This is the mini, and this one flies for around 31 minutes. Three axis gimbal. On here, but this ones about 369 or 389 ready to fly, and so far ive had great success with this. And if you subscribe on, the channel were giving one away this month so make sure that you subscribe number one, make a comment down below and be sure to go to and send us an email all three of those things and youre entered to win this Guy now before i even get started on this review, the mjx bugs 19 sitting here next to it, i have it all band aided up with the 2s battery on here and a gopro hero 8 were going to send it out there today, with a little hyper Smooth and get some nice footage underneath this little guy, because i dont really think that the video on board here with the one axis gimbal that this one comes with, is really all that great i mean lets just be honest. We do honest reviews on the channel, so this drone is getting me about 22 minutes flight time and the battery charges up id say in about three hours by usb cable, thats included with it and its live view on your smartphone. And you know what honestly, i think this one goes out a little further than some of the other bug series drones out there with the 5g on board video, so im using my iphone pro today.

I believe it was a an 11 pro, so it does work with the app you can get a live view and i would say it goes about 300 yards out there before you lose the image transmission back to your phone. One of the things i always recommend is guys like learn how to fly at line of sight, because when you lose video on this guy, the only other option you have is to push return to home on the transmitter. So then itll have use the gps function and come back to home. So a couple mistakes in todays video – i just kind of set it up with this rope on board. I didnt have any sticky tape to put this camera. On the bottom, i mean i literally tied this camera to the bottom, with some like paracord yeah and a band aid on top to hold the battery. Unfortunately, it was over top of the gps and when we went to fail safe return to home, it flew off and crashed in the field. So im going to show you the footage that i did get in this review and uh got some pretty pretty decent footage. Ill show you the drone, footage and ill show you the hero, 8 footage on board here so uh. If you have the money, buy this one instead or the the bug 16, its a better choice here. This one is the cheaper choice: 70 bucks cheaper. If you can save up an extra 70 bucks, get the bugs 16 all day compared to the 19.

, but ill put all the links down below and it benefits my family as always, if you guys want to hop on that link and purchase one. So that really helps me: keep the drone camps channel going. You guys so lets, go ahead outside now and lets fire up the bugs 19 and have a little fun my way, the drone cam sway here we go. Okay, guys for this review were gon na. Have some fun we have on board video in the background we have the hero 8 up in the top right, and we have the app view down at the bottom right. Just give you guys some different perspectives here. I wanted to take it one step further for this review of the bugs 19 and lets go ahead and send it out there. It is fun to add an extra camera on just about any drone youre flying out there. If you want to do that, you can get a little bit of ingenuity. You can pretty much do just about anything with these type of drones. Now the hero 8 is looking really nice. This is 16 by 9 format and shooting in 4k down sampled, but it also has hyper smooth on board, so it almost looks like a regular type of drone, its really really nice. Now the onboard video to me it it looks. Okay, it is a little i mean i would say this is even a little better than a toy drone, but the bug 16 pro for me just smashes the 19 because look at the footage from the 16 pro i mean this almost looks as good as something Like the dji mavic mini – and it is quite a bit cheaper, so um 70 difference for this drone versus the 19, the clear winner for me, if you have the extra 70 bucks, probably the 16 pro, i really like the way.

The video look on the 16 pro and theres a few instances where i need to recalibrate the gimbal a little bit of horizon issue there, but even on an overcast day, i like the video on the bug 16 pro and super smooth and youre. Looking at the difference there, between a three axis gimbal versus a one axis, gimbal, so 169 bucks its gon na, get you a one axis gimbal. But the way to do this, one is, if you already own a dks here or eight or something like a hero. Six or seven they do multiple versions of these dk scope. Pro these days and thats kind of all the rage gap, rc also makes one thats like pretty much ready to go. It started out with guys like doing diy, dks gopros and its pretty scary, to pull apart a gopro, but the result is a 30 gram, 4k camera that you can pretty much stick anywhere, its pretty cool. So this hero8 it served me well and thank god i didnt lose in the field today and i was able to recover this footage for you guys, but i have to say that again, i feel like the flight characteristic of this quad. It was similar to other mjx bugs that ive flown and it was fairly reliable, stable and i think the image transmission went out a little further this time than on some of the previous ones, even the 16 that i flew.

It had better transmission video transmission back to my phone than years past bugs so i think theyve done something to upgrade this wi fi video 5g video in the past lets face it its not really been the best for me and it has crashed quite a bit. So mjx apps do crash. If you see the video just drop out on you, you need to close the app open that baby back up and bring the drone back closer, basically flying at line of sight. So thats one of the caveats of like uh, one of the big issues with mjx rc type of quads, with 5g wi fi transmissions its not that good. So one thing to consider there if youre gon na make a purchase. But then again not everybody has the money for a dji with ocusync on board, but the onboard video again its like its kind of you, know again a little bit better than like a toy drone, and with that one axis gimbal, i wouldnt say youre going to Be making cinema videos with this, but you could have some fun with it. I think that theres less frame drop rate than what ive seen in the past, but the video again is just. I dont really think its going to be usable other than anything but playing around. It is really quite bouncy. Its kind of like a drunk driver a little bit there, so even when im really stable and then look at the difference between the hero 8, it looks like something you bought out of best buy with a 3 axis gimbal here and all i have is this Baby strapped to the bottom of the quad, so literally with some paracord, its knotted a couple times not even really fixed to the drone, its just tied there with my battery on top – and it just looks ultra smooth.

I love the way this looks. This is really where its at thats. Why so many people want a drone that they can put a gopro on and honestly, thankfully, for the dks gopro series? This allows us to put them on much smaller drones, thats why everybody wants a decased gopro, its the new hot thing for 2021., but again the hero 8 just keeps impressing me really super smooth and really really nice Music, and you could do cinema style videos with This type of setup super fun, so lets just turn around and were gon na go back out into the field here, and i want to show you a little bit of a difference between the stability of the hero. 8. The onboard hero 8 thats mounted to the bottom, with paracord and the difference between this fly out with this type of stabilization electronic stabilization versus the one axis gimbal. There is such a big difference here and here the hero8 is just ultra ultra smooth, im, loving that type of flow and then, when we get over to the same type of flight check, this out same video same run right here right over those containers and look At how bouncy it is on one axis, gimbal really shows you how little stabilization this gimbal has its a little bit of bounce there. Quite a bit of bounce, so thats one thing to think about there and and again like if you want to play around, you can definitely have some fun with the hero 8.

. I would not try to lift a full size hero 8 on this. I think youre asking for disaster today was also fairly windy, so we got ta, keep that in consideration too now coming up here in a second. What happened was i didnt calibrate the compass, which is a huge beginner mistake, and then i hit return home and the axis for the triangulation for the home point was off. So the drone took off a different direction and if you hold down the lock button on the transmitter for like more than five seconds, the drone will drop to the ground and itll kill the motors for you. So right here you can see the onboard video shes in return to home right now, but shes like hey im, going back to mainland china im out of here, and i had to drop it in the weeds guys. That was it all right guys. I found the drone and fortunately for me i got my hero8 back, which is awesome. So this is a pretty big field. There might be about 1500 rattlesnakes out here, um there are rattlesnakes in oregon and thankfully i havent found one yet, but i was able to find this drone there wasnt a beeper on it, which is not good um, so two beginner sort of rookie mistakes here that You can learn from this video, hopefully youre always learning something on the channel, but the first mistake was not calibrating the compass on takeoff.

I did calibrate it earlier in the day, but i also had a battery on the very top where the gps finds its signal. I did have about 10 satellites uh about halfway through the flight, so the flight was good. I was able to kind of get back to video a couple times. If you fly it out past like a couple hundred yards, it does lose signal back to the app. So you have to close the app reopen the app and start over, but once you fly the drone back over to you within about 100 feet, the video comes back so thats. One thing to know about this particular drone that you know the bugs 19, its not really competitor to the mini by dji or even the fema x8 mini – that one is the one to get if you want superior 4k video 3 axis gimbal 30 minute flight time. This one does around 22 minutes with the battery thats included with it. But if you want to level up your video absolutely stick a camera on there, but make sure you dont put the battery right above the gps right there and uh. You should be good to go so uh, showing you guys all the raw stuff here today, and hopefully you learned something im gon na head back to the van because its scorching hot out here, but thanks again for watching guys dont forget to join up on the Giveaway for this month, im giving away a fiemi, x8 mini right here on the channel so comment on this video subscribe and uh send us an email on our website.

Dronecamps.Com give us a like if you liked this video and enjoyed the bugs 19 preview. If you want to purchase anything down below, you want to grab that bugs 16, which is the one i recommend it benefits my family and helps out my kids and keeps the bills paid. So i really appreciate that. Thank you guys ill see you on the next one.