Chaser mark was first to say first in one of my recent videos and this ones a shout out. So congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101 here and i have a neat review of a neat new drone. This is the new c fly. Faith 2s. An upgrade to the original c5 fly. Faith 2, which i reviewed about a year ago. In fact, here is the original c5 flight – c5 faith – 2., just letting you know that i still got it, so it is a quad cop. I consider this one, a quadcopter 101 keeper. Hopefully this will be a keeper too um. There are uh several minor differences between the two. You know the shape is the same, and they actually look quite a bit the same. However, on the belly of the both of them um, there is some difference in the cooling of the system. In fact, i think they actually might put a fan in here to provide added cooling to this but um. You know thats the original faith, but lets go over real, quick. What the difference is what the main upgrade to this is is that it now has seven kilometer range. The original had five kilometer range uh. This one has seven kilometer range and i hate to say range because youre really not allowed to be flying at seven kilometers. In most countries, folks, but what this does is with improved uh range. What what theyre telling you is the fpv signal from this drone and the control signal to this drone is very strong.

Okay, youll be able to get good fpv video um. You know on your your phone as youre flying it also uh good control of the drone safe control of the drone in like cluttered environments or environments with radio interference. You know in urban areas where theres lots of maybe lots of uh five gigahertz wi, fi interference or 2.4 gigahertz interference, youll be able to fly this drone more or less safely. Okay and ensuring that youve got good uh video feed to your phone um flying in cluttered environments, okay, thats the way i want you to look at this dont. Look at this type of drum saying, oh boy, i can fly seven kilometers! You dont want to do that folks, you can get in big trouble for that. Okay, just let you know right now, but you will have good reception from this drone very good at reception from this drone and im going to go shortly. How theyve done it? You know what what theyve done to improve the reception, but lets go over the drum real, quick um. What we got is its a folding drum as most drones are these days for portability um. It has you know, back and front folding arms that you can extend as such ill show you in the drone within the extended uh mode here um. It is not a lightweight drone folks, i i forgot what the weight is, but its definitely over 250 grams. So you are going to require registering this in most countries, so just giving you a heads up on that folks, um other things about it is brushless motors okay for a durability of this, the drone, especially its motors.

It includes gps glonass system very rapid, lock on on this drone of the gps system, very dependable gps system, and that also gives this drone the capability of return to home and landing on command by pressing a button on the controller on loss of signal. If you fly too far away or fly behind a building somewhere this and lose reception from the controller, this will return to home and land itself and also on low voltage. Thatll itll bring it back. You know, bring itself closer to you and land itself now. Other things about it, i mentioned the seven kilometer range im going to go into that detail a little bit later, but on the belly of this, in addition to the gps system, if we look at the belly, it does have an optical flow sensor. What this does is let the drone enables the drone to hover in place without using the gps. Okay, so say: if you do have bad gps reception and you start getting toilet bowl effect, you can turn off the gps with the controller and switch into optical flow mode, or you can use the optical flow mode to fly the drone indoors. But i would not recommend flying a drone, a brushless motor drone of this size indoors, folks, its just really not safe, okay, just giving you another heads up there too now. Another thing this drone has that a lot of drones do not have these days especially lower end drones.

Is these two ultrasonic sensors now what these do, in addition to the built in barometer inside here is provide altitude hole capability, very steady altitude hold capability, especially when youre near the ground say. You know a few meters above the ground um up to 10 meters im guessing with the ultra ultrasonic sensor. This enables rock steady, hover. Okay, i just reviewed a drone uh two days ago that had just a bare barometric sensor in there, and that thing was bouncing up and down with the wind okay. This should not do that even on windy days um, these ultrasonic sensors should enable the drone to maintain, maintain a very steady hover and im hoping to demonstrate that here shortly when we go flying it now, this is powered by a somewhat large battery folks. This is 11.1 volt, uh three size, no 31 milliamp hour 3100 milliamp per hour battery. That gives us up to 35 minutes of flight time folks, so um thats, you know pretty long flying about pretty large battery to provide relatively long flight of this particular drone. Now this battery is charged through its own charger, youre, going to need to use this charger with the battery and it slides in like so. You get a little red blinking light here when its charging it is powered. This charger is powered through a micro, usb port im, trying to see if its so focused a little better right there, and you were provided with the micro usb cable to charge this.

But since this battery is so large, you know this 3s battery 3100 milliamp hour. You are definitely going to want to use a wall charger to charge this a good wall, charger id, say a 2 amp wall charger at minimum to charge this in a reasonable amount of time. Do not attempt to charge this battery through that micro, usb port. On your computer youll be waiting days folks, so you know: computer usb ports do not have high high power output, most of them dont. So um again, if you want to charge us a reasonable amount of time, use a good wall charger. You know a good phone wall charger with the drone when you do such folks, so save yourself, some hassle, okay, um charger wall charging. Now a big thing about this particular drone is: it does have a three axis: gimbal, okay, so we got stabilization up done stabilization right, left, roll and also stabilization and yaw so uh. This should provide very, very steady, video im, hoping to demonstrate that when we go flying but very steady video with this three axis gimbal, i was really impressed with the c fly 2. The original two. So hopefully this one will be uh also provide, say well get video as stable as the c fly 2.. Now about that video, it is that true, 4k sensor, okay, um. This provides video 4k video and, when i say 4k im saying 3840 by 2160 pixels at 30 frames per second, you can also adjust that if you dont want to record in 4k, it also records in 2.

7 k at 30 frames per second and also a 1080p At 60 frames per second now that last one 1080p is 60 frames per second, is my my favorite. I usually record in that, and i plan to record that when we go flying this most of the flight will be in 1080p at 60 frames per second ill. Do a short demo, though of 4k, because i know there are some people who are going to want to see the raw 4k from this and ill upload that separately, the 4k video just to show you those that really want to see the 4k from this on Youtube ill upload that separately for them. Okay, now that video is recorded to an sd card, of course, um thats. Another thing i just i was reviewing a three axis: gimbal drone the other day that did not have sd card recording, put up with that. You know, but this one does okay, but since were recording in 4k heres, where the sd card goes um since were recording 4k. I strongly recommend you get a good card for this. Okay get at least a u1 card, but i recommend a u3. If you can, if youre intending to record in 4k video the reason being um, you know this. This is very taxing on a card. Okay, theres gon na be a lot of data being spewed onto that card in a very short amount of time. You want a card with a very good write, speed again, i recommend a u3 if you can get one, but a u1 should also work in this.

In fact, im im gon na fly with you one to show you what how the u1 does work with this particular drone. So keep that in mind folks get a good card for this. Now you can use 32 gigabyte 228 gigabyte. This you can also use either fat32 or exfat card, so theres no issue with cards there. You can use whatever card you want, but again i strongly recommend at least you one, which is class 10, in other words, okay class 10 card. Is you one card? Usually? Okay, um other things about it. This can also take photos and it takes very nice photos at least the see flight 2 did. It should do the same and various it has like five different resolutions. Uh, its like uh 5120 by 3840, is the highest and it goes all the way down to 3840 by 2160 pixel photos. With that in mind, you can also adjust the exposure, the white balance for the video and photos, the iso, the field of view, the it has special scene modes and also special effects modes, and these are all available through the c flight 2 app for this particular Drone and well talk about the c flight 2 here shortly. Okay, um lets talk about the controller. This is the big upgrade to this particular drone. What the biggest upgrade to this drone is, through the the controller folks notice, these cables on the ground here that i have down here.

These are on the go cables, theyre called otg on the go um. What they do folks is provide a connection from your phone to the controller and then from the controller theres a relay thats sent directly to the drone for the for the control of the drone im. Sorry, the drones over there, along with the fpv video, coming back from the drone going through the control through the relay and into your phone okay, the original c flight 2. The way that worked was youd use your phone connect to the controller using wi fi five gigahertz wi fi um before that relay, would go out to the drone um. The thing about that is theres. There is some interference: okay on five gigahertz between your phone and the controller and that reduced the range. The potential range from the controller down to five kilometers, but now that were not using wi fi anymore theres, no wi, fi um theres, no interference between the controller and your phone, and you get this squeaks out that extra two kilometers distance. That theyre, claiming for this thats how theyre doing it now theres some other advantages to using the onago cable instead of wi fi first off is um the other one used. The original c5 place used that 802.11 ac wi fi. Again, not everybody has that type of wi fi on their phone, so a lot of people were getting their their drone and complaining hey. I cant connect my phone to the controller and use this drone, but now thats not a problem.

Okay, you can use most phones. Now, depending on uh the operating system, you got there, you want to have more uh more recent operating system. I think uh. I forgot what the minimum operating system is, that theyre theyre tilting right now for the faith too, but um again, you you dont, have to worry about 80 2.11 ac wi fi with this since were connecting through on the go cables. Another advantage of that is a lot of phones when you use that wi fi youd lose the data signal to your phone, and what that would uh incur is that youd lose Music map information if you want to do waypoint flying okay, this is not a problem. Now now your data system will still connect at the same time, while youre connected to this controller, so youll be able to easily get that map data for your phone to use waypoints. So you know that should be shouldnt, be an issue no longer either. So, okay lets go over some of the buttons on this controller. Uh first off lets talk about these antennas again. Both of these antennas are real, so you are going to want to keep them, especially if youre flying distance or flying in a rough environment keep the flat port, or the antennas pointed toward the drone for best reception. Do not point the tips of the antennas at the drone that gives you the worst of the perception folks you want to have.

Have them fully, extend it up and down like that and point it in the general direction. The flat portion pointed in the general direction of the drone okay lets go over the buttons we have a micro, usb port on the top and on the side the one on the top can be used for charging. Along with the side. I think i charge it through the side also, but this one on the side is mainly for connecting your on the go cable into the controller like so, and then you take this other side and plug it into your phone. You know put your phone here and then plug it into your phone and it would be connected automatically to the controller now theres three different uh types of cables we got here. We have one for type uh, this ones for apple phones. You know ios phones, and this one here is a micro usb. Oh no, this ones type c type c connector, and this one is for micro usb. So we have three different styles micro, usb type c and for apple iphones. So now lets go back to the controller itself. Lets go over the buttons on this. It does have a scroll wheel for raising and lowering the gimbal. You know pitch it up and pitch it down and also, if you press this function button at the same time, while operating the scroll wheel, it will have electronic zoom of the camera, so you can zoom in or zoom out on objects on the ground.

This button here is for taking a photo, and this button here is for starting and stopping video, always remember. Stop video after you land or before you turn off the drone, or you will lose the video from the drone that that is true for most drones. Folks, other buttons on this is your power button right here for turning on the controller, it does have automatic takeoff and automatic landing by pressing this button here, and it does have return to home and landing by pressing this button here. And finally, this button here is for turning on or turning sport mode on which means turning gps off or turning gps on to the left and turning sport mode off by sliding it to the left. So that is the controller i forgot to mention. The controller has its own built in battery, so you can recharge this um after it charges using a micro, usb cable to charge the controller. Now this uses the c52 app, and this is a c52 app available in google play and itunes um. When i originally did the original review of the cfl 2, there were some issues with that app. Some of the features did not work im, hoping by now that theyve updated that app to to include those features, particularly for the android version. But this has a lot of neat uh functions that this can do. In addition to the fpv video that were going to see through that, you know, theres circle fly theres, several different versions of circle fly, theres rocket mode, theres, uh, up and away mode and ill demonstrate them all and well go through each one of them.

When we go flying, but that app is, is pretty interesting, i hope its again been updated, since i last flew it and actually ive looked at it. I looked at the new version of it. It looks entirely different, so it actually operates entirely from the other one. So im hoping they did fix it lets go over what you get in the box. You get the drone. Of course, uh you get a quick start guide along with safety guide. The actual manual for this is not available yet, but its going to be available through electronic downloads, so you can download a pdf version of it so that you can view it from cfly. You get the charger and its charging cable. You get the controller. You get. Three on the go: cables: otg cables: you get a a cover for your gimbal to protect your gimbal and you get a spare set of propellers and a tool to change those colors. So that again is the c flat. 2S again, the main upgrade is now we got seven kilometer range, and now we dont have to worry about 802.11 ac, wi fi, you know just connect your phone directly to the controller, and this should be extra strong, fpv video coming from this drone, along with increased Control range to the drone too, so lets take this out in the field now see how it flies so hope you enjoy this flight good morning. Quadcopter 101, here welcome to a beautiful day here here at pleasant ridge park for the flight of the faith.

Sea fly faith. 2S. Now i got ta apologize folks theres some construction going on over here, theyre expanding the parking lot for the area, so there is going to be some noise in the background. So again i apologize for that. Okay to get this started. First off. We got ta need. We need to turn on the controller which i just did now controller is started, and then we need to turn on the quadcopter now im gon na put it on a flat level surface before turning it on. Like so and then, im gon na do a short press and then long press until i hear the escs chirping, so that should be connected there and – and i think we are connected to the controller now. All i need to do now is just open up the app i dont need to go and connect to wi fi folks, the reason being we got this on the go cable now so no need to connect the wi fi so hold on. While i open up the app okay, this is the cfly2s app available in google play and for apple on the play store um. I have to note that as soon as i opened this up, it didnt update right here, while we were out here in the middle of the field, so it updated the software. So this is this should be the latest version of software on the drone. Okay, but the first thing we need to do before takeoff is lets go into the settings and i want to go through the settings real, quick, okay right now, i got beginner mode turned off.

Uh switch to horizontal screen, no height limit im going to keep it at 120 meters, uh height i dont, want to go above 120 meters and return to home setting were going to keep that at 30 meters, too dynamic return to home point now. This is interesting. Folks, if i click on that, the return to home will change to wherever my phone is at. If i hit that update button um, that comes in handy, if youre out and about and youre flying around and youre youre following your drone, say in a boat or or on a tv vehicle, and you want it to come back to you instead of where you Originally took off, you hit that update button and it will come back to you now. We need to do the compass calibration. Okay, im gon na hit the compass calibration right. The button right now calibration start. Please keep level rotation there. We go now its. Let me do it so level rotation this way and let me keep it away from this and then nose down level rotation. Oh the head of the drone upward upward upward im. Sorry, folks, thats. Why it failed. You got to keep the nose up, keep the head of the no drone upward and rotate again im doing that and calibration success, so thats what i was doing wrong folks. I i put it nose down this one likes to be nose up during calibration, so just letting you know, okay lets come out of that, and also i want to go through some of the uh settings for the camera.

Okay, right now were in 1080p 60 frames per second im, going to start off, flying with 60 frames per second 1080p im going to do a demonstration flight in 4k a little bit later, but lets go through some of the other things we have here in the Settings we have exposure white balance, we got a video water bark which is off. I dont want that a photo watermark off photo resolution shows the available different settings for photo resolution. Iso settings are on auto video field of view, is wide im going to leave it wide and scene mode is normal and effect mode is also normal. So um lets see iso video watermark white balance. I want to set for sunny day because theres, not a cloud in the sky today, folks so sunny day has been selected, so that should be the camera settings were going to use were all good there. So i think we are good to take off actually so before we take off. Lets start the video recording by pressing the video recording button and it has started, recording and lets do automatic takeoff by pressing and holding the automatic takeoff been refreshed button pay attention to the position of the return point and there we go and how many satellites do We got does that say: 21 satellites, wow thats, the most ive ever seen in a drug okay lets see how steady it doing a good job. Actually folks winds, hitting it theres a breeze but its maintaining that altitude pretty well and here comes not more wind.

Okay, so, okay, let me get in front of the camera, now see what type of lag we got here. 1001 theres about a half second lag im seeing in the video so were good. There, though, were good to go well lets. Take it up and out and see how it fly so going up going outbound and upward wow thats a fast drone thats, a very fast room. Okay, i want to leave it about that altitude there and heading outbound a little bit more and right there. I want to put my glasses on folks. What did i hit? I hit that function. Button thats, okay, okay, glass is on, so i can see it better in the sky and let me lower the gimbal a little bit which way its lowered there. We go not that low okay, we can go a little bit further out im pushing forward, and i want to see how its actually smooth very smooth okay from there lets do a slow rotate toward my position. Slow it down a little bit more toward me until we see me in the distance here im right about there and can i raise the gimbal up a little bit, which way is up. I always get this wrong. There we go and now im going to hold the function button down and see. If i can do that electronic zoom there we go there. I am too much lets come out a little bit, but there i am on the ground folks.

Can you see me im waving at you, lets see how steady that is from that point there well not too bad, especially with the zoom in now lets zoom back out again the wrong way. You zoom out zoom out zoom out zoom out to normal okay. So from that, at that point there i want to just hold it there and see how steady the image is. Okay, i see it in the sky there and from that point, lets slide to the left im going to slide the drone to the left sliding to the left sliding to the left to that end of the field and stopping it there see how stable it is. Lets rotate to the right a bit rotating slowly to the right and showing the whole field, so it actually is pretty dire. Steady on my well im seeing a little bit of drift there. Okay from that point there i want to do the return to home and landing so 1080p return to human landing, pressing the return to home button lets see if it does anything safe flight, gps position mode lets, press it again. Okay, didnt do anything there lets try. It with the app hitting return to home with the app and hitting ok rth is running okay. Here it comes there right, so i had to activate it through the app uh. I pressed the return to home button on the controller it beeped, but did not return to home, but lets see how close this return to home is coming back.

Coming back what a beautiful day, though ill tell you folks, overhead, let me back up a little and im going to stop the return to home before it touches down on the ground, were going to keep it in the air, but lets see how it comes down. Im gon na try to stop it with this function. Button. Okay, one thing i forgot to mention folks: theres, you know the return to home button theres a pause button also. So if you hold that its supposed to pause whatever youre doing im holding it down, no, oh there we go. I did a quick press of the return home and that pause it, but that pause button did not work on stopping the return to home. I was holding it down. I had to do a quick press and that stopped the return to home. Okay. So let me stop the video recording then get back in the picture again one more time and go up a bit higher. I forgot to say folks: let me link up the camera say hi. Do you like my shirt today, folks, i forgot to mention that okay thats my shirt for today so okay, this time im going to stop video recording im. Sorry, because i want to go back into the menus again: Music or im: sorry camera menus. Can you do that, while were in here please stop, recording and then try again. No, its not drone is recording, please, okay.

What im gon na do folks is land it. I got a feeling. I need to land it to change the settings so lets bring it back a little and bring it down back over the pad and automatic landing there. We go. Okay lets see if i can adjust the camera settings here, stopping the video recording camera settings yeah. So you have to be on the ground to change these settings right now, im going to select uh. What i want to do is go to 4k mode and 4k at 30 frames per second now i am going to include this with the video but its going to be downgraded to 1080p, but im going to upload this 4k video separately folks, so that you can View it separately without any editing without any compression from me. Itll be youtube compression, but not not from me. So okay were in 4k mode, so were should be good to go again. Stopping that and lets start the camera one more time its camera recording camera is recording automatic takeoff pressing the automatic takeoff button. The return point has been refreshed. Please pay attention to the position of the return point and this time let me get in the camera again. One more time: stick it up, but one more time this time im just going to go straight up and then do a rotation around the field to show the area or a uh yaw turn around the field to show the area so well go up to about 30 meters, or so until we see lake erie.

Let me take my glasses off too, so i can see lake erie or you cant see the screen. I have to take my glasses off folks because my eyes arent, very good, but lets go up to about 30 meters 10 about 9, 10, 12, 15, 19 20. went up to about 30.. There we go and theres lake erie beautiful lake area off in the distance lets go up a little bit higher. In fact, lets go up to 40 for today up to 40 meters about right there. Okay from that point, there lets do a slow, rotate up around the area to show the camera thats its camera folks thats the area around the field on this beautiful day, great day to be flying just showing the camera and im going to rotate until we get Down to pointing toward lake erie again and im going to push forward were going to come back down by flying a corkscrew pattern back to the ground. I like to do that. That way, you dont get into any vortex rig state or bubbling, but here we go forward and reducing throttle at the same time. This is a fast drone, very fast drone indeed, and begin even gps mode coming down and its flying is that flying sideways im not doing that it was wasnt it pushing forward, because i was giving it im just going to give it forward push. Now i was giving it a little bit of bank angle at the same time, you dont want to do that with this drone.

Obviously you dont need to do it with this drone. Just give it push it forward. Itll figure it out that needs to bank im. Seeing that right now, okay, coming back down and rotating back toward me, okay, so far so good! That was 4k. Let me stop that video recording were going to need to land again, because i want to switch it back to 1080p at 60 frames per second. So lets put it back over the pad see if i can get it to auto land on the pad again holding the button down there. We go and ill land on darn thats nice. It does a nice stable landing most of the times my drones, bounce off and land in the field somewhere. Okay, this time were going to switch back to 1080p at 60 frames per second, and there we go cameras been switched, lets uh. Do it to automatic take off again because Music and while were here, i just want to show you some pictures. Well, do some pictures first coming down a bit, so you can see my nice shirt and say theres, one picture yeah, one more Music and one more! Okay, three pictures and capture success: okay, switching back to uh video mode by pressing the video record button and also getting the picture syncing up the cameras. Again. I do this folks so that my lips are moving in sequence when on the camera, for that okay lets try.

These advanced uh features like follow me lets, go up a bit higher first first and moving out a bit now see that controller in the lower left corner of the screen. Click on that the drone is recording. Please stop. Okay, stop recording click on that and we then click on follow me, which im going to do now and operate next focus on the target. Okay, is this uh optical follow me? I think this is optical. Follow me, so let me get in the picture then. I am the target and then hit start follow me is activated. Okay lets see it follow man its flying itself around lets see it follow thats going over me, so im gon na lower the gimbal lets yeah. Now you know i should have probably let me stop following me. Okay, what i should do is um stop the recording. Also. I should move out about 30 meters folks. Most of these follow me that work require you to be at least 20 to 30 meters away at next. Now the target is not in view. Let me theres the target, which is me. Let me get in there: okay, um, raising it up a bit, raising the gimbal up a bit there and then hit start okay. Follow me activate it track mode and recording again lets see. If follow im watching what type of follow me do we got track mode? It appears to be hobson style ill follow.

Although im not i dont know there. I am hobson style where it stays at a specific point or compass point from you in this case its in the south east from me, and then follows you from that. So yeah thats, all right. I, like i, like cups and stuff all of these lets, walk toward it see if it figures out im walking toward it there we go figured it out so so that is follow me so coming out of follow me and uh bringing it forward toward me. Lots of beeping going on here im not sure what but lets push. Oh, we got to come out and follow me. I got to stop that and recording a stop, pushing forward, bringing it closer because next were going to try some of the other features of this. Coming down a little bit lower, okay and now lets hit that function again and which lets try waypoint flying next now, wait. Wait were playing with that together were in gps mode, make sure no obstacle is in the way. Okay lets see if we get the map comes up, as it should wait. Points must not exceed 100 meters takeoff point okay, lets center on our position and hitting waypoints, and i want to be in satellite view: okay, well, im in waypoint mode and nothing seems to be happening there. So uh seems to be an issue with playpoints right now. So im going to stop waypoint mode, sorry, but that one did not seem to work properly on with the android app okay, so lets go select another one uh rocket lets get underneath going up a bit higher too lowering the gimbal all the way.

All the way back and hitting rocket and its going to go 14 meters up focus on the target, then clicks yeah were going to start hit, start and theres a rocket mode hello. What up and there we are 14 meters, so thats rocket and it didnt record. Okay, reducing throttle coming back on coming back on quickly back in position again and raising that gimbal back up again until you see me, okay, special functions lets do a dronie dronie and next and record focus on the target, and then click start is that supposed to Start recording automatically lets bring it back in again. Lets try that one more time i think its supposed to do it automatically so bringing it back in again and hitting lets. Do that dronie again, i like dronies, i normally do these manually lets go uh 14 meters. Then hit next and we are the target, hit start start yeah. It automatically starts recording, so you dont need to do that. Folks. I did not know that im, sorry, so bringing it back in coming back down again lowering throttle. Okay next thing! Well, try is helix. Next or the target hit start and recording has started, but the helix appears to be going around Music wheres it going around this area so raising the gibble up a bit. Oh, you cant raise the gimbal up, so its got the gimbal set. So the point that its rotating appears to be right about here in the helix – and we can stop that helix now so thats, the helix mode press switch to do this press switch to position mode to do this.

Lets hit function. Stop there we go so im not function stop, but what i did folks was wheres it doing its still. Circling pause and im gon na hit return to home, okay to break out of that didnt want to break out of it. For some reason – and here it comes back down again and were going to stop return to home right there pushing forward to bring it back toward me and going on to the next function of this drone. Let me turn it a bit over here, so the suns, not in my eye like it, was there okay, so that was helix. I had to hit return to home to break out of helix lets. Try boomerang hit next focus on the target. Where is the target here? I am and then hit start and theres boomerang mode and im gon na move over here, because it looks like that. Boomerang mode thinks im here, so its a rotate that goes in an oval oval shape around me is boomerang mode cool, but lets come out of that hitting. Can i pause it with the pause button? There we go when you hit that pause button it climbs. It goes into return to home mode thats what its doing press it again come on. Return to home, come back down here, thats, why its climbing folks, so that pause button on this does not seem to be operating properly right now. There theyll have to update the uh firmware for that because im pressing it and its not stopping the feature and holding down the pause button.

Okay, so raising the gimbal up again coming down lower syncing up the cameras and going back into special modes with the circle. Visual follow lets, try that coming soon, how about panorama mode coming soon, so visual mode panorama mode not in yet so overall, its also noted were getting a little low on battery power, so im gon na stop the special features right now and discuss this right now. Quick quick discussion so far, so good um, let me get it up um, it seems to work uh. The issue being excuse me folks, um this pause button uh did not stop the special features. Um and you know i id hold it down. You hear it beep, but um it wouldnt stop. You know circle mode and the other things like that. Okay, we havent tried uh the optical flow, yet im gon na turn off uh the gps. Let me also start video recording again start video recording. It were gon na turn off the gps right now and then were gon na fly around in sport mode lets see first, if the optical flow system is working when i turn it off currently in s mode: okay, no, its still in gps mode youre in sport Mode, its just that the gimbal is going to be affected, are we recording making sure were recording were in sport mode now lets just fly around sport mode. Real quick, Music, okay were low battery fires, so going back to off and does this actually land itself on low battery power? Im not going to be able to do much with sport mode folks because were low battery already so were coming getting low in battery.

But i want to see: does it actually land itself or does it um? Does it just land, wherever its at on low battery, so im coming down, were real low battery power right now, syncing it up sticking up the cameras, so we demonstrated most of the features of this im, not sure why that mode did not work. You know go back to bat mode, no waypoint! You know, oh now, its working okay now its working. Why is that? But its not centering on my position or on the drones position im trying to center it on the drones position, its not doing it or on my position, as you can see here. So you know the map mode has some work that needs to be fixed with the app um. It wont set around my position. I dont know why go back up a bit so, okay, so again, the big features of this is now we got on the go. Cable um that should help prevent uh. You know wi fi lag als. It reduces well im seeing about a half second lag here, so theres still a little bit of lag, but not a lot and also um itll help prevent lots of wi fi signal while were out flying about since were not using any wi fi again. The way this works is the drones transmitting a signal to the controller, and then that signal gets con sent to the phone via this on the go cable instead of wi fi, so thats thats, a big update from the previous two rests so whats our battery power Right now, whens it going to land the current power is less than 10 percent, and does it drop or do what im waiting for to do something here so im sticking it up again lets turn it toward me here.

Does it fly back this position or what well find out so? Okay did i try all the features? I think i did try all the features. Again. I demonstrated whats in the camera setting uh you cant get in there when its flying, but uh it does have a lot of settings for the camera feature. So we should have really good video from this drone. So, okay were still flying. It says were down to nine percent. Eight percent wait for any attention. The aircraft will return in eight seconds there heres what it does folks, its alert against its gon na go back home because im getting low on battery power, so im gon na go home, Music and there it is low battery return to home cool its a true Return to home on low battery some some drones just land wherever theyre at this one actually does a return to home on low battery. So thats good, coming back down coming back down, lets see how close its landing is. I got ta, let it land now cause its. The battery lets see how close the return to home and landing is wow Laughter, thats, thats, good thats, really good. In my opinion, its too low. Please pay attention. Okay, stopping recording always remember to stop your recording folks before you turn off that drone, your drone or you will lose the recording. So what are my thoughts on this? This is a very capable little drum.

Not little but very capable drum um should be, should be a popular one. Im thinking so hope you enjoyed this flight of the seafly 2s. Let me turn it around the other way, oh its too dark over here. On my face. This is quadcopter 101 quadcopter 101. Signing out hi quadcopter101 here again, hey if you want to get your own shout out in one of my future videos make sure you subscribe to my channel its real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click That bell button right next to the subscribe button. That way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.