Your ultimate fly, sim hardware, solution featuring the orion hotes current and future configurations, hello, valued viewers – i hope youre all doing very well for our next carrier attack video. We have viewer suggestion 43. Chinese drone swarm versus carry group question mark and weve got a link here so already. This is sounding quite interesting. The link is china releases, video of new barrage, swarm, jerome launcher, and we can see it looks like a kind of mlrs rocket launcher and out of each of these tubes is going to come a very small drone. What well do is well read about this and then well go and try our own drone swarm attack. Cetc a state owned chinese company has released a new video claiming to show the successful test of barrage swarm that launches 48 attack drones to saturate a target. It is described as the first practical chinese swarming drone system. The details of the tests carried out in september were released on tuesday by the institute of electronic science and technology of china. The drones are launched from a vehicle based on the dongfan menchie, which evolved from a license built version of the us hummer h1 wow. The drones are launched with compressed air, then unfold their wings and fly to the target area with an electric powered propeller. The kamikaze drones carry high explosive warheads, potentially powerful enough to destroy tanks and other armor. The concept is similar to the recently unveiled switchblade 600, never heard of it, but deployed in much larger numbers with multiple drones aiming to swamp defenses.

China has long had tactical loitering munitions, like the 20 pound ch 901, which cruises over the target area beaming back video for the operator to locate the target, then driving in to destroy it on command. In 2018, china displayed a launch vehicle with eight ch 901s, which would be launched one at a time. The difference here is the swarming technology, so whats, really important guys is the swarm, which means. Oh, my own car just appeared in an advert in gumtree thats, so funny on an advert, my own car ad, sorry, that was just a bit weird and unexpected, go and buy that valued viewers buy that one there, its a good one, um swarming software, ensures that The drones will fly together without colliding and thats critical for today and will cooperate to ensure that targets attract rather than every drone going for the highest value target. And yes, it does look like the drone attack sequence. In a recent hollywood, blockbuster angel has fallen havent. Seen it, which itself was probably inspired by the u.s navy, low cost swarming attack drone project in development since 2015., as the secret of the new chinese system is likely to lie in a special chip. The multi function processing unit for swarm intelligence, which the makers cctc announced last october. They claim this unit includes a complete flight control system mission planning, intelligent decision making dynamic networking between drones, as well as the ability to recognize targets and other objects.

This sounds very much like a special purpose: swarm enabled version of intels movidius ai processor, which has also been used to control smart drones. The developers claimed in 2019 that their chip had already been spelt wrong, used to successfully control drone swarms. Such a processor makes it possible to produce large numbers of drones at low cost, as the electronics tend to be the expensive part. The exact type of drone, and hence the performance range and warhead details are not known. Ch 901 cruises for two hours at between 40 and 75 miles per hour, so take a note of that. Defending against this type of swarm is challenging. Jammers may not work against autonomous drones, which do not have a direct link to the operator and which may navigate by landmarks like error, environment switchblade and do not rely on gps air systems like the us armys showrad im during 2023, which mounts six missiles in the Cannon may not be able to knock out incoming drones fast enough. The best answer may lie in the us navys concept of counter swarms able to outwit and dogfight the attackers. God is scary drones attacking drones. That is the end of the document. Lets have a quick look at the video guys, so we can see whats going on so there you go thats it. So china has these drone swarms. The question next is how effective well the question was: how effective would they be against a contemporary carry group, a nimitz class carry group thats out in the south, china sea before we show the video lets talk predictions guys, a drone swarm of 50 drones working together With drone swarm intelligence, how effective do you think its going to be against a conventional carrier group? I really think that its going to uh circum navigate the uh, the point defense systems of the fleet, its going to saturate it and its going to attack and hit.

However, i dont know if the warheads are going to be powerful enough to damage the superstructure enough simbo. I think i actually dont think it would work in reality because seawiz creates an iron curtain. Basically, to get this to work, i had to ruin my dts completely and therefore i cant play it live to you, because its just going to be too difficult. So instead ive pre recorded the video. I ran it 10 times. I made my very first mod in dcs, which im super proud of. I call it the super loom 2000.. It is a drone swarm theyre, very careful to work together as a defensive system as youll see they do not have any electronic jamming equipment. They weigh just over 10 kilos apiece. They have a warhead of just under 5 kilos, a piece they travel at between 50 and 70. Knots, like i said, theyll always swarm, so theyll always try and swarm together in the swarm for protection. They are launched from a ground vehicle and thats it. This mod is not available for you guys to use because, like i said, you have to ruin your dts to do it theres no other way around it and i havent found a user friendly version of it. Yet guys im going to patch you in so you can see the videos three two one go. What weve got here guys is a nimitz class carrier group is returning from an operation in the south china sea to a local court.

They are completely unrealistically close to each other. Its just going to be easier to record like this, but otherwise theyre uh, theyre, uh, not ready for operations as in the hornets, are all shut down and whatnot uh thats it. The pool is six nautical miles in front of them. Lets have a look at the port here is the port all looks normal if we look up a little closer whats that vehicle on the edge that snuck into the port, it is a super loon. 2000 launcher run by the chinese. These launch 50 uh super loon, 2000 droves. I hope it doesnt autumn. Now there they go theyre swarming in they go. They have ive, given them a cross section of six inches by six inches, which is the same as an old school kind of uh stealth aircraft, like i said, theyre ten kilos. They will always try and swarm to the center unit and they will try and work intelligently. They will swap positions to help create difficult targets and they will notch when necessary. Now nothing is faked here. This is absolutely real. The carrier is set to fire, they will fight as soon as they can pick them up on the rcs and they are a hostile coalition. So this is a proper carrier battle about five nautical miles. At this point, there are 55 0 of them launched from the wing loom and sorry. The super luna 2000 launcher take on the first sn2s have been detected.

Boom first hit three drones down four drones down next here about 10 drones went down with that here, 10 drones, down with that hit multiple sm2s out now missed, missed, missed, hit two drones: three drones down four drones down: five drones down about 20 drones down sea Wizards out missed see with impact about half the drone numbers are down now were about two nautical miles away. Another drone down killed by the shock wave of the missile another drone down sea was out from all naval vessels now within one nautical mile, now more sea. With fire, more drones going down pretty about maybe just under over 20 left within one nautical mile now moving at 50 knots, 50 knots never slowing down, but coping about 18, 17 or 18 left and impacting exploding with a 4.9 kilo warhead above the carrier about 15 Made it through last one, and then we go bda of the 50 drones. I think the 17 got through on this time. I ran the simulation. There was no trickery here. This is all done properly. I ran the simulation uh 10 times and each time between 15 and 40 drones got through, as you can see, all of the hornets on the front side of the carrier. Every time were destroyed completely. The rear, hornets survived the deck crew. All on the front of the carrier would have been killed or intestinated. The deck crew on the rear of the carrier will be okay in terms of actual damage to the carrier on every single time around this, no matter how many drones got through between 15 and 40, i got one pixel of damage representing 1 damage to the carrier, As far as dcs cares so in terms of the actual frame of the carrier negligible damage, as you can see, half of the car hornets, nine of them on the deck or ten, have been pretty destroyed and removed in terms of how much damage is done to The fleet, its not its, not ruined the fleet and it still works, but it is a massive im just gon na pause it there guys it is a massive uh disruption because in real life that carrier and the catapults will be covered in shrapnel and damage.

So it would take the cranes probably hours to unload all of those carcasses off the edge clearly injured, put out the fires. So i would say thatll probably be a carry up, maybe a couple of hours i dont know. Obviously, maybe a couple of hours out of service which may be critical now. This really surprised me, i stress again, everything here is modeled, as realistically as i can, the rcs is six inches by six inches the weights and everything are modeled as best i can. So if they could be hit, they could be here now heres a really interesting thing. Let me have a sip of tea. The value viewers are asking: if any sea wiz is hit friendly ships and yes, they did, but they did negligible damage heres. The interesting thing, if you put what i started with one drone, if you put one drone up, then it will get shot down with a 100 hit rate by an sm2, the more drones you add in the swarm, the less reliable the sm 2s get now. This is a really interesting piece of information. Let me say that again, the more you add to the swarm, the less reliable the sm2s gets and i havent found. Obviously i dont have access to the game code, so i cant tell you why. But my prediction is with the swarm technology: they are constantly moving in front of each other. If you imagine youre. Looking from the radars point of view, youve got 50 drones moving in front of each other.

That is going to mess up with the lock of the of the missiles. My prediction is the more you put in the swarm the harder it is for these air, these ships to retain lock and therefore the missiles go dumb and they dont fuse, or they just they just miss. Now that is really interesting, because it shows that swarm, at least in dts, which is modeled its the best thing we have out there, that civilians can use swarms are destroying weapons that are being used at the moment, sm2s, probably sm, 6s. Now why the sea wizzs work, didnt work very well, i dont know all the hit detection is there and tested and seaworth does shoot these things down, but they werent doing very well. My prediction – and this is just a guess. My prediction is that seaways cant shoot things going at 50 knots. I think theyre putting too much from reviewing the attack view. They appear to be putting too much lead on these targets as if the photographs were going faster because it feels like at no point did seawiz ever think, im going to be shooting down something 50 knots thats my prediction and i stand to be corrected. Thats, the bda guys, your summary to that sock – thinks that yeah, my my prediction was accurate. However, i really think this would be more this. This could also be tested if you have access to a yamato class battleship, whether its sanshiki type 3 anti aircraft, 18 inch shells.

That would be an interesting anti. Would they see the drone swarm? I mean i can tell you. This was relying on radar to find these drones. Would, i guess the eye would kind of see them, but not very far. Right, i mean a tiny. This was a six month engagement by the way. This is a six mile. Engagement is what it was just put. The shell out on the side of the aircraft and im pretty sure it would block yeah anything coming into it. One thing i should say is that this is not a long range fighting weapon. These can go for about 100 miles before they run out of electricity. So this is not something you could actually use to hunt a real carrier out to sea. The reason is its its: i mean the carrick can almost outrun these things. 50 knots theyve got a 20 knot, closure rate if the carrier turned around so its useless out to see and plus. If i had a wind, it couldnt these things, cant even cope with wind out to sea. However, a close range like this, where they would be used its a possible weapon. Simba, you know out to sea sea wiz is more, i think more, like a flak, but more you know aimed using radar and creates like a lead wall, so i would think some of the problem would be when it creates that lead wall, its just gon na Damage those drones trying to fly through that lead wall, and i think it would.

It would mat down a lot more of that than what youre seeing. I dont know that it could actually work on a carrier group, roger yeah, i mean i can only. I can only make it as ive made it basically and as ive made it, they just dont get shot boiled by seawifs. I dont know what the reason for that is. You need to go in and inspect every single bullet in super slow motion to figure out exactly what happened. Closing the summaries possible is useful for short range engagements like this, obviously its not designed for carry groups its designed for tank engagements and and andy infantry and stuff like that. But it is an interesting idea, especially if youve got exposed stuff on the top of carriers and sensitive equipment. Like aerials and radar, i mean, if you, you, just ran it into the top of the island and took those antennae out. Oh, that is pretty much a useless carrier at that point in a way because of how how everything relies on data. Like uh simba said if there was shock waves of the bullets modeled in dcs, none of the drones would still be up, no doubt thats modeled. I think you have to have some thing that has to hit a thing, basically uh good video, its gon na uh. I mean to me the the drone, the the whole concept of it, its something you guys are not seeing in the dcs world yet yeah.

Well done, okay, thank you. Yep, like i said it took bloody edges to get it worked, but but im really proud. We got it working im really chucked with that.