C-Fly Dream 1903 Drone

C-Fly Dream 1903 Drone Evaluate. Flight video & footage on the finish. Also referred to as the: JJRC X9 Heron Get one right here: …

  1. 27:45 until the end video use wifi controller?

  2. how diferrent wifi drone and wifi controller?

  3. So which was better between this or the JJRC x9 heron?

  4. Jrc x9 es el mismo con la misma espesificaccion

  5. Thank you soo muchhh for getting back,,,,to me- appreciated…I’ll do that…and tell you about it:)

  6. Thankssss, nice….thanks for your reply, really really helpful…what about if I do buy shark googles…how would you hook that up??

  7. Can you wear googles or hook up googles with it?, if so…can you show me how? Thanksssss

  8. what your handphone ? it must support 5 ghz wifi ?

  9. hi,im from argentina,the look of your town is beautiful,good video!!!

  10. Nice review very clear. Thanks

  11. Hi RX44, thanks for your message . I have proceeded as you advised me ,that is calibrate with C-Fly dream app and so on,but there no issue; the drone continue to vibrate and the video is horrible.I have informed the seller TOMTOP twice with a video of the problem, but till now no reply. I think I will asked PAYPAL to refund me.I beleived they have furbished me a second-hand drone : I paid 219 Euros for that stuff.

  12. Salut cfly pilote dream; bravo pour la démonstration de ce drone. La vidéo est très bonne; Moi j'a acheté le CFLY dream depuis 2 semaines et la vidéo n'est pas stable et cà bouge tout le temps. J'ai fais les calibrages mais rien va pas; Est ce un défaut du gimbal ou un réglage à faire; Pouvez vous m'aider?

  13. Great review. Well done. I was almost tempted to buy the jjrc x9 version for $149.00 until I saw the video jello / lateral shake / dropped frames.

  14. Great video and great review,after watching it I decided to purchase the e c-fly dream,just waiting for it to arrive,thanks again.

  15. Hello
    again a very cool video with many details.
    How you fly over your house and see, with a fpv glass or with the transmitter and handy?

  16. WOW , this is hands down the best drone review i've ever seen !!! Great job man ! i mean it !! I just happily subscribed to your channel . If this is your typical way to do things you deserve to grow immensely ! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  17. Good video, do you know if you can see the imagine in your smartphone in 3d or vr to do fpv?

  18. This is second review C Fly Dream and many jello again 😱. I see review High Great Mark 4k jello too. This 2-axis gimbal and not good stabilization 😭

  19. Hi friend, does the DJI battery spark and compatible with c-fly dream?

  20. Yes .. yes right there on the right ..is a micro USB port.

  21. Hi mate, this is by far the best review for this drone, thanks for it! I have been watching most of your drones reviews and I am likely going to buy this as a "training tool" prior to a DJI Spark combo. I agree with you, this is a much lower fly risk for any inexperienced flier. Once I have gained more self confidence on my flying skills I will feelgood flying a DJI spark. One thing I wonder is about video quality @ 720p/60fps; I know that the Dream can also shoot video at this definition… did you try? Are they more fluid?

  22. Wow, so much jello D:

  23. hola es buena la calidad del video?
    muy bonitas tomas

  24. what happen when we use 2000 maH battery in a drone that come with 900 mah battery?

  25. Nice video, the best I've watched so far on this drone …
    I bought one and I'm waiting to arrive. I think it's a great drone for money

  26. Sparking doing $400 and C-Fly doing $250. Is it C-Fly worth it?

  27. Holy jello!!! Video quality looks really good and stable with the 2-axis gimbal, but you can see skipping grin the lower frame rate and some serious jello effect!

    Great try from c fly, but seems like you'd be better off getting the spark while it's $400 with the controller.

  28. merci pour la video tres bien expliquer

  29. Great vid nice one mate love it Don 👍👍👍👍👍

  30. I think its a 🏆 with drones.

  31. looks promising…but i need extra battery, where can i buy one? thanks

  32. Its a good looking drone shots are really 👍 $ cost very 😎.

  33. Thats a really fine drone.i like it .flight time..

  34. Fine drone for the money!

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