This is Marcos Clius guys today, here on the channel, we are starting another series of drone review videos that Im sure youll like Im talking about Drone C FLY, FAITH 2 top little drone for beginners and it has been gaining prominence. Not only for the price but by the qualities that are employed in it and speaking more it resembles a DJI drone. A lot do you want to know more details about this Drone, So stay tuned, because, right after the vignette, we will bring here all the details about this Drone model C Fly. Faith. 2. Well folks, as I said at the beginning of the video, this Drone is a drone that stands out a lot because it resembles a DJI drone and throughout the videos. You will see that this Drone has a lot of quality and among these qualities. There are some points that we need to highlight and that you will now see. The first point to be highlighted in this Drone is the issue of price., The starting price of it costs on average 320, which is a starting price, or is the price with a battery? Ok, moreover, the C Fly. Faith 2 is a fully collapsible drone. In other words, it is a portable drone that will help a lot in the transport. It is very interesting. You dont need to have a big one that offers difficulty. It simply fits in a small CASE. You can take it anywhere without having to keep squeezing in Spaces .

.. anyway right its a portable drone talking a little bit about design. This Drone, the manufacturer c fly made this model available in four colors black white orange and blue. As you can see, it has a very interesting finish and vibrant colors, which makes the Drone even more beautiful. The drone C Fly. Faith 2 also stands out for the flight modes that you can do with this Drone, such as Follow me mode orbit mode and waypoint mode, which is also quite interesting.. Talking a little bit about technical specifications about this Drone …. This Drone has GPS makes fpv has three axis gimbal that help in stabilizing the images. In addition, it has ultrasound sensors that help in positioning this Drone and more. It has a 128gb card slot for you to store both video and photo images. talking a little bit about the camera of this Drone …. This Drone is equipped with a 4K camera that records videos at 30 frames per second and takes photos in 5K thats right. It takes pictures in five here at a quality of 20 megapixels. In addition, it also makes video recording at 60 megabits per second, which increases even more the video quality of this Drone. In relation to the photo sensor of this Drone, the C Fly Faith 2. It is equipped with 13 Sony sensor. 6 inches, which further increases the camera quality of the Drone. That is going to provide you a good angle on capturing their images with respect to flight autonomy of this Drone, he also has been highlighted by minutagem.

Other words is a drone that can handle, according to manufacturer 35 minutes of flight in normal wind conditions. That is, there is plenty of time there for you to make your flights very interesting right Now. Long distance relationship is a drone …, so he goes away. He will go high at a height of 120 meters and will also a 5km away Thats right 5 km that this little Drone goes, but the fpv images are limited to kilometers away. That is up to 3 km away. You have fpv image, but it says it goes at a distance of 5 km when you have this difference. This means that the quality signal is an interesting quality. Talking a little more about the quality of this Drone C Fly. Faith 2 is equipped with brushless motors ie will increase flight performance in the matter of stability and, in addition, will help greatly in resistance to winds ie. In matters where the wind is approximately 25 km per hour, it will have a very interesting performance. and since we talked about the technical specifications of this Drone, what are we now to know about everything that comes inside this Drone box? So lets go on this Bora la make. The is of a boxing of this Drone.. Well guys talking a little bit about an unboxing of this Drone. It comes here in this Box on the side. You can confirm here some specifications that what comes inside this box is fine.

In addition, here, it comes with some instructions here, also on this side here saying what the drone does, what the drone doesnt do, what we already said that at the beginning of this video, its ok And after that, taking it out of the box there, it comes Here inside this case, which is a very padded case here – is a very small suitcase interesting with finishing here, its like a nylon, its like a waterproof nylon, very interesting, look for you to put a strap here. It comes with a strap inside here, for you to use as the lap strap save is what you want here for documents … anyway right now, looking at the inside of this case, we will find here not only the drone, but the accessories that compose it. Ok, first of all People note here that it comes with this compartment here, which is where the instruction manuals for this Drone are ok. It comes with a manual here with safety guide information and here the manual itself, ok with all the instructions of this Drone. Okay, now giving continuity that more deeply we can observe here. Let me remove the drone right away. … right, the Drone Its this one ec fly faith 2 models Fully portable folding drone very interesting with a very good quality right Oops lets fold here it has a very interesting quality with finishing, also the rest interesting look. The propellers are sometimes bi partite right here.

In front it comes with gimbal protector, okay, that this is very important. You are transporting your Drone with or Gimbal protector. Also, it is equipped, as I already said, that the beginning of the video with a three axis camera is very interesting, a 4K camera. Is it also has memory card slot here it comes equipped with a memory card slot a lot of showmanship back here and its battery speaking of battery. This one is a 11.4 volt 3S battery of 3100 milliamps, that is, it will provide you with 35 minutes of flight, as we talked about at the beginning of this video, ok and put the Drone aside and now guys lets see here, the other accessories that make Up this Drone, ok, the radio – let me get the radio here for you to see. radio. Ok, it comes with removable sticks. Ok, so you can remove and store the radio inside your case without the sticks. So there is no danger of forcing the sticks here right. In addition, it also comes with this part here, so you can put your smartphone when making the fpv. Oh you fit your smartphone here. Ok, the antennas you say fold it here like this look and these antennas that are really antennas are not decorations, So you have to unfold them when you use it. Ok return to home button on off button automatic, take off button. A little pause button here to paralyze drone operations well talk later a little button here to turn GPS on and off ie a tip I never give here put in a drone in the off position, always use the drone in the GPS position.

Ok, the interesting thing here about this Drone is that it doesnt need batteries or a fully chargeable radio. You can charge it on the USB port. Video button photo button, theres even a radiobutton here, that is, for gimbal control, …. Ok, then, these are the details of the radio. Now that weve talked about the radio lets talk a little bit about the model. It came this model here it came with two batteries. Okay, three is actually one in the drone and two spares or so fly more. Okay, Good, I chose it this way, but you have conditions and with one battery its ok And besides, it comes here with a battery charger. A detail here that I didnt like about this Drone is because the battery charger is a unit, just as you are seeing, So you have to charge a battery. Sometimes each battery takes about five hours charging or whether it has a charging hub rights. It I found very bad. I thought they could have done a cargo hub for the three batteries and not that of you have to carry them one at a time. Okay. So this is one of the first points I didnt like about this Drone. Ok is Besides. He also comes here with that strap, so you can put him as the lap strap. Okay, it also comes with a charging cabin. Ok, you just need to stick it on the radio or the battery, and the other end on the USB is that it came here with a spare propeller kit.

. I thought it went well and michuruca they sent just this one of spare propellers. As you can see. Look Im seeing only 2 pairs of propellers lets say so right, so I thought that they sinned a lot in relation to this in the charger part and in the amount of spare propellers that sent very little here right but anyway, thats. Another point that I didnt like this Drone and in addition to the propellers, it also came Heres an Alien key for you to maintain your drone with some spare screws and thats. What came here. Everything inside this box is ok. You can see that this box is a very padded material, meaning its for you transport without risk of damage to your Drone. This is the unboxing of the c fly. Faith 2 Drone. good guys. These were the details about the C Fly. Faith 2 drones very top little drone. Little drone, very showy in the next videos well talk and bring more details about the camera. Lets do the flight performance reviews if it goes high if it goes far lets test fpv In addition, well also test the app in flight modes. Ok guys So just follow me here on the channel. You will know everything about this Drone. Ok guys, if there was any doubt, leave it below in the comments that I will be answering as soon as possible: Activate the Tinkerbell.