So please subscribe good luck and happy fpv whats up guys. Good luck on my fpv drone giveaway by dji thats, going to be super awesome. You can get in on that if youre a new subscriber coming into the channel – or you have been around for a while and youre subscribed on my channel, we are going to do that in the next 100. 000 subscribers. So super sweet stay tuned for that todays review guys were going to talk about the k911 here. This is a foldable 100 drone with gps on board. It has dynamic return to home. What does that mean? That means that it comes back to the transmitter. You can turn that option on and off dji style drones have dynamic return home. So if youre on a boat and youre on an anchor and its moving around a little bit, this drone will come back to the transmitter. Itll come back to the boat as long as you dont jump off the boat, with your transmitter and swim away from the boat. This guy will follow the transmitter coming back home, so that is super cool that it has that it also has glow nasal in here. We can get about a 15 to 20 minute flight time with the 2s 2500 milliamp battery. It is chargeable with eight android cables, so android cable in about two hours and youre, often flying this little guy whats nice about this. One too is for the hundred dollar price range.

I think this is kind of crazy, because this has brushless motors on here and glonass gps. Two years ago, you didnt get brushless motors for around 100 on a ready to fly drone. That is pretty sweet, so it comes with a little transmitter. You can fly it with your phone or without the phone. I did test it to arm and it will fly without the phone. You can record videos with the phone to the phone or to the app. You can also record external video if you want to put like a little tiny insta360 go 2 on top. You can do that too. I dont think that itll really carry a gopro guys. It would be kind of heavy, but you do get a nice case, along with it, for everything to fit inside this little guy extra props, usb cable and the app that its going to fly on so its going to fly on the app scannable by qr code. In the quick start guide – and you guys are off and flying so no passcode needed on the wi fi just hook up to the wi fi on your phone. You get the real time view and you get a distance on this little guy around one kilometer, not bad, for a hundred bucks right, so lets go ahead and fly the k911 max edition here we go lets have some fun: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, all right, my friends welcome back lets talk about some final points, some takeaway points and put it in digestible tidbits for you to listen to about the k911.

Now, what are my favorite things about this drone number one, the price its a hundred dollars so ready to fly bundle with two batteries around the hundred dollar price point that thats kind of crazy brushless motors glow, nast gps. I had no problems with it. Returning to home, it came back to home in one piece, its also super durable because of the lightweight design of this. This is much lighter than the sea fly. If the sea fly took a hit, youre, probably going to have a broken quad, this one can take a hit and the arms bend back, which is kind of cool, and you straighten them back out and youre off and flying again. I dont know what you could hit to break this drone, but im sure some of you guys out there the way you fly. You could probably find something to break this drone. You can get extra parts for these, as well as the c fly drones im going to put some links down below for the seafly one. If you want to check that one out that ones around 300 and again, its kind of like a dji mini 3 alternative. Very nice super smooth video, but you know what i got super smooth video with this one too putting my insta 360 go on top and just doing some really, you know regular average flying. I came back with some decent footage and you can position the camera on here.

So you dont see the props in view i just kind of stuck mine on there really quickly for you guys to see what it looks like, but i had a ton of fun with this one. It landed and took off perfectly and best of all its super quiet, guys, youre, not probably gon na uh have cairns coming out of their minivans out of the woodwork, so um no problem there, but i think its fun. It has a little case that comes along with it and um. You can get a discount on this one if you want to check it out down below bg davis, 2021 discount code, its still good for eight percent off on this drone. So, hey, you might be able to get this one for under a hundred dollars usd so pretty cool the k911 max edition. I flew the previous version of this one and this one is much better than the other one. Please do subscribe on the channel guys and grab one of these for a trainer drone if youre just getting into it or training for your part 107 for the faa.