No, is it the sj rc f11? No. Actually, this is the contexto f35 and those three drones all pretty much look the same. So how do you know which one to get or does it even matter? Well, i think it does matter because one of these drones is 400, so one of these drones is 400, one is 300 and the other is 200, which one do you want. So really you want, you want one and not the others. So stay tuned and we’ll talk about this one and uh, which one you should get. Okay, so i’m back in the studio and i’ve got the contexto here. We’Ll i’ll talk a little bit about it right. I also have the roku f11 pro and i’ll talk about that one uh, because spoiler do the same thing all right. So let’s start with this context, though uh, whether you get the context. Oh you get the f11 or the sjrc you get this nice bag. Actually, i think it might be an option with the sjrc, because you can get it a little bit cheaper without the bag, but this contixto contexto whatever it is. You know it’s pretty nice, you know it’s a foldable drone. You know designed to look like a mavic, and you can see here that we’ve got a gimbal right, it’s, a two axis, gimbal um, and it is stabilized electronically as well, so that yaw it doesn’t spin that way, but it will stabilize electronically now the issue with That is uh when i move the gimbal up and down it.

Didn’T quite uh it’s, not smooth right. So electronic image stabilization is fighting it, but you get the remote, of course, with the context. Oh and it’s, nice it’s, a nice, remote phone goes up top and you know the bonus with this thing is it came with a 64 gig memory card, that’s, actually really nice, nice um nice amount of storage, especially with the drone uh that’s, taken pictures in 4k. Now is the: is it really 4k? Well, no uh we’ll take a look at some of the footage and pictures here: um it’s it’s, my guess, it’s 720 and they upscale it all the way up to 4k it’s, just not great quality it’s, not bad right. The gimbal works okay um. These are brushless motors, so it’s a little bit more powerful, a little more efficient than a brushed motor drone you’re going to get a flight time of up to 25 minutes realistically closer to maybe 20.. The range on this thing – isn’t great you’re, not going to want to fly this thing where you can’t see it about about 500 meters max. I wouldn’t push it more than that and again make sure you can see this thing at all times now it does have like a geo fence on there make sure you turn that off, because i was flying this with the geo fence on um and it was At 100 meters it hit that and it came flying right back to me um and it banked right almost hit a tree.

It was kind of an odd thing, so make sure you have that off. You know it does. Have some nice modes follow me return to home orbit waypoints and all that stuff works. Now chris really did an in depth. Look at the f11, the ruku f11. So you want to see more definitely check out that video, but i want to kind of focus on what’s going on here with these drones, as i open up the ruku f11, what looks the same they’re the same thing. In fact, i actually took the f11 battery from my ruku ruko and i flew the contexto with it just so. I had a couple extra batteries to test and if you’re gon na buy a drone from amazon, whether it’s contexto, whether it’s ruco holy stone, does this kind of do some research because odds? Are you can find the exact same drone somewhere else for less right? You’Re? Not going to get the amazon backing right, amazon’s, a great company, and if you have a problem with one of these drones a lot of times, they have good customer service customer service, backed in the us and that’s, going to cost you a little bit more or You could buy this drone from banggood right, it’s, the sjrcf, a f11 pro and it’s going to cost you a lot less, but you’re not going to get that customer service that you’re going to get with contexto. I did a little bit of research seems like they have some people based in california and they’re, really good right, really good customer service.

So if this thing isn’t working, how you think it should you can contact them now contacting someone over banggood is a little bit more of a challenge they’re over there in china, you have the language barrier, you got the time barrier, it’s not going to be quite As easy, you know if you’re buying this contexto or the ruco you’re going to get other things with it right the context you get a 64 gig memory card, the ruco. You got an extra battery, so you’re getting some extras you’re getting this nice case for sure and while some of those things you’re going to have to add that on, if you’re going to buy the sjrc. So you kind of factor that in factor in the customer service, but the end of the day is worth 400. I don’t know right for four hundred dollars. You can buy a mavic mini, and that is a hundred times better drone than this. The mini is better. It has better camera, it is more stable. It is more reliable uh these drones, they just don’t, tend to be as reliable. You know their modes, they work kind of when they’re feeling like it. That is pretty consistent with drones, like these right coming out of sjrc and zl, and companies like that um they’re, okay, the quality control over there in china, just isn’t up to snuff and it’s, not on par with dji, so we’re gon na spend 400.

I wouldn’t recommend one of these. I would recommend the mavic mini now. Um there’s, also the mini two that’s 450 and xiaomi – is releasing their version of a mini uh it’s about 400 kind of give or take that hasn’t been released. We got one on the way. Um so we’ll put it through the paces that again gon na be a better drone than either one of these right. These are fine, they’re, good beginner tools, something to learn on and if you’re you know dead set on one of these yeah pull the trigger right. Buy from amazon or if you want to you, know, spend a little less buy it from banggood, but just know that’s, pretty common um. You know holy stone, contexto ruco. Do some research figure out? What is the bass drone? Where is it coming from, and can you get it cheaper if that’s something you’re interested in? But if you want the amazon backing you want the customer service, then you’re going to have to pay a little bit extra for that. If you want a drone, something like this check out, banggood right that’s, where i buy it or if you know what money’s no object sure buy this thing on amazon and uh, but don’t say i didn’t warn you right. You got ta kind of know right. A lot of the drones on amazon are actually uh, rebrands right and there’s, nothing wrong with buying a rebrand uh, but you got ta know what you’re getting and you’re not getting a super high quality drone.

If you want something to take really good pictures of video you’re gon na spend 400 by the mavic mini or by the mini 2, actually i think that is a much better option. It’S, actually a really good drone. But if you just want something to kind of learn how to fly sure give this thing a whirl but don’t spend 400 bucks, pay 250 pay 2 pay 200 and call it a day. Don’T say i didn’t warn you hey good luck and happy flying Music.