This is the lady or idea21 um drone with camera got it in the mail, and i am doing my review uh. I will post another video of using the product, because this is the unboxing um, and here we go so here we go put my phone there we’re going to quickly open it up. Box, Music Music comes with a little carrying case. How cool is that Music and inside this nice carrying case, we have some directions: um i’m, a guy. So i don’t read those uh and here is the drone itself lovely carrying case for the price you can’t beat this there’s the battery here’s the drone, the remote. I guess this is the thing for it holds up phone and also functions as an antenna. Um i don’t have a screwdriver, so i will have to open that at a later time, from the directions for people that want to purchase batteries ahead of time. Uh trying to figure out what batteries you need but i’m, going to probably go with double a and uh. The drone is fairly light. It comes with Music there’s, a screwdriver charging cord some other items. It is very light: um, Music. It looks very similar to Music. Some of the other much more expensive ones, um almost identical, actually uh and it comes with some spare parts – battery charger, um it’s usb, so you can probably charge it in a car. You’Ve got one of those little uh cigarette lighter usb things or you’ve got a newer car that has plugs and uh that’s about it.

So that’s my unboxing of the ledea uno idea, 21 um i’m going to quickly undo this. So you all can see it does. Take double a’s, so you want to buy three double a’s.