If we release you have the drone and the remote controller, its a foldable drone looks like a tji mavic of sorts and unfolds, and you can fly now. This version right here, the version its less than thirty dollars. Now this looks like a camera, but it is not so this is absolutely a toy grade. Hobby grade drone that you can kind of learn to fly on, weve got brushed motors and some fancy lights stay tuned and ill. Tell you more about this tiny little drone? Music now, like i said this is the version without the camera, and i intentionally want this version because its less than 30 bucks. Now you can get a camera, its a wi fi camera, its, not a good camera uh its 10. So you know maybe maybe thats a decent deal, but the footage is gon na be shaky its not stabilized. I know this looks kind of like a mavic gimbal, but it is not. This is just a plastic camera. Looking thing, it does adjust all right, uh, but theres no camera in there. So if you want to add a camera, its an extra 10 bucks, you can add multiple battery packages, but you know the joy of this thing is its simplicity. It is just a flying. Little toy um and it does a decent job – does have altitude hold, so it kind of manages its altitude. You dont have to worry about it, uh flying up and down on you, but its not gps.

Locks dont expect this thing to stay exactly in one place. When youre flying its a great tool to learn how to fly, because if you can fly something like this flying a dji, mavic mini or something a little bit better is absolutely going to be a lot easier. Now lets take a look at the remote control here. You can see the sticks for uh hide in the back and thats kind of a neat little design, and then they just plop right in there really want to make sure you squeeze them down and put them in before. You turn the controller on otherwise youll be pushing buttons. Now these antennas, if you look theyre totally fake theyre, no actual antennas inside of here thats just for show so take those off. If you want mine, keep falling off so im going to leave them uh out right, then you pull the little handles down and then you can hold onto the controller like so now it does light up theres little buttons here on the bottom uh. This is your on button and this is the button to kind of release it. So, if youre storing the drone inside of this as a little case, this button activates this lever and you can pull the drone off. Then we have some buttons up here on the top uh. This one here is to do flips you push this button, push up, itll flip up down and flip down right left.

You know, you know the drill, then this button over here is your speed button. I highly recommend you fly it in high speed, so you push it once you hear double beep, you push it again. You hear a triple beep. You push one more time. Single beep single beep is low. Two is medium. Three is high flying in high speed just because, if theres any wind, you wont be able to fight the wind in slow speeds, youre going to want to definitely do that now, these other buttons on the remote this button here doesnt do anything for this particular drone. It activates the camera on the other one uh auto here is headless mode um, which is not something i recommend you do uh this button here. The h is for takeoff and landing. So if you, if its not moving, you push this button, it takes off if its moving, you push this button and it lands, and then this button here will either turn on the lights. With a short press and a long press will help calibrate the compass. So if its flying erratically use this button to recalibrate your drone, but really this is pretty much a basic, simple drone easy to fly. Uh turn it on with a you know, a press here, all right, you set it down. Youre gon na have to initiate right. We see the lights are blinking up down, stop blinking now its paired to the remote again.

I can push this button. Itll take off or i can move. The sticks. Lets get this stuff out of the way up and away. You can see itll drift a little bit so, as you can see it kind of drips a little bit, but it does maintain altitude so its pretty good. I wouldnt recommend flying this thing indoors, but you could you can flat outside, but not on windy days. Other things youre going to want to know lets turn this off. This is one ass 1000 milliamp hour battery. You can get up to 15 minutes of flight time on a zero wind day, id expect closer to 10 or 12 minutes per battery, and if you want you can get packages with additional batteries. You know this drone is an excellent drone for say a child right. Somebody thats getting into the hobby, maybe as a gift, but not for someone thats looking for something to take pictures and video, even with the upgraded they call it a 6k esc camera anytime, you see esc next to a camera. That just means the manufacturer. Doesnt know what theyre talking about esc is. The electronic speed controller has nothing to do with the camera. So anytime, you see that dont believe it and its not 6k its it just isnt its not 4k, its probably not even full hd. So you know these camera specs. You got to take them with a grain of salt because a lot of times theyre not super accurate, any drone, less than say 300 theyre.

Just not they just are not they make up these numbers, they call them escs. I dont get it, but thats whats happened so yeah. So if you want a drone, that is absolutely just a toy or you want to give it as a gift gag gift gift for a kid sure. Its 30 bucks not a big deal, not gon na break. The bank and, if youre, looking for something like this, make sure you check out the links down below if we have any coupon codes or deals well, always post them with the drones. There, too, make sure you check us out on halfchrome.com and dont miss our live streams where we complete a drone. Last night we gave away two drones, a tiny hawk nano rated fly kit and a fly hall fx1 fh1, whatever the new best bugs is thats rebranded.