I have fun with this series most years and i wouldnt necessarily call it a high point. Even among the past few games, the biggest issue is that it feels all too familiar its more of a refined riff on black ops, cold war and modern warfare than something with its own distinctive style of gameplay, its unambitious and yet after running around the mostly excellent New maps and upgrading my weapons to highly satisfying levels call of duty, vanguards multiplayer is still dependently a good time. In spite of its familiarity, it would have been nice to have seen call of dutys tried and true formula gets shaken up at least a little bit. If nothing else that could have reinvigorated the first days and weeks of matches where everybodys discovering how to use the new stuff and blowing themselves up, but in vanguards, multiplayer its strictly business as usual level, up your profile to unlock weapons level. Up your weapons to unlock attachments and complete weapon challenges to unlock skins im at level 8 prestige 1 now, which is not an indicator of my skill, so much as an indicator of how much i like to play it. That being said, some of the weapon challenges are infuriating, to say the least. Sure getting a hundred hipfire kills is a snap with an lmg or an assault rifle especially in close quarters maps like dos house thats what those guns are built for, but getting a hundred hip fire kills with a sniper rifle sucks.

So much im, not even gon na bother well, okay, im, probably gon na, try it because im a sucker for unlocking all the skins but im not gon na like it, which brings me to the irksome technical issues when you unlock a new attachment or feature for Your operator, its marked with a little green dot, to indicate its new and just like last year, the dots dont always clear when youve acknowledged them theres a new menu option to clear all the indicators which is brilliant, except it doesnt work. As someone who cant stand, unread email notifications on my phone, its a small but very annoying quirk, especially when i think ive unlocked something new only to discover oh, no, actually, its the same grip from 17 levels ago. The crown jewel of vanguards multiplayer is its maps. In fact, this might be the best collection of launch maps of any call of duty game in recent memory. You know that feeling when youre loading into a map and youre like oh, no, no, no, not this map, dear god. No, please anything but this map. Well, i havent felt that once some are obviously better than others, but demyanksk and numa numa are far away. My favorites, the range of sizes and layouts with each map means i have to rethink my play style every time we rotate to a new one, and i really like being kept on my toes like that. Also, the occasional hiding spots, sprinkled through the maps, are a great touch.

Those bent over palm trees and numanuma sure are fun places to rack up. Long range kills whats. Annoying, though, is that theres not enough visual distinction between teams, the vanguard, waltz, a name i made up just now is when you and a member of the other team run into one another in close quarters and do a little dance until one of you notices the Others, name and indicator are red im slowly getting better at spotting bad guys, but its still a pain and theres pretty much nothing that can be done about it beyond some significant re skinning ready to practice. Finally, theres the new champion hill mode, which made a great first impression, through both the alpha and activisions virtual review event being able to play with a friend watching my back as our two or three man squad dukes. It out has improved it even further, because communication is key to racking up points in its enclosed arenas. At the same time, the novelty has already started to wear off one weekend in its still great dont. Get me wrong and i still highly recommend banking, your winnings to unlock the flame knot, because oh man does that feel good, but its novel approach to team based elimination tournaments has fallen to the wayside. The more i play on the standard, multiplayer maps friendly bombing, run call of duty. Vanguards multiplayer has been a reliably good time so far. The small team based champion hill is the best mode for a tight pair or trio of buddies, but you cant go too far wrong, because all the maps are fast fun and most of all, varied in layout and how you have to approach them.

The gun play and movement is top notch and honestly, it feels better than last year but heres the thing you could say almost all of that about the last few call of duty games and if you already played those to the point where you got tired of Them and naturally moved on to other things. I can see it being hard to get really excited about jumping back in for more of the same here. That being said, i cant deny that the call of duty, multiplayer formula is so finely honed even when it doesnt feel new. It still feels fun for more on call of duty vanguard, make sure to check out our reviews of the single player campaign and the zombies mode for everything else.