Video we’ve been asked a fair bit how we shoot our vlogs and cinematic stuff and we’re going to run you through that today, so i’m sitting in front of a caravan out here in nature, because this is where we live. This is my caravan and also my house we’re traveling, at full time my partner shani, my two kids braxton leo so that’s the background info that’s, why we’re shooting outside in front of the caravan but to get in the cameras i think it’s safe to start with The cameras that we first got and the very first camera we bought was a gopro hero 7.. I think, like most people, we bought this camera because it was on sale. It was a pretty good deal. It was just a thing to have at the time. Gopro. 7 was super popular, we bought it and realistically we didn’t use it for months until we started traveling australia, we started using it to film our vlogs and then we up we kind of upgraded and bought a new camera. We bought the hero 8 so to cover the gopros. Basically, i want to start off with the reason why i went with gopro. Like i said, super sweet deal got it fairly cheap and basically this was the same story. Another little combo deal on special jb hi fi delivering us the goods here in terms of cameras themselves i’m, not going to cover too much on specs in this video guys, purely because, if you want specs, just google, it you’ll find all the specs.

You need i’m going to give you a bit of an honest review of some pros and cons on these cameras and how i found using them, so the hero, 7 and hero8 both really really good built in stabilization. I really love that about them. The hero 8 is better than the 7 in the stabilization you’d expect that being the new edition of the gopro, the image quality, i found to be a little better too, and the audio as well is also a little bit better um. But in saying that the kira 8 is not looking too good, we did actually run this camera over and it still works so thumbs up for robustness of the camera, it’s all busted up, but it still works, which means we primarily shoot in the seven now and The reason being is because this is no longer waterproof, which brings you to what we actually use our gopros for, so we actually use them as action cameras. Now previously we did use them for vlogging, but now they are just action cameras, so we shoot our hiking underwater stuff boating fishing. If i ever go on a hike to fish off some rocks somewhere. I’Ll take a gopro with me because realistically bringing a big camera is rather difficult, carrying everything on your back heading out. Getting wet i’ve even had to swim to get to my fishing spot, sometimes so, hero all the gopros have been great for that.

A bit of a downside is the battery life on gopro sucks. If anyone, if you’re filming a gopro, you would know you need to carry us like a fair few spare batteries. If you plan to do some decent filming with one and we found that the image quality is also capped, so yes it’s pretty good, it does shoot in 4k um. It does give you slow mo and stuff like that, but the overall image quality is just not quite there, not quite where we wanted it, which is why we upgraded to that big rig over there, which i will cover later in this video gopro accessories that we Use like you can see here, we have the gopro seven in a mouth, mount the seven lives in the mouth mount and it’s in this little clip in sort of clip out case. I think i’ve got this on some b roll we can play and the reason being is because it is just so handy to be able to be filming with it in your mouth and your hands on great for fishing and stuff like that, but also easy enough. So it’s not like a head mount that you need to unstrap off your head to then directly speak to camera and then readjust like it’s, quite quick to go from mouth back into hand. Uh – and it just does everything here and when we do shoot with eight, which isn’t very often nowadays, because it’s busted, um it’s, normally in this little selfie, stick thing that came with it it’s also a tripod and eight pretty well lives on that and it’s like.

I said it’s been quite handy, it’s been pretty good at the time of shooting this video also worth mentioning. Gopro has a hero. 9 out, we haven’t bought it, yet we might be, we might buy it. I don’t know we’ll see how we go if the bank account lets us another good accessory for the gopros. Is this little artman battery charger, so it’s just usbc plug plugs into a usb port great for us in the van being 12 volt, we can just plug that in anywhere charge off our batteries. Also in the back of the? U perfect spot for it. You can keep three batteries charging, which is awesome. It actually came with three artman branded batteries. We bought it on amazon for, like 50 bucks, the artman batteries are pretty crap, though they didn’t last. As long as the gopro batteries, and when you got to about 30 battery percentage, the gopros would uh glitch, freeze, uh the screens wouldn’t work properly. It just didn’t work, so it wasn’t really worth the trouble we just stuck with gopro batteries for the gopros another accessory for the hero8 we purchased was the gopro media mod reason we bought. That was to add a microphone to try and better the audio, get some better like wind, cancelling out of the gopro 8, when we were vlogging with it and i’m going to say not worth it, 120 bucks fully not worth it once you attach it to your Gopro i found the gopro slows right down like a lot.

In my experience, one out of every four times i’d use it. It would freeze uh not fully not worth trying to get better audio if you’re having a deal with a camera that isn’t working so would not recommend buying one. If you plan to shoot in the gopro, do you reckon that i can grab a beer like it’s? Pretty hot Laughter, yeah i’m, pretty fascinated actually intermission’s over guys. We have some refreshments, it’s hot, so all right next up is the drone we use. This is the dji mavic air ii. This is the second drone we’ve owned. Previous to this i did own the dji mavic air, and both times we bought the fly more combo, so the fly more combo basically includes three batteries. Extra propellers specs are online. If you want to find what it actually includes, but they’re the parts that matter to me, it comes with a little three dot battery charger. So all three of your batteries will fit onto this charging dock, which then plugs in directly to a wall plug and charges. Your drone battery is quite it’s, actually they don’t charge too quick. I guess it’s worth mentioning and dji again, i don’t know you guys think i’m sponsored fully not sponsored. This is not just my opinion. Dji have done another really cool thing. Where gave you this little doohickey which plugs into one of these batteries, you can plug anything usb chargeable into that, and it will charge it like your iphone um.

The kids ipad saved us in the backseat of the car a few times, those long drives and stuff. Like that, so it’s, a really cool little thing to have the controller has phone charging available as well. So if your phone’s about to die, you really want to get that shot. You still can do it. You plug your phone into this. You set it the charging mode and it will keep your phone charged while you’re flying the drone, which is just awesome. I haven’t had to use fair propellers yet because i haven’t crashed the drone. Yet nor did i crash the previous drone, and that brings me to like a hot tip. I’Ve got for you guys about buying a drone. I reckon just buy a good one straight off the bat don’t bother buying a cheapie and learning to fly it or anything. Like that, because i feel like you’re more inclined to crash it purely because it doesn’t have the image, detection or obstacle avoidance that the more expensive drones do come with and they’re just a lot easier to fly in my opinion, and that way it saves you having To spend more money when you do get better and you want to get better footage with a better camera, just buy a good one off the bat. This one, i think, is great. I opted for this mavic air 2 over the dji pro 2 mavic pro 2. I think it’s called because it’s got a longer flight time and in my opinion, it has a better camera.

It’S been fantastic like what i really love about. It is the active tracking works fantastic and for us when we go hiking, um, we’re, driving, i’m driving a boat or whatever i’m doing. I can just set active track and this thing will just do a fantastic job of following us: the dji mavic air 2, with its built in obstacle avoidance. It doesn’t just stop when it’s tracking you, the drone, will literally dodge branches and keep following you and i say branches because that’s primarily what it dodges. For me. It flies quite quickly. It does like 70 kilometers an hour. I think preset modes in the dji drones is awesome too. So, if you’re learning to fly – and you want to get some smooth cinematic shots, all the preset flying things that this thing can do is great. Does a dronie which is basically like a 45 fly off nice and smooth, looks really good. You can speed ramp it and stuff when editing. It looks fantastic. Oh, if you guys want an editing rundown as well just leave in the comments below i’ll do another video covering kind of the editing process of how we edit our videos, but back to the cameras. The drone, the drone is good. I don’t use any of the presets anymore. I shoot basically all manual with the handle here. All right, we’re back just had to go sort out a lawn mowing issue, but we’re good to go again so yeah, like i said, the drone, the preset shooting stuff is fantastic for learning to fly this thing they look great and there’s a whole bunch of them.

You can use personally, i do not use them anymore at all. I shoot everything manual because i feel like it gives a bit more personality to footage. Like you fly your drone, a certain way certain angles, you do certain things and it’s fun it’s. Just you stay learning and getting cool shots. The controller on the dji mavic air 2 is also really good. I like it because it’s just big like it, feels good in your hands, it’s fairly easy to set up you just pop this thing, open phone slides in there and it plugs in. I might actually, i think i might actually even have footage of that. So i can just run that um flight time is fantastic. It reckons 35 minutes um. I reckon i get close to that when i fly it cons of this drone things i don’t like about it. I really really do not like these little joysticks. That kind of tuck away in here personally, i feel like it’d, be a lot more practical to have click in click out joysticks, but it is what it is, we’ve already lost a pair and they are inexpensive to replace anything reckon there’s. Anything else i should. I should cover, if you’re a beginner, you recommend that drone still yeah 100 yeah so i’ll cover that. So, if you guys are a beginner, you don’t actually own a drone. This drone covers you like it’s, a beginner drone. You can learn to fly with the drone.

Like this fully like totally, i would recommend getting this over a cheaper drone, if you’re a beginner for sure and if you’re shooting more professionally again. This drone is good like it does. What you need to do. You can shoot in a flat picture profile, which is awesome for color, grading and stuff, like that and i’ll run through that in the editing video. If you guys want me to make it, let me know i will um but yeah. Basically that pretty well covers the drone. Now brings me to the big camera that one right there so make sure in the shade. Still we’ve got this thing set up for still shooting, but anyway, this is our big camera i’m, going to run you guys through exactly what it is. This is our big camera. I call it the big camera because it is bigger than the other cameras. This is the sony, a7 iii and, to be honest, this camera is probably a little bit overkill for a vlogging camera, but i’ll give you the rundown of why we bought it. So here’s the setting we’re walking to jb hi fi we’re cruising in and they have just some ridiculous deals on and the stars aligned and we walked out with this camera. Initially, we’re going to buy the sony a6400, but it literally worked out cheaper for us to buy this um and it was a camera that was going to grow with us and allow us to do so.

Much more. We were looking for a camera that did both videography and photography, and this camera ticked both the boxes. It takes ridiculously good photos as well as taking some ridiculously good video. I remember the first time i ever uploaded footage. Well sorry imported footage to my mac. Sat there and watched it – and i was just like david attenborough – is going to contact me to shoot some national geographic stuff, because this is unbelievable. Also mention upgrading from the gopros to this is a big step. So gopro is a very point and shoot you can buy the camera. You can point it, you can shoot it this thing not quite it is a little bit harder to set up. It is a little bit harder to use there’s a lot more settings and stuff to play with a lot more buttons, but if you do take the time to learn to use it, i promise you that you will be thankful, because it is honestly a fantastic camera. If you guys do want some more info on exactly on the settings and stuff that we’re using to shoot with this camera, leave it in the comments message me i’ll make a video and i’ll run through camera settings on this camera. The gopros and the drone price points for this thing: pretty bloody expensive, if you guys own one of these or in topography, you’d know just how pricey stuff stuff is this camera body retails for about 3100 australian dollars this lens here that we use retails for sixteen Hundred dollars – and this um this little pet i’ve got here – is about a 500 microphone, so it is pretty pricey, but i guess you pay for good stuff.

So, with this camera you’ve got the ability to have interchangeable lenses, which is an awesome thing. Basically, in my opinion, different lenses can give you a really different feel to the video a really different perspective. A really different look, sorry, guys i’m being bitten by an ant. The lens we use for vlogging is the sony zeiss 16 to 35 mil lens, and it has an aperture of f4 and i haven’t found that f4 aperture to be a problem at all. So for you guys that don’t know what aperture is it’s kind of how much light gets let in to the camera and sort of this angle, this sort of motion here – and it also gives you the the depth of field that you’re after too so those photos. You see that have like a blurred out background or the video you see that has that really blurred out background, you shot very shallow depth of field so low aperture, but with this f4 for vlogging i haven’t had any dramas with it at all. I haven’t used this for shooting some cinematic stuff too. It just works. Well, i can just stick it on 35 mil. I can still get that creamy background. I can do focus pulling and stuff where i bring things in out of focus. It allows you to do all that it’s a pretty broad range lens. It does quite a lot, which is, i guess why it’s the main lens on our camera on the lens itself, is this nd filter this variable nd filter? So basically, it just allows you to adjust the exposure by turning this without playing with the camera settings too much, which is pretty important for video i’ll cover that in that settings video, if i make it but yeah if you do want to run this sort of Setup get yourself a variable, nd filter.

If you plan to shoot video it’ll save you some headaches when we originally bought this camera, it didn’t come with this lens. We didn’t buy this lens straight away. We bought this lens, so this is a sony, 50mm lens or nifty 50. It is a 1.8 aperture, so it allows you to get that shallow depth of field that you’re after some people have said this lens isn’t great um. I guess because it’s a fairly cheap lens in comparison. I think this one cost us like 500 bucks, where, like i said that one was over triple the price, but i like this lens, i really like it. It shoots some good photos. It shows some really cool videos. I primarily use this to shoot b, roll sort of stuff, so b roll for those of you that don’t know what that is it’s, just the footage that i’m, using when i’m, that i’m playing while i’m talking because it’s sort of close in shots to kind of Give you a bit more of a look at what i’m using the microphone we use on. This thing is the rode videomic pro plus ridiculously expensive microphone? I guess i think this whole setup here is like 500 bucks just for the microphone and you have to pay that includes the dead cat, but you do have to buy that separately. I thought it would have come with it, but no you have to buy this dead cart separately, but it is the only microphone in the market that i’m currently aware of that isn’t.

The sony microphone. I think that’s they’ve just brought out that turns on automatically with the camera. So you turn the camera on the microphone turns on as well, and you have audio there. I have shot on the videomic pro previous to owning this one and there is a lot of dead footage because the audio isn’t there because it’s a second thing you have to turn on and off and obviously it is a lot better at doing its job. As a microphone than what a unpowered microphone would be, and the price point basically says that eight dollars for a basic shotgun mic versus 450 bucks for this mic, plus the dead cat, another accessory this little joby bendy tripod, sticky thingy. This is a baby. This is tiny, i don’t know why, but we bought the one kilogram version of this there’s a three and a five. The guy at the store did tell us. You shouldn’t, be doing that. You should definitely buy the three of the five but us being tight asses. We left with this and saved 20 bucks, and now we have a tripod. We can only really use with the 50mm lens, but it’s small and light it doesn’t support the weight of the camera with the bigger lens on there, so yeah. But these are pretty good. You can also hold them as a bit of a selfie stick. I don’t. I just hold the lens itself. My little arms don’t.

Allow me to hold the extra weight. Unfortunately, ah you guys are probably wondering how am i getting such good footage holding my good camera right if i’m, not using my good camera to shoot this well let’s show you exactly what’s going on here. This is troy, troy back here, hi, so troy’s coming out today, to give me a hand to shoot troy’s, also uh, pretty passionate about videography, and i don’t even think i’ve said this to him yet, but i’ll tell you guys so watching troy’s videos was probably one Of the things that made me go out and buy a better camera like it literally inspired me to become better at videography and shoot better. Video thanks to troy, troy also has a youtube channel. Troy stains thanks, troy. Thank you. I might just do a quick overview. Then should i just do a quick run down a quick overview prices and stuff i’ll, give you guys a quick rundown, so big dog, sony a73. We run two gopros a seven and an eight, and we run the dji mavic air two prices for all this. This setup here about 5k. This was about 500 bucks. This, i think, was 600 bucks, and this in the fly more combo was at 1900, so that’s. The current kit we use in the camera gear. The bag we got is the lowepro lowepro flipside, 400 aw that’s. The one we got – and this is a facebook marketplace – bargain 100 bucks – and we got one of these.

I had no idea how much camera bags were worth until i went to go shopping for one. I left the store, blown away and marketplace. I slid into this girl’s dms. She hooked us up with this bag for 100 bucks and it fits everything in there perfectly, which is good. It is pretty heavy though, and i guess for the stuff that we do hiking and the rest of it. We kind of try and keep it as simple and as light as possible, but no guarantees you might turn into a tank if you start doing filming and hiking at the same time, like me, obviously anyway, so videography and photography is a passion that started for myself And shiny about a year ago, when we actually started traveling full time before that i was a painter, so i painted houses that’s what i did for profession, um and now i really enjoy shooting videos and trying to really enjoy shooting photos, and i guess it’s, one Of those things that you just stay learning forever like it’s, so good to be able to stay learning, i think it’s really good for your brain. There is still so much for us to learn and i guess you do got to start somewhere. So if you’re watching this video thinking about buying a camera, i reckon just go: do it go buy a camera? Whatever your budget is, go start somewhere, start editing, start shooting or start taking some photos sweet.

Are we done? I think that’s it. You reckon we’re done. We’Re done, if you like this video, give it a thumbs up guys. We haven’t really done an information based video before so. If you guys want to see more of this sort of stuff, let us know happy to make it it’s pretty fun to shoot. I guess if you want to see more from us too, please hit subscribe if you’re new here and you do want to check out our vlogs feel free to go. Take a look. We’Ll, hopefully see you guys next week.