My name is george schlake, the one, and only – and i like talking about drones well flying them is even better, but the experience ive gained over the past year can possibly save you some money, this christmas season and thats. Why im sharing it here? Are you shopping around for a drone, perhaps its a gift for someone you love or even for yourself? It can be overwhelming to look at online ads for drones, especially the budget variety Music. I was there about a year ago. The first drone i ever bought was the holy stone hs. 700D. At the time i had no idea you needed a license to fly this drone in canada to clarify any drone with a takeoff weight of over 249 grams needs to be registered here, and you need a pilots license for that. It is relatively easy to get with an online test if you can read and retain information reasonably well. The test costs ten dollars here in canada, then another five bucks to register the drone. You also need to be aware that there are a lot of restrictions applying to drones over 249 grams, even with a basic license. For example, youre not allowed to fly it over a built up area. There are fines. If you get caught, lets use my holy stone as an example here, when i first got this drone, it was exciting and i thought perfect for learning how to fly. The drone responds relatively well to the controller and is a lot of fun to operate.

The one thing that disappointed me right from the start was the camera 2k resolution should look awesome dont, you think Music. They even sell this drone with the 4k camera now for an extra 100 bucks, or so there are two problems. First, the camera does not have the proper sensor to record in true 4k. It is software that produces a high resolution image, but there are limitations to that and arguably no improvement in picture quality budget drones. Give you cheap cameras, but theyll use sneaky ways to disguise them as something amazing. Most people wont know the difference, because theyll watch the footage on a phone or an ipad with lower resolution. Anyways second problem is that drones move around in the air without image stabilization. This will make the video footage extremely shaky, even when theres very little wind, so if youre passionate about getting good video footage or photos for that matter, perhaps a budget drone is not for you. In my opinion, those drones are good for only one thing: learning the basic controls, since this holy stone is built very robust, itll, probably survive the crashes youll have in the beginning and youll likely crash, because even with gps enabled the controls are not that precise. Let me put it this way: if youre able to fly this drone safely, then you wont have a problem flying a more expensive drone. If you really want a thrill try flying without gps on those budget drones, you can the really cheap ones.

Dont even have gps. Good luck controlling one of those for a beginner itll, probably just get you frustrated. So, if youre looking at buying a budget drone to learn, make sure it has gps now heres, something else to consider the dji mini se or even the mini 2, are not that much more expensive. Compared to some budget drones example from amazon, canada, the holy stone is 369 dollars, while the mini s e fly more combo thats with three batteries is only 479 dollars, which of those do you think seriously, is a better value, the mini se or the mini 2. Each weigh less than 249 grams, so you can go out and fly them with very few limitations. What you get with the mini 2, which i have is truly amazing. I dont know how much the mini 2 sells for in your country, but know this compared to any low budget. Drone itll be worth the money. You get a precision aircraft that responds instantly to the controller. It does not rely on a wi fi connection, but djis ocusync 2, which guarantees a strong signal. Theoretically, it should allow you to fly several kilometers away, thats not recommended nor legal in most places, but the technology is good for it then theres the quality camera that records video at 4k 30 frames per. Second, the camera is stabilized by a 3 axis gimbal. It is rock solid, even in relatively strong wind Music. So unless youre a total goof like i was and youre sure youre going to crash well treat yourself to the mini 2 or at least the mini se.

Those are still budget friendly drones, but theyre simply far superior to the cheaper ones. Music. If youre worried you might crash, you can purchase the dji care program. I didnt buy it, but i had to fix mine already once it was not easy but doable so bottom line. As far as drones go with the dji mini 2, you get exactly what you paid for: theyre, not cheap, but worth it with some budget drones like the holy stone you pay for more than you get get it. I found that out on my own, without requiring any bribe from dji or anyone else for that matter, its the truth. If this didnt convince you check out the video at the top of the screen right now, i lost my holy stone on the third ever flight. Im still not sure how this was possible, but it happened. If you also like to see how i got it back six months later, thats in the video at the bottom enjoy and hit that like button.