I am in my home studio again today, otherwise known as the kitchen. The best light in the house, uh and ive got a review for you today and its not a drone uh. This is a little different, but it was interesting to me and im hoping that it will also be interesting to you. I had a company contact me and uh asked me if i was interested in reviewing a trail, cam well trail. Cams are interesting. If you know what a trail cam is, it is a camera that you can set up in a situation where you want to see wildlife say you were a deer hunter and you wanted to know where the deer trails were. You could set this camera up someplace where you thought they were at and it has motion detection on it and will take pictures or short videos uh when theres movement well, one of the things thats happened to me recently is uh. I found some raccoon scat in my backyard and my backyard is fenced uh, so i kind of thought: itd be really cool. If i could get some pictures of those raccoons now i dont know if ill be able to or not, but i thought, hey a trail cam is the way to do it. So uh, the folks at uh cam park, sent me this uh. This trail cam im going to stand off to the side here, so i can show it to you its uh its available on on amazon, but i havent even taken it out of the box yet so lets do a quick, unboxing and then ill get it set Up in my backyard ill leave it running for a few days and nights and well just see what we can see now.

I know for sure we may not catch those raccoons, but i know ive got a lot of squirrels in the neighborhood, so were liable to see a few squirrels and im wondering about the neighborhood cat population as well. So anyway, lets uh lets quit messing around lets. Get this thing out of the box: okay, first things: first lets take a look at the box here so uh again at the top uh cam park. It says their t85 is the model uh talks about the trigger speed, so three tenths of a second ip66 waterproof. I didnt realize this: you can get a wi fi connection to it, so i presume you may be able to work it with an app well find out and lets see nothing well. It does talk about the fact that it will operate at uh, minus 20 centigrade and up to up to 60 degrees centigrade, im, not sure what that is in fahrenheit, but in any case then, on the other side. Here this is where theres a lot more information talks about the image resolution. You know so im sure the higher the resolution, obviously its gon na use more battery, etc, uh, but various video resolution from 720p to 1296p even 480p. If you just wanted standard definition uh, but it does have an infrared ir led that is so that you can get those pictures at night right, 75 foot uh trigger distance uh, which you know so itll trigger at something movement, 75, feet away, thats good to know, And the ir, so that is how far away the infrared will reach for night is 20 meters again that trigger speed, uh and with the things weve talked about already, with the waterproof ip66 waterproof, so uh so lets.

Uh lets open the box up now, alrighty. So here it is uh user manual right on top and wow that looks like a pretty useful, uh user manual. There, oh and it does have an app here – theres the qr codes for the app so very cool. This is going to be an interesting piece. Of course, its in multiple languages here looks like german and english, so uh yeah enough of that lets, take a look at the camera itself. So here it is. Let me pull this guy out: uh, pull it out of the bag here and there, it is looks like theres, uh plenty of stuff were gon na have to pull off here, but uh here is the lens uh. I would assume a lot of these are movement detectors and uh, the the infrared lights i presume uh were going to have to learn more about it and uh yeah. So you got a quarter 20 connection. There quarter 20 connection there, so you actually could put it on a tripod uh. But if you look here these mounts, you can run a strap through there. So, typically, what you would do is you would strap it to a tree uh and then i can see that we can open it up here. So i dont even know what all is involved there yeah. So look at that. So there you have the controls and uh, it tells you. You know before you start uh, you know all the protective films etc and uh yeah.

So it looks like theres some settings that have to be done there uh, but uh yeah. That looks like its all. Pretty straight forward so well get a memory card in there and and go from there, and i like this card. Yes, german, on the back so yeah you can. You can just leave that card in there so that you dont forget things when youre out when youre out in the woods so lets strap that thing back closed and lets see what else is in the box here so yeah. It looks like theres a number of things: oh cool, its got a uh yeah, its got a mount here, uh and im, not gon na pull all this stuff out, but theres theres lag screws, etc. So you could, you could screw this plate into the side of the tree or something like that uh and then this is uh. This mount uh you could use to to to mount the camera to to this plate so uh. In my case, i i very likely gon na use a strap lets, see if theres anything else under here. I can pull this out. I do not believe there is, but no dont hold it there is. There is another uh yeah. So, just as i thought, i wondered about that, pull that out heres a strap and thats what you would use to uh to strap it to around a tree, etc. L and they do include a uh, a usb cable as well.

Okay, one of the first uh things that i thought of is how to uh. Where the batteries go right, you got to get some batteries in it, and that is underneath this compartment right here. So you literally pull down on this, so once you get that uh battery compartment cover off, you see here that it holds eight double a batteries right there so well get those inserted and and then theres some setup to do uh once you turn it on you. You have to give it uh day date, time, etc, and then right at the bottom here is where you would uh insert your you see. If i can get that right under the camera right, there is where you would in insert a full size, sd card, and that is the the usb port right there that you took the usb cable up to so so lets get this bad boy fired up and Let me get it set up outside. Okay, ive got the trail cam all set up here and what i did was i just strapped it to the downspout on my house, and i have it mounted fairly low because the critters that im looking for are probably going to be pretty low to the ground. So im going to open it up and fire it up and and well see what we get. This is just a close up shot of how i have it mounted here with velcro straps, hey, okay, so ive got the trail cam mounted to the downspout here on the side of my house, and i have it set up fairly low uh, because the critters that Were looking for will probably be uh low to the ground and uh so uh, let me show you how i strap this on here.

I just used a velcro, strap and strapped it right to the downspout that worked really well. So basically, all we need to do now is open. It up turn this switch to the on position and it should be ready to go, and now we just leave it for a couple of days and lets see what we capture hey. So you saw how i mounted the cam park. T85 trail camera to the downspout out in my yard, uh, and that view i really didnt didnt even see any squirrels nor those raccoons that i was uh looking for. So i moved it then uh onto my fence, and we got some video and some still pictures of some gray squirrels. But i will show you the you know: the samples of uh. What i caught in the yard me out mowing the lawn and some of the night shots that it took as well so well have examples of both the still pictures and video lets roll that now: Music. Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, hey! So i was really happy with the performance of this trail: cam uh. It did everything that i needed and im definitely gon na use it uh were going into winter now, but next summer, im gon na. Have it out there to see what kind of critters are running around in my backyard, because i know for sure that ive got some raccoons out there once in a while and im sure, probably neighborhood cats, and who knows what else and then of course, always uh.

Theyre those there are those gray squirrels running around, but just to point out, you know they give you a good strap to that. You can use to attach the camera to a tree or something like that. If youre out in the woods, it also has quarter 20 mounts on the bottom and on the back, but you know what i did. I just grabbed a little piece of velcro strip and thats what i used to both strap it to my fence and to that downspout out there worked pretty good, so you know you can you can run a strap through the back of it and it works quite Well, yeah so uh overall, i was pretty satisfied uh with this camera and its gon na come in handy, i uh. I appreciate the people at cam park sending it to me for review and i hope you guys enjoyed this little short review of it. I am by no means a professional on trail cams, so you saw just what an amateur could do with the thing uh. However uh, if you are looking to purchase one, i will put my affiliate link, my amazon affiliate link down below and uh yeah. I guess thats about it. This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like this kind of content, please subscribe my channel. Most of all, i appreciate you taking the few minutes to watch this video and, of course, well see on the next one uh the camp park.