The difference between brushless motors brushed motors, gps, non gps, intelligent batteries, multiple access, gimbals, do you need it? Do you not need it and what does? Even all that even mean so were going to go over all that were going to talk about buying a new drone? A used drone and then at the end well be talking about some fpv, so lets talk about buying a new drone uh. Recently i got a second maverick pro 3 as a backup, because the guy wanted a drone for christmas and his wife ran to best buy and, of course the guy says. Oh your first drone. Of course, it needs to be a maverick 3 combo uh, three thousand dollars, so he opens it up at christmas and hes terrified to fly this thing uh. Why? Because he doesnt want to go out like most people do and do their research and come home with something like this. So i met with them and i set him right gave him a mini sc. We exchanged a difference and hes really happy. We go down the road, so should something like this, be your first drone. No, what should be your first drone? Your first drone should be something like this. If you watch my channel, i talk about mini drones, all the time, because these are the perfect tools to learn the orientation of a drone and how a drone flies so that maverick three and this drone, they both sit on floor four axes and the controls act.

The same so you should fly this around your house. Let your dogs chase, it have some fun until your skill set takes over and your subconscious flies it and you dont have to think about the controls it doesnt take long. You know if youre 20 youre going to get a lot faster than an old guy, like me, but ive always said id really like the holy stone. Hs 210 as their first beginner mini drone. But my next video is on this holy 10 30 and its got modular batteries, and i really like this one, but the best deal out there right now is the sandrock u61 and the good thing about this one. Not only does it have covered props, but it has a camera, even though the cameras not really good it teaches you all the things you need to know to set a drone up, because not only do you have to bind the drone to the controller and set The gyros you have to learn how to use the wi fi on your phone to get the app to work for the camera to work and how to calibrate the compass, and that may seem like a lot of work. But you know youve got to do a compass calibration even on the ten thousand dollar inspire behind me, and when we go do the drone shows we got to do it on all 360 of them. That takes a long time. This one right now is a great deal on amazon right now, its uh, i think, 40, things 40 off so for 40.

This is a great drone to learn on and it comes with multiple modular batteries. I wish i had done this first. The first drone i bought was this bug big ugly thing from a furniture store for 750, and i got it home and smashed it into my neighbors, suburban. The second drone i bought was this holy stone, hs 700, and i had to keep climbing trees to get it out, because i didnt understand the aspects of how to set a drone up, so i hooked a fishing line up to it yeah. This is me rolling. It down on a fishing line, because i got tired of climbing trees and getting it out, because i didnt make a pre start checklist and i didnt follow through. So i read all the time on social media of these fly aways. I promise you over 90 of the time its user error, because they skip one step and you got to go through those steps. Every time you change the battery, so lets talk about some different terminology on drones. This is the 440, which is the mini of the hs720, which is a good drone, and this is the holy stone. Hs 7 175 that may look similar, but this ones a non gps drone and this ones a gps drone. What is that? Well, this one uses the satellites to hold its position in the air this one when youre out flying it youre flying this one manually.

So if the winds blowing it and you dont know how to control it, its going to blow away or the satellites are going to control this one. So really, this drone is flying itself youre, just telling it which direction to go, because even if you grab it and pull it three feet to the left, its going to go right back because it wants to hold its position. So these are only 20 or 30 dollars apart. So when youre looking at a drone, 20 or 30 dollars more, you may want to get a gps drone. But then again this is the holy stone hs175d and they look exactly alike. But this one has brushless motors, and this one has brushed motors, brushed motors, use a little gear in here to turn them for. So if the propellers ever get jammed up, it breaks that gear and this drones almost worthless. Can you change it yeah, but its a pain, also brushed motors. They get hot because theres heat they take more power and they dont last. As long where brushless motors are like two magnets spinning inside of each other theyre a lot faster, they take they last longer and theres less heat, so this ones only 20 or 30 dollars more than this one. So thats another thing to consider. Also this one. If you look the cameras very well protected, but its only a one axis gimbal, so it goes up and down so itll.

Take really good pictures, but if youre trying to get good video and so and this drone is moving around, your horizon is going to tilt in the video which is going to make it really choppy. So if you want to go to a multiple axis gimbal, i reviewed this drone, this 101 drone and its under 200., but once you start getting over, the 200 range theres only one drone to consider to me thats under 300 and thats, this dgi mini sc. I think this is the best deal in the universe. Dji has 74 percent of the market for a reason, because they make really good drones and i think they sell this one way too cheap and the new mini 2 has the bigger controller with oculus ocusync 3 and guys say james. The mini sc is a 2.7 k camera and the new one is a 4k camera. You know you got to get the best one as guys. We always want the best thing out there, but guys 2.7 k is just fine. 1080P is even fine for youtube, and this thing flies amazing. Also this only comes with one battery, but the older mini batteries will go in this one and you can get those really cheap and this thing flies amazing, multiple access, gimbal. So, if youre, even in the 300 range, this is the one to get so talking about cameras. This is the original all tail, and this is the all tilt evo 2.

um, this one shoots. 4K, this one shoots: 6k. They even make one thats 8k and youre. Like man, i got ta have 8k, you even have an 8k television. Do you even have a 6k television guys if you get home and youre shooting in 8k and youre gon na shoot for 30 minutes and youre going to get home and youre going to have 100 gigabytes its just too much information saying that you got to have This one over this one is like saying you got to have the 2022 corvette, because it has 800 horsepower, where the one laster only has 750 horsepower. Well, its more horsepower than youre, probably ever going to need thats the same way with both these drones. The mini sc is going to be the drone thats going to fulfill what more than what 90 percent of people want. But they say it: doesnt have obstacle avoidance, but obstacle avoidance is overrated. The only drone that i would ever trust the obstacle avoidance on is the skydio2, but this one only really flies good autonomously, like with the beacon, if youre trying to fly this with the controller. I mean you think youre stuck in beginner mode because it flies too well. You can put the beacon in your pocket and ride your mountain bike through the woods, and this thing will follow you right behind you and not hit anything. So the obstacle avoidance on the scoutio 2 is by far the best, the other ones its great to have it there and it could work sometimes, but i would never trust it.

Theres too many crash drones out there that are that go in the trash, because people trusted the obstacle avoidance, so thats, going over some of the terminology of drones, so lets talk about where to buy them where to buy them. I mean the best place to go. Is straight to the manufacturer, if you ever have any problem, you can send it straight back. If you buy it straight from dji, they have all kinds of protection programs where, if you crash it or if you have problems, they just send you a new one. Amazons a great place to buy drones, so is like b h photo. You need to look around and make sure youre getting the best deal. One thing like like on amazon right now: the de rcd10 is like 93 dollars, but if you look on ebay, this holy stone 240 is the same drone and its under 40 dollars. This is a really good drone for under 40. So if youre buying on ebay be sure and check the seller, like even today, right now, theres someone selling an air 2s for half price. But if you look down it says, if you look at the seller, theres a zero next to it. That means dont buy from that guys when its too good to be true, it probably is like here in dfw. We have an app called offer up. It texts me every time a drone goes up for sale and i recently bought like a roku f11 for 40 dollars, which is the same thing as a de rcd22 and im gon na make a whole video series of droning on a budget like i got a Really good deal on the original dji air so as far as buying a used drone, where do you buy them at well? Dont buy them on ebay.

Ive got two typhoon hs in my garage that are worthless. The gimbals broke on the other one and the other one, the controller doesnt work i bought both of them on ebay and even though they have their protection program, one of the sellers said the gimbal was broke and the other guy said i must have messed it Up or something so dont buy used drones on ebay, youre, just wasting your money like i bought a swell pro and it worked great and flew great, but but it wouldnt record to the sd card, but luckily that seller took that one back so yeah. I think youre just wasting your time buying used drones on ebay, so the only way to buy a used drone is in person and make sure they fly it another thing and if you dont know how to fly, take someone with you dont trust the seller to Show you everything. So if you meet someone and they cant fly it because youre in a no fly zone, dont buy it until you see that drone fly, the camera works, everything works and if you, if youre afraid to fly, it then bring someone with you. That knows how to fly and check the drone out. Drones are like treadmills, people buy a treadmill and they think theyre going to get in shape. The treadmill goes in the corner and its all, and all it turns out to be, is a place to hold your clothes.

Well, its the same thing with drones. People spend a fortune on drones, they get home, theyre terrified to fly them or they dont. They lose interest, they go on a shelf and a year later, they think heres a way to make some money and they put it out there for sale. So theres, some really good deals out there on used drones. So another thing to do is make sure when you buy a dji drone that they log out of their account, because if you dont, when you get home and you try to work with it, and especially with the january update, your drone gets locked kind of like An apple product if it gets stolen, it gets locked well, the same thing with dgi ive got an air 2s air and a mini 2 right now that are worthless to me that i need to sell it for parts because i used to use them with my Smart controller and when i tried to go back to the old controller, it asked me to log in – and i cant well all that happened in january with dji ive reached out to dji. They say i have to get hold of the guy. I bought them from, and that was a year ago, so ive got three drones that are worthless to me. So be sure that you make sure when you buy a drone that they log out of their account. So you can log into it with your dji account and thats with any drones, and also people are scared of buying dji, because people hear about all the band thats going to happen to them.

I wouldnt be too worried about it now, but if you are worried about that, you know, hotels are made in the united states, and these are amazing drones. I really are their customer service is fantastic. These things fly amazing and the new nano is a little bit more expensive but thats an amazing drone. Also recently, i saw that this original autel one was on sale at best, buy for 750 dollars and to me this is just as good as a dji. Pro 2 – and this is more like the maverick 3.. So if you want obstacle avoidance – and you want to spend a little bit more than 300 on the mini sc – i think the air 2 and the air 2s are by far the best drones out there. For the money, if you watch my video with the professional photographer joel, sometimes he doesnt pull out his 3 000 camera to do real estate photography. He just walks around with his air 2s and films. The house on the inside. No one knows a difference because they have the same sensor. This thing has an amazing camera on it, and the color saturation is amazing. So lets talk a little bit about fpv dji came out with the fpv about a year and a month ago, and i got it the first day it came out. I had bought a bunch of analog stuff, but i dont know how to solder. I couldnt get betta flight to work.

It was just all confusing to me, so i got really excited when the dji fpv came out, and this still is one of the most important drones to me. Thats ever been produced, but its really to me its not a true fpv, because when you ive spent about 60 hours in the simulator, i got really good at acro. And when i go out and fly this, it flies good. But man, if you break this thing its expensive, my other drones ill show you in a minute. You can crash them. You can crash them so hard and they wont damage some great things it does have. It does have intelligent batteries priority only towards this drone ill. Explain that in a minute to throw it into acro, i was so scared. I bought another one just to fly acro and one just to fly. So if you just want to fly fpv with the goggles to get the experience. This is still an amazing drone because you can start out flying it. Just like a camera drone, so its got several different levels. You can fly in normal mode, then you can go up into horizon mode level, mode, all the way to acro and if youre flying acro and you get in trouble, you can throw it right back into normal mode and do return to home, which other fpvs dont Have also, if you buy the dji fpv, the remote that it comes with only goes to that drone, but they do sell the dji remote that works with all the other hd drones.

So when youre buying fpv theres, two different worlds: theres analog and theres digital guys. If you buy analog, youre gon na be looking through goggles and its gon na look like a 1970s tv, its gon na be really glitchy with lots of lines in it. I say definitely go digital and i have a video on that, but theres all kinds of videos that explain that. So my suggestion is, if you want to go fpv to get the goggles, get the dgi remote and get this. This is the pro tec. 2.5 pusher. What does pusher mean? Well, the props are pointing down which gives this one a lot more stability than like the pro tec 3.5. But both of these are really good drones because theyre protected, but this one really its so much fun to fly, and you can have a blast with this thing for a long time. This ones a lot faster, but im really impressed with my nasgol evoque f5 guys. This thing is easier to fly than you think, because it has a different levels, just like the dgi, but these are carbon arms. I cant tell you how hard ive crashed this ive had it like 200 foot in the air, and i meant to go to acro mode and i killed the motors and by the time it fell down all i it fell 200 feet out of and all i Did was break the antenna. Luckily it didnt it didnt fall on my camera um, but guys these things are a blast.

Another thing too, if youre buying, fpv dont buy, used only buy new dont waste. Your time, if youre buying a used, fpv youre buying someone elses problem, i bought this cv, tarp cine whoop and the first time i was flying it. The motor fell out of it, which burned up the motor. When i was trying to weld the motor on i burned up the board and ive got like i said, i was spending a three, so im spending the three or four hundred dollars trying to get this thing going and all ive had with it is trouble. So dont buy used fpv thats my advice, its not worth the time, its not worth the hassle but im not telling you im an fpv expert im only telling you what ive done and the experience that ive had over the past years with fpv. But as far as the camera drones, i mean ive bought hundreds of camera drones and ive made all the mistakes that are out there to be made. So all this has just been common sense and things that ive learned throughout the years of buying drones and having a blast its my passion. You can probably tell by the way i talked about them. So, as always, if you got something out of this, please like and subscribe, and i am going to come out with a lot of videos going over the different drones that ive bought, used and im going to call it droning on a budget um if youve bought Some, if youve got some good deals on drones out there.

Let me know – and also soon i have the review of the holy stone. Hs hs720g thats coming out ive had this thing for two months and it doesnt get released till next month. So thanks. So much for watching and ill see you in the next one because it flies horrible with the controller but as far as flying autonomously, but as far as flying autonomous but as far as flying autonomous. But as far as flying autonomous. But as far as flying autonomous maline autonomously, a ton but as far as flying and the obstacle avoidance working very does have intelligent batteries, but but its prop theyre prepared theyre proprietary. Only towards this drone and also ive got the remo. The review of the holy stone h and also i got the room and also soon i have the remote and also soon i have the and soon ill have im gon na and soon i wan na and ill be putting some videos out called droning on a Budget kind of, like i got this kind of, i got this phantom 4 pro version, this kind of got this phantom 4 pro like like, like.