Uh. Please, like comment share and subscribe. So this video something different um. If you saw on the title, uh whats the difference between an fpv drone versus a camera, bird drone well really theyre the same thing, and let me show you what the difference is and why um so well get you over here on the bench and ill give You ill show you a camera bird and why they call it a camera bird and ill show you an fpv drone and why its called an fpd drone. So follow me, come on get over here and well, get you guys going. Okay, so well start off with ill ill, be camera bird people first so with what they call a camera. Bird is because its right here this is the dji spark and it is has gps. So it goes up hovers itself. You can let go of sticks um. You know: stick, can you know just stay still, you see it where its centered, so the bird will just you know, hover and hold its position because its gps, you know, calculate it and what makes them call it a camera bird is because it has a gimbal On it now like i said this is the spark so thats like uh, i think its a two axis three axis gimbal, but anyway, this is nowhere in the league of like what they would consider the mavic air and stuff like that, its just a smaller brother, But it will explain to you what the difference is, so the difference is that, like i said, is why they call it a camera.

Bird is because of the camera here on the front, theyre very, very powerful. They do really well um. You may have got yourself like say a consumer drone from your local retailer, and it said it was a filming bird. You know camera bird as were talking and the footage just wasnt that great well thats, because it talks through with wi fi and then it transmits back to your phone with an app and thats kind of where everything gets lost in translation, because wi fi and the Birds out away from you its trying to communicate with the transmitter and then an app with your phone. You can see where that confusion comes in that so with the dji. They got a real good system, um its crystal clear, clear as a bell like as if youre watching something from say a hollywood movie, its literally that crystal net clear um and what you know. What happens there lets turn you over this way? Is you then, take your phone and put your phone up into your controller like so, obviously you would have to take the case off of it, but were not going to do that now. You can rely on the transmission through wi fi, as if, as in the app as we do, it talks with the transmitter then to the phone. So then, instead of that you can use what they call utg cable. So then, what youre going to do there and then youll get real time feedback.

So what you do is you plug that into the controller here and then your normal charger you would plug in for your phone. You just plug that in here, plug it into there and then youre connected now to what they call the otg cable. So that gives you you know real time through the transmitter to your phone versus wi. Fi. Excuse me so thats a camera bird. Well now we come over to the fpv bird now this is fpv because we fly it with the goggles. We put these goggles on and we look out of this camera here and normally we film through this one for well the videos that you guys see now. This one is not a gps, you know hell bird, it is kind of like you want to think of a jet fighter. If you hold, it left its going to stay in this position until you correct it, you can turn it completely upside down and into a flip um. If you do that, with this youre, going to have a bad day so anyway, think of this guys a jet fighter and you can just maneuver any which way so thats how we fly these and its you know, has a video transmitters. What this antenna is here for that transmits back to this and then it transmits through the receiver and then into your goggles so thats, what you do there now, when you hear people say well, but ive heard people say that they fly fpv and they use dji.

Well, that can be done in multiple ways. Lets go back over to this guy. Now, with this guy set you down, you can do um, they do have what they consider goggles and its like a box pair of goggles uh. I wish i had a pair on hand, id show you and you can connect everything to there and what its doing is basically youre running a cable from here up to the goggles and thats how its working like that um. So it just transmits through there. Instead of through your phone right so on this guy, everything is just done through right from the bird to the goggles. The receiver is built in here. You know snaps in there. So, like i said, if someone says they fly dji with the with the goggles, and you know, theyre flying a bird that looked like this fbv youre, not far off, because what they have is the dji goggles. Now these are dji v2s. These are what i use to fly with. I use both. Actually, as you can see, everyone knows me so anyway, um now these provide like a really clear its a digital um receiver built in here. So it gives you like, watching a movie type style like an imax movie, really really clear and everything so thats. What we fly with with these, like this bird here, can fly with with them this one and that one uh this guy here would go through this, but anyway thats getting off the beaten path.

So for this guy well go to transmitters! You have this transmitter here and you can see pretty much uh, really tiny, folds up kind of like so fold your antennas in unplug, your cable there. It is you want to unplug unfold, it just kind of move. It out flip your antennas up and then you just pull down and out on the phone holder, and it comes its compact folds up got some gimbal covers that go on to it: okay, sorry about without a frame so thats the transmitter for that. Now. For this guy lets go and set these up there, its a little bit different. We have this guy here and theyre. Not all this fancy. I happen to have all the bells and whistles on this. This is the radio master tx16s um its a nice radio, but they also have, if youre, into the gamer style. They also have a transmitter that is not far off of this size, which is called the tbs tango 2, which can be purchased to fly little guys like this, so theres your difference between your fpv bird and your camera bird um. I explain hopefully well to you, like, i said well, run back through it. The camera bird is gps uh. You know stability locks into place films through this guy. Here you know you move it around. Wind moves around a little bit. This kind of keeps it real, stable, steady to where this guy is.

We do everything through here this you can move completely upside down. Now you can put this in what they call angle mode and make it hold. You know it holds this like this, but you still have to control the up and down, and you can look at through this, so you need a transmitter goggles and, of course the bird youd have to have someone build it for you or you could buy. You could get what they call binding flies um, which means the bird is built through a company. You tell them what protocol you want. They match your radio, whatever youre, using fr sky tbs, crossfire spectrum, whatever um, and then you just bind into your radio so thats. How that works uh this setup here, like i said this – is the dji spark, so this guys been out for a while. So i dont know exactly actually you cant even buy them. No more um so were got some old tech here, but you can pick up the mavic mini too very reasonable in price theyre. Coming with the transmitters now uh fly more packages which we have with this. You get three batteries and all that good stuff. So thats going to be your difference from the camera birds versus the fbd birds. I hope i explained it well for you um. This will be part one. This was just to explain it for you kind of like a quick. You know here this.

What this one does this is what that one does the next one part two. I will show you the differences i explained to you and the characteristics of flight. I will show you the characteristics of the flight of both of these. So stay tuned well come out with a part two. I hope you enjoyed this. If you did, please give it a like, so the reason why i say that um theyre, both technically fpv, because whether you put these on your face or youre, looking at the phone for the video feed thats, where it makes the difference at um, you will need A spotter for both, so if youre going to fly, have someone with you, someone that when youre here, they can be looking around on the ground scanning the ground, you know making sure youre not flying over people, and in the same with this, you think that youre. Looking like this, but you really want your attention to be on this and not you know doing this. Obviously you can stop the bird in midair um with the gps. You can just you know, stop you know just give a look around the fpv bird. Well, you could perch something and pop your goggles up and look or come in and land, but it would be difficult. So a spotter is a must for all and faa recommends you to have one. So remember that, but yes so thats again, thats why i say its the same.

So if youre looking in goggles or monitor its fpv, the way we look at it just some are enclosed. Some are more open, so just wanted to add that um into that, because i did say, i thought that theyre both pretty much the same so there you have it. Thank you for watching. Please, like comment share and subscribe.