I cant i cant Music, all right so being honest. This leah review should not have been possible if it wasnt for some weird bug in a pre released version of the trading hub, where it pretty much allowed you to buy any limited vehicle um. This shouldnt have happened, uh, so pretty much haze found a way to spawn the leah inside of the game and after respawned in you could just straight up, walk up to it and just buy it for a million dollars. So definitely probably my craziest purchase of my jailbreak history for obvious reasons, i wasnt able to keep the leah forever, so i just tried to get as much as i could out of the lia while i had it on my hands for a day, all right. So, first up the basic stuff, so the leah is pretty much performance, wise identical to the blade which makes it the best performing air vehicle in jailbreak and its pretty much a grinders dream. The top speed of the lia is roughly about 163 miles, an hour which is about 20 miles an hour faster than the drone and its about the same speed as the jet, which makes the lift perform like a two seater volt bike for customization. The lia is fairly basic, so for some reason none of the textures are rendered and they dont work correctly for the lia and the vehicle. Doesnt really have that many customization options. However, the look of the spaceship by itself is so damn cool, i mean so it doesnt really matter alright and finally, the more subjective things.

The lia, in my opinion, is a decent looking vehicle, its super cool and unique. But honestly, i prefer the looks of some of the other vehicles on the topic of uniqueness, though you cant really beat the leah. Everyone kind of just goes crazy when you pull it out and its long and round shape, but the crazy rockets at the base just kind of make everyones jaw drop and for the price. You know what at a million bucks its actually an extremely good, buy. Its just too bad that itll probably be unavailable for anyone but leah to drive for probably the rest of time. Bender. Should i put out the funny car, uh, finder, yeah sure go ahead. Go ahead! Go ahead! Wait! Let me get in wait. Let me get in wait, let me get in. Oh my gosh, the leah. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the leah. Oh, my goodness, i told yall.