A little bit different than normal were gon na go ahead. Take it up for a fly, see how it does lets Music wait for go Applause, Music, hey guys, so we got our new drone for you today looks a little bit different. You can see its got. This kind of interesting shape a lot different than the stuff were used to seeing, but its called the bee wine f7 drone. Now you can see its different in that it has the three axis gimbal, with a big gimbal kind of hanging below here, a big camera hanging below with these interesting arms. Here now it does have some pretty good specs. It has a 4k video and picks three axis gimbal 25 minute battery life, brushless motors level, 6, wind resistance, gps, and it says it has a 1.86 mile range now. It does also tell that it has a high sensitivity so that it can be used at night. One thing im not sure about is yes. This says it is 4k, but it is 4k 15 frames per second now, its only 15 frames per. Second, my guess is thats going to look a little choppy, but you can be the judge, see if its different so lets just go ahead. Get this started see how it goes all right. So, first things. First, we always want to power on the drone here. Get that started up then were going to power on the remote. Then were going to go ahead and hook up the app.

There is no bottom sensors from what i can tell theres some things that kind of look like an ultrasonic sensor, but with all the stuff in the bottom im, not sure thats, true well see when we land, if it actually comes down and senses the ground and Takes off from there well see if thats true, but it doesnt look like theres any sensors on the bottom and the remote says connecting on it now it says it can take up to about 40 seconds its telling us to rotate horizontal, so well, go ahead and Do that and well do us our normal three times here, like we do, okay and its saying doing vertical, so lets go ahead and do the vertical and thats beeped as well. Now, with these also, you always want to make sure you do the gyro if they give you the option to do the gyro to make sure that its solid, the driver on this one is up and out on both of the sticks, so were going to go Ahead and do that and hold it – and it said, gyro was calibrated, so were good there so now to arm and were going to do down and in just like a lot of the drones. I can see that the camera did level itself uh. So it looks like were in good shape. It does have some of the functions. Of course, it does have like an orbits and a follow me and well test some of those as well and well test some of the distance as well at least as far as the line of sight will take us lets, go ahead and take off Music wow.

Not bad got ta say not bad at all. Really its really sitting here, solid Music actually does look really nice. I got ta say all right, so lets go ahead. Take it up get a little round here and see what it does just a normal fly here. Music, so you have to tell me what this video looks like uh. If you can see that choppiness from that 15 frames per second or not looks like it flies real nice, though its a really nice flyer, hopefully that video looks good lets go ahead and try that zoom thats over here see what it does im assuming that zoom Is going to be digital, so its probably going to be a little uh fuzzy, perhaps but uh indeed the zoom does work there. So if im zooming in looks like i can see, myself here looks good lets go ahead and zoom back out there. We go all right and i notice theres also a speed button here on the remote and im going to go ahead and click that and see what the speed looks like, because the speed i was in now was nice, but well see if it goes a little Faster all right – and it went three beeps which i believe is uh speed. Three, so were going to go ahead and spin. This away from me here all right, see what happens here. I tell you what that is really speedy. That thing is really moving Music.

It does look really stable on here. The gimbal does look really nice on the screen here. Hopefully the resolution looks as good when i pull up the recording because boy, it does look really nice. I can see this out here pretty good and well. I dont have any breakup whatsoever, its very clean, very, very clean here, okay, so i did kinda its out here and boy. I just had a line of sight of it here and it was just a speck and its really hard to see im kind of losing it. So im gon na go ahead and turn it around, but its out here uh, you know 1500 feet so uh. Its really clear, though i have no dropout of the signal yet whatsoever uh. So it looks pretty decent, so im going to go ahead and turn it around and head back, but it looks like i have really good control of it yet and everything so no problems there. Nice nice go and bring it towards us here. Well, that thing is screaming, though: the speed is pretty darn good, i got ta say a speed is pretty hot, no doubt about that. All right, all right, cool all right, so lets go ahead and do a couple of the smart functions here and see how this goes Music. Well, we just hit a low battery, so im going to go ahead and let it come home see what this return to home does by itself here, taking a little long to come down there wow but thats, pretty good, actually its about uh, oh about a foot Or so off the pad so its not bad at all.

Now it did come down and hover right off the ground, so it almost seems like it must have some optical flow or some ultrasonics or something because otherwise it would have come down and bounced off the ground. So it looks like we did: have some sensors so im going to go ahead and change his battery then and go ahead and do a couple of the smart functions see how that goes go ahead and take it up here. Music ill. Take a couple. Pictures here see what those look like lets go ahead and do an orbit all right. So lets see what happens here. We just hit the orbit and it took off away here and it should turn around there. We go and again well see what that 15 frames per second looks like with that orbit. If it really makes a difference or not here, because the orbit is looking real clean Music, all right so lets go ahead and do a follow me were gon na. Do a gps follow me here: you can see uh its straight above me. Lets see what it does with that real nice job keeping me in here. Actually, hopefully, i dont lose my sound, but no its doing a real nice job. Keeping me in the image go back here towards the vehicle there we go Music now. It does have one odd thing here that im noticing and that im just trying to do a real, slow kind of pan, and it does go real, nice and slow.

It does kind of go slow, but when i let it go, even if i let go slow, it snaps back so thats kind of undesirable. If youre doing some nice pan into a shot and then its going to go ahead and do a jerky movement on the way back so im, not exactly sure why it does that. But youll notice here im going to go nice and slow and im going to. Let go nice slow, pan and im just going to go ahead and go and let go you can see it jerked back. So not exactly sure why its doing that but thats not really very desirable uh for a nice cinematic move. So now that were out a little ways lets go ahead and do our last return to home make sure that i dont uh catch the top of that tree, a bunch of traffic and stuff. So i want to kind of be out of the way a little bit, but no it looks like its going to be okay, not bad, not bad Music. So this is actually about three feet off from the pad here for our last return to home, so uh it is pretty windy, so uh. I have to give it that, because uh, the wind indeed was pushing it sideways. It was pitching on the way down. So all right so lets go ahead, head back to the studio and ill give you my final thoughts. All right so were back in the studio after taking the b1 f7 out for a fly did a pretty good job, but before we talk about that, lets just give you an overview of what comes in the case here and then well.

Give you my final thoughts on the function now. First of all, it does come in a real nice fitted case for it it is a drop in from the top. Has a nice shoulder strap on the top of it, so it is really well protected. So in the box itself, weve got not only the drone and the remote, but weve got two batteries and weve got a box with extra props, along with a quick start manual and a full manual. So lets talk a little bit about the function now. First, it does state that it has a 4k resolution now thats true, i did check the 4k, but remember it was 4k 15 instead of a 4k, 24 or 30. Something like that. So i was wondering if that 15 was going to give us any jitter or things like that, and i think it probably did ill put a little bit of video up here. So you can be the judge uh when were displaying it, but it did seem, of course, if we were trying to move at all that it did kind of give us a little bit of a choppy feel. So the 4k video itself looked maybe a little bit. Creamy it didnt look bad. It was kind of sharp around the edges, but it looked like they did some manipulation, maybe to the pixels to get that 4k, because it looks a little bit like the best analogy i can think of is if you use photoshop and you apply an oil painting Effect to it its still crisp, but it kind of sharpens the edges, but in the middle it kind of interpolates between some pixels now again, thats only my impression again ill make sure i put that video up here.

So you guys can make your own decision on it, so i think theres some manipulation going on in the pixels there uh that dont make it bad, but it just kind of catches. My attention a little bit now the battery life. I did not get the 25 minute battery life, it was quite a bit shorter. Now there was a little bit of a wind and ill put that battery left that i did get up here, but it was significantly shorter and i tried that with a couple batteries just to make sure now it does tout the level six wind resistance and i Think it did a really good job, which brings me to the kind of controllability of the drone. I think it was stable, as could be no matter what i did whether i was doing any of the automated functions. If i was flying it manually, it was really snappy, it did a nice job and it controlled really well that lends me to my next point. As far as the distance, it has a 1.86 mile distance. I didnt take it out quite that far, but i took it out to the edge of line of sight. The video was still real, solid coming into the device. There was no chopping or cut out or anything at all, and i did a return to home from a distance and it went up and came all the way back. There was no problems at all in addition to the controllability.

The gps itself, i think, did a really good job. I had no toilet boiling, no odd things that i could attribute to the gps just being weak. It never fell off or anything like that. It did take just a little bit longer to connect the remote to the drone than normal, but once it connected it seemed to be really solid. The specs do say that it has an increased low light sensitivity. So, for that reason i did take it out at dusk and took a little video across the horizon just so i could see what it did and it wasnt too bad again. I think we saw some of the side effects, one being the uh jitter kind of in the image. If i was moving and i tried to move it really slow and that showed another kind of problem that i think they need to take care of. And that is if i was trying to pan really slow, just get a real nice kind of cinematic a position across the horizon. When i would let go of the stick, it would snap back to the original position almost like. It thought it was drifting or something so overall, i think the drone did a really good job. It was fun to fly. It controlled really well, but i think theres just a few things that they need to look at if they were to address those. I think theyd be right on with the price point.

That being said, ill make sure that i put the price up here. So you can take a look at that and of course, ill put the links in the description, so you can go ahead and view the specs and see if its something thats up your alley, all right so thats all i have for the b1 f7.