Um. I think the first one where people really in the uk that i noticed from an audience point of view. That was starting not to get upset but deciding not to buy a drone because it isnt c label was the air 2s from dji, which i still bought myself, which is a wonderful piece of kit. Can you give us any kind of update or any kind of general, because i know its very hard to be specific when, when somethings across the entirety of europe, but also across several departments here in the uk as well, can you give us any kind of update On how things are going with sea labels, so the rules of eggs are in and have been for a while. We know that january 23 is when manufacturers have to produce. If you like um, i dont have a particular update for manufacturers. I mean really its up to them. You know its kind of like saying when a ford bringing out a new model of car, so so dji autel, etc. They they have those standards available to them. Now then yeah. So, if, if, if dji wanted to produce their mavic 3, which is coming with a uk compliance, so ukca c1 c0, whatever the mavic 3 will be under hopefully c2, please that could happen as far as the caa is concerned. Yes, so i mean yeah the the rules and legislations: are there its pretty much the same as the er rules and legislation, so it will be the same for for europe, um and yeah its i mean they.

They have to do it from january 23 if they want to do it before then thats purely a commercial decision by the manufacturers as to when they start stamping things. Okay, excellent, thank you because that does clear things up, because we we often get information on both sides, some saying that actually the standards arent ready yet and so, in actual fact, there isnt a label for the manufacturers to put on there yet, which is why some Releases havent had them so far, but but its good to know that we can now put our aim, our guns back towards the manufacturers a little bit and say hey. When are we going to get these c class drones? Because it is, i know the uk and the europe is obviously a not secondary market, but um. Certainly one step down from the us market, which is obviously the huge, a huge market in the asian market which they concentrate on. But i think the c class drones, with with things like c2, were going to see the a2 cfc and things like that really maximizing use and all these people with their certificates that are there. So one of my questions, therefore, is whether or not the legacy period would be extended. We we always keep all of our rules under review, to make sure they they work and, and they actually are doing a job you know. So you know we will absolutely keep the c class markings under review to see what happens and you know so many people.

So when we were at the national photo show a couple of weeks ago, um people would come and talk to us and then theyd go and buy a drone from one of the retailers and and virtually everybody was buying a mini too. So remember, of course, that even under the new c class markings it doesnt affect the sub to 50s, so thats, a really important message for people to to remember were only talking about exactly the over 250. The sub 250 side of things buy with confidence now, frankly, because its its not going to change, which is which is fantastic, and also we were talking to to a lot of people who had drones over 250, who actually dont want to do anything with them that The the the legacy rules and legs wouldnt allow anyone. Yes, you know even commercial photographers, we were talking to theyre landscape photographers, yes, so theres, nothing that they would need extra to. Actually, i think, i think i think, the the the side of the audience that that i get the feedback from the that are worried about the legacy period. Ending are people that actually keep their drones for a longer period. For for someone, like me, obviously especially youtube channel, i tend to buy anything that comes out for the channel, of course, and im very lucky. Thank you viewers, because you you enable that to happen, um, but its its its one of those situations where some people hang on to their drones a lot longer.

So, of course, they feel like at the moment, with their at cmc theyre able to fly in congested areas, but after 2023 its going to happen, but of course, technology moves on and a lot of that will move on with the technology. So by the end of 2023 i mean were already looking at the mavic um sorry at the beginning of 2023, sorry um were already looking at the mavic 3 um coming out now, and you know good goodness knows what will actually be flying by then. So i think some of it will just from the fact that tech becomes older and falls off and is no longer updated, will look after itself. But if, if we dont see the manufacturers taking up the sea labels, do you think that the caa would consider an extension to legacy or because youre saying you keep things under review its too early to say so? The deadline is there at the moment on the 1st of jan 23 thats set um and again thats the same. I believe for the whole of europe. So um, but yeah i mean, were realistic, so were not going to stop peoples businesses if we, if we, if we can let them carry on um, but that is the deadline at the moment. So excellent but, as i said yeah we keep everything going yeah. No, i, i think, thats a really really positive, um um, a message to have out there frankly that isnt this, you know bureaucratic thing of heres.

The date were not were not going to do anything else, but again were not saying they are either because thats the whole point of a review, of course, as well, so that that is. That is very helpful. Of course, the advantage of all the c marks is, then you have a known product, yes, which enables us to do more, so thats. Why weve said for the c marks you know for the a2, you could have more freedom, because the manufacturer is guaranteed that if it has that stamp, it cant go above that speed exactly it. Has that redundancy it has this. It has that which then enables us to say: okay, weve got the confidence in that drone that weve never had before. To enable you to say you can go and do this, so i think from our perspective, the sea marks actually brings a lot of positives for people to be able to do more, that we dont have at the moment so its worth pushing do you know if Theres any kind of prospect – and this is a specific question – so no issue – if you dont – have the answers at all. But do you know if theres any kind of retroactive plans from the point of view of, for instance, dji about 18 months ago, now put out a um, a blog post on their enterprise blog talking about the fact that there might be the opportunity, or certainly they Felt that their current drones were already at the essa regs for c1c2, and there might be some kind of option to be able to retroactive is retroactive, something which, which, as far as youre aware, is possible under the current regulations, so again keep everything under review.

Its too early to say really, we did have some people come to a photo show going. What about stickers? I could put a sticker on um and and yeah, but you could stick around the problem. Isnt it. Yes exactly. If you want to start to allow it, then where does it start? The whole ebay buy your c2 sticker here exactly and the whole idea of having it printed and marked on that manufacturer is, is it doesnt come off and its kind of there and its the manufacturer, thats declared it and put it on so wed need to look And see how you got that confidence that absolutely you know somebody who wasnt necessarily as informed say a police person stopping or a local authority inspector could have that confidence that somebody hasnt got 20 year old, joan and just put a seat thats right exactly its so And and to me, i i completely get that because it is so important we we cannot. If we muddy the sea classings at all, then it will lose its power one other thing just before i do let you go is um on the changes within the caa. As far as the drone unit now going in under uh, essentially not being a drone unit anymore and everyone which again i i kind of get because why should you have the unmanned unit sort of on the side of the caa? Why not have everybody working on the same things, because it does get very much like weve got here? You do get that advantage of mixing the two disciplines we used to have things like the drone line and the drone team to be able to contact individually.

If a hobbyist wanted to reach out and speak to the ca about something whats, the best way for them to do that, so we, our drone team, still have all the existing contacts that they always had. So you know all the same people are there. Theyve just become a bigger group with their general aviation team, because theres so much that is similar its the same air space theyre flying in its the same issue, especially with the commercial boom thats happening at the moment, its so much more crossover, yeah yeah. So all the same links are there theres our twitter feed as well, which were on nine to five monday to friday. Well, be events well be at exhibitions, so yeah all the same concepts as you are here today. Final thing: yes, if i may, of course a plug um were launching our new drone photo competition in probably about a week and a bit excellent. Some really good prizes, including hopefully theyll, be the winners – will be exhibited in the royal air nautical societys london headquarters, thats cool um, so yeah, which is i mean its not many um. There will be some yeah, some good drone prizes. I can. I can tell you, but the the the live shows and my audience will say the live shows we have which actually just display peoples uh videos, viewer videos are hugely popular because people just like to share and and thats something that would be very cool.

Okay. Well, please do let us know when that happens, because we will certainly publicize that um an awful lot. I think thats a really really positive thing and again its bringing the caa, together with the hobby and professionals there, of course, as well, but its bringing drone users together with the caa and trying to as ive said before, on the channel, trying to show us all. You know youre youre, jonathan im sean, you know you just happen to be ca. Im a drone flyer were all the same people with the same objectives, essentially of keeping the skies as open as possible, so excellent. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you very much.