Lets see oh cool there. We go as were moving very smoothly. Im pretty excited today because were looking at the be wine f7 gb2, 4k wi fi camera drone with a 3 axis stabilized gimbal. Now the reason im excited about this, because ive played with quite a few drones already and they more or less look the same. Looking at this one, it obviously looks different, it looks a bit beefier. Bigger, has a much larger camera, so im expecting some great video quality. That being said, the 4k sensor supports 4k video quality up to 15 frames per second, which is on the lower side. So, im not sure why we have such a large sensor. If were not going to be getting some extra frames here, but you know it is what it is. You might be able to drop it down to like 1080p or 2k and get 30 or 60 frames. That being said, it is characterized by a large aperture which is going to allow us to get some outstanding low light shots. So thatll be great if youre flying at night in low light conditions, the good news is, the camera does have a 3 axis stabilized gimbal, so youre gon na have some nice steady and smooth shots, even if youre flying around in the wind too, because it actually Has level 6 wind resistance, so you can fly it in some pretty heavy wind scenarios and not have a problem now.

My favorite thing about this drone is, of course, the three kilometers super long transmission range, which is able to transmit video from the drone to your phone in 720p, which is great, so you can actually look at whats going on, and that also means youre able to Control it with the controller, while its up to two miles away 9800 feet pretty insane. To be honest, as long as i can get a solid mile without it, cutting out ill, be happy of course. If you want to get that nice 4k quality, albeit at 15 frames per second youre gon na throw a micro sd card up to 128 gigabytes inside to get the full quality video now that being said, this is looking very nice. Definitely a lot beefier than the other drones im used to so im very excited to try this thing out. Packaging is, of course, looking top tier, so im very excited to see what the drone looks like in person, because it really caught my eye wow. This is actually a very nice carrying case, one of the best ones ive seen when it comes to drones. Also inside we have our user manual that i definitely recommend taking a look at disclaimers and safety guidelines, as well as a quick start guide and now back to this carrying case. Its a very good quality case has a nice shoulder strap here, so you can actually carry it on your shoulder. Very nice im really liking it.

We have double zipper action, nice accents here. This is a i mean look. We could even throw some stuff on the side here like this reminds me of like a really nice quality camera carrying bag. This is great because remember. This is basically like a camera that just happens to fly and, as you can see inside everything is nicely organized. Theres, even a zipper pouch on the outside, to throw some other stuff in here, im really liking this case now inside the case, we actually have the remote control, which i mean this thing actually has some weight to it. This is one of the heavier remote controls. Ive had so, it definitely feels like quality pull out the antennas. Get the mount get all this plastic off, oh wow, i mean this thing feels solid. Usually these things feel super lightweight and like a toy, this feels like quality, so im definitely expecting to get some good range with this thing. Next, oh man, we got the drone here, and this thing is looking like a beast, but well put it to the side. Real quick and see what else we got. I really like how theres all these flaps to keep everything separate its very nice and well thought out. We actually have a box here with the extra battery, it does have two batteries and they each support up to 25 minutes of flight time. Although the bad news is, they do take about six and a half hours to fully charge up.

So if you want to be flying for more than about 50 minutes, i do recommend getting some extra batteries, so you never run out of charge. This is looking like a very nice battery too, though 2600 milliamp hours, looking good, led lighting, usb c charging perfect, and then we also have f7 blade a as well as blade b replacements in case you break some propellers and need to replace them. Nothing else. Inside of that carrying case lets get back to the drone and man i mean okay, this thing is definitely different. Im not even sure you, oh, this comes off okay, so i dont know if you need to keep this, but you might, if you want to keep the propellers in like this, just looks completely different. All right so lets get these pulled out. It looks like we have to pull this one forward, its very strong. Then this one looks like you actually, oh you rotate it. So dont go trying to pull that because itll break, we got to pull this one back out and then rotate this one as well. I mean this okay, this is actually one of the heavier drones ive used as well. The drone and the remote control feels super high quality, very heavy. So i mean this is a quality drone right here. So far, now take a look at the top. We do have b wine f7 branding over here on the back is the actual battery.

So you actually just press this button, pull it out and you can easily swap out the battery just like so very easy to do. Then, taking a look over on the front, we have this big boy, camera side here. Oh there we go okay, just like so very nice. Get this little lens cover off. You can see. We do have that three axis gimbal stabilized camera, and this is a big boy. Camera like i was saying if youve seen the other drones ive looked at, they have those little tiny cameras which actually are very good quality. So, im hoping to be really impressed with this big boy, it looks like we have no other plastics on the bottom or around it and down here on the bottom. We do have these nice landing rails and they its really close. So you want to make sure you dont land on some uneven surfaces or it might hit the camera, because there is a little bit of space here and if anything goes between it, it might damage the camera. So you want to be careful, and mindful of that then, over on the back, of course, is the battery were going to hold down the button everythings lighting up its powered on. We got the led lights flashing. I can hear the camera gimbal. We have lights flashing right now because were just ready to get set up and go looking very nice. We got all the led lights, flashing red right now, because im holding it like this and its like.

No, we cant do that its not how its supposed to be going so obviously thats how its gon na work, but the led lights do look very bright, so you should be able to fly this at night without an issue i mean this camera, though, like this Is a its crazy if you look at this camera, its literally on its own gimbal, which is very cool, i mean all the other ones. They just have like that. Little thing – and you know its on a little gimbal, but this looks like a handheld gimbal, pretty high tech. Now, like i said, to get the best video quality. You do want to insert a micro sd card and it goes right in the back of the camera. Its also good to have a micro sd card in here in case you lose connection to your phone and that way the video doesnt get cut out because its recording directly on the camera and the drone. So now that weve got the drone powered on lets. Take a quick look at the remote control, which does charge by usb type c and doesnt require external batteries, which is always great well power. This on it does tell you. The battery percentage looks like were at 80 percent right now were powered on, and i really like this screen, because it tells you so much information. It tells you the status of the drone in the middle. How far away it is how high it is, how fast youre moving up as well as how fast youre moving forward or back or whichever way youre going.

We can set the speed over here on the left, whether you want it to be slow or fast, depending on what youre trying to do just like that it connected perfect. As you can see, we have all the different lights, but obviously im not gon na try to fly it in here, but up top. We also do have an indicator that shows you the connection status of the remote control to the drone. So, of course, if you want to toggle the speed mode, you just press this button, we start off in the medium, then we can go up to sport mode. If you want to move super fast camera mode, if you want to go slow, so you can get a nice steady shot and then normal mode right in the middle. We, of course, have the emergency stop button, although you do not want to press this, because if you press it, the drone will basically just fall out of the sky and just crash so dont do that unless its an absolute emergency like there happens to be a Helicopter flying in your path, youre, like okay, i better bring it down, so i dont get a ticket or something. Of course we have the power button as well as the one key return home, which i always like in case im like okay, the drone somewhere. I completely lost track of only just press that comes right back and lands right where it took off from over.

On the top. We do have a camera shutter button, as well as a video shutter button to record. We have a little knob here to angle the camera up and down, as well as a knob here to zoom in on the image yeah. This camera is definitely gimbal stabilized. I can angle it down points down. I think it can go all the way straight down. Oh very nice and i can also come back up very smooth, looking good, i like it, i mean so far. This drone is very impressive and i didnt even fly yet and of course, to get the most out of your drone were going to download the be wine drone app from your app store and open it up. So this is called actually gives you a tutorial videos to teach you how everything works, although i already already know how everything works im good to go, it tells you how to unfold. The arms of the drone tells you how to unfold the antennas itll pair within 40 seconds automatically. You connect your phone to the wi fi of the drone that its emitting it says you can only fly it if the signal bars are over three thats, of course, going to be in gps mode. You can turn off beginner mode if you want to go further, but i recommend staying in beginner mode, while youre learning how to use the drone. So you dont lose it and crash it somewhere far away and you push the joystick to five oclock and seven oclock to unlock the motor and push it again to stop.

So were gon na go into wi, fi and connect to the b wine drone and were connected. We see the live, video feed, very nice and, of course, all the different information about the drone, as well as the battery percentage. The signal strength which is going to be really low because were inside right now and, of course, its prompting us to get the drone calibrate, although were inside right now, so im not going to go through all that, because you know we dont gps and everything. So i dont want it to get confused, but with that being said, were gon na head outside put this drone to the test, and hopefully it can go far. Hopefully the video quality looks great and well see how well it does alright. So it is a bright sunshiny super hot day. Finally, we have a little bit of cloud cover, so its not too hot, but its been so hot. Lately i havent even been wanting to come outside and fly my drone, but were out here now with the b wine drone were going to test to see if we can actually get the 9 800 feet of range aka two miles so inside the app. First of all, we have to turn off beginner mode max out all the different settings. Here we want to go as high and as far as possible were gon na save this now it is actually a little bit windy down here.

So you know its gon na. Be a lot more windy up there, so hopefully, this thing can counteract the wind, otherwise were gon na have an issue so without further ado lets unlock this drone yeah its actually surprisingly, quiet, im impressed and now ive been flown a drone in a while. So hot lets take off there. We go picking up dust all right. I just stopped it right there, its hovering, okay, not bad, not bad, doing a good job. So far, video is looking nice and clear nice and smooth see how high we can get up to real, quick. Oh the suns, coming back out its getting hot, raising up 70 meters high and climbing oh wow. We got a really nice view. I wonder if i can make it over to that mountain over there thatd be really cool. It looks like were at the maximum height right now of 120 ish meters, not too bad its definitely up there, the suns in my eyes. I hate that so now were going to go forward and see how far we can actually go. Try to get to that 9 800 feet 2 mile range, thatll be nice, you know, while were flying, i can tilt down the camera, so we can aim down. Lets see oh cool there we go as were moving very smoothly. Oh wow, look at that cars passing by its weird on video looks like were moving a lot slower than we actually are, but were moving like 10 meters every two seconds or so going.

A little adventure well were only 300 meters away and i feel like thats, already really far stable connection. So far. I mean 9800 feet two miles. Oh a bird just flew in my path. You guys see that that was actually really cool were flying with the birds. All right, we just passed 1 000 meters of range and were looking very good. No cutouts of the video. So far everything is going smoothly, still have a solid, full bar connection. It looks like now im noticing the video is becoming a bit pixelated now and a little bit laggy and i think the video just did we lose the video. I think we lost video, but were 1100 meters away yeah the smartphones completely gone. All right now were back were back a little bit. Videos still frozen, but the distance did increase controller still connected perfectly fine. The good news is, we do have a micro sd card in the drone. So, even if we lose connection of the video on our phone well still have video on the sd card. Hopefully – and here we go – we got connection back – were about 400 meters away and going all right were just about to hit 9000 feet fine. This is taking a good amount of time, so i mean its a really far distance, all right, 9 500 feet and still going. We have about 200 more feet to go before we max out. We still have a solid video connection.

It is a bit pixelated, but we do have a connection and okay, we reached the limit of height and distance its a little bit hard to see, but we are at 9840 feet away with about 400 feet of height and we are steady and we can actually See the video, let me pan down, okay, it looks like it might be, lagging or frozen because it didnt go down. I mean, but at two kilometers about three miles, im impressed that were still connected to the remote control, which is the most important part. The video feed looks to be dead. I dont see anything okay, it looks like we lost connection on the remote. Actually, so hopefully it comes back. Oh wait. Wait. The video came back. Okay, oh, it looks like its yep, its returning home automatically because it lost connection to the remote control, which is good, so i can stop it from coming home. Okay, i stopped it from coming home. So now were hovering at 9000 feet away with a connection. We can see the video okay, so good, good good. Let me pan around thats, pretty cool, though up top on the left. I have something in chinese about two kilometers. I guess its just saying what the distance is for the maximum travel, but were doing good. We have a solid connection here. It is pixelated on the phone, although it should be recording in 4k. 15 frames. A second you know its okay, i guess, but we do have a solid view of whats going on, even if its pixelated, we can still see where we are and check out things from afar, thats, really cool.

You get to look at this nice greenery, but now im gon na just press the one touch return home button, its beeping, its returning its automatically coming right back to us. Obviously, on the bottom left side of the screen. We can see the map and you can see the drone is facing us now and its directly in front of us. If i stop returning home, i can turn around. You can see the arrow turns with the drone, so thats very cool so now were just going to bring it home because its too far away and dont want to lose it. You know this is obviously going to take a while, because it took about 10 minutes to get over. There looks like its coming back much slower than it went because we were in sport mode going now coming back thats going pretty quick its going about 35 feet. A second actually so, not bad all right, so we made it back its right above us right. There actually came right back to exactly where we are thats really cool. I always like, when that happens very impressive, and now its going to come down for a soft landing or do i have to land it myself. It is lowering slowly. I can hear it fighting the wind all right its about 15 meters high and dropping oh facing the other way. Let me get under it all right. Here we go hey. We came back.

Okay, very soft landing brought up all the dust off the floor. A very good drone came right, back, went all the way out there. Surprisingly far, no issues, although the video did start disconnecting a little bit, but the controller stay connected the entire time. So no issues there, the video is looking good at least on this end. You guys can be the judge, and let me know if the 4k video is up to your standards when you watch the actual clips of the flight. Really, the only problem is the 4k is at only 15 frames a second, so not the smoothest in the world and then, if you want to go to 2.7 k, its only 25 frames a second, so i really wish that could be at least 30. You know, obviously i would want 60, but you know 30 would be okay, but all in all very impressed with this drone, its a larger drone from the other drones ive used, but it works very well.