Its a bee wine, f7 gb2 very differently shaped drone and its this price point on amazon right now. If you look, it is on sale. So its a lot different shape than most drones out there. It does so. It does remind me a lot of the holy stone 720, but the holy stone 720 only has a single, active skippable, and what i like about this one. It does have the three axis gimbal, which changes everything when youre trying to get video. So it does come with two intelligent batteries, a really nice led remote and one fantastic bag. I mean i really really like this bag ill show it to you closer when im going over the app and everything so ive never heard of a b white drone. So is it a good drone? Would it be a good first drone well ill, tell you what lets go fly it ill, even fly it at night and ill come back and ill. Show you how to work the app and aspects of the drone and how to get it working and everything and then ill come back for my final review and ill. Tell you what i do like about the drone a lot. What i dont like about the drone? A lot and see if it might be the good drone for you so lets go put her up in the air Music, all right, im, gon na turn down those props. So you can hear me talk um its really stable.

You know it is a gps drone and what a gps drone means that its using the satellites to hold its position. So, even if i walked up right now and grabbed it and pulled it 10 feet away, it would come back so thats why its really stable um some gps drones, still kind of wobble around a little bit, especially the cheaper budget drones. But you can see this one is rock solid. I really like the remote reminds me a lot of the first autel drone. That was a thousand dollars its got a really good professional feel to it. This drone is really close to being really good in a lot of aspects. I think they just really missed on a couple of them and youll hear me talk about it in my final review that it doesnt have the optical flow sensor on the bottom and what that causes it to do. It causes the bounce. Youll see it when i land it it just it. It cant get its reading when its trying to come down its really fast forward. It doesnt yaw real fast and it doesnt come down real fast, but the pitching forward its a its a short drone and it weighs a lot so uh its really fast when you pitch it back and forth, and it uh rolls real, fast left and right. But it will not yaw real fast, so it you know its a sport, drone kind of because its really quick uh the main complaint i have about this drone off.

Besides the up and down its only a 15 frame, uh per second camera, which doesnt really make a lot of sense, if you have a 4k camera, you know if youre going straight forward or youre taking photos its fine. But if you start to turn a little bit its going to be really really choppy and ill show you the video here a little bit and i see yall left and right does really good, very stable. You know a lot of people talk about. Dgi is you know the best of everything, but you know when youre flying a dgi drone, every second youre in the air is recorded, so anybody could ever come back and they can see where youve been so heres. Some of the video uh, the color saturation on the camera is really good. I mean it is 4k you can tell, but when you see me go up and you turn its going to be really choppy see the color of the sky. Thats no color grading on this, so the color of the camera is really good. I mean it should be for 400 bucks right or 380. It should have a really good camera on it and it is 4k uh. You see a little bit of the props coming in right there, you can, you can point the camera down and it will stop that. That is when im braking. So when im going forward – and i stop the camera pitches up – a little bit – see right there, where it catches the props uh, the range seemed to be pretty good.

I think it said a thousand meters and thats beyond line of sight anyway, uh its pretty calm. You see the the pond, i did fly it in wind also, and it didnt seem to bother it at all. You know in 10, 15 mile narrow winds. I mean i wouldnt fly it over 25 mile, an hour winds, thats, pointing the gimbal down and thats the one time zoom right. There see it thats one time, zoom so of course, thats a digital zoom and not an optical zoom. What i mean by that is its just grabbing the picture and spreading it its not the camera actually focusing down uh kind of the dji zoom will actually focus down where the dji pro actually just spreads it so im going to try to land it. Here i tried to land it by myself, three or four times it. Didnt do very well. Youve almost got to use this little uh down button here and youll see how that does. I mean it. Doesnt, do very well see how its bouncing it does that every time, if you miss it its gon na do that right there, its gon na fall over another thing i forgot to mention, is the battery life and ill talk about that. In the final review, too, i mean they say 25 minutes no way. I mean, i think i got 12 15 max um, so i you know usually when they say something gets.

You know 20 minutes, it gets 16., but when they say it gets 25 and it gets 12 thats pretty bad. So so should this be your first drone? No, if you watch any of my videos, i always talk about to start with the mini drone uh, not to start with a drone like this. You want to start with a little beginner mini drone, so you learn the orientation of the drone. You buy a drone like this. The first time you put it up in the area, youre really nervous, because you, you dont, understand what the controls are doing so buy yourself, a little 20 drone. You know and theres some junky little 20 drones make sure you get a good one. I love the holy stone ages, 210, but right now, theyre theyre, expensive uh. They doubled in price because of the shortage of materials in china. So i like the sandrock u61, actually has a camera, and that thing applies really good at 50, so the drone takes really good pictures. I mean its a really good camera without the 15 frames per second see this right here. The cuddle saturation on this is really good and like right here. If youre going really slow, it looks really good. You see those carts going by kind of choppy lets see what happens when i turn it, then its going to get real choppy, but the color on the i love the colors on the camera kind of reminds me a lot of like the air tooth, but right There it goes away when you have to turn so youre not supposed to fly at night.

Unless you have a 107 like me, but if you do, you can still see the cameras really good until you turn and then it gets really blurry. So these companies – they send me these drones to review, but i mean i want to be honest with you when im reviewing these drones. Of course, its got a lot of good things about it, but its got some things that i just wish were so different. Its close, it really is, but at this price point its got to compete against like the dji mini sc. All right lets head in and check the features of the drone. All right lets see what she weighs in at she weighs in at 550 grams compared to like the holy stone, 700 e. It weighs in at 559 so its right about the same weight and so how much is 550 grams, its about the same weight as in a nice bottle of a cold adult beverage, all right. So in a really nice, pretty box comes one of the nicest bags ive ever seen on a budget drone, and i mean this is a really nice pleather bag uh. It kind of has that leather feel, but its not real leather, of course, that the front zips up and we put cables and stuff in here the drone fits in here i got to give it to him. This bag is top notch. A lot of times you buy a dremel, they come with a bag, but this is the nicest one ive ever seen on a nice budget drone got the nice mesh on the side so inside the bag.

Of course you get the drone and youll get a really nice prop guard that pop that really works really well to keep the camera safe. When you store it, dont forget to take that off before you fly. It comes with two batteries and if you look, this is on its an intelligent battery, but you can actually accidentally turn the battery on. So youve got to hold it down and turn it back off. Just a single press touches it uh. The remote turns on just like a dji product, youve got to press once and then hold down and then turn on, and it does come with the charging cables and the little allen wrench to take on and off the props make sure the props are on the Right one, there is a a and a b so on the drone. It is a three axis gimbal, so compared to like the holy stone is just a one axis: gimbal itll only go up and down. It is image stabilized image, stabilized sized image stabilized, but this one is actually a three axis gimbal, so as its flying, no matter what its doing the gimbal holds, the camera straight, which is really important. The sd card goes right here in the back so on the bottom theres these two holes right here, but these i dont, really dont, think that these have anything to do anything other than vents, so theres, no optical flow sensor, so when it lands, you saw that When i was flying it when it comes down, it balances a lot.

I really wish at this price point. They would have put a um optical flow sensor on the bottom. One thing thats really cool about this drone that ive never seen before and i wish was on all drones but im sure it would take them see this little latch right here. You can turn that latch and the camera pops off the main expense on a camera is when you break the gimbal on the camera, you almost the drones almost worthless. So if you break this one, maybe you can order a new camera or if they ever come out with a better camera. This is a really cool feature. I wish all drones and then latch it back on its real simple, so it has really has i like the lights. It has two lights in the front and then one really bright one – and i think theres, four lights right here. That kind of count down as the battery goes down and then they turn these lights turn red when the battery starts going low. So when youre flying it around, especially at night, its really easy to see which way is front because if you look at it, itd be hard to tell, which is the front and the back. But that makes it really easy when its flying its an intelligent battery. So theres no big clunky charging device. All you do is you plug in your usbc right here and to turn it on you just hold it down, see how theyre red right now once its connected there.

It goes so its connected now to the drone, so heres your return to home and heres circle me. This is emergency. Stop! This, of course, will turn it back on and off. You can press this to start a camera. This here zoom this here, zooms a one time zoom in and out, and this right here moves the gimbal up and down. So you press this one to take a photo and you press this one to take a video or you can do it on the app. So on it shows your distance, your height, your speed, shows you the battery on the drone and shows you the battery on the remote and the charge the remote also charges with the usbc on the bottom. It doesnt take very long. They say it takes six hours to charge one of these batteries and they say that you get about 25 minutes of flight time. I think i got about half of that, so that was very disappointing, but it didnt take six hours to uh did not take six hours to charge. It took a two or a couple, so i like it that it comes with a quick start guide to help get you started and goes over all the aspects of how to get the drone in the air along with a really nice manual. That goes over. All the aspects of the drone, and so when you go to page and you go to page 20, it gives you the qr code.

Itll tell you to you, need to calibrate the drone, also its a wi fi drone. So youve got to connect the wi fi to your phone im, not going to go over the functions of the app. You can see that on all my other videos, but to get it to go into gyro calibration. You press up like this on both of them together, you want to do this every time you fly it and see. Theyre blinking and one thing i like lots of times. You have to spin these like three times this one. You just seem to have to spin it once all right. So now it beeped again, so you hold it straight up, you spin it around, and so then you go outside you take it and you wait until the gps shows up here. All right, so lets come back for our final review. So thanks very much for watching my review of the be wine f7 drone. It kind of like looks like the sjrc. I talked about that when im flying it uh. First of all, what do i like about the drone? I love that the cameras on a 3 axis gimbal at this price point that changes everything when youre trying to get videos. I love that the camera comes off. I wish all drones did that because thats the most expensive thing when you break a drone and thats the first thing to break is these gimbals? I love the lights.

I really love the remote. The remote has a lot of good features, just as almost good as any drone out there. So i wanted to show you come with a really nice prop brace. So when you fold the drone in you put this brace on the top and it keeps the blade straight so when you put it into the bag, one of the things i like the most is, i really love this case. The case is really nice once its in the air, its really fast. It flies really well very dependable, theres, no latency turns good, goes up and down good, and i have complete confidence when its in the air. The bad thing is when you got to land it because theres no optical flow sensor on the bottom, i dont know why they did that um lots of times i like to catch them with my hand, but with this one these are kind of flimsy. You might grab the handle and this thing will flip and these these blades are spinning really fast, theyll cut you like another, like on other drones, that theyre built like this. When its coming down you can catch it with your hand like this and its really safe. So on this one, you almost have to use the automatic landing, because if you try to land it by yourself, it balances a lot and you got to make sure youre landing on a flat surface. So you use the automatic landing and it comes down.

Itll bounce a little bit and youll get the hang of it, but in the beginning it kind of freaks you out that its doing all these things i like the lights. I love that it has brushless motors. So is this a good drone for you? Well, if you can get past the point of the way that i dont, like it lands its a really good drone flies really well. Another thing i dont like about it is the flight time. They say it gets 25 minutes of flight time. It gets about 12. Maybe 15 max so thats kind of disappointing that its not in the air very long and but it does come with two batteries. I like that it folds up so like always.