This is actually a beautiful place because theres so much awesome stuff to fly here, but theres also so many places that you can crash and maybe have a little bit of a hard time. Finding your drone yeah, and sometimes your battery gets unplugged, and you have no way to find your quad if thats, when youre going to have the hardest time finding a crashed drone, because you cant turn on your beeper. You cant see through your goggles. This has resulted in some serious drone search missions, where were wading through grass, with metal detectors, trying to find something. So companies have kind of thought like this might happen, so theyve made a beeper that has a battery attached to it. So when your battery unplugs itll still beep yeah, this is the vi fly finder ii, it has its own built in battery and that battery will power the system, and after a few seconds of not having power, then it starts to beep on its own yeah, which Sounds like a really good. It sounds like a really good idea until you have to unplug your drone and then it starts beeping youre like what is that noise right, everyone at the flat field is like mad at you. These things are so annoying. What usually happens to me is it gets ripped off and thrown in the trash, because its annoying yeah its so annoying, because it adds an extra step to unplugging. Your quad so were always looking for a different way that we might be able to find our drones when the battery comes unplugged.

That doesnt have so many obnoxious trade offs, and i was going through best buy at one time, and i saw the apple air tag. These things were initially invented to. You know, find your lost keys right. You lost your keys, you can say siri. Where are my keys, find it siri? Oh look there i got the arrow, i got the arrow arrow. I got the arrow. Where is it? Where are they oh there? They are right where i right, where i threw them dramatically. I mean to be fair, theres, a company that made this technology way before apple called tile right. I think the bluetooth that apple is using now has better range. It can also locate based on anyone, elses apple device. Oh you could just do it with an apple anyone that has an apple okay, thats, my iphone ipad, whatever, if they walk by it, thats pretty. They dont need to have like some third party app installed. Thats way better itll ping, you apple, always knows where you are, and i love it. I dont need privacy. I need to find my truck keys. Okay were gon. Na put this to the test were gon na see, is an air tag actually a good way to find your drone. Can it compete with the vi fly buzzer? So we got two teams of two here and one team is gon na crash a drone somewhere and the other team is gon na have to use one of the tools to try to find that drone.

One of you guys is gon na fly a drone crash. It somewhere with my air tag installed and mako, and i are gon na race to try and find it were not gon na have any idea where it is were gon na crash, one of your drones with the wi fi buzzer installed, and you guys are gon Na try and use that to find out where it is, what do you do? Those props are fine. What do you mean you got it? I got ta change my frog. These are fine. Lets just fly these. I need props different props. Why is he changing props hes gon na put gray props on what as camouflage that can be better Music? So shawns got the drone already no batterys trapped, weve got some velcro on either side were going to stick it on tricks and then oh shes going to crash batterys gone. Hopefully this thing makes some noise and we can find it if nobodys throwing things at me. Your drones gon na be gone forever. Oh yeah, it is oh yeah, okay, thats loud that is so loud thats, so much louder than the air tag. Oh my god make it stop im already so mad about it to make it stop. One way to do. It is to plug the battery and unplug. It really quickly so like this and then its done, oh nope, its still beeping for like one mississippi, two mississippi unplugged, okay, oh my god! How do you make it stop? Distractions? All right! You got ta push the button! Okay, there we go every time, thats, annoying, isnt it so Music, all right so were gon na be crashing the drone that has the fly buzzer on it, which makes such a loud obnoxious beeps, which makes it easy to find.

So all we have to do is prevent them from hearing it exactly. It is very loud, so we need a place that is maybe far away and that can muffle the sound, and you know this place better than i do so im going to rely on you watching me fly and kind of yeah yeah yeah over here. Its pretty good yeah, okay, im gon na crash. So how are you gon na crash? I dont know how should i crash. I think you have to bounce off something yeah. I think i think you need to like hit something hard to get that battery to it. Yeah, okay and then, but you want it to fling into a tree, so were just gon na hope it okay, this is gon na, be tough to get to actually happen correctly. I feel like its so easy for us to crash on a daily basis, but now were like, like trying to crash it froze. I dont know if it actually all right if it froze the batteries in parking. Okay, all right were gon na get ready. So time starts three two one go go, go, go, go, go, go, lets, go, were gon na check in here. First Applause, Music. Oh i hear it here. I hear it its out here. Right here were at two minutes now about two minutes. They aint got it yet aint got it yep im here over here, all right, so i see theyre playing dirty theyre playing dirty, see how it is.

I want to get it up there. I dont thats, okay, i am team player here. Thank you sean. We got it lets go yeah, they got the card seans a real team player. Yeah. You see those weeds over there. The really tall ones go crash over there thats what he said. I know he did ill crash mine. Look at the bush over there, yeah yeah yeah i make them climb through. I mean thats, my drone! There you go. Do we have to get back to them for the time you got ta get back to the truck. What sign doesnt? Stop? Nobody gave us these fools four minutes. You get back into the 20 seconds. You make up the rules as you go: yeah 40 seconds, foreign thats, the official time. You know that whole story about like uh, a bunny, your turtle and the bunny. Stop the prague thats. You, Music, hair, whats the difference. So now you guys are to fly this drone with our air tag and well see how quickly we can find that theyre going to expect us to put in the grass, because we just talked about it right so were going to put all the way back. We didnt go upstairs all the way upstairs in the corner. What im going to do is im going to like take off and like full throttle over there, so they hear the quad go way over there, but then im gon na go all the way around the back, and i can go through that back door over there.

Yeah and then come in and go all the way over there. The second floor is hard to get to as well, because theres, a bunch of water Applause. Okay, all right here we go, i hear it. Music, oh and its getting quiet must be in the back room now right at the corner. All right is it crashed all right here we go here. We go. It still says its here. It does. It still says its back by the truck, so it doesnt it. Didnt like follow it as it went, i mean i dont know how it would ever track it as it flew, but yeah should you find? Oh, no thats, my truckies. How do i find find my drone find my drone? Fine? Oh yeah, see it says it hasnt. Seen it in two minutes searching for signal, we got nothing. We got nothing. Oh god, okay hold on hold on theyre, not going to do exactly what we did right. If they get past three minutes, then realistically, i think we won yeah if they get past four minutes we definitely wont come on come on iphone, oh no low battery, oh no! I wish we could split up but like it can only be paired to my phone. Although, oh my god, if you had an iphone, you could run around and it would still ping me, do you have your iphone on you, oh hes, using it for stopping no im, trying im trying to reverse engineer how smart they might be.

We were like. Oh, we have a sound, so we tried to muffle the sound with the bush. If they were smart, they would try to block the bluetooth signal. Yeah thats, a great idea, yeah Music. I got no clue Music. I hear something: oh my god, its the esc beeper its the escp ecp. They didnt get the battery to disconnect oh thats. Why this okay youre it yeah? Is it upstairs? Oh, my god, its upstairs. Oh wait its connected. Oh, i mean i hear it is it on the other side of the wall yeah its either up there up in there? Maybe if we go outside or i dont do, that outside dude. I dont know, though, if the esc beaver, hadnt off shoot, i mean if you really have no clue where you have to be really close to it. Im still, i still got nothing. I cant turn on my flash connected 12 feet. 11.. Now i got my arrow, which is good, because i cant see anything yeah. I cant its so dark in here. More light required yep found it. We got it all right lets, get it back to the Music. Why are you walking 12 minutes and 30 seconds that felt like an eternity? Did it actually take you to the right spot like when you got semi close the esc buffer went off? I told him, i think its 10 minutes and then i didnt realize like it. Actually uses like through the camera when it got in the dark, it said more light required.

So i mean i was right. I was right on top of it at that point anyway, but, like i guess it actually looks through the camera to like try it. That is weird, so we actually heard the beeper from the first floor and made it to the corner and im like its up there when youre going in, which is having no clue where the quad is, i hate to say it, but the the loud annoying beeps. I mean thats what saved us yep and clearly it helps you guys, get it real, quick yeah. So all this fancy technology doesnt always help for some stuff, but it doesnt work for drones. So are they still annoying? Yes, theyre? So annoying but like theres, no question that its the best option: yeah, if your batterys gon na come disconnected, you have this baby, this loud horrible buzzer. I mean like thats what you i hate these things yeah, but if youre at all concerned about crashing and ejecting your battery, you dont want to risk losing your quad. It really is a great solution. It just has all these kind of obnoxious behaviors but like thats. How you find it so, i think im gon na put someone on one of my clients. No dont. Do it im trying to kill stuff dude im trying to sell stuff just strap your battery with two battery straps and use velcro underneath do it like that itll? Never come off, but if you guys really want to feel extra secure, we do have these buzzers in the store rotorite.

com. You know you have a bunch of buddies. Ive got a lot of my friends that use it and they swear by it and they just love it. They just got used to pushing the button when they unplug the drone and they just dont have to deal with the beeping. I clearly love apple products, but i dont think this really doesnt work for drones. I dont think its really up to snuff for what we need to do thanks guys so much for watching this episode of rotorite. If you really like this video make sure to hit the thumbs up button, we post videos every monday so hit the subscribe button. So you can stay tuned to our channel. Dont forget the bell. I dont want you to miss a single one, hit the bell.