Where were going to be reviewing this? The pg y tech one go camera bag, Music, okay, all right, dont fall down cliff its my sister fell down the cliff. This is the new one: go camera bag from pgy tech, its as you can see its in that new. I dont know every camera bag. Thats out at the minute seems to be made from this sort of full leather material im, not sure why, if im honest im, not the biggest fan of this type of material. While i thought i would put my cynicism, starting to rain, probably put my cynicism to one side and have a look at this. I actually have to say this. Bag has really really impressed me ill, have a look around the outside and ill open it up and ill show you why its the stuff on the inside is really really impressive, but first of all its made from this sort of, as i said, like faux leather Material that apparently scratch resistant, its water resistant people seem to like this. Some people i find some people divide it. Louise, my wife told me it looks like im wandering around with the ladys purse um, whereas naomi liked it my sister whos behind the camera. Hello. Did you like it yeah i, like it yeah she like the look, so some people like this, some people, dont and but thats, what its made from, but one advantage with it with this material, is its water resistant off the bat its currently raining, which is a Good, you know test for this um and i wouldnt be worried about the equipment in this.

You can see the zips ive got that like weather still thing around it, so i dont know if i trust this for a real heavy shower, but i am definitely out in light rain. I wouldnt have a problem with this at all. The straps ive got this. Like really nice soft spongy material in it, so its really comfortable when youre wearing it and then on the back here, its got this mesh and behind that mesh. It has this like network of plastic fibers, that um create this its like an air system that keeps the the heat off your back, and actually my back is normally sweating even on a cold day when i was really in my back when we swept in the Bag and it hasnt been today because in behind there is just an open network of air, so yeah that that has impressed me its got three handy crane handles. Initially. I was like whats the point of having three handles, but that actually makes total sense because you just need to grab the bag in a hurry and grab it like that. Grab like that and grab it any of those three ways and theres a secret, because hidden in behind this handle here is a little magnetic flap and in there is a secret compartment. Theres a secret like document compartment hidden in behind the strap, really really nice feature. What else we got in the front here? Youve got your sternum strap.

There is a waist strap, but i think for a bag like this waist straps a little bit overkill. So i have not used it. Oh yes, you can get your hands through the entire back. Like that, so you can slot it onto luggage. If you need to then on the back, weve got room for a laptop didnt, bring a laptop with me, but you can get a at least. I think 15 16 17 inch laptop in there and a tablet really clever, theres a tray, so you have to like stick your hands in to get your laptop out. You just pull this tray and it slides up and up comes your laptop, very cheeky. Two final things on the outside are just these two pockets on the either side: theyre really flat. They look like theres, nothing to them, but very clever, theyre elasticated, so that expands out. So you could get like a water bottle in there, ive got um the gopro stuck down the other side and, if youre, putting something longer its going to stick out like a tripod. Look at this reach down in theres that hidden securing strap. So i take that hook it on up there. There my arm is a tripod its in there. I need to secure the tripod arm, pull that clever its, so its very, very clever ive been very impressed by the little just the thought. Thats gone into the design of this bag, its not cheap, its like 200 smackeroos, so but uh, i dont, know a bag like this.

Should last you a long long time, so its gon na be up to you or not. You think its worth it. Oh one final thing: this whole side compartment opens so when im carrying this, i can just zip the side open reach in and ive got access to my stuff. So i can reach in take my camera out. Do some awesome shooting put it back in again, zip? It up all while without having to take the bag off and its got this little toggle here see here, thats a thats, a security lock, so i can take the zip slide it through that pull it like that see, and what that means is some sneak thief. Cant just go to my bag and like pull the zip down, because its gon na snag they would have to like fiddle, and at that point you would notice them alert the authorities and have them bundled up to jail now its once we get inside this bag. That this actually gets interesting to get inside this bag. You just pull this and that releases the clue, ive relocked it again just put this now open to the top, and then this entire bag opens up like an origami completely flat. So youve got instant access to all your stuff youre, not fighting through pockets and ill show you what ive got ive got too much stuff in this really ive got fpv goggles batteries. Ive got a camera in here.

Ive got an fpv drone. Ive got controller im. Just going to take everything, ive got a microphone ill. Take all that out, because i want to see what this is like. Oh ive got a sonys ev1, so the whole bag becomes this its like an origami shape, and initially i was like that. Doesnt look very secure, but what this means is see these internal dividers, you just rip them off and dont, throw them away. Youve got these two main dividers, that kind of divide it height, wise and then youve got these little city ones as well and theres. Also this divider as well, so this bag is a canvas, a complete, open canvas, my current bag that i use every day, its got a lower bit for cameras and an upper bit for stuff, and what tends to happen is i just chuck stuff in and theres A lot of unused inefficient space, whereas this, what you do is you kind of roughly set your stuff on right now? You know: where would this go? Where would that go? How do i want easy access, set it on and then kind of juggle with it, while putting on your dividers, so that youre able to perfectly match the interior of the bag to exactly what it is youre crying with you, its genius. I can have this set up so its kind of basic camera stuff in the bottom, and then ive got a large compartment at the top that i can have a coat in.

If i was like hiking something like that. Um or i could do ive done here and i could have more dividers in the bottom for more camera equipment and have it all all kitted out with technology. This is how you shoot a fast review. Video do it while its actually raining more clever features. Top here, youve got another magnetic mesh pocket in here, its all stretchy, so you get as much stuff as you want in there. This is so clever. This is really clever. Right youve got pens you put pen down in here, but i unzip this and look its got. This really clever. Magnetic battery holder system. You can see theres a red here. Its got these little magnetic discs red on one side, green in the other. So when your battery is done, flip it over red and just pop out a new battery. If i use it – and i put it back in that battery is done so i can flip over and thats now red again, so i instantly know which batteries have used, which could charge and not only that these little coin things fit perfectly into a tripod. So you can use these for attaching and removing tripod plates. How clever is that theres another one on the other side as well, where youve got pockets, you can fit things like a battery pack in there and then down on this bit. Youve got a magnetic pocket kit here with a clip for like a few car keys and then another mesh pocket with a zip and then another mesh pocket, and in here ive been keeping the propellers for my fpv drone.

I think it actually looks like one of the face huggers from ilia. Oh yeah, theres, a cliff there right thats the bag got to quickly reassemble. It didnt die thats, good right, so put the stuff roughly, where i want it. I want that there. My controller was sitting in here, Music and close, and there you have it so theres some things i really like about this and some things. I am a little bit about im, really impressed with the thought thats gone into the design of this. I really really like how modular it is the fact that i can rig this out pretty much any setup. I want and theres just so many little clever features and thoughts that have gone into it. Quality wise it feels like it does feel really really solid. Now i would personally be a little bit skeptical about how suitable this would be for like hiking in the mountains and things like that, because this kind of material it is scratch resistant, but i dont know i dont want to try it but im pretty convinced. If i scrape the rock down this its going to scratch, whereas you wouldnt get that with this sort of material that i do or specifically outdoors mountains and hiking bags are typically made from, but i dont think thats what this bag is for. I think this bag is aimed more as sort of your everyday bag, a bag. You might cry around for a laptop and a camera, maybe a few accessories, maybe a coat so yeah.

I think before this is going to be my everyday urban bag that i might keep my laptop in and a few other bits and pieces, or if i just need to grab something casually. I have even used this on client project, its quite nice. If i just want a nice light, compact bag that i can get enough stuff for an entire day – and this works really really well – oh forgot to mention theres – also straps in the bottom, where you can hire, hang a tripod or perhaps a sleeping roll. If youve been camping with this, what have they not thought about, and that is their pty tech, one gold bag, its expensive with 200 pounds very, very clever. I like it and you can decide for yourself whether or not you like it theres loads of other reviews. People have used this for longer than me: go check them out, but yeah generally im impressed oh naomi, come around here all right name down, because you, this is the first time youve seen this bag. Oh right, lots of thoughts in the bag uh. I really like it because i like hidden compartments and it seems to have a lot of them, thats fun and i think its really clever, all these little extra bits and pieces. What was your gut reaction? You saw for the first time i like it. I think its clean and sleek, although i would prefer it in a brown fillet thats, just my personal preference yeah.

They are bringing out other colors of this good reminder. Theres gon na be like a navy blue one, which i actually think i would have preferred and a couple of other colors. I think maybe, if theres gon na be a brighty one, so there will be other colors available. But for now its just in its just in in black that wasnt rehearsed by the way i didnt know there were other colors yeah. What were your thoughts when you were seeing all the pictures? I thought it was really cool. I was sitting there going. Oh, oh! No were not saying hes recording yeah. I can tell youre itching to read to react. The coin: oh theres, even theres, even little toggles here, like if your glasses, where you can hang your glasses off its just just a really well thought out bag and uh. Oh and one other little well thought out thing right if you dont, like your your danglies hanging down of your strap theres a little elastic thing here, so you just grab your dangles roll them up and then, when youre gon na fight and then flip this little Elastic bit off and that shortens it, so you dont have really long dangling its so much neater than it is usually oh and look theres. Another thing here for hanging stuff, its just its very, very clever, probably my main concern about this. My only concern is: how long will this last, given this material, just it does have a slight plastic feel to it, but heres the thing pgytec say lots of good stuff about the material, but they also stand over it because when you buy this, you get like A lifetime warranty with it, so that does give me a bit reassurance that this will last for a long time.

Maybe ill come back and revisit it in a year or something well see if its still in one piece, but that is the pty tank one go. Keep forgetting the model then tell people. This is terrible at the moment, all that stuff uh, please, if you like this video, please subscribe, leave a like leave a comment. If you want to say something about the bag or about steve nearly falling down a cliff, i only failed on the clip yeah hes, my sister, if naomi, by the way, not my wife, nope. No, his channel has lots of tech. Stuff lots of running weve been going 20 minutes, adventure, stuff and lots of silly silly stuff.