It has a very impressive box. The box is the printing on this thing is uh a really high quality, its almost like foil anyway. They just give you some of the features here on the side. The 4k camera night shooting um, Music, good transmission distance. All right lets get it out of the box and check it out. Okay, so inside the box, is this impressive bag? So this this thing has a very nice presentation: okay, um! Well give it that uh hows it fly. Who knows were gon na find that out too but uh? The presentation of this is very nice. It has a very nice bag here. It has a shoulder, strap on it and then inside of there is the quadcopter, so were going to pull that out, and it has this little unique. Little prop stabilizer thing here on the top were going to take that out and show you that in a sec and then the transmitter over here now i havent messed with any of this. I havent taken that out of the box. I did open it up and mess around with that little top of the prop thing, but other than that i didnt mess with this so thats in there and then theres the bottom, the secret compartment down there. You see that okay, so you got a spare battery. Well, just take it out because theres one in there already so its going to have two batteries with it and then it says: blades: okay, a and b.

So you got the set of props in there very nice shoulder bag. Very nice im not a real big fan of bags, to be honest, im more of a case guy, but uh yeah. The bags are nice too. I mean at least you get something with it. Okay, so lets take a look at the quadcopter first and im. Gon na show you this little thing on here. They have this little guard on the top, and that keeps the props from spinning around on you when youre transporting it. Its pretty neat actually see how it just sits there and its very simple to get on and off its, not like some kind of complicated snapping thing like a lot of the gimbal covers. Are you know them things are, and some of these drones theyre more of a pain to get on and off than they are to even use so yeah that just pops right off of there yeah thats it pretty neat then heres the back legs right here. So you would pull them out and theyre pretty stiff because its brand new, you know so its never been messed around with then theres the battery in there that charges with a usbc. So these you go down with they spin down, they dont pull out so there it is unfolded right there wow pretty nice. It has a real nice feel to it its plastic, but it dont. It does its not that cheap plastic.

You know the difference right guys. You know the cheap plastic from the good plastic theres. The gimbal cover right. There were gon na drop that off in there real quick, so you unhook it from the legs and just pop it off there like that boy. I wish the autels one were that easy. Those evos are things, are a nightmare to get on and off remind me of the phantom 3. How much i have problems. I had getting that thing on and off. Okay, so theres the gimbal and it has a sticker over the lens. So i got got ta remind myself to take that sticker off, which i might just do it right now: okay, there it is with the sticker off, so we got that out of the way yeah wow. That thing is pretty solid, solidly built wow. Indeed, it looks like theres a little allen key there for the prop removal. I dont think theyre a push in or a twist type deal, no no yeah its definitely some kind of little allen key right there, a real small one so im sure its in one of these boxes, probably with the blades. But i dont want to bore you bad its in there heres the transmitter. Take that off. Take that off. Okay, so it says on this little label right here just so. You know that it takes about 40 seconds for the transmitter and the drone to bind together. Okay, so actually thats a considerable amount of time, so youre going to have to be prepared for that boy.

The transmitter feels real nice, too. God, look at that wow that has a nice feel also lets check the antennas, real, quick yep and they have wires in them, so they are actually real okay, so these are real antennas, theres, the phone holder, so this shrink wrap was on here that kept it From opening up like that, okay, let me power this on real quick to see if theres any battery in here zero, okay, 91, so theres the charge port for the battery right. There thats also a usbc so im going to turn that on and im going to turn on this quadcopter and were going to get this stuff bound up real quick theres, the micro sd card slot on the camera, its right there. You just flip the camera forward see theres the camera. You flip it forward and theres the spot and im gon na put a card in there. Real, quick, okay. So when youre gon na put the card in the label is gon na face back okay, so its got the mjx power on deal. Okay, so it says connecting so i did the um the level calibration which is up and out. I did that and then it did the it stopped doing the beeping. So you want to do that right off the bat now now that i did that level calibration where i went up and out on the sticks, the gimbal started to work so the up and down on the gimbal right here, youll see it going up and down.

So now its actually, you know all the stuff is actuated. So now im going to hit the uh, the compass, calibration and thats up and in like this see now its going to beep now its going to want me to do the spinning and then it beeps again. It tells you when to stop spinning it and there its done, and so there you go, and i like to i like those ones that have the beep, because when youre out in the sunlight, um Music, it makes it. If you cant see these lights. You know sometimes these lights, you cant, see them when the suns real bright. So if you go into the gp or into the calibration mode, now see its flat. When you go into the calibration mode, you cant see the lights flashing, so the beep tells you when to spin it. Now you see the lights flashing now its because it cant find any satellites. Okay, when i, when you do the compass calibration, those lights should stop flashing. Okay, so then you know that the compass calibration is done, but you also know when its done when you get to the second set of beeps were gon na see. If i can turn the gps off – oh okay, so heres heres something cool right here on this button right here, youll see it says, zoom out it says zoom in and zoom out now this thing does shoot 4k, but it only shoots 4k 16 frames per second.

So what i might do when i um uh, when i shoot with it, i might shoot at 1080p to get a smoother to get a smoother video. I might not use the 4k because 4k at 16 is sometimes can be a little choppy. So, okay, there you go: okay, watch ill arm the motors here; okay, all right to go into the addie mode and bypass the gps. You hold this button in and when you do that, itll go here to addie mode. You see that okay. So we got that out of the way yay. So now what were going to do is were going to fire up the app and try the app out now the app is uh going to be called this, be wine drone and theres a key uh. You know qr code there, so you can use the qr code if need be here. The wi fi name is right: there be wine f7 blah blah blah its going to come up like that. Okay, so it finally connected boy. It took a while for that, but boy, look, how clear the uh, the video looks: wow theres those flowers – i always use them for an example because of the color thats. Why guys? Okay, yeah, okay, so yeah it finally connected it took a while now it shows you the status of the memory card on there. You see right up there and then over here is your little. No, i dont want to return to home.

I thought that was the um. Oh there it is the flight modes there it says, return to home. I dont want to do that. So here youve got your little flight modes, theres a little arrow that points to the right anyway, so you hit the little arrow that points to the right here and thatll. Show you all your stuff, your follow me g, oh, and they have image, follow and gps follow. I guess you know one so follow you and one will follow the gps, which will follow the controller, and then you got your circle music. I dont know what that is: um gestures, which im not a fan of jesters and then youve got your zoom, which you have that stuff on the controller itself. So you really dont need to do that, and then you got this route thing, which is just your basic waypoints, now im going to make im going to say one thing about waypoints on drones that are not dji pair at autel or something like that on drones. Like this, the gps works, but its the accuracy that you have to worry about. So if youre going to use any kind of mission planning or anything like that on a drone thats, not one of those top tier type drones, you better be in a very wide open area, because the gps accuracy is what you have to worry about. Yeah on. When i do one with the mavics or whatever, when i lay it out there on the screen its going to go exactly where i lay it out on the screen, but on some of these, if the gps accuracy isnt right on the money it can, it can Go off to the side, because it did it with me with the bugs 5.

it didnt crash or anything it just wasnt, exactly where i wanted it to go. It went a little veered off a little bit to the left and went over a fence and almost into a tree, but it didnt quite hit the tree. So i was able to recover from that so yeah gps accuracy is very important when youre doing waypoint missions. Just regular gps accuracy isnt all that important when youre just flying around and you hit return home and it it lands. You know a couple of feet away. You know a couple of feet: six feet its no big deal as long as it comes back around you, but when youre doing one of those missions and youre flying around trees and buildings, that thing better be accurate and you better use a phone that has data Because if you dont use a phone that has data youre, just asking for trouble, okay, so you want to make sure you use a phone that uses data, so i just wanted to get that in there, so you dont, so you dont have any issues with it. So you saw the whole setup of getting it ready to fly and yeah. Okay, just took a few minutes most of the time it was just me babbling, but uh got it out of the box, got it up and running, got it calibrated anyway, so it just timed out because ive been standing here so long babbling. So it just timed out but thats.

Okay, all right guys. There you go theres. The unboxing setup of that seems like itll. Be great, lets go fly it all right. Guys were out here with the bee wine f7, and the video looks really clear on the screen. I already did the compass calibration and all that crap so were just going to take off start the video up. Okay, it says receiving picture. I dont know about all that, but lets switch to video mode and start recording some video okay. So its whats 20 satellites is that the modes there all right lets take off check it out: Music wow. As soon as i started, damn battery start dropping Music thats, not a good sign. Music seems to steer pretty good, not real, happy about the Music, the gps kind of disappearing, like that lets turn that beginner mode off. Oh my god. Okay, i just want to fly it around right now, just to see what the story is. With this thing, Music, im gon na put the video at the end; okay, so it steers real nice, so Music, oh yeah, it steers real nice okay. So at least we got that going so at least it does that okay, so lets go with a lets, just turn it around lets go with a gps, follow okay, so thats, working, great okay lets go with a lets. Turn that gps follow off, though its going to go back to where it was pointing okay, so thats good.

So we know the gps is working. Look how stable it is man, it aint budging. Oh theres, the zoom okay, so we got that going theres. The camera angle, so we know thats working the gimbal tilt so yeah, okay, so the batterys still hanging there at that. Its very stable batterys, still staying at that 50 percent 56 percent deal Music, so well get it for the next flight im going to take it out tomorrow over by the old factory in the river okay. So the follow me works great. What about the around flight lets? Try that the circle mode lets take it up a little bit, so we dont run into nothing but im really impressed with how stable it is. Wow i mean i just cant get over that i mean its just rock solid. As far as stability, you know these features and you can. It still says that its doing it, but you know heck with it, were going to cancel it out, because i dont know if its working properly wow its very uh, its very rock, solid man, the gps lock on this thing is wow, really solid Music. Now, what does this image follow when the light is sufficient? Music? Okay lets see if thats working, yeah, okay, image follow yeah thats working okay. Well, i still got a little bit of battery were gon na cancel that while i still got just a little hair battery, so you see how damn rock solid it is with the uh, with the gps lock on okay, so were gon na turn.

The gps lock off real, quick Music im, putting the eddy mode on real, quick to see how it flies in that Music. Well, i got a couple minutes of battery Music and, of course, the video wasnt working the whole time so im going to try to get a couple of seconds of video here, thats a bummer. I thought it was running. Oh, you know what, when i hit one of those modes, it must have quit working so lets get up here and get some at least some video to put at the end theres some zoom for you, even in the addi mode. This thing is rock solid, so at least therell be a minute of video up there. Let me turn the gps mode back on okay, im gon na have to bring it down and land it because im running out of battery here guys, but man wow. This thing flew great Music im, actually pleasantly surprised. I didnt think it was gon na fly this nice, i got ta, be honest. Wow was, i surprised, holy toledo, Music, Music, wow, all right, wow, im, surprised, 24 battery, all right guys, so yeah wow, im kind of really shocked at how well and how stable that thing is wow. All right guys ill put the uh a little bit a couple minutes of video. I got at the end ill put in there all right guys have a nice day.