So lets take a look at it. Come here guys be wine, a company b1 scent hold on just a second get a little brighter on you. There we go now b1 sent us this drone for review. They did not pay us to do a five star review or anything like that. It is ex it is what we think about it unbiased review. Now it is a b1 f7 gb2. If you look right down here, it says: 4k wi, fi, camera 3 axis stabilized gimbal, brushless motor excellent night scene see excellent 19 shooting function and its modular guys. Youre going to die when you see how this thing comes apart, im just going to unbox it and show you everything. It comes with its got the normal warnings and your advantage to see as on the back and look there see: 3x xs, 4k excellent night scene same my same stuff and guys there you get the app and then of course, theres your thing now: the buck, the Unboxing experience is amazing. What you do is you open this up and this bag that comes with it was in another bag, but i took it out, so it would be easy to show you guys. Look at this. Look at this. Look at this now theres the box, nice sturdy, good box, im gon na put it over here all right guys. Now this drone is comparable to a dji like mavic mini, or you know what i mean, the mini 2 or whatever ones are out right now, heres.

This is what you get im going to show you exactly what you get with it and we are going to be doing two. Maybe three videos with this very in detail were going to show you all daytime shots all night time. Shots were going to see how far it can go if all the all the features of the app work all that stuff, so you unzip it look at this guys. Look you ready. Look at this. Look how it comes out. Super super nice. I mean look at this yep im gon na, take everything out and show you everything that came with it there now one of wait, yeah and then the case here, which is a beautiful look at that beautiful case. Its got side pockets right here on it side, pockets and a nice zip up front pocket. Now this is everything that comes with. It comes with an extra set of blades. Let me show you something very uh: did i this side very, very fun, heres the batteries right, okay, nice batteries? Look! The charging port is literally guys on the battery. So you take your charger. Look at that, so you cant lose your charger theyre, basically just a universal. You know like dji. They have now guys im, not comparing this dji because i dont know ive never flown one of these or anything. But you know thats. What im you know, the mini is what im comparing it to um.

They have a special. You know charger this thing anywhere. You are as long as you go to usbc. You can charge them and it comes with two batteries with it hold on yeah there. It is two batteries. Now you ready whats wrong done. You ready! Look at this, you take your blade protector off and then this thing folds out this thing, folds out and then down with these ones and down and there you go. This is just an unboxing guys because i really really really want to get in depth with this and ill show you the controller here so were going to do two or three videos on it, make it nice how come its all, and i can actually, if you Come over here, maybe i can battery 100. You can see there. Oh these come off. Those are little phone things. There theres your controller. You put your phone up here and then you hold on to here and go. Oh guys, one of the main features – and i honestly dont know how many do this zoom this thing. It says it has an incredible night camera and it zooms five times so most drones do not zoom. I i dont know how many do nowadays, because of technology, but i uh not many. I know um this zooms and then heres a um gimbal protector right here. There see theres your gimbal protector and theres your camera. You can see its a a gimbal, see it there.

You go. Oh uh transmission im, not im, just showing you um, i will go through the boxes. I mean all the instructions and all that stuff on the next video we do of this weve got a bunch of germs coming guys its christmas time, so lets get the drones done so far of all the ones thats been sent to me, this is my favorite One this thing is amazing: be wine f7 check it out? This is the f7 gb2 check it out on your amazons and all that stuff. Well, have a link below um Music lets see not tomorrow, wednesday, wednesday well, have a video of this flying and camera and then maybe friday. Well do another one of the night camera and all that stuff. So thanks guys for checking it out, buy f7 gb2.