Inspired lets check it out, look theres, no getting around the fact that, despite this, having pedals its basically an electric motorbike and thats fine but lets call a spade a spade sure i can pedal the bike and it even looks like it has a cute. Little mid drive motor down here by the pedals, but theres, actually a 750 watt continuous rated motor in the rear wheel and then, when you consider that the bike has a massive 35 amp controller and a 52 volt electrical system, youre talking about closer to 1800 peak Watts of power now thats a lot of get up and go in a bike which explains to me why they went with this motorcycle style theme. Theyve got this interesting mini bike frame and i really like the way the batterys been enclosed in the frame as well. Yet its still removable, if you want to charge it off the bike that 52 volt and 20 amp hour battery, is equally massive and should get you well over 30 miles or 50 kilometers of range, even on throttle only riding and probably double that if you want To use a lower power pedal assist setting now this is a very heavy bike at 95 pounds or 43 kilos. So dont expect to pedal all day on low power unless youve got legs of steel, but modest power on pedal assist is definitely doable plus. If you want the highest speeds, youll have to use pedal, assist thats because out of the box, the astro pro is a street legal 20 mile per hour class 2 e bike on throttle.

Only and then you can activate class 3 mode by using pedal, assist to get up to 28 miles an hour or 45 kilometers per hour. You dont have to pedal hard just enough to trip the sensor and let it know the pedals are in fact moving. Then youll fly right up to 28 miles an hour which feels quite fast trust me and on the 20 inch by four and a quarter inch tires. You really get to lean into those turns and experience the motorcycle style handling. Now theres only front suspension here, mind you! So while it feels good up front, you dont want to hit any big potholes with the rear wheel at 28 miles an hour or you could launch yourself from that. Moto style saddle im testing the bike in florida, where we have pretty nice roads since we dont have to deal with all that frost heaving. Yankees have so your mileage may vary if you have rougher roads than me, but on these smooth roads the bike rides super nicely, plus its got some good components to go along with that nice ride. The display is big and bright to make it easily visible. The hydraulic disc brakes are knife, safety nod, plus those turn signals are interesting too. The front turn signals are a little more obvious, but the rear turn signals. Dont stand out too much theyre a nice little addition sure, but id still recommend throwing out a hand signal and not relying on someone seeing your turn signals from behind.

On a bike all told the c stream is a very nice package, but the value of course depends on the price right now its on indiegogo and currently has a price of 1999 bucks. Where that feels pretty fair. There are nice parts, a huge battery and a ton of power. It surely undercuts major companies like super 73, but its also a fairly new company itself that youre taking a risk on so theres some balancing here as well. But enough of me, blabbering on and on id rather hear what you think of the seastrom astro pro in the comment section below thanks for watching everyone. We hope you enjoyed that review of the astro c strum electric bike. If you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe, so you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle.