Oh here it comes again that wind is really cold. It is like freezing my forehead look. I even have little gloves on. We are in the month of may in the year 2021 and right now it is plus six degrees celsius outside i’ll put what that is up here in fahrenheit let’s, just say: it’s pretty cold for this time of the year. So i have a lot of layers on to do this review i’m out here today with the bug 16 pro. This is a new drone on the market, it’s kind of large in size, it’s very long in body – shape because check this out. What they did is they took a mavic pro and they put a pair of nappy and they stuck them together and they made a baby drone, and it was this here, the bug 16.. Why do i say that? Well, you saw the way i open the arms it’s like a paradigm and look at the front that’s a mavic pro yeah it’s got a mavic pro front on it and in the front it almost looks like it’s got sensors underneath when we’re talking about sensors, we Do have optical flow, the landing ability, sensors and you have a landing light at the back in the front uh. You do get a 4k 30 frames per second camera. It can also shoot at 1080p 60 frames per second it’s attached to a 3 axis gimbal, which is really good that’s.

What you want on a drone, and not only that it has electronic image stabilization, which means that if the three axis gimbal is bouncing around too much, then the electronic image stabilization should help it out and keep everything. Looking nice and smooth and flowy. In theory, haven’t tried it but we’re going to try it today and see how it works. What else does it have i’m? Looking at it? Well, it’s got a flight time of about 28 minutes. Mine came with two batteries, so 28 minutes per battery plus. I think the range on this, maybe about 800 meters 800 meters – range because it is an entry level. Drone. Oh and it’s got little legs that pop down here. So you get some hype. It is an entry level drone, so you’re not gon na get like miles and miles and miles or kilometers and kilometers and kilometers of range on this thing. Unless you modify it but out of the box, now you get about to 800 meters. It depends on your cell phone because it’s all dependent on how well your cell phone connects with the drone and the communication back and forth and obstacles you have between you and the drone, but i think for the price it’s, probably priced properly. That reflects all of those things, it’s really good for a park flyer or a beginner at least everything that is advertised at the moment. I haven’t flown it, but we’re gon na do that now on a windy day, which i’m sure the company’s probably going steve.

Why are you flying it on a windy day but that’s? What i’m doing so here we go, let’s go check it out now. I will mention as well that the bug 16 pro does come with a case and you’re gon na see that in the unboxing all right i’m gon na open this up take out the controller and we are all set to go. Let’S open up the arms on this thing. Antenna is up i’m going to power on the controller. I have a little display up here. You might not be able to see it with this bright sun beaming down, but it’s quite bright, and my eyes can pick it up next i’m going to take the gimbal guard off the camera here so that it can flop around and then we’ll start up. Our drone here just press the power button on the top and hold it in. Until all the lights go up, there’s four lights, here’s, the sound the gimbal will adjust itself and take a look at your controller every time and make sure you see the battery power for the drone. I see it over here on this side and the battery power for the controller. When you see both that means they’re connected on the side of my controller there’s. A little switch here for gps offer on i’m going to turn it to on since we’re outside. So now it’s going to have to get the satellite signals, but before it does that it’s going to want a gyro and compass calibration so let’s do that the gyro calibration is pretty simple.

You just take two joysticks pull them down to the left like this uh. I probably can’t see it but there’s a bunch of lights flashing. Let that go for a bit. They will flash and do their thing. Oh look at this. I already have nine satellites, 10 satellites it’s pretty fast now, for these drones there’s two ways to do a compass calibration. You can take the joysticks and pull the two joysticks down to the right or just if you talk as long as i do, and let it sit here, uh you can just pick it up and and spin it and it does a compass calibration like that. It just knows it’s doing one well here: i’ll show you i’m just gon na pick it up and spin it i’m, not even touching the joysticks watch, so you pick it up and then you just spin it once twice three times. I always do four with these because i spin them so fast and then the nose in the manual is kind of funny because in the manual it says, put the nose down and then in another section of the manual it says, put the nose up. So i have no idea what it is these it’s just so confusing so i’m, going to put the nose up and we’ll spin it three times once twice three times four times did i even get the four that’s, probably four there all right now, the way you Know your compass is done.

Is you just look at the lights and uh your indicator lights on the arms? I have red red on the arms and, if i look at the back should be green green as long as they’re, solid and they’re on then that’s it. So i could fly it now. I don’t need anything else. I don’t have to attach my cell phone. I can turn the camera on and off with the controller, because a lot of people ask me that, can i have a drone that i fly without a cell phone because i don’t own a cell phone yep. You can fly this one right now, with no cell phone have a lot of fun, but if you want to use the features on the app the gps features that causes the follow me the orbit and a few other waypoints and a few other things, then you Need the app so i’m going to connect my phone to this i’m going to find my phone, where i put my phone since i’ve already connected this at home, like when i took it out of the box, i tried it in my basement. I try all my drones fly them around everything and i try the apps to make sure everything works. I already tried at home since i already connected it at my home to my phone. My phone remembers the wi fi signal from here, and it connects automatically, but just to show you and to confirm that that’s the case i’m going to turn on my wi fi and check and see what it’s connected to there we go.

It says right on my screen. It says i am connected to wi fi drone 4g, whatever 2308 cbd, there we go next, we start up the app and it’s the mrc pro app and click the start button. There we go we are in. I should see on my screen. Well, hopefully, if this is recording, you should see an image of the display that i see right now of what the camera sees in the whole app interface. And what do i see at the top left is i’m in sport mode. Hey i didn’t even know i had a sport mode cool and i have 14 satellites i see over there and i see all the other functions. So there we go and and now my phone is giving me a heck, it’s saying: hey: there’s, no internet. So when you see that just click on keep trying wi fi because a lot of people it’s so funny, i get these questions all the time. A lot of people will text me and say: hey my phone says it can’t find the internet. Well, yes, that’s! Because a drone does not have the internet in it. I can’t surf the internet off my drone i’m, just connecting wi fi i’m, not trying to do internet. So phones don’t know that when they connect to a wi fi signal, they all think you want to connect to the internet. So they’re always going to tell you there’s no internet, ignore that alright.

So next thing we do, we want to start the motors now. Kids don’t try this at home i’m standing over the drone, but just for the purposes of this video i’m just going to show you it’s pretty simple, a little red button on here, just press it once the motors will start and then we can take it up And you have a choice when you want to go up in the air, there should be a take off. Is there a take off and land button? Yes, it’s on the bottom it’s in the back right here take off button. I never use it. I just start the motors and then i take it up myself. So here we go watch this so hopefully the props don’t chop up my knee i’ll hit the red button. Spin we’re ready to go all right, let’s, take it up there. We go gps working everything else. She is up in the air all right, so our bugs is right here and i just want to show you the camera settings. So if i click this button up here there we go now. You should see it on my screen. Little bugs over there, so the first one i want to show you is: i can record in 4k or 1080p. These are all the settings for taking photos and at the bottom is some other settings for getting the image back to you and formatting your card. So let’s hop out of that.

So i put the record on and let me just walk over and show you what the image looks like so that’s me standing in front. This is recording at 4k. The wind is blowing it around uh. Does that look pretty stable? I have it in the slow speed right now, uh so i’m, going to hold it with one hand and bring it forward, and it should come right at me. There we go. How does that? Looking i’ve got oh i’m pushing i’m going sideways here with it there. We go that’s better so with the slow speed on a drone like this, you can do these cool shots like this here, i’ll. Take it back to my jeep. It turns really really slow, as you can see, and you can fly it forward low to the ground and get these really interesting shots. So here we are flying over low to the ground going towards my jeep i’ll, just buzz over my jeep nicely pan around i’m filming the jeep there we go. You can see me away over here the drone’s over there i’m just going to show you that i can move the gimbal up or down so i’m going to have to go see. If i can get it to go down there. We are so i can look down at my jeep and me and i can bring. I can look down at the ground. I can go all the way down, but i don’t want to do that, but i want to show you another cool feature on here: there’s, a weird zoom on this thing and it actually records the zoom to the micro sd card so on.

Hopefully my screen’s recording on the bottom right there’s, like a little uh, magnifying glass, i’m gon na tap that i get these weird images and i should be able to zoom into me see that it’s, not the smoothest of zooms because i’m doing it with my finger. But uh yeah, so i’m, i’m zoomed in so it’s just doing something with the sensor and the resolution, i can zoom back out, so you have, it says 50 times zoom, but you can see it as i was zooming. It goes from one all the way up to 50., but uh yeah that’s. How that works all right, let’s bring it back to me. It’S coming over here, i’ll bring it down a little bit there. We go how’s that all right, let me show you some of the cool features on here: fly’s really nice in the wind Music, the bigger the drone is the better it flies in the wind. Like look at this, how smooth it is out here with the wind? Just to howling one other thing to show you is: i have a landing light underneath if i click this button here i could turn the light on and i could turn the light off there. We go all right. The drone is up there. I’Ll try some of the features the first one is follow me so, on the top left of your screen, you have these four boxes. Click on them. First, one you see follow me.

All i have to do is slide to the right and it should go in the following mode. So if i walk backwards i’m holding my arms out here, it should follow me, no matter where i go because i’m in follow me. Now there we go but it’s up to me to adjust the camera. So, if i’m getting out of the picture, i have to set the camera appropriately. So, usually, what i do and follow me that works the greatest is i either put the drone away up in the sky or i bring it down let’s see sometimes if you bring it down and put the camera up so i’m going to put the camera up And the drone down whoa, i landed it. I wasn’t paying attention. Ah, i got a second things i want to land there we go. I got a sec, i got ta start moving here so now. It’S in follow me really low to the ground. Okay, that’s, something to learn is uh, do not put the drone too low because it goes into automatic land mode i’m. Walking by this red thing over here and the drone will come there’s no obstacle avoidance on it. So, if i happen to, i don’t know say: there’s trees over here it would go and crash in the trees also has reverse. If i walk towards it or walking along this path, you see how it’s going backwards as i’m walking it has a pretty cool.

Follow me so, hopefully that image is pretty smooth, looks good on my phone looks colorful too so it’s sending back a nice transmission drone’s right there, i’m gon na hop, take out a follow me to take it out. Follow me just go in to follow me again. So i just click on it again and we’re out as i’m walking. This way just a reminder: when you do your orbits, you have to set them up in your settings for the radius automatically, so drones right there i’m going to try the orbit mode so let’s see. I can’t remember what i set up the orbit at, but i’ll go orbit flight and i’m just going to go like this, and it goes i’m not doing anything. It starts orbiting, so i’ll just turn to look at it. Once again, you have to keep the camera in frame yourself. Uh just make sure you didn’t make your radius too big or else it’s going to go smash into, like my trees that you see over there, but i don’t know what i have my radius at. I always find these orbits are kind of weird, but it looks pretty sweet. I’Ve got the camera hang on there. We go bring it up. You can control the drone as it’s orbiting like the height and the speed say it’s going too fast or too high. You can control that so watch i’ll, bring it up going away up and bring the camera down and there’s a high orbit.

And then, if you wanted a low orbit, i think the high one looks better and then, if you want a low one watch, this bring it way down, bring the camera back up good thing. The gimbal is smooth on here there we go and there why? Actually? The low orbit looks pretty cool too it’s, not too bad, all right, so there’s, your orbity stuff and i’m going to get out of that by hitting the button at the top left and selecting orbit again. I want to show you this. I am not going to show you it in this video, but if my screen record is working on, the top right is something called headless mode. Headless mode is for beginners that get confused with a drone moving forward and backwards. They think if you move the right, joystick forward, that the drone goes forward. It does if the drone is facing that way, but now that the drone is facing me when i go forward, it just comes at my head because it’s reversed so in headless mode. It just changes it, so everything makes sense for a beginner. Now let me get close to the drone here. I don’t know my maps work on here. I didn’t try them at home a lot of times. I try the maps at home and i cash them. In my phone, so they work the next day, but i don’t think i did that here. So i’m gon na click on the maps and see oh, my god, they do work.

Okay, the blue dot is me and of course the drone is the drone. So that means i can do waypoints pretty simple, okay, so the drone’s sitting right here i’m to do a waypoint. This is going to be funny, so you see i have track, which is a waypoint on the bottom right or point. I can do a point of interest, in other words, tap the fly. I could tap someplace on the map and it will just fly to it or i can do the waypoints i’ll do waypoints. I click that one and you see where i am on the blue. Dot i’m. Just going to zoom out, i went to zoom out and i drew four waypoints all right so zoom out before you do that so we’re going to do those waypoints they’re very close to me so we’ll see where they are i’m, just gon na say go. Do it so at the bottom right you see there’s a little button away at the bottom. It says submit. I got ta click on that there we go so swipe to the right and it will go through the waypoints and there goes so success and whoa. It almost hit me in the head – and i don’t know where i drew those lines, but you can see on my screen. If my screen is working, it’s gone to way point one: well, actually we can watch it here and then waypoint two is probably gon na whack me in the head.

Someplace here comes over here, here’s point now, it’s on three and then it’s going to four. So, depending on how much you zoomed your map in and out uh that’s how it works see, this is what i tried to do. Watch here’s what i wanted to do: that’s a zoom in and out, but i selected waypoints before i did that so it just it drew waypoints instead. So there you go learning a learning thing for me and anybody else who’s going to goof up like me. So let’s hop out of that we don’t want to do any more of those. So the next thing i’m going to do is i’m going to take this little drone i’ll fly it around my little area here and take some video and some photos and then we’ll do a return to home. So let’s go check that out now: Music, Music Music. Here comes my drone back uh. I don’t have to do a return home because it’s on low battery now so it’s automatically returning and it’s up there, uh let’s see where she lands i’ll bring the camera down as it’s landing here. So you can see what it sees so i’ve got the camera. Looking all the way down i’m going to get over the landing pad here. Let’S see. Where are you coming down drone drone through up there? Can you see it i’m going to turn on the landing light there we go? Do you see the landing light? Hopefully my hat camera is picking that up and uh here she comes down coming down coming down.

Where are you going to land drone? Well, let’s see the landing pad’s right there, it’s not too far off oh it’s, adjusting itself. Oh that’s, pretty sweet! Look at this! Look at this! Oh and wow! Well, that’s, pretty darn close all right, so everything worked quite well on this drone uh. The next thing i want to show you is: what comes in the box so check this out when you receive your bug, 16 pro comes in a box that looks like this and inside the box is a case, and when we open the case, we’re going to See the bug 16 and accessories for some reason, the bug 16 pro looks like the starship enterprise. It does have interesting arms that unfold, just like a parrot and naffi. Yes, even from this angle, it still looks like the starship enterprise. To me. The specifications make no mention of sensors in the front, but it certainly looks like there’s something in there on the bottom of the drone. We have the landing light, landing, sensors and optical flow sensor, removing the gimbal guard. We can see our 3 axis gimbal and 4k 30 frames per second camera micro. Sd card does go here, the forward legs do fold out and the drone does have brushless motors with foldable props. My kit came with two 3200 milliamp hour batteries and to put the battery on the drone just slide it into place since the drone is such a nice looking drone a very nice looking controller is also included with arms that pop out for easy holding in your Hand when you power it on the display is visible in sunlight.

The buttons on the controller are well labeled. If we look at the top left, that’s take a photo take a video button. Then you have your red button. That’S motors unlock and start them up, and then we go to the right hand, side. We have the power on the controller and then the return to home button up top plus the gps on or off button on the side on the rear. We have our speed control, our landing lights on and off, plus our gimbal up and down button. Plus we have our antennas and we have the attachment for whatever cell phone you may have that you wish to fit into the holder for accessories. We have two usb c cables: spare props, a micro, phillips screwdriver, and we also have the instruction manuals as well as stickers. Weight of the drone is 628 grams final thoughts on this drone. I have no complaints, it’s exactly what i expected. It flies well, it was windy here, so you know two thumbs up for that. It could fly in the wind. I had no issues with the wind range um. I could fly from where i was standing here, a way out uh in the field out there. Always i could see the drone in my eyesight a little speck and even when i went over the football field, i didn’t push it farther than that, because i noticed that as i got farther and farther and farther away, the video was getting a little choppy and Eventually, what happens if you get choppy video? It just cuts out.

So with my phone i was getting a range i don’t know i’m, just going to guess maybe 5 400 500 meters. That was my range with this just flying around here. Your range may vary. It all depends on your cell phone and how good your cell phone is with wi fi. I left the case on mine. Take your case off. You get a little bit better range. If you take the case off your phone all right, so what i’m going to do is, i do not know the price on this drone. I know it’s available on certain sites, so i’ll put links below uh. I believe it’s on banggood as well and if i find any other place where it’s for sale i’ll put it below, maybe amazon or something anyways. I hope you enjoyed this video if you did uh, please give it a thumbs up.