So congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a neat new drone. This is the sea fly. Faith 2 drone. Now this is the improvements of the c5 faith 2 over the previous c5 faith. That i’ve reviewed in the past is this. Drone now comes with a 4k camera, true 4k camera also with three axis gimbal and with five kilometer range of both control range and fpv video range. Those are a lot of improvement. Those are pretty big improvements over the previous version now before we uh go further into this. As always, i forget to always show this comes with a carrying case, very nice, carrying case for the drone and its accessories. I just wanted to show you that before we go on okay now i mentioned it. This drone um i haven’t mentioned yet this drone is a folding drone. The idea is for portability with the carrying case, or i guess you could throw also throw this in a backpack if you wish for easy portability. Other things about this drum. It does have brushless motors okay for improved durability and longevity of these motors as compared to a brushed motor drone. It also is a gps drone, of course, with gps glonass for improved accuracy of the gps system. It also has automatic return to home and landing on command, on loss of signal from the drone and also on low voltage. Now i did mention it has five kilometer range, and i and i want to stress that again: five kilometer control and fpv range that’s.

Plenty of range folks um to tell you the truth: that’s more range than most people should be flying. Okay, especially most countries don’t, allow that. But this does have that capability. If you need that type of range in a drone. Additionally, it does have an optical flow system, optical flow sensor, in the belly of the drone that looks directly beneath the drone and using the view that it sees helps to stabilize this position horizontally in space. In addition, it also has two acoustic sensors on the belly right there and there this. In addition with this barometer system, uh air pressure sensor system inside here helps maintain a very steady altitude of the drone, especially when it’s close to the ground, with the altitude hold sensor with these acoustic sensors, which are more or less sonars sensors that bounce the signal Off the ground to help maintain a stable altitude of the drone now one other thing is: this: does have a very large battery let’s, take the battery out of the back here and show you. This is a 11.4 volt believe it or not: 11.4 volt. 3. 100. Milliamp hour battery, this supposedly gives this drone up to 35 minutes of flight time, which is very long flight time now. This battery must be charged with the provided charging port that they give you right here, um it just drone let’s see here the connector’s there and there it slides on like so, and then you plug in a micro, usb cable into the bat into the back here And i strongly recommend that you use a wall charger with at least two amp wall charging power to charge this.

If you try to charge this with micro usb through your computer port uh, it might take days to charge this big battery, because the computer port on most computers, usb port, most computers, is only about 500 milliamps, so use a good wall charger to charge. This particular battery okay let’s, put that battery back inside make sure i line it up um in addition to the battery let’s, see what evan i talked about. Oh, i know what i haven’t talked about three axis gimbal. I mentioned it briefly, but this does have a three axis: gimbal for a very stable uh video um it’s improvement over the previous one. I believe it had only two access, cable, but now again three axes now and i mentioned it – does have true 4k. What i mean by true 4k is its video is 3840 by 2160 pixels uh 4k video at 30 frames per second, that is recorded to an onboard sd card and whereas that sd card right there, the sd card goes right there on the side of the drone. Um now i recommend that, for those of you using this sd card, you will need an sd card that you’re going to need a sd card about 32 to 128 gigabytes in size, but, more importantly, make sure that that card is a u3. Has u3 write speed. Okay, the older class 10 cards they’re just not going to work with this they’re not going to be able to keep up with the right speed of the 4k video from this drone so again make sure that your card that you get for this is u3 has U3 write speed: okay, okay, i mentioned the video uh the photos of this.

It also takes photos of resolution 5120 by 3840 pixels. Those are those are very high resolution photos so that’s. You know this drone is capable of taking very good photos. Now. Let’S talk about the controller. This is a biggie of this particular uh. Drone is its controller uh notice. These antennas are not fake antennas. Okay. Normally we see fake antennas on these. These drones, especially the lower cost drones uh. This one is not lower cost drone because of this, but uh notice there’s wires going up in each one of these uh particular antennas. These are true uh long. You know true antennas that you’re going to want to have extended when you go flying um this. These antennas give this drone the capability of both control range of five kilometer and fpv range of five kilometer, and how does it do that? Well, we one thing we do have real antennas, but additionally, this particular controller has a battery inside the 3.7 volts 2600 milliamp per hour. Let me open this up. Uh that’s a large battery okay, and that is how you know you need that extra power that extra oomph to get that type of control range, particularly the control range uh from this controller. So you know a lot of that. Power is going into the um 2.4 gigahertz uh control signal from this drone to give you that extra range from this controller – another thing about it: this has a wi fi.

The other side of the coin is the wi fi extended range of the wi fi. This has a wi fi, amplifier, uh receiver, uh relay and embedded in it. So a lot of that power, especially the control power of the wi fi going to the drone uh, is provided through that amplifier receiver in here so uh again. To do both of those features, this needs a lot more power to get out to five kilometers, so that’s, why it has that 3.7 volt 2600 milliamp hour battery now let’s go over some of the buttons on this particular controller. We have a scroll wheel here for tilting the lens of the camera up and down. So you have that capability to do that remotely. It also has a photo button so for taking a photo like. So it has a charging port right here for charging that 2600 milliamp hour battery again um. I recommend using a wall charger to charge this particular battery also uh, because of its size. Um. This button here is for starting and stopping videos uh. The button here is for automatic return to home and landing. We do have an on off switch right here, that you uh quick press to check the battery power and a long press to turn it on, and you know it’s on when you see that green light. There, the button here is for automatic takeoff and automatic landing once you’ve got gps, sufficient gps satellites press that button and the drone will automatically take off or when you’re close to the ground, or you want to land.

You press that button there and it will land. It also has a pause button, and this is for pausing automatic flight of the drone, such as for return to home or, if you’re doing circle me follow me or wait points and you’re headed toward a tree. You can quickly press that button and it will stop the drone in its tracks, so it does have an emergency. Stop. The whatever advanced flight features it’s doing by pressing that button. Here it has a gps on, and off switch here to the left is off and to the right is on. I recommend leaving it to the right unless you’re flying as a sport drone, you can put it to the left there um for support drone flying but again recommend keeping it to the right and finally um it’s phone holder here um. It holds larger phones like my uh. What do i got? Oh, the phone armor 6c, but for smaller phones. It has a little adapter, thinner, smaller, thinner phones and has an adapter that you snap on to it like so right there, and that actually goes from the front to snap it on and to hold on smaller phones like such. Let me get that on there just to show you a little bit tricky to get in there, but that’s close enough for government work so that’s for smaller phones. You use that adapter. So that’s. The controller and let’s see what i haven’t talked about.

Yet oh yeah, the app for this. This uses the c52 app available in google play and itunes um, but, as with most of these drones this these days, this drone uses five gigahertz 802.11 ac, wi fi and, as i always stress not everybody has 802.11 ac wi fi. So before purchasing this drone, i strongly recommend that you first verify that your phone indeed has 802.11 ac wi fi, and to do such all, you need to do. Is google your phone’s name along with the term 802.11 and the term specifications and then look to see if 802.11 ac shows up in your search results? Okay, let’s go over what you get with the drone. First off you get the instruction manual for the drone it’s. Actually, pretty good instruction manual, i recommend that you read it from front to back. So you understand the drone, along with this instructions about 5g wi fi channel settings in some countries they restrict the frequency that you use with 5g, okay um. So if you get this drone – and you know you have 802.11 ac wi fi on your phone, but you still cannot receive 802.11 ac from the controller. I didn’t forgot to mention that, but i’ll mention it here shortly: um you have the ability to change the channel to the appropriate, appropriate frequency so that you can receive the frequency from the controller. And finally, you have a battery safety guidelines and safety guidelines. This is actually a lot of good info.

This is some of the stuff that i like to push when i’m flying here, i like to mention it when i’m flying safety stuff – and i again this is another one. You really should read from the back. There is really good stuff inside this safety manual for this particular drone. So now i just mentioned uh receiving wi fi from this controller. Again, this controller has a built in relay that receives the signal from your phone and then amplifies it and transmits that signal to the drone. Similarly, the signal from the drone comes to this receiver and that is sent to your phone okay that’s again to get that five kilometer range. So when you connect your phone to the drone, you’re, not collecting you don’t want to connect to the drone directly. You want to connect to this controller first and then the controller will automatically connect to the drone. So keep that in mind folks, so that is about it now it’s finalized. What what you get with the drone again, you get the instruction manuals. You get the drone! You get that carrying case that comes with the drone. This is a little cover for the gimbal. I recommend that you insert install this cover whenever you’re transporting this drone, so that you prevent damage to the gimbal. You get a spare set of propellers spare center propellers. You get the charging port for the uh battery of the drone. Again, you get the controller and you get the controller’s little adapter for thinner phones, so that’s the c5 phase, two tabletop let’s take this out to the field and see how it flies so hope you enjoy this flight good afternoon.

Quadcopter 101, here out at pleasant ridge park near gerard near the border of gerard and fairview pa um, with the flight of the faith too. Okay to get started. We need to turn on the drone by holding down this button until we hear the chirps of the esc’s, and then we place this immediately down on the pad and that’s going to allow the gyros to calibrate and also the um front, gimbal to calibrate it’s going Through calibration right now and also now i’m going to turn on the controller and can it’s connected to the drone, we got a green light there. The next thing i’m going to do is connect my phone to the wi fi signal coming from the drone or actually connect my phone to the wi fi signal coming from the controller, and then the controller is going to connect its wi fi signal to the drone. So hold on folks, while i do that, okay before we can fly, i need to calibrate the compass, so you hit the three dots in the upper corner. Upper right corner then hit compass calibration and hit calibrate and wait and see. If anything happens, nothing’s happening so i’m backing out we’re going to start over again compass calibration, calibrate, calibrate hit it twice. Third time might be the charm. Are we connected yeah we’re connected first turn: drone okay, i’m gon na? Do it slowly by holding it like such rotating, like such okay now i’m going to turn it vertical.

Looking like it’s asking for a vertical rotation. First turn gun rotate again. Calibration failed i’ve had problems folks. This is like the fifth time i tried to calibrate this and keep saying calibration fails but i’m going to continue flying just to fly. It see. If that is a problem or not, but uh c5. You should be aware that there is some issues with calibrating the compass with this particular app, but we should be ready to go folks to fly so. The first thing i want to do is start the video recording by pressing the record button up in the right upper right corner, and it should be recording to the sd card and to take off i’m going to push the automatic takeoff button holding it down. You have to hold it down for about two seconds and what i’m looking for here is any weird uh toilet bowl effect. That would indicate that the gyro compass does need to be kept recalibrated, but it seems to be good. Okay, it seems nice and solid, and right now we have 15 satellites, so we’re good there so i’m, getting in the picture here and say how you like my jacket today, folks, you know this is the first day that i’ve actually seen the sun here in about A month so that’s cool that i’m able to fly today, i’m, going to lower the gimbal. Just a bit, let’s see that’s the button there that’s down and that’s up and go up a bit higher.

Okay before we go flying farther. Let me stick up the cameras for my lips for right now and i’m going to uh stop the video recording, because i want to take a couple photos so right now: it’s saving the video now i’m going to take a photo there’s one photo take another photo. Okay, it hasn’t done downloaded that photo yet there we go, take one more Music and it goes. The screen goes black for a second once you take a photo and then we’re done there, so that’s the photos of it now i’m going to start the camera. One more time, video camera is recording and sync up the camera like so so. My lips are moving in sync in the video from the drone and we’re going to go up and away upward or forward and upward it’s a fast moving drone. But i want to slow so at the right about there at that point there and from that point there i’m going to try to do a rotation of the area, make sure it’s, nice and stable up there. It is so i’m going to do a rotation to show the camera and also i’m going to try to keep the flat ends of the antenna pointed toward the drone for better fpv reception, and it does look good. The video image does look good coming from the drone, so all in all not bad looking image from the drone, i hope it’s recording properly okay from there let’s fly forward and head toward the other end of the field from the other corner there so pushing forward It’S a fast moving drone.

I don’t want to go that fast, going overhead. Now one thing about this drone um, i got ta say it doesn’t feel like a toy drone at all. You know it’s it’s, not not its price range, it’s kind of a um hefty feel to it. Folks, and it is somewhat weighty, so it does need to be registered, is what i’ve tried to say. Let me go up a bit higher, so i don’t hit the trees just in case i go too far. We’Re going to go above the tree line here, i’m, not going to fly into that tree line, though i’m going to turn back toward us away from the sun and back in this general direction. Here i want to fly i’m trying to keep away from there’s people here today, it’s a saturday and i don’t want to bother them too much, because that is not a quiet drone. You can hear it up there forward and i don’t know if you can see lake erie off in the distance there or not. Today, i can see blue so i’m, assuming you can’t, see it too. Okay, we’re gon na go to the other end of the field. Far into the field, and then i’m gon na do a return to home from up there up there at 28 meters i’m going to lower the gimbal. So i can see the road i’m going to fly over to the end of the road there, which is about 150 meters i’m guessing and from there we’ll do a return to home car going by.

There comes the road who needs roads, okay, we’re there and from there. I want to double check one more time that my camera is recording and it is putting it back on my head and we’re going to do that, return to home and landing. So here we go folks pressing the return to home button. I guess you got to hold it down and return to home is activated, so let’s see how it does it. It climbs 35 meters and zips on back, and here it comes and let’s see how close that return to home is i’m going to hit the pause button before it gets down to the bottom, because the ground is wet today. Raising the gimbal up too, not too high and it’s starting its descent automatic descent back to this landing pad, and just to show you that i am not flying it i’m, going to hit that pause button before it hits. You know the ground because we’re going to try the other features of this drone here shortly coming down, see if i can rotate it while it’s coming down yeah i can and hitting pause, and i pause the descent. So you can stop return to home. You can stop uh thinking it up one more time. You can stop any of the advanced flight features by pressing that pause button. Okay, the next thing we’re going to try is follow me now to do that, we’re going to go in the that one green.

That says: position we’re in gps position right now, but i’m gon na click that button click it again go up a bit higher too and i’m gon na step back a bit too and then we’re going to hit track. That has followed me for this. For the c5 drones they call track and we’re going to track from an altitude right now. I guess we can make it three meters coming down to three meters altitude and track from there. So let’s see how well this and what type of gps follow me. Do we got here? It is a hubsan style and it’s actually doing a good job. I got ta say how about if we follow to work, we go toward it. When does it notice me coming toward it right now and that three axis gimbal is doing a good job? How about, if i turn to the right? It notices that too, and now i walk away from it when’s it going it notices it right away. So there are some other drones that take a while to notice that you’ve moved this one is picking it up rather quickly, so it does a good track. Actually, okay we’re going to come out of track now, because the next thing i want to try is orbit going back to position first and bringing it closer to me. Okay and from there i am going to hit position again and select orbit and orbit is activated.

I think i need to pull back on the stick to set the radius of the orbit and there we go so orbit has been activated now i’m gon na. Let it go for a bit there on its own, but um it’s, moving to the left in orbit. Let’S see if i can speed up the orbit by giving it a little left uh pitch. Can you increase the speed of the orbit? Apparently not how about increasing the range you can increase the range while it’s doing this. That increases its speed a bit. Now the winds pick it up a little and how about how far back can we go with this orbit going back a little further, i guess about 10 to 15 meters back there and it’s doing a nice job, so the orbit works rather well. With this um i’m, not sure if you can adjust the speed, i do nuts. I have to look closer in the app to see if there’s adjustments for the speed but let’s see if we can adjust the height giving a little throttle. Yes, we can, while it’s doing orbit so that is orbit so i’m, going to come out of orbit by pressing orbit one more time now. The other thing i want to try is these one key shots, so let’s bring it over again, bringing it closer right about there and that video i’m going to stop right now and then restart it. Just to make sure i got the recording on to the uh sd card.

Okay, video has been restarted, syncing up one more time: the cameras, the video and we’re gon na select hit position again and hit uh one key shot, and what does that? Do? Okay? I’M! Not sure what it does pull them back on the stick to see. If anything, i thought this had other advanced flight modes, but one uh one key shot is not does not seem to be doing anything. Or can i hit press press that button so i’m? Not sure what one key shot is we had orbit position track, one key shot, but um there should have been um other flight modes in here uh like um. They had rocket and uh other things like rocket, and i forgot what the other ones were, but while we’re here let’s go and do try um waypoints by clicking the lower left corner here, Music, okay, going back to position trying to click the lower left corner screen. Maybe i need to come out of one key shot: no okay! How about that button there! The drone is recording, please stop, recording and try again: okay, stop recording saving the video Music there we go that’s what i was looking for. I’M. Sorry, i didn’t find it it’s the upper left corner, the one that looks like a radio signal. The first thing i want to try is fly away mode, so hitting flyway mode and radius of 10 10 meters and hitting next and adjust the target to the green box.

That’S me and hit start and what’s it do let’s. Try it again. Let’S go up a bit higher, maybe get a little closer to it. Maybe i needed that, but fly away mode, one more time hitting flyway mode flight radius of 10 hitting next just a target to the green box. Maybe i got ta get in there do. I need to click the green box Music and hit start. Hmm i’m, not sure what i’m doing wrong here. Folks, uh let’s try one more time: let’s, try, um skyrocket, next target for the green box, i’m clicking on the green box, but it’s not doing anything. So i got some issues with this app concerning these advanced flight features. Here, let me try some of the others. Oh wait hit, start Music and it’s not doing anything so how about comet flight? The drone is centered on the lock target and rotates hundred degrees as it rises. So maybe i got ta hit next trying to get into the green box, so you know this might be dependent on having a faster phone than what i got. But, oh it spotted me that time it spotted me that time so that is working i got in the green box. I don’t know if it’s still spotting me but it’s doing a a outward uh orbit up and recording at the same time, and i think it’s supposed to come back down again and it does goes around up and down as it does this orbit so that’s interesting.

Coming back down and let’s let’s come out of that and see if we can come out of that now, one key shot and there that’s its completion. I could have came out of that by hitting the pause button too. What other ones do we got? We got circle mode i’m, going to try spiral, flight next target to the green box, so i’m going to get into the green box. Okay, i’m. In the green box, i’m going to hit start and there it goes so now it seems to be working. I guess i’m not sure what the problem was before. Maybe i was too close. It was too far, but this is a spiral going up into the sunlight and it’s keeping the gimbal pointed at me as it’s doing this automatically keeping it automatically on me as it goes up and around that’s, interesting, okay, i ain’t gon na go too high. Let’S! Stop it right there coming back guys and pointing the camera toward me again as it comes down let’s raise up the gimbal Music there. I am come down lower right about here and getting a little closer i’m going to try again now we got to hit that one key flight. I guess to get this started. You got to go to wonky flight. I figured out what i did was doing wrong. I’M, pretty sure one key shot one more time, one key shot. Okay, i want to do fly away mode.

I really want to do this 10 meters next target to the green box, get my face in the picture. I think i’m in it now right to the left to the left. There we go Laughter and next, no one key shot. Oh it’s, not doing it now, oh well, okay, um, which one we haven’t. We done we haven’t done flyaway mode or skyrocket mode, so i’m coming down a bit pointing it right there hitting next skyrocket and the app is crashed so close that i’m going to restart the app so hold on. While you restart the app and the app is restarted, connected connected connecting start flying and the app is back okay, so some issues here with uh, you know i tried one key shot and it just doesn’t seem to do it. So while we still got some power, i’m gon na come out of these and we’re just gon na demonstrate the camera for the remainder of the flight. So with that blind, let me start the video recording go up a bit higher sync up the cameras. The cameras are synced and let’s just go out and about it’s a fast drone. It is a real, fast drone notice that somebody stop it right. There go up higher, raise the gimbal that’s, not raising the other direction and continue on okay, pushing forward again heading up on. I am recording and pointing my antennas, the flat portion of the antennas toward the drone.

Turning to the left. Turning to the left pushing forward going up higher too just so i don’t hit into any trees coming to the left and let’s go the opposite end. Here now i tried to do waypoints and i could not get the waypoint screen to open up i’m gon na. Try one more time make sure that the map has been loaded. Yes, finally, so let’s bring this back down here. I’M gon na fly this toward me and from there that position there. Okay, i’m gon na zoom out i’m. Looking for the baseball diamond here, we’re gon na go to this diamond trying to go to that diamond that’s. Not let me select waypoints, okay, wait a minute. I guess i got ta hit waypoint button. There we go let’s go toward that’s, just one of them. No, i want to delete those, but let me just hit start to get see if i’ll go to those three positions: hit: okay, okay, three little positions, let’s see it do that one number two way up there going to number three over there and then going to Number should turn and go number four over there: okay that’s it let’s try one to me: let’s, try it again, selecting that mode. There 1.1 and i’m trying let’s try that weird route. Okay, let’s see do that route hitting start okay, and i wonder if i can come down while it’s doing it reducing throttle a bit uh going overhead wait point one i’m going to wait.

Point two: i’m gon na draw the squiggly iron part of the waypoint way. Point three and weight point four: so let’s come down from there now now flying manually, so that was way points coming down low boy. Is this a fast drone? Can you hear that thing? Okay, coming back to wi, fi, wi, fi video and for the remainder of the flight, let’s bring it in closer. I want to show you how fast this thing is: i’m gon na come down too low, because i don’t want to hit myself, but look at that thing. Okay, coming back toward me, zippy drone, this camera it’s keeping level the fpv camera is going back up again and i think our battery’s getting low because i’m feeling blip blip, blip better, come down because our battery is at 20, so we’re gon na land. Here shortly um you get a vibration in the controller um i it does not seem to have a geo fence or maybe a i just lied, let’s see if there’s a geo fence. Okay, the controller is flipping, but there is no geofence low battery geofence, so we’re gon na land here shortly i’m curiou, okay, we’re ten percent. Is it gon na land itself there or is it gon na fly home and land okay it’s back to 20? That was from going real fast here now it’s at 10. So is it going to return to home and land or not i’m coming down a bit just to see what’s what it does is going to land there or fly home? Let me stop and stop the radio recording one more time, just to make sure i got the video recording before whatever it does.

It does, but uh coming down a little lower, just in case it does drop. I don’t want to break it. The ground’s, nice and soft right now. What does it do on low battery? Okay? It does not seem to have a geo fence. I want to keep it above my head there, so i don’t get hit with a thing, but it does not seem to have a geofence but we’re going to fly until it does something either return to home or drop we’re gon na find out. Okay. So, just flying around a little bit more, not gon na go too fast, raising the gimbal and pointing it toward me. So you know with whatever battery power we got here, is it climbing with the remaining battery power we got here uh. Let me give you my last thoughts here, um overall um. It is a fast drone, it’s a well built drone. It seems to be well built i’m had some problems calibrating the compass there in the beginning also had some problems with some of the advanced flight features. Uh orbit position worked well, uh track worked well, you know, follow me worked well, but um. The really advanced flight features of rocket and uh flat up and away those did not seem to work as well and and there we go final return to home, yeah it’s. Doing its final return to home and landing let’s see it, do it going up it’s climbing to 30 meters, i guess a little battery.

I don’t know why it’s advisable to be doing that, but it is, and back let’s see how close that final return to home and landing is going back down so again and um. There is no geofence on low battery, sometimes that’s, a plus or minus, so you’re gon na have to watch the battery power, in other words uh, or else you might be too far out and uh have problems. Now i wasn’t able to demonstrate the five kilometer range. I just can’t do that here, folks, where i’m flying these days, like i could back out in the desert Music and there we go final landing and stopping the video recording so final thoughts. Yeah. I gave you most of my final thoughts there. This is again c5. C5 faith. 2. now didn’t there we go that’s better, see, fly faith too now, with a three axis gimbal in five kilometer range and 4k camera big advances is over the previous faith, so hope you enjoyed this flight. Let me move it up here. This quadcopter 101. On a bright sunny day, signing out hi quadcopter 101 here again, hey if you want to get your own shout out in one of my future videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it’s real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe And also make sure to click that bell button right next to the subscribe button. That way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first, shout out, so give it a try.