The cheaper version of. I prefer a cola cheap cola to proper coca cola um. I prefer own brand baked beans to heinz baked beans. I prefer buying just bog standard 14p paracetamol rather than expensive neurofen, but in the world of like climbing and mountaineering ive been trying to think of things where i prefer the cheap version im really struggling. If im honest, weve all bought the cheaper stuff, those budget brands, um yeah, i cant always afford the the gucci patagonia stuff and whatever else so ive certainly had my fair share of cheaper kit. But often you know you really want the more expensive thing. Some things in life, its not very exciting, some bits of outdoor kit. You get excited about buying dont, you um, i know shiny set of cams or something a new tent. Something like that. I do anyway over trousers, though waterproof trousers theyre, one of those things that i cant really get excited by trousers and ive always been. I ive had so many pairs of waterproof trousers im. Getting a bit wound up already, just thinking about how many pairs of over trousers ive had ive never really had a pair that ive been 100 happy with ive had all sorts of brands. Ive had some brad ones, crux ones: mountain equipment, ones, high gloss arc, terex, yeah, cherex ones, are the best. Ive had uh theyre, still going all right, actually theyre, not perfect, um, actually kind of more of a skiing pair.

The best i could find at the time, but lots of good points but todays video is about the simmond mountaineering, waterproof trousers ive been using so youll join me in a minute when ive walked up further onto the hill and well have a little chat about now. Having used them for a little bit, whether they are the bargain, i hoped they would be, or whether theyre not Music in Music. Now, its probably a bit unfair to compare these 89 99 simmond pants uh like the arc terex ones i mentioned on the wall, cut that were a lot more money, simmonder owned by decathlon. They have been since 2008. I think so its easy to judge them as a bit. You know an own brands kind of brand, but simon have got a lot of history um, certainly back in the day in, like the 80s and stuff, their ice axes were sort of legendary anyone whos anyone had a pair of them, but they still make some really Good kit now uh, some of their rucksacks, are absolute bargains, especially their little lightweight things uh. I had this down jacket um by simmond, once it was about 25 euros, they bought it in chamonix it was brilliant lightweight, because 25 euros wasnt too bothered. If it got a rip or anything in it, i still use some of their gloves that are great and about 25 quid waterproof warm enough and they outperform some more expensive brands.

So when i was browsing for new over trousers, they did catch my i thought they were worth a look. They look really good. You know. The bright blue color makes a change from boring black waterproof trousers doesnt it. My terex ones are as bright yellow, but not many are good colors really so that did grab my eye and then the price grabbed my eye. They are fully waterproof. Theyve got a hydrostatic head of 20 000 millimeters. They should be fine, and in my use they have been fine. In essence, the material is no problem in terms of keeping the water out uh. Would i buy them again, though? Would i recommend them well lets have a quick look at the features ive put the gopro on as well, so i can kind of talk about a few bits and pieces. I sort of start from the bottom really uh. They kind of got a um elasticated cuff, around their ankle, and then theyve got this zip. That kind of comes halfway up the calf. The trouble with the zip is it doesnt actually open things up very much. They are really narrow, fit ill. Come back onto that in a minute um just up here right for all my trousers off im, indeed, because im only above the hill im, not actually in the mountains, mountains theyve got a zip there and they have a detachable pair of uh snow gators that ive Taken off because i dont really like those even when i am out in the snow, if i go a bit further, though youll see they have this mesh lining pretty standard in a lot of cheaper waterproofs.

Come on to that in a minute, though, the problem with the slim fit – and this zip – not being you know, fully opening up – is being a big footed person, size 12s. For me, i just cant really get them on very easily over uh boots, so i can just about do it, but as soon as its raining a bit and im in a rush and ive got cold, fingers and stuff, like that, its really problematic the boys feeling Sympathetic for me obviously, warming. My fingers up hes like a little hot water bottle going off. You go completely, stick amuse yourself, so really uh. I think. Even if youve got smaller feet, youre gon na struggle because, like i said they are slim, but your boots get caught on that mesh all the time as well, so youre forever like as youre putting your legs through youre sort of peeling the mesh off the back Of your boots, so thats kind of almost too awkward better off without the zipper tool to be honest to save weight. My terex ones, havent got a zip at all, so i had to fully accept. I do have to take boots off to do that, but when you do take a boot off, it takes about two seconds to pull them over. The mesh is really annoying. The mesh does help with the breathability. It helps wick the sweat away, and i have found these to be really nice and breathable.

Actually so thats. Definitely a good point down at this end. Again, theyve got a bit of reinforcement there for where your crampons might catch and thats, where the slim fit is good for me. So many over trousers are flipping so baggy that they look a bit silly and all this stuff that it does kind of catch on crampons and other bits, whereas the slimmer fit i do like. I only have skinny legs. So if you do have chunky legs, you might struggle with these size, wise, um, im, pretty long legged and a 33 waist, and i got a large and they come up much more like a medium. So if you are buying them without trying on definitely go a size up, if youre tempted by them moving up through the trouser, no reinforcement on the knee, unlike this bit, which is a bit of a shame, because you know mountaineering and stuff youre, always youre. On your knees on a route, occasionally youre, just bending down to get something out of your rucksack id like to see some reinforcement there. As you come up, put the gopro back on um its got reinforcement here, and it does look very much like its a sort of a glued on pocket which some over trousers have. I did actually put my keys in this pocket one day out on an ml upon a garden somewhere, and then i realized later on that it wasnt a pocket, its just a vent, and i like vents, but it caught me out that one thankfully this aforementioned mesh, That ive been moaning about the keys, got stuck on that, so they didnt disappear out the bottom somewhere on the side of a mountain.

So just be aware of that thats. My fault, though didnt check them out properly. First, they have got pockets up here. Uh nice ones good size, but the problem is: it goes through to this mesh that you can just about see and then through the trousers, so the pockets arent waterproof um. That might not bother you. It does bother me. I want my waterproofs to be actual as waterproof as possible, so pockets. I want them to be waterproof because they do fill up with water hes feeling needy. Today, yeah the pockets do fill up with water and if they are waterproof its not the end of the world because go away boy, they you know, at least it keeps the water out for a while. All waterproofs will fail eventually theres only so much they can do. I dont like the mesh ones going further up here. Um theyve got some adjustment uh just for fine tuning, some velcro that works quite well uh a couple of buttons. There flies as always, and then they have got um braces as well. They theyre fairly, you know theyre comfortable, they do the job uh, they work just fine. I like braces on them on over trousers, but they are removable if you want to take them off. So what are they suited for? I guess thats the question when were when were judging these on the blurb on the decathlon site. It does talk about them having input from their alpine guides into the design of these, and it shows, i think, thats what theyre better for for an alpine type day, when any precipitation is more likely to be snow rather than rain.

I think theyre, probably pretty good, at keeping you dry in that kind of environment or the odd shower that sort of stuff waterproof zips theyre, just not actually that waterproof id much rather have a flat. You know even this expensive pasagonia, one doesnt, but the pockets. They are sealed at least theyre theyre sort of fashionable because they look good and theyre nice and light, and all that kind of thing, but the reality is they just dont work very well. Storm flaps are the way forwards. This little pocket has one id rather just have big storm flaps over everything, so, whilst the waterproof fabric itself is really good in my experience so far, i just dont think the design is particularly watertight. The other thing of using them as overtrails is to carry in your bag and put over your boots and stuff. That is a bit problematic like i say just because they are awkward to get on. So they kind of feel like those pair of trousers, that youre going to put on at the start of the day when you get out the car and then leave on for the rest of the day, because they are breathable, they have got those vents. So you can do that. So if i was in you know, shamany doing the cosmic rhett or something i might in the right weather put these on. At the start of the day over a thin pair of trousers um, i suspect some people put them on over a thin pair of merino type things theyd work quite well for that, if youre going to keep them on all day.

For me, id use a thin pair of trousers, theyre, nice and light, though so you know they are okay to carry in your pack im, just not sure theyre the ideal thing to then get out of the pack you think of like whales, lakes, scottish winters, that Kind of stuff, its just too wet – i reckon so i dont think theyre ideal, for that, would i recommend them. Theres loads of pluses to them, and the price is a bargain. Id rather personally spend a bit more on a better pair, though thats a bit more flexible. So i was really interested to to try these and i was really hopeful that they would be really good and outperform some other stuff im, just not sure theyre quite right. For me, it doesnt mean theyre, not right for everyone, but i just dont think theyre the right kind of pair. For me i will keep wearing them uh, because ive bought them now, so im gon na keep wearing them. I like, as i said i do like the look i like the fit because it suits me they are, you know, still easy to get your leg up. Even though theyre slim fit you know onto those higher holes, it seems to have a nice cut to the to the trouser um, but i think theyre, just sadly flawed in other ways. I hope that was useful, because i did have a lot of requests for this.

Video after i put some stuff on instagram having brought you here, the planes thats the raf trainer ones. There sounds like world war ii going on snowden covered in cloud in the background um its a stunning day, actually pretty chilly on the hands, though certainly winter is on its way, do far away with questions, if ive missed anything that you need to know put it In the comments below and ill answer as best, i can apparently patagonia have some nice ones coming out this season, so keep your eyes peeled for them. I certainly will be uh. They could be the ones for me, but i think theyre in black again. So its a bit disappointing, i cant have it all, like i say, do fire away those questions the boys looking majestic over there catching the sun find us on instagram. Follow us on facebook click. The like button smash the subscribe button, the support, as always massively appreciated it still blows my mind so massive massive thanks for that.