Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the cfly faith, 2 drone, and do i guess what we could call a review now i wasn’t really going to do a review on it initially. Usually, when i get a new drone like this, i like to do a first impressions flight. Take it out test some of the features kind of do a first impression later on once i’ve had a good amount of time to use it then i’ll do a review. Now things didn’t quite turn out the way i had hoped this drone actually has quite a few problems with it, so we’re just going to go ahead and do a full review, because i think it’s important for anybody who’s, maybe on the fence and maybe thinking of Purchasing this drone, knowing some of the issues that you may face so let’s just jump right in and take a closer look now to get started. I just want to mention that this drone was sent to me directly by c fly for review, but, like all the reviews i do, it does not influence my review at all. I have no loyalty to any company, except to my subscribers, to make sure i give an honest and accurate review now. The other thing i want to mention, too, before we get going too deep into this review this drone here, the one i have in front of me – could perhaps be a lemon. You know that does happen from time to time, with all the problems that i experienced with it you know, perhaps somebody else will have a different experience, but i only have the one drone, so i can only give my opinion on what i have so to get Started here i was actually pretty excited about this drone when i first seen it – and it was presented to me just for the fact that the price was reasonable when it was first launched.

I believe it was 4.99, but they did drop the price down to 299. I believe and there’s actually, according to the specs there’s, a lot of features of this drone for that price. This is probably one of the few drones on the market where you can get a full set of features such as follow me. Waypoint mission planning and a whole bunch of intelligent flight features. Usually those kind of features are reserved for higher end drones, that cost quite a bit of money, and on top of that, the specs of it were actually pretty good. 35 minutes of flight time 4k. Video 3 axis gimbal and, as mentioned all the intelligent flight modes, now that optimism faded pretty quick. I did fly it a few times there wasn’t really much about this drone that impressed me in fact there’s a few things about it that actually can make it a little bit dangerous, so we’re going to start off with the charger and the battery one kind of Downfall to this drone is that it takes a long time to charge its battery we’re, not talking a few hours we’re talking close to five hours from an empty charge. It’Ll take you almost five hours to charge the battery with the charger. That’S included, it’s. Just a simple usb charger, so it’s not going to charge it super fast now for some people. That could be a good thing, because, theoretically, you could then recharge this drone from a power bank quite easily similar to how you can charge a mavic mini.

But with that said having to wait four and a half hours to charge a battery to get up and flying again, isn’t something i wish they had done something a little bit different there with the charger. Now, when it comes to build quality of the drone itself, it’s not actually too bad it’s a little bit better than i thought it would be for the price. Sometimes those lower cost drones tend to get a little bit plasticky, but there’s some good weight to this drone and the materials i’m. Okay with for the price it’s, definitely not the quality of a mavic 2 pro but again it’s a fraction of the cost. The controller, on the other hand, does feel quite plasticky. It does feel more like a toy, but you know for the most part the sticks feel decent. We have all the basic functions we do need on it. We have a return to home. We have a take off and landing button. We have a button there where we can switch it from gps over to position mode. We have a pause button, a power button on the top here under the antennas you can see, we have a micro, usb port for charging these bottoms arms fold out and that allows you to mount your smartphone when i was flying it. I was mounting my iphone 12 pro max in a case and it fit in there with no problem now. I do have some footage that i will be showing you here on and off throughout this video.

Just from my initial flight that i did take, i’ve actually had this thing up in the air three times. You know i was just making sure that these problems weren’t a one time thing so let’s talk about the first problem that i was experiencing. The way this controller and drone works is that it’s kind of set up like a repeater, so you power on the drone and the controller they connect to one another and the controller itself broadcasts a wi fi signal. So then you take your phone and you connect it wirelessly to the controller, so there’s, no physical connection from the phone to the controller. I found with that the connection trying to get it initialized the very first time to be hit and miss. Sometimes it would do it the first time right away other times. You would have to restart the controller, restart the drone several times just to get it to connect so i’m. Just going to demonstrate that for you here, we’re going to power on the controller and i’ll power on the drone, as you can see right now, it’s blinking blue, once the controller has made a solid connection to the drone that will start to blink green. So, as you can see there, the light is now green, so that means the drone is now connected to the controller now for just demonstrating here, i’m not going to mount my phone in the controller. But what we have to do here now is go to our wi fi and then we’re going to connect to the controller you can see here, it’s listed as ground, so we’re going to connect to that.

So now, at this point, we’re going to launch the cfly2 app and you can see here we’re going to get a message that the hardware has been bound successfully. So we did get that. We then do get a message saying connecting, and this is where the problem is sometimes it’s going to connect there. It did connect, it says, start flying, but quite often it doesn’t do that you have to restart the drone and you have to restart the controller, and i mean i’ve done this. I don’t know how many times and it’s kind of hit and miss it’s, almost 50 of the time it won’t connect, and you have to restart it yesterday when i was out flying it took me almost 10 minutes to get it to connect so that’s, not a Big issue it’s not kind of one of the biggest problems of this drone, but you know it can be kind of frustrating, but anyways let’s go in we’re, going to take a look at the app here now now. This is perfect because this is one of the other problems i was having. As you can see here, i have no fpv feed and, as you can see, i’m turning the camera on the drone and it’s not moving so there’s a problem with the connection, even though it says the drone is connected to the controller i can’t. I have no control of the camera and i have no feed so at this point now we have to power everything off again and start the process.

Over again and like i mentioned this isn’t, just something that happens uh periodically, it’s almost every time you go to power it on there’s, some little glitch and it won’t connect. We will launch our cfly2 app. So after about a minute and a half, it finally did connect so let’s see if we can get the fpv view this time and there we go so this time it has connected the app itself is pretty basic there’s, not a lot on. There excuse the fingerprints. You know it’s laid out decently i’m. Not i have no complaints with the way the app is laid out over here. We have our take off and land button. We have a map view and we can switch that over. So we kind of get a compass view. All some of our intelligent flight modes are listed there at the top, but this app does have a few problems, it’s very basic. If we click on the settings up at the top there, you can see there that’s all. We have there’s no camera settings. We can’t adjust any camera settings, which means we can’t even go from 4k down to 1080., we can’t adjust the white balance. We can’t adjust the shutter speed, there’s no ev compensation adjustment, so that can be a big problem, so it’s very basic. They definitely need to do some work on the app two of the biggest problems, and these are the ones that i mentioned could become a little bit dangerous, you’re gon na notice.

At the top. Here we have the battery power of the drone and it doesn’t move. The only way that will update is, if you close, the app, if you can even get it reconnected again or you shut the drones off the next time. You turn it back on it’ll. Give you an accurate reading so, even yesterday, when i was flying around that number, the drone battery level stayed at a hundred percent. You know if you’re a new pilot who’s never flown a drone. You know that could get a little bit confusing and become a little bit dangerous if you’re flying over somewhere and it just happens to drop out of the sky because the battery dies or you get too far and you don’t have enough battery power to get home. So that’s a serious issue, but an even bigger issue is if we start recording and i’m just going to demonstrate that here for you. So i have it in video mode and i’m going to start recording and i’m just going to let it record for a bit. So we can get a bit of a video file, so you can see there i’ve been recording for about a minute now. Hopefully there’s not too many reflections on the screen there, so you can actually see that but watch what happens when i hit stop recording you. Can see here we get this message up in the screen and the app is now frozen.

You can’t do anything, including your. You lose your fpv view. So, if you’re out flying and you stop recording you’re done, you cannot see where you’re going anymore. None of the controls, the return to home, nothing works on the app anymore. The only way to get it to reconnect is to shut the app down, relaunch it and hope that it connects, but usually it won’t reconnect. You have to power the drone and the controller off so you’re. Now up there with a drone, and you don’t have an app anymore now you still have full control of the drone. So as long as you’re not too far away – and you can see where you are – you know that’s not an issue now there is a return to home on the controller, i decided not to try it because the drone was flying a little bit erratically for me. So myself, i just opted to fly it back home and land it manually. So these are some pretty big problems that do need to be addressed, and perhaps some of these issues can be fixed with firmware. Some people may say: well, maybe it’s your memory card. I just want to mention that i’ve tried this on four different memory cards. I initially had a 128 gigabyte card in there, i’ve tried a 64 gigabyte a 32 and i even put a 16 gigabyte a slower card in there. Everything i did. I get the exact same result now.

I also want to mention that the video file is saved to the card, even though it says saving the video and it kind of freezes. If you go into the memory card, you will see that video file there, so it does save the video file to it. Now, as a positive, i must say, the video quality is decent it’s, pretty good for the price of the drone, so there’s no complaint there. The horizon of the drone was pretty level, and that can be a problem sometimes with these lower cost drones, but i was actually pleased there, but there are some serious problems that i think need to be addressed and definitely for 300. There are better options on the market now before i go here, i’m just going to play some clips from yesterday when i was out flying it just so, you can kind of see some of the things that were happening to me. Okay, so we’re going to take our first flight with the sea fly faith 2. it’s a cool day today, but we are within the recommended operating temperature, so we’re just going to go ahead and see how it performs a little bit of a breeze today, not too Overly bad but it’ll be a good test for it to see how it performs in cooler temperatures and how it performs, with a little bit of a breeze, now i’m going to try a compass calibration before i fly. I always like to calibrate the compass, but i have read that it doesn’t always work with this particular drone, so let’s go ahead and we’re going to try it here so i’m pressing the button there and nothing’s happening so yeah.

Now i have lost camera view. What’S going on here, let’s exit the app, so this is kind of the problem that i have had when i was doing some initial tests with it at home. It kind of disconnects it’s kind of finicky, the way it connects to the app. So let me shut this app right down here, shut it right down and we’ll bring it back up, see if that will fix the problem and, as you can see there, it says connecting, but it doesn’t connect. Oh there we go it’s popped up, had to wait. A little bit longer there, so let’s not mess around let’s just get this thing up in the air. We got 13 satellites, so that was kind of interesting and the other thing i’m noticing here i don’t know if you can see that, but it’s telling me the drone has not gone down in battery power, which is no way because i’ve been flying now for about Uh five or a couple minutes there anyways. So this is future sean. Here i recorded the first part of this review yesterday. I woke up this morning and they did actually have some updates for the sea fly app, most notably they’ve added camera settings and they’ve added the ability to adjust the flight speed. So i’ve updated the app and i’m going to go in now and just do a quick test to see if it’s fixed some of the problems some of the connectivity issues and to see if the app still freezes – and i can say that i’ve been working on This now for about half an hour and the connectivity part of it is not any better.

In fact, it’s almost worse so i’ll just show you here: let’s uh go ahead and we’ll power on the controller and we’ll power on the drone, while we’re waiting for this to connect. I’Ll just mention that apparently the android version does run a lot better. I do have a tablet here that i am going to do some testing on uh before we end this video, so we’ll see if that improves some of the problems so connect to ground and now we’ll go and launch the c fly 2 app and, like i Said when you go to connect it it’s kind of hit or miss, sometimes it’ll connect right away other times you sit and wait and it just will never connect. Sometimes, if you wait two minutes it will i’ve been doing this, like i said, i’ve been doing this for about half an hour and so far i’ve only been able to get it to connect once so. I don’t know if you can see by the time up there, i’ve waited about a minute or two and still not connecting so. You know you can try closing the app launching it again, but it just sits in that same connecting position. So, as you can see, there it’s still not connecting so i’m going to power off the drone and the controller again and uh we’ll start the whole process. Again. Like i mentioned, this is an ongoing thing with iphones. I have two different iphones, the one that i’m filming on now and my iphone 12 pro max, and i have the same results for both.

So definitely if you are thinking of purchasing this drone, it’s, probably a good idea. If you have an android device to fly it with you’ll, probably have a better user experience. Anyways it doesn’t look like i’m going to be able to connect i’m going to keep trying this, but i was hoping i could demonstrate it for you here to show you what was happening. The one time i was able to get in there when i went to camera settings everything just locked up, i wasn’t able to change any settings. I had to do a hard reset of the app and since then i haven’t been able to connect again. So i don’t know if they’ve really improved anything with this app update for iphones for android. Like i said it is a little bit more stable, i’ll show you a quick demonstration here in a minute so i’m just going to show you a demonstration on this device. Here this is the triple tech pro probably seen this reviewed by other drone reviewers. I have a review coming for it, uh, probably in the next couple weeks. Next week, anyways, i put the c fly app on it and you’re gon na see here it does work. A lot better, so let’s go ahead and get things powered on so we’re connected there. So let’s go ahead and we’ll launch the c fly 2 app and you can see right away. It comes up start flying so it’s, almost instantaneous with an android device compared to the iphone.

So you can see we can bring up the app with no issue now down here right at the bottom. I don’t know if you can see that there but they’ve added new camera controls, so we can click on that and you can see they’ve added all kinds of things. We can change the video resolution. Finally, so we can go down to 2.7 k. 1080 720.. We can adjust the exposure compensation, we can adjust the white balance. We can put video marks on it, which is kind of interesting for those who like to put a date or time stamp on it. You can do that. We can change the photo resolution. We can adjust the iso and one interesting thing here is you can see that we can actually adjust the field of view and, like i said when i was doing this on the iphone, i was able to get this up, but then it just locked the app But it does seem to be working well on the android device. But one thing to note here on the android device: it’s still not giving a live update of your battery. Unlike the iphone, you can actually record and stop recording and it won’t lock up the app. So you can see here, we’ll record, we can stop recording and it just goes back to normal. So definitely, if you are thinking of purchasing the c fly, drone make sure you have an android device to fly with it.

You’Re not going to have very good results with an iphone. I was trying not to make this review too negative, but even at 300 dollars. You know i do myself expect better we’ll see what they do with firmware updates and definitely i’ll come back and revisit it. Once we’ve had some more updates to see if it’s fixed some of the problems for the iphone now i’m not going to test this drone out with an android device. Honestly, i don’t have a lot of faith in the faith 2 right now and i don’t really feel like it’s a safe drone to fly i’m, not going to take any chances and perhaps have a fly away or a crash. Or you know something gets damaged or injured. I really do hope that the problems do get worked out because realistically for the price, if they can get all these bugs and everything working it’s, not a bad little drone for the price. If things are working the way it sits right now, especially if you’re an iphone user, definitely it’s, not worth the money. I think it’ll cause more frustration than anything. The update that came out was just a app update. I think they need some firmware updates for the drone making a review like this that’s a little bit on the negative side, isn’t something i really like to do, but i have to kind of go by my user experience. I can’t sugarcoat things well, folks, that’s.

Basically it hopefully, you enjoyed this video and got some value out of it. Give it a thumbs up.