This is a great bag and it holds a ton of storage space, but before we get into it, i want to announce the winner of the drone we picked at random and one of the reasons was: it was a really cool name im, a huge fan of Airwolf back in the 80s and stringfellow hulk was my favorite character. So with that being said, the winner of the drone is outdoors and gaming with jake stringfellow. So if you would, please shoot me an email at, would i buy this at and give me your address, and i will get that shipped out to you as soon as possible for the rest of you that didnt win dont fear im hoping to have another Giveaway here shortly in the future, if you are looking at a drone, if you use my link for amazon down below to purchase the drone, i get a little something out of it. You get a great drone and i would surely appreciate it as it supports the channel now with that out of the way lets get into the bag review. So, like i said my first review, i bought this mainly for a bag to keep in my jeep as a get home bag back before all of this stuff was happening. I was traveling out of the area quite a bit and i wanted something that if the car would break down or anything like that, i would be able to at least get back home so thats.

The reason i bought the bag thats. The reason why i outfitted the bag and in this video im going to go through the reasons why and what i did to it so lets get started front pocket. I have a portable shovel, you never know when you have to put out a fire or dig a latrine, those things boot knife front pocket is still empty. I do keep all of the packaging that comes with almost anything. If its paper cardboard, you can always burn to start a fire in the main compartment. I have first aid kit and ill put links to most of this stuff down below most of it. I got on amazon, something i got at walmart others. I got it harbor freight, but the stuff i got online with amazon ill put the links below again. If you choose to buy it, it just helps out the channel and you get some pretty cool stuff. Zip ties, although i have broken to this several times, because i missing, but i keep zip ties good pair of gloves mechanics with the protected knuckles, duct tape, life straw, life straw, container or clean container to keep water in extra socks. Two pairs of socks figure. You change them out. Daily theyll keep dry outdoor lantern with batteries. I havent tapped into the batteries. They still have the protective seal and taped up. So that way they dont go bad. The extra pouch thatll clip on the side to hold the water bottle thats in the bottom, and a couple of these cool, like d rings, with a parachute cord d rings to attach things onto the bag that came with the bag.

So i kept it in there. Also a compass and then open the big pack in the big pouch. This opens all out and lays nicely. I have a pair of jeans, my boy scout mess kit, two packs adventure, ready meals, freeze, dried the biscuits and gravy and chicken fried rice again theres a the pocket knife thats in here. I keep the paper because you never know to start parachute cord some utility cord super glue works great for sealing up cuts, theres a three pack of emergency blankets, space, heater, blankets, whatever you want to call it to keep warm, i do a bleed, stop another knife Or multi purpose tool its a cheap one, its like four bucks, five bucks at walmart, but it never hurts another pair of gloves nothings worse than having hands that hurt or cold. This is a this came as a kit, so this is the big knife with the saw it also came with the uh. It came with the shovel and another. I think another portable saw type, but i wasnt gon na keep that in here its a folding saw and just a standard plain blue tarp, harbor freight four bucks and more little zip ties again. Most of this stuff is, you know i wouldnt go camping with it. Its not the greatest quality – and i didnt – spend thousands of dollars to prepare myself, but i figured the stuff in this bag will at least get me shelter.

Itll keep me warm. Keep me fed and itll. Keep me dry. Those are the uh, the biggest things hypothermia with cold im, not too worried about lack of food, because you can sustain quite a while with the stored reserves, but i am worried about water thats. Why? I opted for the life straw and the container worst case. I can dip it in the river stream whatever and then drink it from the life straw or drink directly from the stream. Even a swimming pool, any kind of water. You can find thats why i wanted the life straw but thats, basically it thats whats in my kit, this it rides in my jeep all the time or if we go camping, ill move it from my jeep to the camper or, if were going on a long Trip say two three hours away from home: i will throw this in our van and its not enough for three people to survive for a long period of time. But again, if you were broken down alongside the road, the space, blankets, i bought three of them and then i have another tarp in my vehicles. I also carry candles lighters. Things like that thats one thing i dont have in here: i do have the magic match. Thats in my glove compartment, also thats just stuff i can grab out here and put in here some things i would probably add to this bag would be strike anywhere matches or a couple big, cheap lighters.

Now that im have everything out im thinking about this another one would be a power bank for cell phones and a map. Basically, the area that im going to be in would be a map. I have the compass, but i didnt get a topographical map of the area because i dont know where im going to end up in the long run, but hope you enjoyed the video. So you can see this bag does hold quite a bit again. Its been thrown around in my jeep in different vehicles, ive seen little or no wear on it. It rides nicely up on the hips. It has that waist belt to keep it higher overall, i would definitely buy this bag again. Im actually thinking about buying another one.