored the snot out of you too much. I hope kaz is feeling pissed off, because i think they should be with this kind of rubbish that theyre putting up here and i hope, youre all looking forward to a merry christmas. In the meantime, ive got some stuff to do. Ive got some new product came into review on my rc model reviews channel and when the rain stops la nina, damn it ill go and do that in the meantime, thank you for watching dont forget to give the video a thumbs up because thumbs downs, dont count Anymore, but i do pin a comment on all my videos now where you can go and give that comment a like if you hated the video, even the haters deserve to be heard thanks for watching guys bye. For now over regulation is like a tumor, its killing a hobby.