. The Mavic Mini, which was launched earlier, was liked by the people, and its price was also kept lower than other drones of the DJI company. Then seeing the interest of the people, the company launched the DJI mini 2.. Apart from this, there are some other drones of the DJI brand as well, but today we will only talk about the features of these two mini drones and also compare the features of these two so that you can know which mini drone. You will be the best., So Hey everyone. I am Ambrish subscribe to the channel and press the bell icon to know more about similar gadgets so that you are the smartest and Hitech.. If we talk about the look, then the look and design of these two are of almost the same type. There is not much difference between the two.. Let us now know about the weight and dimension of both these drones.. The weight of both these drones is almost equal to that of a smartphone.. The take off weight of the Mavic Mini is 249gram, and the weight of the Mini 2 is slightly less than 249 grams.. These drones are ultralight due to the low weight.. If we talk about their dimension, then there is no special difference between these two. Being compact and convenient. It can be carried anywhere easily.. The speed of the Mini 2 has been increased slightly in the comparison of Mavik Mini.. Mavik Mini has a maximum opening speed of 4m sec.

The descending speed is 3m sec and its maximum speed at sea level is 13m sec.. If we talk about Mini 2, then its maximum ascending speed is 5m sec. Descending speed is 3.5m sec, and the speed at sea level is 16m sec.. The wind speed resistance level 4 has been used in the Mavic Mini which can keep it stable in 8m s wind, while the Mini 2 has a raised level which keeps the drone stable. Even at 10.5m s, wind speed., Both of these drones are small in size, but their power is amazing.. The maximum take off altitude has also been increased in the Mini 2, which means it can take off from the maximum height of 4000 meters in the sky.. The time of flight and operating temperature are almost the same once fully charged. These two drones can be easily flown in the sky for 30 minutes. Both have 3 axis motorized gimbal, which helps in capturing superior camera, stability and clear ultra smooth footage.. Both have 12 MP cameras. The company has not made many changes in the camera. Many features are common, but both the major changes are in the video resolution and zoom. Mavic mini can record only Full HD and 2.7K video, whereas in addition to both these resolutions, 4k video recording has also been added to the Mini 2.. The Mavic Mini did not have a zooming feature, but the zoom function has been added to the Mini 2.

. You can zoom full HD video up to 4x 2.7k video up to 3x and 4k video up to 2x. So that you will not have to move the drone again and again.. Apart from this, both Mini 2 and Mavic Mini have intelligent mode and Quickshot mode like dronie rocket helix circular have also been added., But a new mode boomerang has also been added to the Mini 2.. In addition to jpeg RAW photo format has also been added to the Mini 2, while the video format is of the same type in both., The Mavic Mini can be controlled up to 4 km distance from the remote controller, while in the Mini 2. Its range has been increased to 10km. The Mavic mini uses the video transmission system and enhanced wifi system, while the Mini 2 uses OcuSync 2.0 for video transmissions, which helps increase its controlling distance. Battery capacity has been changed significantly in Mini 2 it’s, just double of Mavic Mini., The Mini2’s remote controller has a battery capacity of 5200mah and the intelligence flight battery capacity is 2250mah.. There is no change in the charger of these drones. Both the input and output power are the same and both can be charged with a type. There is no change in the charger of these drones. Both the input and output power are the same and both can be charged with a type c charger.. By watching the video you must have understood which of the two drones is the best.

. According to my, the Mini 2 is the best, because some extra features have been added to it, which makes it superior to Mavic Mini.. The difference between the prices of both drones is only 50. Mavic Mini is priced at ‘9, while the Mini 2 is priced at 449. So why not choose the Mini 2 by spending 50 dollars extra. So guys which feature of Mini 2. You liked more definitely tell by commenting. Press the like button and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel..