We have a nice package right here, nice case for a drone from b wine. Now this is the f7. I know i said i want to keep my channel affordable, but sometimes some people send you some stuff that you know people think is in the affordable range for this kind of stuff. But to me this is still pretty expensive, but lets check out the features before we go on about how expensive it is just to see. Is it any good for how much they want for this thing, so yeah lets take this guy outside and ill show. You guys what all comes in this package right here, but for now lets fly this guy, as you can tell it just started now. Lets fly this drone Music. The image quality is pretty good, guys. Im pretty sure you guys cant see that screen anymore but ill show it on the screen record. You guys should be able to see it. I got the drone flying way up there. Now i dont know if you guys can see that its pretty fast. Actually, this is the low rates, its kind of fast hard to get smooth flight im, trying to do circles right now, pretty smooth camera, surprise its not that bad lets try to see. If i could point it towards me, Music, all right now, i got ta put it down to see myself there. I am right there and thats a drone all on its own right.

There check it out. I am not holding any sticks, thats, pretty cool hovers pretty! Well, its not a windy day either. So lets fly this guy around somewhere lets bring it lower, so you guys can actually see it now. Gps hold is good. I let go over the right stick and its automatically gps hold stays where its at lets go up to the drone. So i can show you guys its taking forever to land or go down all right. Well, stop it right there! There you go check it out! Thats pretty stable, guys pretty stable dont. Try that at home thats dangerous the blades can really cut you up. Look how fast this guy is hell stop right there. I dont know how to activate the dual rates on this or anything. Yet i got to figure that out but move the camera back up. So i can see myself all right lets put the drone a little higher up, so i dont hit anything now lets go ahead and do follow me and lets see. If this drone follows me, gps follow Music, all right, im, gon na walk away from the drone now lets see. If it follows me, ill walk faster, its following me pretty. Well, i go to the side right here. Thats, pretty good, as you guys can see right here on the screen im just holding it up and the drone is following me: pretty well try to get lost right, oh its still following thats pretty good.

Now i didnt charge the controller, but i did charge the battery overnight. It seems to be pretty good now. This drone supposedly could fly really far, but i dont know this area too well, and i dont have my drone registration stuff with me. So im not going to try to get in trouble here, but all right lets turn that off. I guess just go to it and turn it off. Thats, pretty good lets see, lets snap a picture or i didnt even press record on this thing, but lets snap a picture. I hope it got that and go back to record and press record on there, even though im probably not going to use it and lets see what this got lets see. We have point of interest, which is right after the gps follow and thats just you know. If you want to set parameters for it to fly in, but im not going to do that right now, so look how stable! That is guys its actually just sitting there now im just going to do the return to home, because i want to see how close it returns to home. But uh looks like im going to fly around a little bit. Someones coming im pretty sure its going to land where theyre walking all right lets try to get this thing into a higher rate lets see. Oh no, we have beginner mode on here. Lets turn that off and then well go flight distance all the way altitude.

All the way return altitude well do 70., save Music. All right now lets bring this guy further out and well see if itll return to home nicely im going into the sun. So sorry for the bad video right now im just trying to make it go far for me so that i could do a return to home. Maybe i should go back to my screen, so i can see whats going on when i get far all right. Thats not that far but im gon na go ahead and press return to home and lets see how well it does so. I hit the return to home button right here and now its gon na fly to the preset height i put it at which is actually pretty high. So its going up there im not sure if you guys can see it but its going up there for sure putting the camera down. So you can see down more and now its doing its turn and im gon na press the return to home button. If it does land on this roof right here, because i did take off from right here so yeah lets see its coming looks like its coming towards me now point the camera all the way down there you go now you can see where im at its doing This on its own, by the way, oh now its doing its turn so its going to start descending after that turn, there you go now the drones descending question is: is it going to land on the roof or is it going to land on the concrete, where Its supposed to i have my finger close to this button right here for the home, because itll stop it.

I believe Music, oh Music, thats, pretty close, i dont want to hit the roof Music. I think its gon na make it move the camera back up. Music thats, not bad thats, pretty close to where i took off right there. I was on that side of the line, though Music thats a really good job, really smooth landing too nice. All right, im, gon na go ahead and take off again this time its gon na use auto takeoff. There you go and the wind has picked up a little bit so its fighting some wind right now, which is pretty cool and lets, see how fast this guy can climb and get out of here, ready, pull up its pretty fast and we let go the sticks. It stops where its at i can turn it around face the camera to look at me and then point it down and theres another scroll wheel in the back right there, its just for zooming in lets zoom in and its just digital zoom. So its not going to be clear its not an optical zoom, as you can see the closer i get the worse, it looks and thats as close as you can get right there and thats a zoom youre going to want to keep right there for good Music Footage so yeah guys a very stable drone, very good for maybe some b roll and stuff from high up. You know get yourself on a mountain bike and have the follow me function turned on.

I think thatd be pretty good. Actually, you know i could actually try that right now. Will it follow me on my mountain bike. Lets try that look im gon na walk up to my mountain bike. Im gon na go press gps, follow im gon na go this way because theres no theres, nothing for it to get caught on this way its trying to turn around and follow me now, thats a pretty decent job. I mean you know i didnt set it up properly to follow me. Lets put the camera up there, you go and ill turn around. Oh, not enough room to turn around gon na get on the dirt. Will it follow me all right there you go its following me, its not too shabby and what happens when i stop all quick, pretty good. All right. I guess i put my bike back now now: im going to try to manually land, it lets see how smooth it lands manually, Music, Music until its fighting wind im, just pointing it down im just playing to stick straight down right now, trying to land it smooth Touchdown really good, and there you go now lets check out this package right here. You can see you have the main zipper up here. You have another zipper right here, thats not being used for anything, but there is a zipper on this one right here. You have two compartments on the side for your batteries if you want to buy extra batteries and stuff, which i do recommend for this drone in the back is just plain, but this case is actually really nice.

You have yourself a strap right here, so you want to put it on your shoulder. You can do that and lets see what this drone comes with check out. The way this drone is packaged right here, see drone is in here down here reveals the battery, which i already took out of the case thats a 3s 2600 mah battery right there, so pretty high powered drone. It comes with spare props. I havent opened it yet, not sure if it comes with spare screws as well, but the props for sure are in here and heres the transmitter. It comes with thats for your phone holder. You have these right here for your handles and these are actually both working antennas, so flip those up and make sure you have those pointed properly, because those are actual antennas theyre, not like the faux antennas that you normally see on the cheaper drones and we just Take these two foam pieces off the protective foam pieces to hold the gimbals in place and, as you can tell, i have another protective layer right here which im going to leave on for now, and you can see all the functions right here on this transmitter. You have your on off switch right here. You have your stop thats to stop the rotors once you land and then to the left of that right here is going to be your rates, so you can switch from camera mode, which is your slowest rate or your normal mode, which is your mid rate, which It starts out at normally and you have your sport mode.

So if you want to fly it faster, you have a sport mode for this guy. You have your camera angle right here and right here to take video and right. There is to take pictures and right there is for your digital zoom, which is a i cant, even get the zoom on that. Well right, there thats your digital zoom right there and its pretty useless. If you ask me, because it just ruins the quality youre trying to get as much quality as you can get out of the video just leave that thing fully zoomed out and thats the best video this thing can give you oh yeah, also one more thing about This transmitter, this transmitter, has a built in battery and its usbc to charge this right here. So thats, pretty cool everything in here comes with usbc to charge the batteries actually charge usb c. So you can tell i have mine fully charged right now, but yes, it does come with one usb charger. Thats all it comes with it. Just it doesnt come with a brick or anything. It just comes with the cable theres, a usbc cable that you have to plug into your own brick. It only comes with one of those, unfortunately, but a lot of people already have a lot of those kinds of chargers and right here on the drone. I, like the fold out feature you have this right here, to keep your blades in place and you fold out the rear ones like so and the front ones they actually go like this.

They flip upwards and also lets remove this bottom protector right here to keep the camera in place. I forgot to mention, if you could tell right there, i still have the protective layer on the camera, so that might be why the camera wasnt as clear as it could possibly be, but from watching other peoples. Videos of this drone its probably not much better than that, but also on the back of this camera right here. If you check it out, you have an sd card slot right there. So maybe, if you put an sd card in there, you might get better quality footage, because this could be directly on the camera and oh yeah heres the other battery right here. So it comes with two batteries and one other thing i noticed is the legs. Look like they could be detached. I dont know how to detach it from the front part. I dont want to pull too hard and break it, but i know the rear right here. Has these tabs you just push down and slide it out like so, and those come off so im pretty sure theres a way to remove the front part too, but i dont know why you would want to do that or need to, especially if you have the Camera on there, because that kind of protects the camera and also, as you can tell the cameras sitting on rubber grommets right there for anti vibration, so its on a three axis: gimbal and anti vibration, and as well as that, you can tell right here theres a Little lever you can pull back once you pull that back.

You can actually detach this whole camera. If you just want to fly this thing as a drone or maybe theyll, come up with an updated camera, thats a lot better quality than this one in the future. As you can tell it just clips in and the prongs go where it belongs and its just plug and play from there so thats pretty cool right there for this camera drone. So lets turn it on. So you guys can see some lights real, quick. So there you go, you have white lights up front and a green light out back that turns red when youre trying to bind and stuff and itll turn solid, green once its ready to fly and right here, you can see how much you have left on your Battery, as you can tell this battery is full, so you hold this to turn it off and that shuts it down. So pretty cool drone guys i mean i like it. The build quality seems pretty well, it is brushless, so you know brushless 3s. It is a pretty powerful drone. This drone its a pretty cool drone. You know, i mean it is kind of pricey, but i know theres some drones. You could buy out there for this price that uh probably more desirable to some people. So there you guys go pretty cool kit right here i mean you know its, not a low quality drone by any means it flies great and itll.

Teach you how to fly the more expensive drones for sure you know, especially if youre not really trying to get into it with that much money and you can buy this on amazon. So you know youre, backed by amazon right there, for this purchase, so thats pretty cool, alright guys, thanks for watching as usual and as always be safe out.