You checking out the frequent flyer, and i have this gps quad its a brushless gps squad from this company bee wine or blind im, not sure how they pronounce it. But this is the f7 gb2 and they sent this thing in. For an honest review, so were gon na take a look at it lets unbox. It first got the bat knife on deck. That should be good enough. It opens that way. We got an instructions manual, its in color, and we got a quick start guide. Lets throw that to the side, okay, sealed in a ziploc bag, so cool. They give you a carrying case, a storage case for this. Well, i guess this is a bag, so we have a branded bag right here with everything in it lets open it up. So this is the drone here lets hit the drone to the side. We have the transmitter here, police little fun protectors off, and it does appear to be nice quality and all this is the phone holder here. Wow nice rubber grips on the clamp for your phone and all so lets see if anything else is in this bag here, okay, so we got the battery in here. Oh so we have thats an extra battery because theres one battery already installed in the drone there. So we have blades, those are spare blades and it looks like thats all we have in this bag here, pretty nice bag check it out check the inside out.

We have little compartments in here and all this little thing on the top lets check out the drone. We have this thing here, holding the blade still and it looks like these rare motors swing out that way in the front arms look like they rotate. Yes, they rotate like that, so pretty unique. How it opens up got a little camera here. This is a 4k camera, so it has a protector on it. Right now see it snaps off of the legs and comes off pretty nice were definitely going to take this guy out and check it out, see how it flies test. All the features – and all this thing shoots in 4k, again comes equipped with this camera here, and i think you can remove this camera as well and just fly it um without the camera here theres a little button under here, you can remove it. So nice modular design for this camera and gimbal and all so you can just fly it this way, if youre not into the cameras and all that stuff, we have a little micro, usb type c port here to charge the batteries up and we have an indicator On here to let you know the battery level, so we got lights on the arms one light on the bottom. There looks like itll, be a pretty decent night flyer as well. So lets turn this guy off until we get it outside lets, go check it out.

All right, so we out here with the bee wine f7 and were gon na test it its dark out here, but it does say that this thing is capable of night flying and recording, so were going to test. That out were probably not going to do. Follow me or any of that stuff, but were definitely going to see if this thing can capture video in the dark, its not complete darkness. It is a little light out here from these basketball courts, and so it should be able to use some of that light to be able to get some nice video out here right arm swing forward facing away from us. This transmitter has these two holding pieces that fold down were going to press the power button. Two times turn it on were going to hold the button on the drone to power it on Music. So it says its connecting lets go up in the inner corners. Okay. So now its ready were going to spin it around. It was just connected into the transmitter at first okay. So then we turn it this way. So we had a beat okay there. It goes so i guess its connected now, but lets it just gave me a beep. I guess that means that its connected to the satellites but anyhow lets find this app its called b wine drone or blind drone. I dont know what its trying to do lets see. We have to connect to the wi fi.

First, the drone is giving off this wi fi here b1f7, so we connected to that. So i should be able to go into this drone here now. Lets see controls gps mode okay, so we got signal now got the video feed coming to the phone. Oh, i went back lets. Try it again, gps mode. I guess its going to have to face this way here. I was trying to get it to face. The other way – and it was starting – the recording okay so lets – bring it over here. Okay, lets see how this guy flies its in gps mode, both sticks to the lower outside corners to start the motor, spinning Music and its very, very steady wow. The thing is: barely even moving so lets try to record some video Music. This recording video now lets see if we can take a still at the same time, so it did take a still lets. Go down Music. Do my little toilet bowl test im gon na pull it away from where its at and it should try to stay there? It still returned to where i pulled it from and no toilet bowling, so the gps is spot on Music. Take it forward slide around a little Music, its giving me some audible, commands and stuff. I really cant hear what its saying you, though, what it says: okay, it says, calibrate the compass so lets bring it back down Music. I think i didnt do that Music trying to get the motors to stop okay.

There we go okay, so it says calibrate the compass. So maybe i didnt do that. Lets. Try that okay, i did. I guess it was just the outside upper corners. So lets take off again and see Music, okay, its not giving me that it still says the same thing again telling me to calibrate the compass lets, bring it down again Music. I dont know why its saying that, because it seemed like it was spot on with its hovering and stuff, so lets see were gon na stop the recording now make sure we have that. Okay, i think i did this one already, but im gon na. Do it again spin it around this way, turn it this way and spin it around it actually calibrates quite quickly, so there it is. It says its ready to fly now so lets. Take it up again: Music, okay, so thats what it is. It was asking me to redo that, but its still spot on, though, really still holding this position better than any other gps drone that i have shown on the channel wow its like dji quality. Here its kind of fast, too lets bring it back and its trying not to go forward a lot its trying to hold this position so im going to hold down this button here, hold down the gps button to take it off gps mode Music. So its an altitude mode, it should its still really still now, but it should not hold its position as much Music lets see.

It still seems to hold this position. It must have some other sensor on it and whatnot because it does want to stop and hold its position still lets see. I think you can change speed modes as well. Lets see, it says, camera mode thats, the slow mode, normal mode sport mode, so it should be really fast. Now were in sport, mode, Music, definitely fast, Music. It still wants to slow down, though it doesnt want to just keep flowing. It seems like he wants to hold this position even in sport mode. Whenever i try to bank a turn or whatnot, it wants to hold this position. It wants to put on air brakes. Here. We go Music. Okay, so i dont know where the home position was recorded at so im gon na try. It, though, take it over here. You cant come out of the return to home position, though well the command you can come out of it, but im gon na try. It anyhow to see where it would go: Music, okay, so its you turning to where i took off from its turning around and its coming down, so its doing all that on its own Music, its very close, look like its about to land in the grass, though You can scare it Music, so not bad, stop return, so lets go and that was out of it wasnt in gps mode anymore, and so lets take off again with it. If you can so, this thing takes a sd card in the little camera as well, but i didnt insert an sd card im just going to be showing you guys the footage thats being sent back to the phone over the wi fi signal, so the quality might Not be as good, it might be a little better if you were to capture with the sd card so later on.

I think im gon na get some more footage with an sd card and im gon na upload that as royal footage Music, so you guys can look out for that footage. Other than that. I dont want to fly this guy too far because its dark out here, but it seems like a winner Music. It holds this position even in altitude mode lets hold this button again back in gps mode now see. If i can see the difference, i really cant tell the difference. It still wants to hold on to its position and stay put in both modes. This is the camera mode here, its still really fast in camera mode. If you ask me, this is side flying speed and camera mode thats, the low mode. Oh, the yall just seems like its a lot slower Music, but the tilt the pitch, left and right and forward and back, is still the same. Machine lets go to the normal mode lets check the yaw. The yard is still very slow. The pitch seems about the same to me. Maybe its a little increase Music might be a small increase, but i really cant tell the difference. Now. Lets go back to the sport mode again were in sport mode and yall is noticeably faster, but its still a slow, yall Music and the pitch does seem like its a little faster lets, get some more video Music. You can control the zoom on this thing. Lets try that okay, so its its a quick zone, its like in increments, so lets see you can control the tilt as well up and down lets try to pan with it.

This is the raggedy basketball court lets see if we can stop and give you guys back here lets go up a little higher. It says that the control range of this thing is three kilometers Music thats pretty far a lot further than i ever fly. Music lets. Do a pen from up here Music, see if we can Music Applause? Oh the video has stopped so lets do a pan to make sure we got it. Music! Try to pan down a little bit a little bit of this court here. Music, see if you can zoom in there, you go. Music got some movement over there, camera back forward. Okay, so lets bring it down. Music Music, i got ta, say im impressed with it. How still it is check out how still this thing is? Music, its barely moving so were gon na bring it down Music, stop the video okay man, so the bee, whine or blind f7 is a winner. If you ask me, we have two increments left on the battery or calibration theyre, asking me to recalibrate the compass again but im stopping the flight here. This thing is a winner.