I got a good one for you today guys. I am super excited about. This. Drone were going to check out today its from b wine theyre, more known for their toy drones, but theyve upped their game a little bit here and they have stepped into the gps drone market with their first ever gps drone its the f7 gb2. This is a massive drone. You guys and let me tell you they have spared no expense on their first gps. Drone 9800 foot range thats, drone and fpv range. The camera on this thing is super impressive. It sits on a 3 axis gimbal it records in 4k and 2.7 k, but they have put a large comm sensor inside this camera, which gives it a night scene mode. So you can record clear video at night. I cannot wait to check that part out 449 on amazon, not a bad price at all, but its better than that, because now theres a 50 off clickable coupon on there. So you can get this dude for right. Around 400 bucks, in my opinion, thats a steal for this drone with everything that it offers ill put the link down in the description. Click on it go get yourself. One im ready to check it all out. Lets go unbox, it well get it all, set up ill. Show you how to calibrate everything then were going to take it outside, and this time were going to do. A two part test flight were going to do it during the day and then im going to put this dude up at night and were going to check out that night scene mode on this camera.

I cant wait. Lets go, get started so: Music, Music, Music boom, Music. Okay, guys here we go were gon na unbox bewind f7gb2. This is the box. It comes in its actually a really cool box. Great picture of the drone there on the front so were gon na open it up and check everything out here we go. Oh check that out cool all right lets slide this thing out of here, oh very cool. I didnt close that box very well, but whatever here we go manuals right on the top. Let me get it out of here, first guys and then well check it out. Damn nice bag well ill tell you so far. They have spared no expense. This is a really nice bag. Looks like we have a pocket here on the front for storage, got the bee wine logo on the front. This bag feels really well made to you guys. This is really cool all right before we open it. The manuals very cool colored front page now the manual is really detailed, and what i like about this manual is. It has a lot of info in it that most of my other drone manuals that i have dont have in there. It has a detailed uh how to on the app what everything is on the app some of my other drones, the manual dont doesnt tell you about certain little features in the app that are really cool to use and ill show them to you.

When we do the setup and go over the app, but you can see here it just tells you everything you need to know it even has a parts list in the back somewhere. Then you get a quick start guide here and how the hell is. This thing open: oh, did they fold it right, no well kind of backwards. I guess but open it there. A little quick start tells you how to calibrate it, how to set it all up. Very cool. Remember what i say guys read your manual dont just get the drone charge the batteries and put it in the air and try to figure it out that way, youre going to ruin your 400 drone or someones car windshield or your own house window or run into Somebody just take the time, read the manual you can see here its not really thick at all im just adamant about that always always read your manual dont, be you know what i always say a drone dummy okay time for the good stuff. Here we go got dual zippers. This is really a nice bag all right. So i see the controller right here. So i say we get the controller out first and well check it out very cool. So you have your cell phone holder here on the top and it will extend lets see. I guess i take this off real quick. I see that and watch it wont. Come off, everythings really protected.

Well, look at that. There goes. Maybe oh geez, all right get rid of that got some bumpers on here! Well get rid of those two, and then we have a nice little cover here on it and were going to try to get this off. Oh, no, it doesnt want to come off, but now all right anyway ill get that off later im not going to waste your time. Doing that, let me pull this sticker off there, so you can see the screen theres, just a little sticker telling you make sure your batteries are charged and your antennas are correctly pointed, so you can get that long range on it. So it does have a protective film on here um, that little piece of tape that i pulled on was supposed to pull it up, but it didnt. So i will have to try to figure out a way to get it off because its on there pretty good. All right anyway, ignore the fingerprints on it. I really wanted to pull that piece of protectant off, but i dont think im going to be able to get it off right now. So well just have to wait all right. I know its on there. I can see it anyway. Cell phone holder extend it just like this. I love the fact that the cell phone holder is on top of the controller. I love the cell phone holders on the top to me it just its more of a better more better.

Its more better of a setup when its on top and then because your bottom here look at this very cool got your grip sticks awesome. Now it does have two working antennas. They both have a wire going up in them, so they are both functional, which is really really cool. The joysticks feel nice and i got a bubble right here on my screen from that protectant cover god. I wish i could have got that off, but anyway well get it off before we test fly it. So it is an lcd screen and you can push the button once and that will show your battery level push again hold it and it powers on the drone. You can see there its telling you to connect. It wants to connect its not going to connect. Of course, we dont have our drone on um, but its really cool. You can see here this wheel here on the top right. This is your gimbal and up and down so you can adjust the camera up and down this other wheel over here is your zoom in and zoom out now its not a true zoom, its more like a pinch and zoom on your cell phone, but you can See here on the screen, it actually tells you what youre doing your picture tells you youre taking a photo this one here is your record button. Itll, say: youre recording push it again to stop so really cool, very informative screen.

The app is just as informative, so its really cool. Let me shut this off so were not listening to this. Damn beeping the whole time and again to shut it off tap it once tap it again and hold it in and it will shut off. So it is a 2.4 gigahertz controller, again working lcd screen. Now this controller actually has a built in 1500 mah rechargeable battery. You just plug a usb type c cable into here and plug it into a 5 volt, 3 amp or 2 amp charger box. Just like the one, your phone, you plug your phone into and stuff like that itll work, just dont do one thats more than a three amp, because you could ruin the battery inside. It takes two hours to fully charge your controller and you get exactly that. Out of working time, you get two hours of operating time with it as well. So i showed you the stuff on the top here then, on the front, we have your left joystick, which is your ascend and your descend, and then your right joystick is your forward and backwards or youre all left all right and your left one will also turn The drone left and right as well now this controller does default to mode too. I think they call it mode one in the manual but everywhere else its called mode. Two, if you wan na fly it the controller in mode one which all it does is just swaps.

These joysticks around um itll, put your ascend and descend over here on the right in your forward and backward here on the left. All you do is hold your power button and power on your controller and youll see its in right hand mode now. Here is your speed switch. It does have three speeds on it. This is also the button you can use to take your drone out of gps mode. So if you want to fly in attitude mode, all you do is just press this in and hold it for about five seconds. It will tell you its in attitude mode and you can fly it without gps and you just do the same thing again and it will put it back into gps for you, you have your emergency, stop button. Remember guys press it once and then press it again for about three seconds: youll have to press it like that, its really cool they do that, because its kind of a fail just like a fail, safe feature. I guess you could call it that way. You dont tap it on accident if youre trying to hit the speed button and not looking at the controller, but you tap it once press it again hold it for about three seconds. Remember all the motors are going to shut off on the drone and its going to fall out of the sky wherever it is now on. This drone, which i thought was really cool, is your emergency? Stop will only work if the drones 5 to 42 feet high.

If its any higher than that, it wont shut off. So if, if youre going to hit a 50 foot tree, you better figure out a way to detour or just let it hit the tree, because your emergency stop wont work. It has to be within 5 to 42 feet off the ground for it to work kind of a cool feature. It keeps that drone from being 100 feet up and you hit that emergency button, its going to fall 100 feet youre, pretty much not going to have a drone anymore so over here. This is your return to home button. If you press this once the drones too far away, you cant see it or say youre headed toward that tree and you cant use your emergency stop. You can hit this real, quick and hopefully the drone will stop and it will return home to you but thats. What this is your return to home, you just press it and the drone will actually fly back to where it took off all by itself. You dont need to do anything about it and, if i remember right, dont quote me on it, but i believe uh. It will go 68 feet high as the default height for the return to home, but you can change that in the app and ill show you that when we do this setup and go over the app and all that good stuff like that, when the drones coming Back, if you see it or you want to gain control of it again, tap it again and it will shut return to home off, and you can take back over simple as that.

That is pretty much the controller you guys so on the lcd screen. Im going to put it over here, so you guys can probably see it better without that glare. So on the top over here, you have your speed. What speed youre in so! If you see you switch the speeds, that bar will go up now, youre in sport, mode, thats, camera mode, normal mode, and it does default to normal mode. So when you start the drone up, it will be in speed 2 as a default. Then this little thing right up here where to go up here. This is going to be your fpv signal strength. Then here you have your controller battery. Next is your gps signal strength so when this does connect to the drone and it finds a gps signal, this will have bars like that are on your phone and it will show you the strength of the the connection between the drone and the satellite pretty cool. Next one here, this is your controller strength level. This one will show you what so, if youre flying it far away and youre going trying to go the whole 9842 feet that this thing will go. This has the bars on it like your cell phone as well, and it will show you how strong your connection from the controller to the drone is so thats really cool on that one too. I, like that feature. The next one over here youll have your photo and your video button uh.

When you press photo youll, see itll come up. Itll show you your that you take a picture and then, when you hit record it will actually come up and it will blink that youre recording were not connected, so it aint going to do it but thats what it does. Then this bar over here this one is your drones battery level, so really cool. You can see it on here and the app as well and ill show you that, but thats the drones battery level in the middle. You have your display. This will tell you gps mode um. If you hit return to home, it will tell you going home. It shows you, your speeds that youre in you saw that already camera mode, normal mode, sport mode, pretty cool. So this one says something: lpk look up! Thats your emergency stop, but it tells you that its just all your informations right on here on the bottom. It has your distance and your height, those are in meters and then it has your distance speed. So your forward speed, the drone is going and then your vertical speed and how fast the drones going up, thats kind of a cool feature to have too i like seeing how fast or slow the drone is going so its pretty cool but thats the controller. You guys thats, pretty cool, were gon na turn, this off all right, yeah, yeah, yeah, beeping away there we go now were off.

All right lets get to some more good stuff. What else we got in here? This is the job. This is really cool. Looking were going to do the drone i like to save it for last, but since its sitting right here on top were going to do it first actually no were not lets. Just put it right here and well. Look down in here – and you can see here in the bag theres a bottom part here, but if you flip it up its actually, your spare set of blades and yes, your second battery very, very cool, so ill. Take the battery out of the drone here. So you can see it so i dont have to open that box right now, but this is the battery you get its really cool. You have your power button on it. You have your led lights. If you press it and hold it that turns it on, but you can also see what your battery level is and im guessing each led is 25. So if you only have two youre at 50 75, so on so on press it again, the lights will go away and you turn it off and then it has a usb type c charger on the front of it. Now you do get two of them: 2600. Mah 11.1 volt lipo drone engines super cool battery, again usb type c to charge it now. It does take six and a half hours to charge each battery at one point somewhere in the manual or or on amazon.

It says 6.5, the other one says 5.5, so youre, looking at right around five and a half to six and a half hours, thats a fully charged now thats. If all these lights dont light up – or you only have one here – youre pretty much looking at a good five to six hours to charge your battery, but you do get 45 up to 45. You know right. You do get 25 minutes per battery so with both of them youre getting damn near an hour, so youre getting 50 minutes of flight time again, thats going to depend on what youre doing, if youre, using the video camera, taking a lot of pictures. All that other stuff remember, it is going to drain the battery a little bit quicker and the wind speed if youre flying in a decent wind. This does have a level 6 wind resistance on it, so thats actually really cool, but that will drain the battery as well, if youre flying in a high wind, so technically youre, probably going to get a total of about 45 minutes, total uh with both batteries. So just keep that in mind and you know dont freak out. You get it up in the first time you only got 20 something minutes or just around 20 minutes on it, because theres a lot of things that can factor in to drain your battery um. The 25 minutes per batteries is just like in perfect hovering conditions, so just keep that in mind again so now, when you do plug this in ill put a picture on the screen there, so you can see it when you plug this.

In these lights will blink as the battery charges when all four are solid, thats it. Your battery is fully charged and youre ready to go. Now you do get lets, see ill open, the blades. You do get a spare set of blades with it and they are box. This thing is really packaged well, im just impressed with the packaging so far, all right. So now, Applause right here is your first usb charging cable. So it does come with a charging cable for the batteries. What really impressed me every time i get a drone with two or more batteries. They send one cable. These guys actually send two dont freak out if you cant find it because the other one is actually inside your battery box here and what the hell ill just open it up and show you and everything is just packaged well, its in a box its in the Wrapper so here you go, pull it out and you got two usb type c charging cables. Of course you dont get the charger box. They never send those, but remember its just a 5 volt 3 amp charger. You can use a 2 amp. You can also use a fast charge charger box as long as its not over a 5 volt, 3 amp charger box. You use it over that youre really risking damaging that battery and youre, maybe not going to get as much time out of it as you technically should so just be careful charging them when theyre charged dont leave them on the charger for a long time after theyre.

Fully charged, you really want to, i wouldnt leave them on very long um. These do have they are intelligent batteries, so they do have features in them to keep them from overheating and stuff like that, but its just a good idea to keep an eye on them and unplug them shortly after theyre fully charged. I mean you have to stand there and watch them charge. Thats like watching water boil, but just dont leave them on overnight or whatever and theyre going to be fully charged in the morning, make a point to go, unplug them and disconnect them when theyre fully charged. So heres our propellers, you do get one full set of blades and they are a single blade, theyre, not hinged or dual, so its a single blade. And then you also get one blade removal tool, and that is an allen wrench and its really tiny. I dont even know if i can get the damn thing out of here. Oh there we go so all right. You know what go like that. One tiny little allen wrench and you just pop that in there hold the blade and and turn it in the right way, um and take your blade off put your new one in there you do get a full set of replacement screws. You get four all together that looks like uh. Maybe you get six? Oh yeah, you do you get six, so you do have two spare ones just in case um.

You lose one. They really are tiny, but you get six screws. One pillow removal tool. One spare set of blades – i am gon na – get rid of this stuff here and were gon na get to the good stuff all right. Let me just set this stuff over here: do a little clean up later ill pull this battery out of the bag. Here i dont know why but im gon na pull it out of the bag. Just im, unboxing it and im gon na go fly this dude after im done there. We go your second battery. Okay. Here we go guys. This is the moment. Ive been waiting for is this drone. This thing is massive. Looking im gon na pop the battery in right now, so it just slides in the back just like so, and this little button part here is your top of your battery and you just slide it in. Like that and why it locks in it locks in really good too got a nice click sound to it, so you know its in there and its secure. But this is the drone folded up and its really cool, and it does have this little drone um. What do i want to call it like a little holder for your arms here and your blades? They dont turn around and spin when this is on there, which is really cool, and it just pops off like. So it has little arrows telling you which way it goes so thats cool and now were going to unfold.

This thing so were going to do the back arms first holy cow. These are really tight. You guys geez wow that really locks in there good. I, like that thats really impressive. I tell you so far. They have spared no expense in making this a really quality drone. I i cant wait to get up there and fly it and see how it works. Absolutely cool. Now your back arms are open, but if you notice – something which i thought was a really cool feature on this drone, i know its not a big deal, but i just thought it was super cool. Look at these arms right here, theyre actually upside down. Did you notice that so when this one folds it rests on top of here, they dont rest? You know it just goes right. On top, but whats really cool to open your front arms, you have to push them down and look at that. They swing up and lock into place. That is just so cool. I thought that was just really really cool boom check it out guys this things huge wow. This is a really cool, drone and thats. What we have check him out. Super super cool. All right lets get into the technical details on this bad boy, so he does weigh 19.4 ounces so or 550 grams. So, yes, you do have to register it with the faa ill put the link to dronezone down in the description. So you can go register if youre, not already, you get a registration number, you can smack it on as many drones as you want.

As long as youre not going for a part, 107 registration thats a whole other video, its real simple to do you just go register its five bucks and youre set thats all you have to do and you can get your number and you can write it on Your drone etch it into your drone, but one thing i really do like is theres a company that i found that actually makes stickers for your drone and its really cool. It has all your information on it um you can get it so it says if found uh contact, and you can see here, i have uh my. I actually put my youtube channel name on it. Hub city drones, my phone numbers on there in my email, and it has your registration number on it, and you just take this thing and you just smack it on your drone somewhere and since were doing it lets. Do it theyre, really good stickers. The price is not bad, you get uh, i believe its six total, so you get uh three big ones, and then you get these three little ones and they even have a sticker package. You can get where its just a qr code. So all your information is in that qr code. So if the faa comes and checks on, you, theyre gon na have to scan that qr code to get your info just really cool. But im going to put this one right here on the side that looks like a really good spot for it and you just slap it on.

Oh, i guess i got that one a little crooked, not too bad, but thats it. You just put your number on there and youre good to go now your registration numbers on there and voila youre legally ready to fly your drone. Now the range ill put the link for this place that sells these stickers as well. I dont believe theyre affiliated with the fba, but theyre legit, ive ordered from them several times and theyre really quick at shipping theres different levels of shipping you can pay for. But even if you do the standard one you get them about in a week. So not bad at all and again until then you can write your number on it if you need to, if you order the stickers to wait for them or or whatever you got to do, but again, i will put the link for that down in the description. All right, the range on this bad boy is three kilometers. You heard me say it earlier 9482 feet. That is the drone range and the fpv range, really cool got a good distance to it. For for a drone, you connect to the wi fi signal on thats. A really good range – i dont know if ive seen any that go further than that now. Just remember that range is in perfect conditions, you guys so chances are unless youre, in the middle of nowhere with no cell towers power lines all that stuff youre not going to get that far range out of it, but youre going to get it pretty far and Remember you do got to keep it in your vlos, your visual line of sight as well.

So this thing going 9 400 feet away. Youre not going to be able to see the drone. You can see what it sees and where its at, through the camera, but legally you cant, fly it where you cant see your drone youre not supposed to let it leave your visual line of sight. The camera. This thing has a massive camera on the front, and you can see here it has a camera gimbal on it and were going to pop it off and it snaps onto the bottom of your legs, and then you kind of just slide it off. Just like that – and that is your camera, so i do have a little sticker on here and ill take that off later. This is a 4k camera it records in 4k and 2.7 k and it sits on a three axis adjustable gimbal. This thing is just so cool its its a huge camera, one thing that this company is so proud of and and they mention it in the description on amazon. This thing actually has a large comms sensor in it or cmos, and what that does is this camera? Actually has a night scene mode. So if you put this up at night and record, it should take some pretty clear video at night and were going to check that out when we test fly it because i really want to see how good that camera works. Now it does take an sd card and if i remember right its on the back here somewhere right here is where your sd card goes.

Let me show you guys that camera again real quick thats it its got a 120 degree epov field of view, its adjustable zero degrees to 90 degrees. So you can get a good birds eye view of it of the ground when youre flying so its super cool. But anyway, your sd card is going to slip right into here, and i have one here so were going to see. If we can do this, it looks like its going to be a little bit tricky and im guessing. It would probably go normally. They go in upside down, so well see if that works. I think i got it yep. So your little copper gold connectors on the bottom of your sd card. They would face toward the up of the drone so when youre putting them in face them forward and slide your sd card in there and thats it youre good to go now. Remember on the sd card, you really want to get a class 10 u3 or higher sd card its fast enough and capable of saving your 4k and your 2.7k video, because without the sd card in here only the 4k and 2.7k video are stored on your sd Card everything else is stored to your phone in the apps album, but in 720p. So if you want that really good video, which im really thinking this camera is going to take some amazing videos, get you an sd card and stick it in there.

It holds up to 128 gigabyte sd card, so thats super cool make sure you format it in a fat32 format. This is just super cool. I cannot wait to take this thing out and fly it and i believe, ive told you guys everything about it. Now your photos are stored to your phone and your sd card in 4k, its 3840 by 2160p and its a jpeg, but those you dont have to worry about the sd card. Your pictures are going to be really nice and clear. I just cant wait to try this camera on this drone. This is really cool. Its got a little cool glass feature here on the front um. This is probably just for show. I dont really think it does anything but ill turn it on here. Real quick and show you guys the led lights and then were going to calibrate it, set it up and were gon na get this dude in there, because i am super excited to see what this thing can do. So you just hold your power button. All four come on: Music, thats, so cool you guys and thats the drone you can see here. You got your led lights here and it does have one wheres theres another one somewhere. Where are they thought there was oh its right here on the back duh. So you do have one right here too now these will, if theyre going to blink right now, because i dont have the controller connected, but to connect the controller, you just turn it on well, do it real quick it does take.

It can take up to 40 seconds or so to connect and it will beep and then once it connects. It will tell you here on the screen that you are connected im, not sure if you guys can see that i know i have a light above me. Thats, making kind of a glare on it so ill see if we can get it on this camera here for you, you can see its taking a little while, but these lights will change colors. They go white, pink red all that stuff for different phases. Of like your calibration um when its looking for gps signal now when it finds the gps signal, theyll stay solid and youre good to go, but you can see here it does take a little while for it to connect. So it is self pairing, and that was one of the only downfalls, but its really not a big deal, youre not wasting any battery waiting for it to connect because youre not doing it and there you go. Look at that were already connected now check it out. These lights are kind of blinking, a whitish pink up here, and your back one has got a green or yellowish green blink to it. You can see here. All of our led lights are lit up, it says were in gps mode. These will keep blinking now because it wants to be calibrated once we find a gps signal on this controller. Here, youll get your bars and it will show you your signal, strength for your satellites, very cool im impressed this is i mean they really spared no expense on this drone for it being their first gps drone.

Ever they really uh so far looks like theyve knocked it out of the park, were gon na, set it up and get in the air and were really gon na. Put this thing for a test flight and check it all out and again, im gon na do a part of it at night. So we can check out the video on this camera. Wow thats really really cool thats, the f7 gb2 by bewine. We have unboxed it. So everything it comes with im gon na clean all this up. You guys im gon na come back and we are gon na set it up ill. Show you how to calibrate it and then well go over the app real quick then were going to take this dude outside put him up in the air and were going to see just what he can do. Im ready lets go get started. I cannot wait. Im really excited about this drone. You guys so far, so good, all right guys its time to set this dude up and get him outside. So we can put him up in the air im really excited to fly this thing. I cannot wait so far. It has been super impressive, uh and weve only unboxed. It now were gon na set it up im going to show you how to pair the controller in the drone and then how to connect to the drones, wi fi. Then im going to show you just a couple of hidden features on the app im not going to go through the entire app because ill show you all that when we get it outside and do the test flight ill go through the intelligent features.

So you can see how they work and we can test it and make sure they work all right. So weve got to turn our drone on. Naturally, on this drone, you just push the power button in right here and you hold it in until all four leds light up and that theme song begins there we go, you can see there were at about 75 battery level now on the front, youll notice. Here the camera is crooked, but it does a self calibration and it will go ahead and level itself out come on there. It goes cool. All right now were going to turn our controller on you power it once power it again. It turns on now the controller and the drone are self pairing, so you dont have to do anything else except sit back, relax and wait for them to find each other um. It can take up to 40 seconds or so ive. Never had it take that long. These will continue to blink red once they find each other and they pair. These will turn to a quick white and pinkish color blink just like that. That was pretty cool. I was about 20 seconds or so so, not bad at all. Your back one is blinking. Green ish, all right so now were were paired now were going to connect to the drones, wi fi signal. Now you cannot connect to the wi fi signal on the drone until you have paired the controller and the drone together again, its really easy to do.

Go to wherever your wi fi settings are on your phone or your tablet well find them tap on them, open them up, let it refresh and it will show up in here there. It goes right. There b, y and f7 were gon na tap on it. Im gon na hit done were gon na get out of there and now the first time you do this, you may get a pop up telling you youre connected with no internet perfectly okay, you do not need internet to fly the drone if you get the other Pop up asking, if you want to keep the wireless connection or switch to cellular data, keep the wireless connection thats what we need. We need the wi fi connection, so were paired, so the next step is going to be to open our app its the be wine drone. App free on google play in the apple store, well open it up and voila thats what we have. So you have the drone youre flying this will change automatically, but since this is their only gps, drone thats, the only one in the list down here – is your guide. Itll open up like the manual a complete manual. You got all kinds of other good stuff in there that it will do. Then the controllers were going to open the controllers and there you go. You can see here we have video, so i think you can see it yeah. So the drone is connected.

We do have video, so the next thing you want to do is youre going to have to calibrate the drone, its super easy to do. Theres, a compass calibration and a gyro calibration the pop up here on the phones already showing you how to do it, telling you what to do so to do start. Your compass calibration youre going to take both joysticks and youre, going to push them up, and in like that now you can see the picture on. Our app is telling us to rotate the drone horizontally and i believe its one full turn. It is one full turn now our picture is showing us to do it vertically. Now it doesnt matter which way you turn it guys in vertical calibration, doesnt matter. If the camera is facing up or down on this drone, i found its a lot easier to hold. It this way, because the camera is so bulky and it kind of gets in the way, but then you just turn it one full turn again thats it. Now the camera is crooked. It will reconnect itself, you can see here. We now have video and the camera. Will uh if there goes see it will level out so were good there, and we have video now were going to calibrate our gyros really easy to do when you do it the lights here. Will blink really quick and youll get a quick pop up here on your screen and see? If i can do this and and you guys can see the lights on the drone all right so to do it its both controllers up and out this time there? It goes our pop up came up, went away, we are completely calibrated.

We are ready to go im gon na put it in attitude mode, so you can hear the app talk and im gon na. Let you hear these motors, they are super powerful, but yet extremely quiet. I was really impressed with how quiet the motors were on this thing. Attitude mode, long, pressure, speed, button attitude mode and she tells you youre in attitude mode. So now she has an attitude. Now were going to unlock the motors to do that, you take both joysticks down and in super cool. I love the way. This drone sounds its really quiet. Yet it sounds super powerful. Now you can push the joysticks down and again to shut the motors off or they shut off in about 20 to 30. I think its closer to like 30 seconds there they go, they shut off and thats it. We are completely calibrated. We are ready to put this dude in the air, so really quick here. The drone will probably shut off, as i show you this, but ill get through it anyway, um it does have a standby feature on it. So if you dont do anything to the drone, for, i think its like three or four minutes, it will shut off. Keep that in mind as well, when youre downloading your videos from your sd card, because you can leave the card in the camera here and download them, while its in there. You have to connect your drone itll.

Have you calibrated again its kind of a pain? But you got to go through that, then just go to your album here: open it up, go to your sd card and you have your photos or your videos and you just tap them and download them. But when you do that, put your drone in attitude mode. So you can unlock the motors every few minutes and i would do it about every two minutes or so, and all you got to do is start them and stop them really quick. So the video will keep downloading, because if you dont, the drone will shut off and your video will quit downloading and youll have to start it all over again, i know its kind of a pain, its probably easier to take the sd card out and put it In the computer, but if youre not near one – and you want to get that 4k video off the card – you can do it that way, all right so lets put it back in gps mode and see it may not shut off, because itll be looking for a Signal, gps mode: she says gps mode, all right! So let me get this over here all right. What i want to show you on the app oh and real, quick, the cell phone. This is a note 20 ultra. I have it in the holder, in my otterbox case, thats a pretty decent sized phone and it fits perfectly.

I absolutely love that these three little dots appear on the top tap them now, the first time you open this or star or do your drone. This will be in beginner mode and you can see there. It limits your height, your range and your return to home height 30 30 meters, 20 meters. To do it turn it off tell them! Yes, you want to leave beginner mode, then you can slide your sliders. All the way up, if you want and ill leave my return to home there, i usually keep it right at about 40 meters. Thats good hit, save it says, save successfully. Now you dont have to do that. Every time you go to fly your drone once you do this its set and it will stay there next is track. This is really cool. I like the part here where you have your all flight record. It keeps a record of every single flight youve done on your drone and if you tap on one, it opens up a map and it actually shows you your flight path and you can multiply it up to four or eight times speed hit play, and it will Literally, show you the path your you flew your drone on that particular flight over here. It has your altitude, you were your distance, your horizontal speed, your vertical speed it like watching it over again in real time, its really cool. You can even put the controllers up here and it will show you what controller you tapped at that particular time, its just a cool feature.

Again, you have your find your drone open that again its another map. You can put it in satellite mode and you can see here the drones right next to me. It wont be an accurate 100 accurate, but it definitely will get you right near your drone. If, for whatever reason you lose that drone uh during the flight or it lands for whatever reason, youll be able to find it with the finder drone, thats a really cool option, they put in here all right, ptz adjustment. This is for your camera. If youre flying or whatever reason that camera goes crooked and it doesnt want to correct itself, do a restore factory setting on it and it should correct that problem now, these three dots have one more thing: they do. You can actually change the units you want it to go, you can do it in metric. You can do it in kilometers per hour. Metrics per second, i keep mine in the inches and miles per hour. That way, my speed on the app and my distance are all in feet and miles per hour on your controller. It stays in meters. So, but on your app you can you know, instead of it saying youre what 40 meters away itll say: youre 126 feet 120 feet away, something like that. Anyway, you can also change the camera resolution from 2.7 to 4. So, whichever one you want to use the route rules that will turn off that track, where you play it back and you can see where your drone flew.

The display prompts thats whats up here in the corner. That tells you ready to fly uh youre in follow me mode, all that good stuff there, your voice prompts thats the girl that talks to you. If you dont want to hear her, you can turn her off as well thats it guys we are calibrated. I showed you these couple features on the app the rest of this stuff. I will go over when we have it out there in the air lets. Go put this dude up im, ready to see what it can do. All right guys were going to finally get the bee. Wine f7 up in the air were going to check out everything he can do see how he handles. We do have a pretty damn good wind going today. We have some cold fronts coming through the area. Im not sure how this is going to go its supposed to be a level 6 wind resistance. So, if anything well get a good test on the wind resistance and that gimbal on that camera, which im not too much worried about because thats really a decent gimbal on here. So im going to unlock the motors and well check out the one key takeoff and well see how he hovers in this wind. So here we go im going to down and unlock the motors there we go hit the one key take off. You have to confirm it and that thats what he does hell go up and hell hover right.

There thats, probably a good four feet that was a nice take off. We got a good hover Music and you can see there hes, nice and steady and actually im really impressed hes fighting this wind, pretty good hes moving around but hes, not drifting anywhere. We dont have a toilet bowl effect, so our gps – or i mean our compass calibration – was really good, so were good to go. I mean thats, really good. Im gon na take him around here. A little bit well see how he handles. I have no delay response from the controller to the drone. That is really awesome. You can see there. I mean hes just responding immediately. That is super cool wow and these motors are super powerful im going to bring them down ill, bring them over here. A little bit and ill go just paying around so the camera guy can get all the way around him, and i want you guys to hear the motors on this drone. Oh my bad Music! Listen to that! They are so powerful, Music and im really impressed at how well he is staying right there. This is a decent win. We got going right now: Music, thats, really cool. All right so were going to take him down here. Well, you know ill show you guys the one key land ill get them closer over here and remember the one key land wherever the drone is you hit that button hes going to land right there ill get him closer to the landing pad here: Music and im Gon na go ahead and hit the one key land and well let him land there.

He goes Music and thats it. He landed so now, im going to mock the motors and well put him up with a joystick. Remember guys if youre landing him with the joystick keep that joystick pressed down until those motors shut off, or else he is going to lift back up in the air. So here we go now with the joystick on this one. You just push it up and let it go and thats it thats all. He does thats just so awesome, Music, wow, im impressed this is real. I cant believe how good hes doing in this win ill get a shot of the flags when we check out the camera and ill show you guys how just how hard this wind is. Blowing im gon na take him down the street here and well go through the speeds, wow hes, still power up great motors on this. Damn drone im really impressed for this being b wines. First, gps drone. They really have done an excellent job so far, all right! So this is what they call cinema mode or speed one, and if you look at the screen on the lower right hand, corner youll get a sense of how the camera uh is affected by the speeds as well and well. Let this car go ahead and go by real quick, because we got a jeep coming by so ill, bring them up a little bit more. Give me one. Second, we have some construction going on on the other road, so everyones taking my road today, all right so speed, one ill do a fly by the cameraman.

You guys can get a feeling of the speeds on here and i think im going to come straight at him here. So let me come down a little bit more. I dont want to hit this tree behind me. These joysticks are really nice on this thing, too. All right here we go speed. One Music, wow, thats, really a good speed. He levels himself out really good too, and he stops. He literally only moves a few inches when you let off the joystick thats, pretty impressive too. All right so now, im going to put him in normal mode. So just remember this is what he defaults to. So when you start the drone for the first time it will default to speed two all right. So here we go speed two a little longer to level out, but he did Music, wow thats awesome all right, so ill back him up here, a little bit and im going to give us some room, because this is gon na be warp speed all right. Sport mode as they call this one speed three all right guys here we go im gon na try to go right over my cameraman on this one so well see how it works. You guys ready here. We go speed, three Music. It definitely takes him a few seconds to slow down on speed three, but that is really quick. Wow im impressed with speed three thats awesome, look at that and he does level himself out so thats really cool.

Ah, this is a great little drone man all right. Im gon na take him down and lets check out the return to home then well put him back up and well go through some of these intelligent features and ill show you guys this camera. This is really a great camera on this drone, so ill take them down a little bit here, get them in the neighbors yard. They probably dont, like my drones, being here, but whatever all right so im going to hit the return to home button on the controller. So here we go return home and there he goes hes going to shoot up to the height i have set in the abs and hes coming back. He turns around comes forward really cool hes really doing good in this wind hes just definitely is definitely a level. Six wind resistance on this thing because he is handling himself really good. All right well see how close he gets. Remember, guys its gps hes, not youre, not going to have an exact landing where he took off at but itll be pretty damn close there. He goes hes turning himself. He found where he wants to go and now hes going to come down and also remember guys if youre hitting return to home, because you dont know where the drone is youre freaking out, you want it to come back to you hit the rth button as soon As you see the drone, you can hit the rth button again and you can take control over the drone again, so you can see there hes correcting himself a little bit, which is really cool, wow hes actually going to be really close.

Put the camera down. You guys can see the landing pad well, hes gon na be off a little bit, but not bad, and you can see there theres the landing pad ima. Let him finish just dont return, all right and ill. Take him off right from there. You can take him off right from there just remember, though, wherever that drone takes off from thats going to be the recorded uh return to home spot. So when you hit it again, thats where hes going to take off from so im, going to put him back on the landing pad and were going to get him up in the air and lets check out these intelligent features. All right guys lets check out these intelligent features here. Well, get them up in the air im going to put him up a little higher uh. When i do the point of interest and the trajectory plate or route rules as they call it, i dont want him to hit any of these trees. So im gon na try to put him up a little bit higher, but lets lift him up there. We go all right lets open them up, thats a little arrow down there on the lower left, all right. So the first one is a track mode and let me turn them around here and ill get them on me, Music. There. I am bring that camera down a little bit. All right were going to confirm it.

Oh bring it down a little bit more Music. There we go so now on this one. You can make this camera lock on to any object. You want its not locked onto a gps signal and real quick. I dont know if you guys can see this thing shaking around, but it is literally, i mean its just literally handling this wind really good all right, so you just take your finger and draw a square around the area. Whatever you want it to stay locked onto Music, so just like that, and he should stay locked on to me. Oh he lost me hold on Music all right. Let me back him up a little bit more and see if that helps something hold on. It could be because the sun is right behind me too. All right here we go draw a box around me. There we go hes locked on Music Applause and you can see there Music. He follows right along. I havent totally figured that track mode out. Thats kind of something new theyve been putting in the drones its similar to uh the gps, follow the follow me mode and thats. What were gon na do next, so open it up tap your follow me. You can see there hes going to back himself up a little bit and im just going to leave him there. I wont raise him up or anything ill put, that camera up a little bit more. So now what hes going to do is hes actually going to follow my cell phone.

He locks onto the gps signal in my phone and ill just start, walking and youll see hell, hell turn hell. Follow me yeah thats cool, then ill walk toward my house and hell come at me and you can see there hes moving right toward me now he stops and he keeps about 15 feet away from you. The whole time which is cool.