This board is designed by burton rider niels shack and is written by a bunch of people on the burton team, including luke winkelmann, zeb powell and brock crouch. So you know its a very capable snowboard and if you want to read a little bit more about the backstory of the design, you can check it out on the inside. The pro model feature in the magazine: im gon na have that linked down in the description below, but for now, im gon na run through all the tech and ill share. My thoughts on how this fell out on snow Music, all right, so the blossom is a new board on the burton lineup for the 21 22 season, its a true twin freestyle focus board and it runs a full traditional camber profile from tip to tail. So youre going to get that more precise, energetic and stable feel that youd expect out of positive camber. It also runs a significant amount of carbon in the layup of the board, so thats going to give you a more energetic and snappy feel, while keeping the board lightweight youre, also going to get the staple tech from burton like their squeeze box, which is a milling Of the core, thicker and thinner in certain places to give the board the flex profile that they want and for the blossom i found it had a pretty consistent flex through the entire length of the board from tip to tail. I didnt feel any softer hinge points in there, so i had a very predictable feel to it and it should maintain that feel for the life of the board because of their infinite ride, where they basically pre break the board in for you in a machine they Just flex it over and over again so the goal there is to maintain the same feel from day one for the entire time that you ride.

This board youre also going to get a sintered base, which is a higher end base material, its known to be harder, faster and more durable compared to an extruded base. But you do want to make sure to wax it regularly so that it keeps a consistent feel and glide out there for you now. This might be getting a little deep in the construction, but i do also want to highlight that the blossom runs a triax fiberglass layup, so that gives the board a sturdier flex torsionally, when youre twisting the board, with your feet and overall thats going to give the Board a more powerful and responsive feel and can be particularly helpful outside of the park in variable snow, where it can be a little more unpredictable and just help the board power through that a little bit better without getting pushed around for reference im 510. I weigh around 150 pounds and i rode this board in a 155 and as far as the flex goes id say, its just a little on the stiffer side of medium comes through with a pretty sturdy flex, and i was actually able to do a side by Side flex test with this board and the 154 burton custom, which a lot of you guys might be familiar with, and i found the flex to be pretty comparable between the two actually. But the custom has that directional twin outline, whereas the blossom is a true twin. I felt the blossom leans more towards that energetic and lively feel.

Overall, anytime, you load any pressure or tension in the board, its going to give you a lot of feedback, so it has a very poppy snappy feel to it that flex in that camber definitely going to come through to give you some extra boost anytime, you want To get this board in the air, you can feel the board want to snap back to flat anytime. That camber is loaded up, which is fun in a lot of situations, but if youre trying to do presses and butters and that type of stuff, it is going to make it more challenging youre going to have to fight against that stiffer flex and that positive camber Profile to get the presses going and if you do want to focus on pressing the board out, i think you got to go more, like full commitment, throw more weight into it to be able to hold the press up. So i did find that to be a bit more difficult with this one. As far as carving goes, youre gon na get a pretty average side cut with this one, its not especially wide either so youre gon na get that quick, smooth edge to edge transition. Its gon na feel comfortable at a wide variety of speeds, and i still felt comfortable, even as i started to go pretty fast on this board, pointing it down runs getting it up to some higher speeds. I didnt get any chatter i didnt feel like.

I was really losing control at all, even as i was going pretty fast, so its not going to hold you back out there exploring, but its not a carving specialist, either the blossoms going to shine the most in the park and doing more freestyle, focused riding and As far as that goes, i would say that it is a little bit more of a jump, leaning snowboard its going to have the stability to power through those higher impact situations and hit the larger features in the park. But it isnt so aggressive that jibbing and hitting rails feels uncomfortable youre gon na have to put more effort into those more technical rail tricks to get the most out of that stiffer flex, and i think a good example showing the versatility of this board on the Freestyle side of things is what luke has done on the sport ive seen him hit everything from like techy urban spots, to riding slope style courses to straight up throwing 1800s on big air jumps. So i think this board is going to give you a nice balance of being able to step to the large features its going to have stability to get you through the high impact situations, but doesnt feel overly aggressive overall id say. The blossom is right on the edge of offering that, like surgical freestyle precision without being too much to handle for more casual riding, still enjoyable on smaller features as well. Its going to give you a snappy energetic feel its got a lot of pop its going to come through with plenty of stability and support to back you up in pretty much any situation as well.

So i think this is going to be a good choice for you, more experienced freestyle, focused riders. Someone looking for that high performance park twin and wants to work towards progressing towards larger tricks and hitting larger features could also be a good choice for more intermediate to advanced riders. Who are looking for that capable do it all style twin. So that sounds like you, make sure to check out the burton blossom im going to have it linked down in the description below. If you want to read a little bit more about, it also make sure to check out snowboard mags right up on the board.