It’S been a little while, since i’ve posted any new videos, but today i thought we would put another one in um and we’ll be focusing on the sea fly faith pro 2 drone, and actually this is going to be a new one. For me, because i’m going to do take some drone shot shots of some surfing. So we haven’t done that before so, but before we go in and show you the surf and what i did um it’s going to take a bit of practice. But before i show you what i did, um i’ll just give you a bit of a rundown on the on the drone itself. I’Ll just show you a few things it’s an amazingly easy drone to fly. I absolutely love it and i highly recommend it and i’m. Not sponsored or anything like that – and i recommend this drone to my friends and there’s – a good intermediate drone before this and going up to a dji, mavic 2, or something like that. This is, i think this is a brilliant drone for the price around 600 australian dollars, um, maybe less if you shop around there’s a an online site called rc going is where i got mine from, and they were absolutely fantastic and i highly recommend dealing with them. But without waiting let’s get in and have a look at the drone very quickly, just some basic features and then we’ll slip down to a local surf spot, see you soon well, here we are and um just opening up the box that the drone, the c5 fake Pro 2 comes in very simple, very small, very compact, undoing the strap um simply pulling out the this.

The faith ii, very you know, fits in my hand very light, very easy to open up the arms for the rotors top ones. First, then, the bottom ones and that’s really it very, very simple: all the sensors are on the bottom that there is the camera cover that you need to take off when you place that down there, when you first turn it on you need it there for 30 Seconds to let it calibrate when that’s done, the drone is basically ready to fly battery. That is the battery charger. The battery there, which will last for approximately they say 31 minutes and i’ve, proven that to be the case that will slide onto the charger down there. That and you’ll have your usb cable and you’ll simply plug that in to one end of the charger and the other end into the adapter on your wall socket and that will charge up now. Just be aware, it is a very slow charger. It takes quite a lot of hours to charge up, but it’s worth it. I ordered mine with two batteries and i would definitely recommend two possibly three: the controller very small, very compact, very simple: to use there’s the um, the antennas um. You need to place them up in that position as they just shown you, and then you attach your smartphone, whether that be an android or an iphone. I use an android, it works perfectly. You can see things stretch to hold your phone and basically once your phone’s on there and you turn it on um.

It will connect wirelessly, basically it’s ready to go. You do have some knobs, you can screw on and screw off. So if they break you can get new knobs, which is a handy feature. I’Ve had one previously that didn’t have that feature, and it was a i never having a get a whole new controller but it’s a brilliant one. Obviously, a little switch there for taking photographs and on the other side for taking videos when you’re in the sky. You can also use the app as well but um, very simple. You want to turn it on a little button on the left there, gps mode or non gps mode and that’s, really it um that’s everything that comes in the bag. Very simple, very easy to use very user friendly and the good thing is. You do not need to calibrate this out of the box, you can take it out, turn it on. Let it connect to each other and there’s no need for calibration or turning around. You can just wait for it to get the gps satellites and then once you’ve got the gps satellites, you can simply fire up and she will take off. It is so easy. It is so quick, it’s, absolutely brilliant um the battery just slides in the back. Simply like that press one button and it will tell you the battery charge, there’s five lights and obviously one is low charge and five is fully charged anyway.

Let’S go for a surf Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. So, Music, Music, Music, me Music, oh Applause, Music, Music, first, Music, so Music, so um, Music, Music, Music, Music, uh, Music, Music, Music up. You can have Music, Music, few Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, so Music, Applause, Music, so Music Applause, Music, Music, Applause, Music. There. We go guys. I hope you enjoyed that little video, the next video i will do i’ll focus on the app and the features and the settings in the app which is quite comprehensive for a drone of this value. So i look forward to next time, if you like what you see subscribe and i’ll try to keep some fun sporty type vlogs going so enjoy yourselves.