Ah you've already seen the thumbnail. You know that it's all about the car check this baby out 80 miles per hour, plus the arma felony. This is a 1 7 scale. 6S lipo capable on road race car. You must be wondering what the heck i am doing with an on road vehicle. But when i saw this, there was absolutely no choice but to actually get one in the studio here and take it for rip. Because the last time i ran a race car like this was a traxxas model, and i have not run that in a long time, because i wanted to keep it in pristine condition, because it was one of the largest and fastest of his time now. It'S archaic – and we have this, and i want to open the box and see what's on the inside. I know so many people are already checking this out here. It is at a distance bringing it in fourier to have a look. This is the back of the vehicle, of course, aerodynamic from zero to aero the fin, the spoiler i should say, depending on where you're from and what you call it. A 2050 kv, brushless motor it's got even the same. Look at this chassis support all the way through in case you give it a bump or a bang. You got the brushless esc on the inside and what's this. You can customize your own hood, yeah, absolutely phenomenal. I want to open the box.

Everything is sealed up. I did not peek. I have not seen anything on this and look at what color i got black there's. Only one thing to use. It would be that's, not a knife but that's, a knife Music. Could you shave with it? Absolutely you got to get it in the crevice there son there we go now before i open the box, because i've done many unboxings before a lot of people will want to see these features so i'm going to slowly pan across. So anybody who wants to pause. You can go ahead and have a look at the actual specs that you can see on the box and, of course, all the parts the front front. Bumper and the splitter, the durable steel drive shafts all throughout the heavy duty. Drivetrain, the adjustable body mounts front and rear all metal diff out drives and the waterproof receiver box. Everything about this vehicle is waterproof, which is nice it's, not like i'm, going to be going swimming with it, but you never know when you find a great puddle. You want to splash, through my long awaited moment, come on baby, bring it to me nice and right now, so satisfying i'll. Let you just listen to this Music. So here is the card that shows you how to amp it up to 80 plus miles per hour. For the speed gearing the standard gearing that's in, there is going to get you between 40 and 60 miles per hour.

If you're using two um, three cell lipo batteries with at least a 35 c discharge rating on there am i reading that correctly. Abs, 2 times 2s or 2 times 3s awesome come here. My beauty, let's jack. You up here, cut you free. You never have to be cooped up in this box ever again. That feels good. I can feel the straps wow look at that now. These are decals for headlights, but they sure do look nice on the box. They look like they're, led lights, but i'm sure with a little modification. We could easily do that. There'S a bottom like front spoiler, that's, going to be the center diff on that uh motor wow you're probably wondering what the heck i'm doing with this out, where i literally have no roads but, like i said, there's just no way. I could not have one of these. This is just stunning, where i'm going, i will need roads, but i will find a place to run it. Let'S have a look underneath here. Look at this every detail, that's one of the things i love about the arma products is that they always have your body pins attached to the body. It is so helpful because you know how many times have we put body pins down on the side or something you forget. You look away for a second, you put it and then it's in the grass. You never see it again. Let'S, look at the detail back here.

Oh my gosh, it even says the capacity so fun and then this back window is actually cut out. So it's like a there is an air. Is it for heat escape? I wonder: let's go around to the front. Look at this, it already has that on the on the front, ready for options or just leaving it original motorsports, i love, instead of being like a shiny black. They went with this nice flat black and then like some shiny black in other areas, but wow. That is just badass, unbelievable, okay, let's take the two front ones off. Excuse me, you don't mind. If i have a look under your body, do you nothing is attached underneath don't just bash blast, a common arm of saying look at this reinforced uh lexan body holes for the posts? I love it nice and flat four capacitors on there. Yes, here this loop right in here is removable. If you want to run dual batteries or if you just want to run a single, you can do that by running this bypass here, two trip excuse me: yeah, these tires are there's no nubs on them. They'Re, nice and flat, but they do have some siping in it. So if you run into any water, this may give you a little bit more traction than just having it straight and smooth lifting it up by the chassis it's, not too bad. It doesn't like overly weigh. You know like a lot.

It'S, definitely more front end heavy you can see just in here, but with the amount of electronics in there. That would explain it for for, and i would rather have a heavy front end anyway. To help me. Keep it down when i'm going fast, so i flipped it around, so you can have like a top down view. Look at this. It must be kind of difficult to even kind of grasp like the scale of this uh car, because we always do such a good job of making smaller things, look larger, that's what she said Laughter but never to me, but at the same time, what is something A beer can a a normal aluminum can should help. Any man should be able to understand this let's see here. There is a standard can of beer, so we will say it's one two, three, four: five: six cans, long by three cans wide and at the tallest point, except for the body post, one can high. So that should help you out there, whether it be pop or whatever it's a standard 355 milliliter can brushless esc there. There is no sensor there. I want to fire this thing up and have a listen to it. How what it sounds like before! I do that, though, let's have a look at the radio. This is the new radio that's been coming out, the the radio that allows you to control your avc, your active vehicle control, steering rate right here and what that does is a gyro that actually helps balance out like if you're going too fast on the road and All of a sudden you, you start doing one of these.

The the avc will actually help that steering. Keep you straight right, so it it it's, a wonderful gyro it one. It works very well, uh your braking rate, how quickly you want it to break. Of course your normal steering and throttle trim uh and then is it steering normal or reverse. This is all usual stuff for radios and then you have your throttle limit. Are you just learning? Maybe you want to put it on 50 right? Are you intermediate, or did you just want to go balls out straight to 100? You can have full throttle when you get throttle down for people that have never seen a radio like this before this is called a pistol grip radio. This is how you turn the wheels of course you'd be using another hand, but some of us have gotten akin to using our thumbs to turning it as well as a throttle on by pulling the trigger off the throttle, of course, would just let it come to A rolling stop and then you have break, but if you break and then go backwards again, that will give you a reverse. This is an additional channel right here. I believe i don't think it's activated on here. I don't see any reason why it would be, but there is you know something i'm sure in the future that you could hook up there. If you wanted hint hint. There is something okay, so some extra body posts that are in there and pieces that go with it and here is the decal sheet there's options for your blower.

If you choose, then a few extra stickers, some fun ones, just send it racing fuel. Only everything is there and then, of course, your different options. Do i want to put a blower on the front? Hmm, so pretty i do like the way it looks now it's very sporty any way you can do it. I like having the options. I can do. One video now with the way it is and then another one with that's awesome cool, see on the antenna it's just an extra one, all right. The batteries i will use today are these uh three cells you'll see that they have a 50c uh burst rating on there and they are 5, 000 milliamps as well, so one into each slot. Now these are giant battery slots, but the neat thing is: is it does have an adjustable area where you can slide it to suit the size of your battery? This is what it would look like. If you had two batteries in here, you could actually put two batteries on one side: there's plenty of room for you to do that, but i'm keeping mine well balanced. This could definitely take a much larger battery in here. More milliamp hours longer run time and, of course, because i'm running two of those batteries. I won't actually need this uh jumper right there, so i can take that off, put it off to the side, save it for another day. All i have to do is plug these.

In now, let's say i wanted to go super fast right out of the gate. I wanted it ultra fast, like this thing is fast already in 6s, lipo that's going to be insane fast, but what, if you did want to change out the opinion? What is opinion? Where is opinion? There is opinion, not an opinion, but this gear right here, that's attached to that center differential right there. That is what actually drives this whole machine: the power straight from the brushless motor underneath that loosening it up that way, i can actually move the motor just like that. Now. What do you do with a grub screw that is seized because there's too much loctite or threadlock on it simply heat it up with your soldering iron? I have a soldering iron over here, it's, a digital one, uh, hakko or jaco. However, you want to pronounce that mine heats up to about 750 degrees, which is awesome because it immediately melts whatever thread lock is on there. All i do is i put the tip of the iron on there and make sure you're using a good set of tools. You need a good set of tools or you run the risk of stripping the grub screw out and then you're kind of doomed. No matter what you do, i'm going to remove this whole motor and i'll, give you an up close look four screws later. I just popped it out and of course, then i can continue with my opinion.

Grub screw removal here coax the end of this pinion off of the pinion shaft like that Laughter. So stock comes with the 16 and then there's a 27 tooth. Are you kidding me? That'S almost twice the speed, that's crazy on goes the 27.. I can hear people bellyaching already through the internet. Why didn't you do it stock, but technically speaking, this is stock comes in the bag, doesn't it might as well amp it up a little more, which man ever said. Oh, that should have less power. Okay e clip is going to go on there. Then. I have this handy dandy little eclipse tool that i love to use and show off on the show. I'Ll leave a link to this too in the video description box, because it is easy to use and clips your eclipse on and just like that. Okay, so the old tried, tested and true way of uh pinion against a spur gear and the gap in between is to put a single piece of full scap or a piece of paper in between. As long as i know, i've got a little bit of play. There i've got a millimeter, a millimeter and a half in between the two gears. I am happy and good to go. I have not even powered this machine up today, i'm going to set it up on a stand. My back has been bothering me a little bit today, but i wanted to get this unboxed and at least hear these tires, ripping a little bit so let's get it elevated.

So we can turn it on and give it some throttle. Ah, just another beautiful day out on the prairies, it has been very good now remember when you get a new machine like this you're going to need to calibrate the esc. Now that's, pretty simple, you'll see i've already plugged in the batteries, but i've not turned on the machine. The radio is turned on. What you need to do is you need to hold in the set button here and then turn on the esc. Keep holding in the set button. Okay, then i'm, going to push the set button for neutral position, then i'm going to go to full throttle push the set button again then i'm going to go to full reverse and push the set button again. Do i get a green light, green light on the esc, no green, light on the esc, it's just perfectly clear, but i get absolute power on there. You can do esc tuning and all that right inside the book. If you want, you can check that out. If you get one, but i kind of want to put this up to speed, let's put the body on see how it looks black one of the most challenging colors in or non color, i should say to keep clean look at that youtube. Gold i'm gon na have that speeding down the road hey. This is pure youtube gold, this car right here again, i love those body pins just being stuck to the lid like that, so convenient so nice to look at the felony 6s had to throw a little rc sparks on there hey.

Why not amazing all the way around here i turned the car around. You can see how that active vehicle control. When i move it actually turns that front tire, so it tries to keep the car going straight. So if i was having traction control, it would actually start to change that tire. For me, i don't even have to touch the radio. Now you can adjust that by making this that you can adjust the sensitivity by turning it down and if you actually turn it down, you'll see it does nothing. If you turn it all the way up, it's almost way too much, and it is like hyper sensitive right, so really cool. I know that people will be getting drift tires on this in no time we'll be we'll, be we'll, be wrapping this in uh, some some electrical tape to see if we can burn it off Applause Applause now i know a lot of people are going to be Tempted to go out onto the street with this and give it a rip but remember people's safety. Everybody i'm gon na find myself a nice large open parking lot to give this the proper kind of space it needs, because a vehicle like this just wants to eat up room and if you don't have enough of it it's going to explode on you. My friends drop a like click right now.